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PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales in the UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Back to square one

We don't always have the opportunity to share happy news here on Nintendo Life, so let's just suck it up and say it — the PS4 and Xbox One have already surpassed the lifetime Wii U sales in the UK.

It was already reported last week that the Xbox One's launch weekend sales of 150,000 units had almost taken it past the Wii U's performance over a year, with an inevitability that it would overtake the Nintendo system in its first full week. That's happened, but MCV is also reporting that the record-breaking PS4 console launch in the UK has taken it beyond 250,000 sales in its first 48 hours, comfortably beating Microsoft's system and the Wii U. It seems that a combination of its lower price — in relation to the One — and significant marketing and buzz have given Sony's system a seriously impressive start.

As for the Wii U, it's been clear for a period of time — and often cited by Satoru Iwata in financial briefings — that the UK has been a particularly weak market, though the performance of the 3DS in the country has been a positive recognised by the Nintendo President in the most recent quarter. This is nevertheless a disappointing reflection of the reality of the system's poor sales over the past year, and will no doubt focus minds over the rest of 2013 and into 2014, when major releases such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. will be hugely important for the platform.

The year's release advantage is now well and truly gone in the UK, so the focus will have to shift to regaining some momentum. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Azooooz said:

I've said this once, and I'll say it again: UK is one of Playstation's turfs. Nintendo's home consoles are not strong there.



WiiLovePeace said:

Ouch... But at the end of the day I still enjoy my Wii U more than ever with the release of SM3DW & Wind Waker HD etc., whether or not the Wii U is in the hands of many or few. I wish Nintendo the best in selling more Wii U systems.



skyluigi2 said:

Nintendo's never done exceptionally well over here... and in a way this doesn't surprise me. Still, it's very disheartening to know that consoles that haven't even been out for a month have surpassed the sales of a console that's been out for over a year. Sad times indeed.



Emblem said:

Not surprised but I am disappointed. Nintendo has a long uphill Struggle ahead of them. Maybe this will help them though, with their back against the wall they could push out some quality titles ala gamecube.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Its expected. This new unfinished game + season pass/DLC/microtransaction practice will be what Sony and MS adopt and nourish.

I'm personally waiting a while before I pick either up, no clue what crap their 1st and 3rd party developers plan on pulling with these systems. Nintendo will struggle and make it through just fine.



Peach64 said:

And for so long people said the Wii U was struggling because of the financial climate, ignoring the ridiculous sales of each new iPad that got released. Nintendo made a lot of big mistakes with the Wii U, before and after launch, so I don't really have much sympathy with them for this particular bit of news, but I'm glad they're starting to turn their output with games like 3D World. The Wii made them arrogant, but this should be the kick up the backside they need.



Goginho said:

Well, kinda expected. I also expect this to be a fad hype though. Once the holiday season is over, there will basically be no sales for Nintendo's competition, which is going to be Nintendo's time to shine, especially with all the grade A games coming out during the year.
I don't know much about the other consoles and I don't follow their games, releases and general situations and what not, but it's kinda sad to see how people tend to go for arguably over-priced technological devices that are of lower quality. I mean, in the news here where I live, they showed something like 50% of the PS4s reported being non-functional right from the get-go, which is unfortunate for the consumer. Sure, the Wii U tripped a bit here and there, but I don't think it was ever reported to be non-funtional for someone who just unboxed it. There was a time when Sony where about quality (cough PS1), now it just seems like they figured out how to make money without trying. Sad to see companies invest a lot of quality and not becoming as successful as the companies that don't do the same. This goes for any company and product nowadays. I don't know if it's just me, but I kinda have the feeling that back in the day (my day ), products lasted longer and had less defects. The main policy was quality, whereas today it's profit before anything I can imagine. I heard some companies even go as far and deliberately put a certain "expiry date" on their products (such as with some cars), usually right about after the warranty expires, meaning you'd have to invest more money for repairs and replacements and such. lol Maybe it's just me though, I dunno ..kinda got off track there.
Yea, I still have my perfectly functional Game Boy hehe, that says a lot.



Jazzer94 said:

@Azooooz Seeing as I live in London I experienced first hand how badly the Wii U has been handled over here, advertising for the console and its games effectively stopped around January and didn't star again till around june/july in minuscule amounts many multi platform releases have been hard to find in stores e-shop prices for games are way to expensive in some cases I could go on but I'll leave it at that.



BenAV said:

It worries me that my tastes always seem to be so different than a majority of other gamers in the PAL region.



