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Sat 19th Jul 2014

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SenorMuffin commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

this just hurts, it hurts way too much. im playing pokemon yellow right now just glitching the doggeyoopsiepoopiepoodle out of it! but still little kids just don't know the good old days of video games! when sega was not owned by nintendo and atari was still known to children



SenorMuffin commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'm highly mad about this, the whole point of club nintendo elite or gold status was to reward players with rare or unobtainable nintendo related gifts and brand new games, the main reason why people use club nintendo is mainly to get the sweet swag like the luigi statue or the poster sets or if you have that stuff all ready you get the games that you like or you've played at a friends. But this year just got my hopes up and smashed them in to tiny pieces, this whole year i was hoping they would go back some years and bring back the old prizes that people never got like the mario and luigi hats or the bowser vs mario statue etc. but nope, nintendo just gave us a hand full of games that most people have all ready. see if you look at Eu and Jp club nintendo their selection of swag is huge! Jp has mario hats, luigi hats, more posters, new games, and at one point plushies! same with Eu! and i bet you anything Eu and Jp will most likely get better gold and elite status prizes