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Mon 14th Nov 2011

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piojito_O commented on Preview: Getting Inside The Curiously Undemand...:

Told myself I would pass on the next AC, and wait until they made SOME WORTHWHILE CHANGES..
not gonna lie,after watching this I almost broke.

Could this not have been turned into an extension of the main game instead? (by all means, charge us full price of a new game but make it an update to NL /some of us don't like the idea of abandoning everything we've worked hard for only to start from scratch/)

Out doorsy furniture, house planting, ceiling pieces; THIS is the level of depth AC:NL should have had from the very beginning! - at the very least, town projects could have come as DLC.

~Much as I enjoy AC, I'm just tired of supporting a franchise that seems to make minimal effort enhancements and holds off the obvious for the next one just so they could pass it off as a new game. Baby steps..



piojito_O commented on Download: 'Photos with Animal Crossing' for Ni...:

Ooh! ~Watches in Envy~
Can't wait to see what funny snaps you guys manage to take with these. xP

Although as cool as it would be for them to release AR character cards (for ALL villagers) I wouldn't count on Nintendo to follow through.. as it would net them more monies.. ;P
*Iyam, They're still horribly underselling the AR features << (this would have made so much sense and added more incentive to buy Smash Bros 3DS ~Sigh :/ )



piojito_O commented on Ace Attorney 6 Definitely Heading to the West,...:

One of the few games I've been looking most forward to.. only to have my hopes shattered like this.

I'm still bitter about Gyakuten No Kenjis, PLEASE don't let me miss out on my hero (Sherlock) too! D':
Doesn't matter if it brings up plot-holes, awkward or not so punny translations, as long as we get to join in on the adventure, NOW GET TO IT, CAPCOMS!! >___<



piojito_O commented on Interview: Here's Your Chance To Ask The Voice...:

-"Could you share with us.. a bit about your fondest childhood memories, Mr.Martinet?
-Also, what you were like as a kid & teen and what you always wanted to be ''growing up?''" =)

-"What are some of your other hobbies? -Or something you wish you could pick up on but haven't gotten around to?"



piojito_O commented on Masahiro Sakurai Celebrates His 45th Birthday:

Diet - /Asian?lol/Genes - Sun exposure - Stress - Physical activity
We're told are major factors, but to what extent really?

Plenty of times people will still mistake me for a Hs Junior, & they'll usually make these ^ assumptions, except in my case:

-Fruits, Veggies, Seafood have ALWAYS been a rare luxury in our home.
-(With this dysfunctional family of mine) Can't think of a moment I'm not stressed -tense -or anxious.
-Sporty during my early teens after that; a long walk is the best I could hope for these days.
-Spent most of my childhood playing outdoors; it was after a medical issue came up,(leaving me in the hospital for over a year)that I've been living the hermit life since.
-Heck! Even face scrubs aren't part of my morning routine! x'D;;

I'm often wondering: ''Could I have shaven off even more years if I had taken all this seriously?" - I think not; there has to be more to it; so much more..
*It wasn't until a tan from my last job, that I felt it added a few years to my face. So, I'd blame sun damage as the biggest contributor to aging. (despite caking on the sun block)
Aside from that, the rest seemingly goes in reverse for me..

Thinking back on Sakurai, could it be, mayhaps that stress plays a different role in certain people? o.o - just a derp guess on my part..

And while I do enjoy watching their shocked faces when they learn of my age (their guesses tend to be off by 8-11 years xP ) it also comes with a few downsides...

Many hugs & well wishes to this great man ^-^d



piojito_O commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

I just got back after mourning two other cases
(Thinking it was time to move on) Slowly returning to my online routines - 'Hey! Haven't checked gaming news in a while, wonder what wackiness the NL community must be up to, maybe that'll cheer me up. '
...only to find THIS making headlines ;n;

NO! It can't be true! It was way too soon! Tell me it was only a sick joke... ;~;

Mr. Iwata
I'm so sorry I took you for granted! So very sorry.
please come back...



piojito_O commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Sells Over 37,000 Units i...:

So would've loved this had it included VC

Admittedly, I haven't kept up with the Indie scene; the few of the highly regarded games I've sampled didn't stick out to me AT ALL. :L
But with a deal like this, might as well give it another chance.



piojito_O commented on Video: The Nintendo 64 Kid Is Taking Unboxing ...:


I've relatives in the restaurant biz that could say otherwise.
You might know better, sadly this doesn't apply to a select bunch.
Explaining the whole Nacho thing & odd requests = one scratched record they could really do without. lol


"British's taste buds can't handle/don't enjoy mexican food because it's too flavourful. "

Harsh xD;
Nah, just needs more awareness - at least I would hope o .o; ?

Although It was all in joke, hearing about the potential following and all was rather well inspiring. Hopefully somebody takes it a little further soon.
Or have your dad ask that family for recipes? xD

Truly appreciate the input, nonetheless! ^^ /



piojito_O commented on Video: The Nintendo 64 Kid Is Taking Unboxing ...:

Oh, that's too bad :/
Bit of a deal breaker right there

*See, I always wanted to visit the UK, especially Wales & Scotland, and Irelands. o.o
And I used to joke about maybe trying to open a restaurant there -
''share with the world '' LOL xD;

Just curious why people aren't really jumping in on that, is the demand not high enough, not enough Mexican peoples there, does it have something to do with imports? -hmm...
when somebody does try, why/how does it change so much?