Jazzer94 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Honestly I have to disagree my friend got a PS4 and I've got to say its a really nice piece of hardware with a great fluid UI only thing that's lacking is games but Wii U suffered the same at launch.



Robot-Carnival said:

The fact that Microsoft can still get this many sales, regardless of the stunt they tried to pull with the doing away with used games, has pretty much cemented my view on gaming being dead. Gaming is now for everyone, not just the passionate hobbyists. The ignorance of the average Joe is now the major factor in what determines what succeeds or fails in this industry.



Kyloctopus said:

That's pathetic. No excuse.
They had 50 extra weeks in the market, a $50 price drop, increased their advertising, made 2 Mario games, and 1 Mario-like game, and their biggest rivals were supposed to be no one. Yet they had trouble beating consoles that were in the market for 8 years. And then here comes 2 new consoles, and in no less than 2 weeks, it surpassed the sales.
There's no better word that defines better than pathetic.



MAB said:

I will probably do the same as what I did with the PS3. Buy a preowned PS4 in another three or four years, wade through the poopydoodleskin dudebro dross, pack it up and send it off to a pawnbroker for some loose change



electrolite77 said:

Well, it's not good news for Wii U. No point dressing it up. Also no excuses, Nintendo have handled the Wii U badly.

But it's also not a surprise unless anyone really thought Wii U was going to outsell PS4. It also doesn't affect what should be Nintendo's goal now-try and beat Gamecube sales to stop it from looking like the Wii was a blip on a downward sales slope from the SNES. Also, look after the hardcore fanbase and keep them on board for the next machine in 2016. This news doesn't make that much difference.



electrolite77 said:


They were always going to sell at first, each console has it's hardcore that will early adopt though. It's a hideous thing though and I expect it to get hammered by the PS4.

That said, it also reminds us of another thing Nintendo have bafflingly ignored. The value of online play, friends lists and achievements in promoting brand loyalty. I'm not a big online player but it amazes me Nintendo simply haven't grasped this.



NintyMan said:

Sad, but not surprising. What's irritating about this is that PS4 and Xbox One have no must-have games right now, and yet many people still bought them. This should be quite eye-opening for us over the pond about the state of gaming in Britain and Europe in general.

Still, I really don't care if Wii U ends up being another GameCube or not. GameCube still had a few great games, and the games are what I care about, not how much my console has sold in the world. Wii U could still be a personal winner if the software is still good. Let's wait for Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., and if even those can't sell Wii U, then Wii U is a bust.

I suppose America will be the final indicator of where things are going.



Wolfgabe said:

@Peach64 You wonder why things like iPhone sell million even when they are ridiculously over priced? Because unlike game consoles phones are more of a necessity



YorkshireNed said:

Really sad but nor surprising. Everyone in my workplace who plays games was after these consoles. They were all drooling over the tech specs and none of them were considering Wii U. It seems with the Wii they alienated the core gamers and became viewed as something more for kids. Now, you and I know better BUT that IS how it is here. I'm getting a Wii U for Christmas but out of all the people I know, I only have 1 friend who owns one.



SKTTR said:

Times in UK were much better for Nintendo when they had UK 2nd parties like Rareware and Rockstar Games (DMA Design). But that was more than 10 years ago.



PinkSpider said:

Well looks like I'll hold out till the inevitable happens. It's been a good run. A bumpy first year but Pikmin 3, Zelda WW and Mario 3d world have been about the best fun I have playing games for ages . When the Wii U finally does get pulled off the market I'll concentrate on my 3DS. And then decide what console to get next. Until then I'll stick with it until it sinks.....



Robot-Carnival said:


I completely agree. Nintendo definitely needs to realize how important these things can be. I'm not a big online player myself, but the appeal of such simple features, like messaging or calling a friend without the need to load entirely new apps (which can take up to 30 seconds) is strong. I guess I'm a bit spoiled by skype and PSN, but I just expect better when it comes to using an online gaming network.

Getting a trophy/achievement/badge for collecting all the green stars in Mario 3D World would have also been super rad.



larry_koopa said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Wii U will be a third place console this generation, but there's nothing really wrong with that. The PS4 and Xbone appeal to a larger market than the Wii U does, hence they will sell more systems. Plus, they actually have third-party support, whereas Nintendo has struggled in this department for 20 years. But, as long as my Wii U is providing me with Mario platformers, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros., I couldn't really care where Nintendo stands in the console race.



Mr_Nose said:

And yet, and are still veritable wastelands, with Nintendo Life being the bread and butter of the three sister sites.

There are still millions of Wii Us in the wild, and there will be millions more. Wii U will be my only system this gen. I didn't buy a PS3, and I sold my 360 to buy a 3DS. There's no way Microsoft, or Sony will get any more of my money.

Nintendo is the only reason I'm still a 'current gen' gamer.



kyuubikid213 said:

But at the Wii U's launch, it was too expesive, right? It had no games, right? Bull. Fricken'. Crap.

Whatever. I've got a great console and I'm happy with it. I just hope Sony and Microsoft do something with these sales and make interesting games with new experiences, lest they stagnate the market with the same two first person/third person shooters like they almost did last generation.



marko said:

This could have been avoided if Nintendo released a true next gen console not some weak console with 8 year old specs and a gimicky gamepad that Even Nintendo hasn't properly even used. that added cost for manufacturing a tablet controller I would happily trade for better specs. I have the wii U and im loving super mario 3d world great game. Imagine what Nintendo software would look like on a powerhouse Nintendo console, Something that would attract 3rd party support and not repel them, I would only have to buy one console. Alas that will never happen. Nintendo screwed up this console generation I would rather them abandon ship and build a new superior console. instead We all will wait for an HD Zelda which will come out on a system that will really be 10 years old by than. How embarassing.



rmeyer said:

We won't know how Nintendo did until January. I bet the ps4 is doing well because it's a great price and quality hardware, what the ps3 wasn't. What's being promoted and what actually sold is different. I do know Nintendo has sold a lot of Wii Us this Black Friday and were surprisingly sold out everywhere I was at.



stealth said:

doesnt really bother me I love the system

PS4 and X1 have very low specs compared to PC so this power bs needs to stop




I'm sorry UK gamers, but your territory is hopeless. You get all these games first, have these fantastic bundles, and great Nintendo Club rewards, yet the sales climate still sucks. I mean...Knack beating Mario? WTF.

On a different note, I'm actually very skeptical of these huge day one sales and wonder if it can be sustained. What could happen, or it may not, sales could drop off a cliff just like they did with Wii U after the Holiday season.



vattodev said:

UK is a lost territory ever since EA dropped the Wii U. That's the biggest system seller there and PS4 and XBO bring exactly what the custommer whant: a new engine with more gameplay improvements. There is no way Nintendo can compete there. It's similar to Brazil. When someone wants a console they ask: Does it play Fifa?



JimLad said:

If they had waited until this year to release alongside Mario 3D, things may have been very different...



scrubbyscum999 said:

Well, as long as the Wii U ain't dropped we will still be playing its games nonetheless. With more fighting games on Steam, there is no reason for me to even get a PS4 at this point.



gatorboi352 said:

@Robot-Carnival "has pretty much cemented my view on gaming being dead. Gaming is now for everyone, not just the passionate hobbyists."

Good grief STFU and GTFO. So sick of people with views like you. Good riddance, elitist.



marko said:

Look at the price point of the ps4 vs wii u
nintendo spent more money on the gamepad and i am saying i would rather have better specs, they don't have to ditch motion control either. PS4 will be able to stream games to vita and be better than the gamepad all together and X1 will stream games to probably any windows tablet. We are being taken advantage of by Nintendo because we love their IPs and we the 4 million or so people that bought the wii u would buy any nintendo console just to play mario, zelda. (And I am pretty sure we would all trade our wii Us in a heartbeat for better Nintendo console without the gamepad. The Wii U was meant to target other gamers remember. For me the Wii U is a short term solution It won't have the longevity in the market that the competition will have Just like the Wii should have only been in the market for 4 or 5 years. in 2 or 3 years the Wii U will be so outdated and still no unique experiences. (Except for the software which we all would have bought anyway)



XCWarrior said:

As long as 3DS is doing well in the UK, Nintendo will still have some hold there. As for the Wii U, it's the American market they need to capture, not the UK.



rjejr said:

PS4 had advertising and a better price than X1.

X1 had a free (as in included) FIFA game.

Wii U had what was basically a port of NSMBWii and a higher price than PS3 and 360.

The only thing Nintendo learned from the 3DS was how to royally screw up a launch.

That said about the launch, losing an ENTIRE 1 years worh of sales in 24 hours is not good. Not good at all.

I mean I can see being outsold by the PS4, the hype was huge, but the $500 X1 that is solely focused on US NFL fantasy football leagues? What's up w/ that?