What was your favorite stuff from TB?
Ever tried the Santa Fe Chalupas? Omigosh! ~



piojito_O commented on Feature: A Day With The Biggest StreetPass Gro...:

Congrats on placing in the tournament, Mr Lopez! ^^
Sounds like you had quite an amazing day,
cake, demos & freebies ~ yes please!

I could attend one of these things and still not make the '100 tags in one day' achievement.
I was at the Pkmn x/y launch party, hundreds of people there -waiting hours!-
and still nope..
I think my 3ds just doesn't get along well with others..
/given up on streetpasses



piojito_O commented on Video: Check Out Every Fire Emblem Intro So Fa...:


Thank You!!

While FE:A was great in its own right, it missed a few details that gave the predecessors their charm.
Gameplay being the most noticeable difference
-Maps included mazes/more obstacles, turn limits, took more planning (Fe:a =too straight forward?)
as well as different goals to completing them (survive for x turns, guard blah, etc)
-Supports while shorter, felt more natural - Character convos weren't limited to cliche references/faults (unless I'm remembering wrong?)
-Where's the shoving ?! srly

*And this is only personal preference, but I do rather miss the Laguz diversity

~Could it be the cleaner presentation that be playing tricks on people's minds?

Also.. Link should have been dlc :v



piojito_O commented on Former Rare Devs Playtonic Want Donkey Kong Co...:

Despite coming from some of the very best games from my childhood (with memorable boss battles)
Even I don't care enough to support him o ,o; ~Scurvy, I can get behind tho.

Perhaps because I only see him becoming another heavy-set character I wouldn't have the patience to use.

Of course I wouldn't mind seeing him making it in over certain other questionable/redundant requests ::

~ Why wasn't he in DKC2? (I mean whats a Pirate game without a Piratey boss?)



piojito_O commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:


//whenever third parties skip us, I'd like to think there must be some good reasoning behind it ;
''yeah, it will likely go unnoticed by the "average" Nintendo consumer'' - "maybe it is more trouble to port/downscale/ than it's worth" [ ? ]

-yet they're releasing the sequel for Ps3 & 360

And those Revelations sales for the 3ds, show that they still have a strong following.
-so what's the excuse this time? /apparently they don't value their loyal supporters here..

Sometimes it seems like they only do it to spite the company.

  • -
    I will wait until I see it dirt cheap and used, if I ever do buy. -.-;


piojito_O commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:


I thinkso too..
Toon has always felt most natural to me, while I find the other too clunky for my patience. @n@

Still irks me when people hate on Toon/Young -accusing them of being "clones".
It's the other Links that have (Epona, Midna, Wolf form, Transformation masks, boots etc) at their disposal & make no use of them. -.-;

Wonder why they didn't go with the ALBW design this time around. o.o



piojito_O commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:


As much as I would have liked for Chrom to be playable, it did occur to me that making him stand out among other blue/swords would present quite a challenge. /even though he could have replaced one/or been demoted as an alt/
They obviously didn't take that route and I can live with that. (At least he makes an appearance)

This though
just rubbed me the wrong way:

Yes, I understand that she was originally meant to be an alt.

But don't say:
"Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics"

And then give us this crap:
~ so here, have a Marth clone instead~

When Lucina was announced I wasn't too thrilled about her inclusion, precisely because she's just 'another blue haired sword user' Even worse! She mirrors Marth!
If you're going to give Lucy her own slot because of a tweak, might as well go the extra mile to make it more drastic than this.

I tried shrugging it off, but after hearing the guy give Lucina special treatment when his reasons for not using Chrom apply to Luce as well... ESPECIALLY when Chrom is less Marth/like than her...not cool, man. :L

[Mr.Sakurai, You went ahead and added a blue haired swords person anyway -why not let them share the slot then? - Since you're already doing the gender swaps]

*And then when you consider that FE is nowhere short on possible candidates/PLENTY WHO CAN ACTUALLY FULFILL ON THE PROMISE OF A UNIQUE PLAY-STYLE!

Sakurai, I'm losing faith in you. >.<



piojito_O commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

I passed on G&W FOR THIS?!

Okay..It had its charms but "9/10 *" is reeeaally pushing it.
I trusted you fools! D;

Most definitely Not worth the price tag.


After going back to it and focusing on trying to beat other people's (miiverse) scores, I actually kinda got into it.

Third time around I was bored again. ._.



piojito_O commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'm normally with the physical rewards crowd; only reason I'm not fuming this time is because I've been wanting to try NES-Remix & was hesitant about that price tag.
*EDIT: some peeps seem to have taken the MarioKart promotions for granted.

Having said that,
It was an incredibly stupid move - when you consider that people who strive
to reach platinum are likely to already own these games... maybe if there was an option for the physical game.. or a larger selection.
Pure eshop credit if even a little.