Parasky said:

Nintendo has to market there console. This is Buisness 101.

Just releasing a Mario game onto a system won't make it magically fly off the shelves, they need to spend money on letting people know that it's out.



unrandomsam said:

@rmeyer The PS3 was what a console should be. Custom interesting hardware. (That was wasted on junk ports). The PS4 is a really mediocre PC.



stealth said:

@marko And I am saying specs have nothing to do with game quality.

Put uncharted on Wii u and then you see how ridiculous your statements are with 3ds being the number 1 system in the world



Senario said:

Seriously, here on Nintendo life I see more bad news about Nintendo than I see on IGN. Cut it out.



ReigningSemtex said:

I live in the UK and I don't know anyone who owns a wii u except me and as everyone else has mentioned the advertising for wii u has been pretty terrible which is a real shame because I really like the wii u, having said that I can't say I blame anyone for wanting XBone or PS4 because we are all gamers and there is bound to be a time when we really want to play that exclusive on that other console and also 3rd party support has been pretty poor for the wii u due to the poor sales a bit of a catch 22 really.



divinelite said:

I'll said it here my and many people which share the same opinion

We would like to buy ps4/xboxone because the machine itself (combination of ui, spec, feature, socials, the box, the controller, etc) is interesting, while wii u is not as interesting, regardless the game itself

Wii was interesting, even without little game it could comeout as the winner of last gen... But game pad is not enough



MouldyK said:

Well Eurogamer also reports the bad news just as much.

On another note, last gen I got a Xbox 360 and felt like I fit in with society, but it wern't that a tight, social community.

Now, with the Wii U, I feel like i'm in a tight community of people, especially with Nintendo Life and the Miiverse. So that's a plus side. Hope more peopel join our clan soon though because I love how social the Miiverse can be at times.

If it continues this slump, i'll be okay with it though as I love the community around the Console.



DarkKirby said:

*Looks left.

*Looks right.

Is this really a surprise to anyone? I know there are a lot of die hard Nintendo fans here but it only makes sense that the Wii U is in the exact same position the Wii was to the PS3 and 360.



DualWielding said:

What surprises me is that they didn't manage to surpass Wii U lifetime sales in the U.S. but it may be due to low availability of consoles



JuanitoShet said:

@Peach64 "Arrogant"? What did Nintendo do that makes them so "arrogant"? They're a business that tries do to their best to turn a profit every day of the year. Have they made mistakes? Sure they have! But you can't blame them for trying to keep using the Wii brand to continue their former success. It's not about arrogance, it's about business.



Rococoman said:

I hardly believe that 'Tropical Freeze' will sell any systems.

Also, let's be real, Smash Bros. is going to be delayed until 2015.

That leaves Mario Kart. It saved the 3DS, can it save Wii U?



SCAR said:

Ya, I'm honestly not surprised. Digital costs more than disc copies of games out there, so you know they're living in "flip world" over there

Seriously, though, we already knew UK was a weak Nintendo market. We just didn't know how weak it was until this happened, apparently. It would be the same as saying Japan is no place for Xbox, except not as bad.



taffy said:

The reason why the 360 outsold the Wii in the UK wasn't because of it's massive library of exclusive content cause over the last 2 years there hasn't been anything apart from Halo 4. The reason for it was because they made it a universal box which had a decent library of games, not so bad internet browser and most importantly (for sales of the system) a fully functional television and movie service.

Both the PS4 and Xbone have or will have these features available close to launch yet in the UK the TVii service is still unavailable a year after launch. This along with the anemic software support from both first and third parties along with the low advert presence has only compounded Nintendo's situation in the UK.



heathenmagic said:

@taffy yeah so much for TVii coming out this year. I heard it is quite good, still needs some more features, but I would like the option to use it. My PS3 PlayTV freezes sometimes, I would like to think TVii might be a bit more stable



banacheck said:


What's irritating about this is that PS4 and Xbox One have no must-have games right now, and yet many people still bought them.

That reminds me of another console, oh yes the Wii U.

This doesn't come as a surprise as thay are far more popular consoles, Nintendo on the other hand need to get there act together. Taken back by HD leading to game delays for months on end, this sort of thing should have been sorted out before the Wii U even released.



Robot-Carnival said:

@gatorboi352 I honestly did not intend for my words to come off as "elitist", and I'm sorry if they did. All I meant by that statement was that I feel concerned because something that I'm truly passionate about is no longer guided by people who are just as passionate for gaming culture as I am. I have no problem with folks enjoying gaming as casual fun and entertainment. Hell, that's exactly what me and my family does.

PS: I love your avatar.



Senario said:

@electrolite77 I don't think my gripes are illogical. I mean that I am TIRED of bad news being put out. And even more tired of bad news put out for the sake of it. Why don't you let me have my opinion that I see more bad news on Nintendo life than I see on IGN.



Haywired said:

I'm not sure why some people are bemoaning the UK market specifically, as if the Wii U is doing amazingly in Japan, America or the rest of Europe. A similar story for the US market is imminent.



Rezalack said:

@MrWalkieTalkie I couldn't agree more. I just don't get it.. I mean, I know why, but it's awful. The companies have managed to rile up a mass amount of fan-boys to go out and eat up whatever they spit out instantly without second thought. I don't remember seeing such terrible release titles for systems, ever. It's just bad. Yet people are eating it up. I'm not saying the systems won't get better games.. but odds are, they won't come for 6-12 months from now. Much better to wait for the system to get a lower price and work out it's bugs. People are just in a frenzy for these new products and don't care. Like you said.. way over-hyped and boy has it worked.



LeVideoGamer said:

Who really didn't see this coming? And don't bother saying that the UK is Sony turf or anything like that. Nintendo has just treated the Wii U shockingly over here. Sort it out immediately or prepare to be completely annihilated.



unrandomsam said:

@taffy The 360 didn't get an internet browser for ages. Hardly anybody used it as a media center extender which worked wonderfully. (If you got the coreavc codec for it). It cannot have been either of those reasons.



AVahne said:

Not surprised, but disappointed in Nintendo. They did so very little to ensure the success of their console compared to the other two. I truly believe that the heads at Nintendo have gotten extremely cocky;thinking that their audience is Apple- like in that the fans and casuals would snap up anything that has the Nintendo brand on it.
I do love my Wii U, and think it is a good system for Nintendo game and indies, but unless Nintendo pulls out a miracle I think support for the console will die out faster than it did for the Wii.
Nintendo had a chance to make the one machine you need for Nintendo game and third parties, but they've failed miserably.



N64ever said:

Who gives a crap. Just play your Wii U games and old Wii games. The PS4 and Xbox one users can only stare at their systems now because of the small amount of launch titles available for it. Right now they're probably wishing they hadn't yet traded in their old system and games yet to buy the giant PCs. Because that's all they are folks giant PCs with fancy keyboards and no backwards compatibility to enjoy your previous fun games. So in retro spec I already have a PS4 hooked up to my TV and it's called a PC with Steam.



WYLD-WOO said:

I have a love/hate relationship with FIFA 14 but it`s still the reason why everyone has purchased a new gen console in the UK. I really believe Mario Kart 8 will be the hit that shifts Wii U units here in the UK.



taffy said:

The internet browser wasn't introduced until later and it wasn't until later that it started to perform well sales wise. When I mention TV services I was referring to on demand TV such as BBC Iplayer, 4 Ondemand, Demand 5, Skysports etc... all of which aren't available on the Wii U but will be available on both Xbone and PS4 (with the exception of Sky)



MAN1AC said:

These numbers can't be right.
@SCAR32 told me that both the PS4 and Xbone would struggle just like the Wii U has.



schizor said:

I hope for the best. IMO the only thing that matters is that nintendo ships enough wii u consoles to stay in the market and make more, new hardware for me to buy. I am very satisfied with my wii u as I was with my wii before it. This doesn't mean anything yet. The war has just begun. Godspeed everyone.



electrolite77 said:


You put your opinion on here, people can comment. I'm bored of people so precious about their console of choice they think this site (or any other) should ignore genuine news. If it's too upsetting stick to Everything's rosy on there, all the time.



TwilightPhantom said:

@vattodev All people care about in the UK are sports games, yes. If not, they care about FPS games. I think it's utter bull. Fifa is a horrible game, no matter how you look at it. If it was any good at all, that is probably undermined by the fact's a yearly rehash with only roster updates.

On a side-note: The Wii did perform pretty well in the UK, but that was about the only Nintendo console that did well in that territory too.



AdanVC said:

I'm just... sad, man! I shouldn't care too much but the truth is that it really affects me that such a brilliant and innovative console (let's be honest, is more innovative than PS4/Xbone) is failing so... miserably? yeah miserably is the right word -in terms of sales of course-. But let's just keep in mind this: Sales never determine the quality of a product, CoD: Ghosts was #1 seller on several countries and that title is one probably the weakest game on the franchise. The same applies for Just Dance, nobody here plays that but for parents and casual people is the joy, and it always appear on top charts.