I'd hate to sound ungrateful but ...ehh =/

Are any of you still able to roam through club.Ninty or is it being a jerk to me?
I keep getting logged out, or when I do reach the confirmation page -
''Down for maintenance'' :L



piojito_O commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:


I always said Vaati was just the guy for the Magic/Sword mix. (or Kratos )
MU will do; even if they took their sweet time..

Even more disturbing :
Is the mob of people here cheering for the guy that
was about to fire punch a lady in the face o_____O
Shame on all of youse! =P

Then again.. she got her other FE buddies to gang up on her rescuer.. just WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?



piojito_O commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:


wut? o.0
Unless somebody kicked the bucket without me noticing [?]
Pages through FE:A roster

That um feller with the armour...and the hair ..yeah............
he was one cool dude, one of my favorites.
How could I forget his name? "Kellam" was it? <.<

:Inner dialogue: ''Poor Ottobot, he sees imaginary peoples. :[ ''



piojito_O commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

(for me) The good the bad and the ugly:

  • *

Would be neat if we could import our existing MU, not counting on it though.
Either way SO looking forward to play as Ma.Robin!
(the girl's hair kinda bugs me =T )
*When they said there would be figurines for each character / Does that also include the gender variants?

  • -
    Nothing personal against Lucina, but out of ALL the HUNDREDS of FE possibilities - They had to go with the Marth clone? =/
    (hope she really is a Marth Alt)

& Why can't they include other classes? Ephraim with his lance and his horsey lol ;-;

  • -
    I couldn't care less for Capt.Falcon pawnch ,myself - but as long as it's making lots of peeps happy.

Now how soon could we expect the next batch?



piojito_O commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

While not among my most wanted, I'd be delighted if Rayman got in; he's quirky enough (with the added Rabbids) to fit in & still stand out in Smash -

Though I do find this odd for the same reasons already mentioned:

-The fact that Mr. Sakurai needed to ask for references ~for a trophy~
-Ray would be Ubi's most likely rep, why spoil it like this without a proper reveal right after?
(A Rabbid or Globox trophy would have made more sense as the tease, if Rayman indeed turned out to be playable)

There's gotta be more to this than a simple cameo appearance, but what? o.o

What's with all the Ubi hate? .-. (pardon my ignorance)

To me it seemed like Ubi genuinely WANTED to support the WIIU - and by doing so they ended up losing serious $$$ /can't really blame them for what they did with Legends.



piojito_O commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

Not too thrilled to play as Pacman, (at least not with his newer design ick, x_x; )

Honestly can't see him being an exciting character, Not that I doubt Mr. Sakurai's ability to make something out of him.
If he's all that important: Make him an assist trophy, dedicate a stage to him, but as a fighter? - Ehhhhhhh.. If they were to go with the robot suit thing again - pass. :/


Would not mind Klonoa though.



piojito_O commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:

That is one thoughtful and dedicated father. =)

Being forced to play as a male character never bothered me, personally. The only times I choose the female role is when there's an option to marry a pretty boy. XD -falconpawnched-

Not sure how well it will work out for his daughter, but he had good intentions.



piojito_O commented on Your Japanese Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview Tr...:

well yeah, though you never know, it could make the gameplay much more fun in ways we never imagined? silly as it looks.

Either way, I'm more fascinated by the 3ds patent:

<a rel="external" href=""></a>

[which I get the feeling will never see the light of day]
so much potential lies within ar, gyro, and such, yet they don't really bother putting it to big use. :/




piojito_O commented on Project P-100 Gets a New Name: The Wonderful 101:


Actually, when I first glanced at it, it brought the incredibles to mind.
But now that you mention it, xDD

~wish we had another viewtiful joe game :/

-Not really caring for the launch window titles-
Maybe it's just me but so many games look dumbed down nowadays :: (hopefully I'm wrong)
but at least I have SmashU & Loz to look forward to



piojito_O commented on Your Japanese Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview Tr...:

wiiware & vc only? ;
I could have sworn that by transferring Wii data they meant the system locked save files. (gh, ac,.. BRAWL!!) :c

My wii was one of the unfortunate victims to the dual layered discs, I was hoping I'd be able to transfer those pesky saves to the U. [all my ssbb accomplishments... >_<;]

Thanks for the translations! ^^

on a totally unrelated note:
Are we supposed to pretend that the Vitality sensor was only a dream? =P



piojito_O commented on Review: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (3DS Vi...:

My very first fire emblem.
At first I was put off by the seemingly endless text (wasn't really understanding/paying attention); The character designs made me want to give it another try.
So glad I did! =D
What annoys me about them is that the main lords are usually goody-two shoe types. Gameplay is addictive, some interesting characters here n there that you grow attached to, and amusing dialogues. Support systems add to the replay value.
For me: Best FE = Path of radiance
Sacred stones is kinda - "eh" (after you try the others) but still deserves a chance.

It's easy to dismiss fire emblem games, (many ppl hate heavy reading? xD) , the mechanics seem confusing at first. But once you get the hang of it, you'll learn to appreciate them for what they are.

Truly a MAGNIFICENT, often overlooked/underrated series. Sure they have their flaws, can get a bit repetitive, but ya,,,