Also, the hype of PS4 is expected, is the most powerful console at a decent price, but honestly, what's next?? The next big game for PS4 on Q1 is coming until march 2014, (Infamous: Second Son... and it doesn't look that attractive to me honestly), following the release of Destiny and Watch_Dogs, both of them multiplatform (And Watch_Dogs is coming for Wii U as well), so the games they have available right now to keep them busy until march is just kinda weak and not that great... plus, it's not backwards compatible so they still have to use PS3 and that's just a big thumbs down for me.

Wii U owners have it waaay better on Q1, DKC: Tropical Freeze in february, Watch_Dogs and the all mighty top-seller Mario Kart 8, all while we can enjoy an awesome top-quality library of games already such as Super Mario 3D World and since Wii U is backwards compatible we can enjoy all of the great game there as well. I bought Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Metroid: Other M and Kirby's Epic Yarn, all while I still need to finish SM3DW, Wind Waker HD, Earthbound on VC, etc. So I'm going to be very busy until february when Donkey Kong Country releases. It's a bad day for Wii U, but the Holidays are not finished yet and 2014 is very promising for Wii U. (If somebody read all the way through here, you are wonderful and thank you for reading all of this).



Die2Distroy said:

I'm more surprised that the Xbox One is doing well, nevermind the Wii U suffering. PS4 and Xbone are too similar, so I wouldn't see why people would want both, Wii U is too unique to not do well, especially with the Gamepad (best thing about the Console to me btw). I think it will be games like MK8 and Smash that will be the console sellers, only because they are multiplayer games. Mario Kart Wii did fantastic so I don't see why 8 won't (except for Marketing). Make a Mario Kart 8 Bundle and we will see how it goes, as for Xbone, how can people buy it with what Xbone was originally going to be like? Even at E3, Microsoft tried to screw us over by trying to add DRM to the console and always online, even screwing over those that don't have internet by saying "Don't have online? Get a 360". People seem to be too forgiving, especially when it comes to "graphics". Even Xbox One has Microtransactions like in Forza 5. I wouldn't trust Microsoft, even if some random game I liked went on it. Don't come to me when DRM comes your way under your noses and always-online comes back and the possibility of having to pay money to obtain items to complete a game. If Wii U isn't top console (which I hope it does and the only company I trust), then I would worry about the 9th Generation, I would quit video games if any of that was to happen.

Rant over -



Bass_X0 said:

@Senario NintendoLife don't make the news, they only report it. Something like this happening needs to be reported to Nintendo fans.



Jazzer94 said:

@N64ever The N64 launched in America with only two games, did gamers just stare at the console no they played those two games just like PS4/Xbox One owners are doing.



Jazzer94 said:

@TwilightPhantom Do you live in the UK no so don't make wild assumptions about what games consumers from the UK buy thats like me saying Americans only buy Madden, GTA, COD, HALO etc.
@Senario So you want the news reported about Nintendo on NL to be censored effectively...... really........really.



IronMan28 said:

Good bye, hardcore gaming, I hate the direction it's going and I've hated that direction since the PS2 era. Well, I've probably never been with the hardcore anyway, since they always buy shooters that are generally samey and iterations of the same sports game every year. It wasn't like I ever really was in that crowd or knew them that well, anyway.



Senario said:

@Bass_X0 I just do not agree with how much bad news there is compared to good news as I know there is good news out there. I hardly think sarcasm or ignoring that so much negative news us off putting is just wrong.



Jazzer94 said:

@N64ever You're pretty much clutching at straws now and have shown how biased you're first comment was, this is exactly what I don't like about gamers these days they have to bash other consoles for no good reason.



SanderEvers said:


I do think that the next Nintendo console and Nintendo handheld will be the same device. The Wii U started this revolution with the gamepad. The next level will be to put more power into the gamepad and lose the console itself.

If you look at modern tablets running iOS, Android and Windows you'll see that these become more powerful while they stay relatively small. I believe, and don't pin me on this, that Nintendo will use this in their next console. It will look roughly like the GamePad and plays games from a SSD-like memorycard. It will also have an SSD built into it for savegames and downloads and will have PS4/X1 like graphics.

This will happen in about 4-5 years from now.

ANd ofcourse this device will be able to stream using wireless HDMI to your TV.



electrolite77 said:

Are Nintendo arrogant? Hmmmm.

I think there's certainly a pride, if not arrogance about Nintendo.

A) Their refusal to compete on technology. They haven't actually properly competed on technology since the SNES which funnily enough was a huge seller and very profitable (the N64 and GameCube were behind the competition because of the restrictions of their storage methods, lack of online, and quirky controller layouts)

B) Their insistence on trying to be completely unique. Being original is great, but there's nothing wrong with assimilating competitors ideas if they're good.

C) Their laziness, if not arrogance, when it comes to online. The lack of a unified account system, the complete missing of the boat when it comes to online play and communities, dismissal of achievements (not things I care about but others do). The lack of anything resembling Playstation Plus.

D) They believe they can sell a console just on their games. So do little to cultivate third party support. But that needs the support of hardcore fans, yet when those hardcore fans ask for franchises like F-Zero, Pilotwings or Wave Race the answer is "we'll release what we like". When those hardcore fans ask for a proper VC range they get kept on a thin drip of releases. Where's the fan service?

There's some very 'traditional', if not arrogant, thinking going on at the top of Nintendo. They may be in for a shock if profits continue to flatline and the Wii U continues to struggle. It's reminiscent at the minute of Sega's spectacular fall from market leader to distant third with the Saturn which is a case study in how to ruin a console. Thankfully, the 3DS success and their bank balance is healthy, but to go from the Wii to their current position is disastrous business, no two ways about it.

(And breathe)



readyletsgo said:

Well what does Ninty expect! We all know how bad this first year has been for the WiiU and you can count on the ps4 and XBone will have a slow start for the first 6 months too but they are the systems people want .

I have a WiiU about year now and tbh, it ok, but God it could have been so much more. I feel Ninty are still in everyone's lives albeit with the 3ds and I think that's the way it's gonna be for them.

I think if sale don't pick up by Jan 2015 they should take the WiiU off the market and see out the final 2 or 3 years with the 3ds then skip the next gen home console, only release a new handheld THEN the next gen after that release a power house console . What does every think of that?

Also on channel4 on Sat night they had a show on called how games changed the world, it was really interesting but at each ad break every ad was for ps4 and XBone with 2 ads over the 5 or so hours for the 3ds, Wtf Nintendo!

Sorry for the rant, again



Doma said:

Home console wise, i think the Wii taught most gamers that Nintendo aren't really interested in pursuing them as a target audience. Now that the casuals have moved on, this is the end result - nobody cares.

Time to stick with handhelds alone, since they can't/refuse to compete in the console space.



N64ever said:

@Jazzer94 My Id is N64ever and I am on a Nintendo Fan Site. Duh of course I am biased against the other consoles. I didn't used to be with Sony but they don't interest anymore since the PS3 (loved my PS1 and 2) so I'm going to support Nintendo more than them or Xbox. I like playing HD shooter games on my PC not on a console. Nothing beats a mouse or a wii remote for accurate aiming.



DreMurf313 said:

Ok. Cool article & all, but I'm not worried. Wii U was slow out the gate but slaes are gradually picking up. Sony & M$'s systems are "the new/ end of the year/ latest Christmas toy to debut. So, naturally they are going to sell big. But, lets look at the OVERALL lifecycle of each console.

Just like the Wii was a scarce phenom over 7 years ago eventually people became bored with it & sales TREMENDOUSLY dipped! I think the same will happen to PS4 & XBOX ONE, once people see these games are literally THE SAME AS LAST GEN!



Senario said:

@N64ever You speak my language sir. I enjoyed PS 1-2 but a lot of good things were lost in the PS3. And PC is just so much better for any non nintendo game.



Nintend0ro said:

So I recently bought PS4. I'm at the end of COD Ghosts. Then I'll whack thru Killzone SF and then I'll get back to my Wii U since there's nothing else left what I want to play on PS4. Most gamers who just picked up next gen systems will soon be crying "where are the games?!!!". LOL



GamerJunkie said:

@DarkAngel_17 Wii U owners still say "where are the games" after 1 year.

The only Wii U game thats come out in months for me is Mario 3d world, the rest have been bad ports or games that dont live up to the hype so I have been dying to use my Wii U most of the year but only had a few titles to play, so whats ur point?

PS4 will be giving away 3-4 games free each month through the ps plus also. and more and more free to play games added like dc universe and other games that are actually mmos so you can stay busy on that kind of game for a long time since you can never beat it.

I have both systems, and I see a much brighter future for PS4. for Wii U I only see like 3-4 games each year id ever buy thats it.



2Sang said:

It's not even frustrating for me anymore that nintendo is failing this badly. It's just funny how people think the Pii U is even comparable to the Xbone and PS4. If Smash Bros. isn't flawless, I might become a Sony fan.



GamerJunkie said:

@N64ever The PS4 controller is infinitely more accurate at aiming and motion gaming actually. The camera knows exactly where you are and the controller is(the light on it) at all times so it is 100% accurate with all movements.

Wii U still uses outdated infared sensor bar..... horrible in most games to get precise movement. They didn't even upgrade it from the old Wii one. It uses the same bar and controllers lol.

PS4 and XB1 both have new cameras with exact movement tracking that is way better.



SCAR said:

I know what you're trying to do, and I honestly don't care.

People like you were assuming Wii U would do poorly before anything had even happened. We can guess all we want, that doesn't mean we're going to be right.

It just so happens that your guess was right and mine was wrong. I can admit that Wii U hasn't done that well at this point. There's no way ANYONE could have said Wii U would be doing this well last year. That was the argument then, and not the argument now.

The only reason why people were predicting that the Xbox One and PS4 would do as well, if not worse, is because people were assuming Wii U would do poorly and the same could have been just as true for te other systems.

For the record, this is only the UK, which time after time has been sited as not the strongest market for Nintendo. As I said above, Xbox isn't doing well in Japan either.

If you don't have any perspective, you aren't going to understand the situation here. All you can say is that you were right, but there was no absolute answer when you made these claims all those months ago. Which is what I was saying. Both of our predictions were equally justified.



2Sang said:

@DarkKirby The differnece was that the Wii was fairly priced and offered new and innovative fun ways to play. The Wii U is just ripping off the fad of tablets, and it doesn't work well. It was a good idea on paper, but isn't work the $100 to make it. Maybe $50 but not $100.
Without the tablet, they probably could have sold for $200, which would place itself strong against the ps4 and especially the xbone.



Kirk said:

For anyone that hasn't pulled their head out of the sand and quite comprehended just how bad the Wii U is actually doing...

In a week or less the sales numbers for two newly released current-gen consoles have already surpassed the sales of another current-gen console that's been out for an entire year.

Think about that for a few seconds...

This is probably unprecedented in the history of the industry.

The Wii U IS in BIG trouble.



Caryslan said:

@electrolite77 Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth. One thing I want to add, is that you're point about their IPs is true. Months ago, Nintendo said that they won't do a new F-Zero since they can't do anything new and innovative. That would have been a fine argument were it not for the fact that they put out two New Super Mario Bros games last year that are very close to their counterparts on the Wii and DS.

I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros 2, but it was obvious it was an easy cash grab with a coin gimmick attached. The backgrounds looked just like the ones in the Wii game, music was slightly remixed but pretty much the same, and the games did not offer any innovations that had not been seen in a previous 2-D Mario barring the coin gimmick. Its really notable how big of a cash grab NSMB2 was when you play Super Mario Land 2 on the same system.

And this is my issue, Nintendo refuses to give us a new F-Zero because they can't think of any new ideas for it. But honestly, people would be happy having an HD F-Zero with online play on the Wii U!

Punch-Out on the Wii did not innovate the Punch-Out formula. It was basically the NES Punch-Out with modern production values. Did people complain? No, they were happy to have a new Punch-Out game, and it ended up being one of the Wii's best titles.

My issue with their refusal to touch F-Zero and other old ips is the double standard. On one hand, its fine to make a NSMB game that reuses assests from another game, but they can't make a new F-Zero because "they have no ideas for how to innovate it?"

Ten years have passed since GX came out. Maybe Nintendo should just make a new F-Zero and see how well it sells. A hardcore racer with online play could really sell the Wii U to people that might ignore Mario games. At the very least, it would be something different.



xtndedPlay said:

@Goginho I do not know the stats on early Wii U failure rates but it was definitely an issue for Nintendo as well. I am in the US and bought mine Black Friday last year and it bricked during the Day 1 update. 2 weeks later I received it back and it has worked great ever since. It seems to be a normal launch issue anymore. Companies just don't know for certain until they have many systems unleashed in the wild.



jrob23 said:

@electrolite77 Nintendo is a business. They are more successful and more profitable than either Sony or Microsoft because they don't try to compete with specs unnecessarily. That said, they are the most innovative gaming company in history. Each generation they do something ground breaking, either with hardware, software and most times both. They don't bow down to EA and the like or buy 3rd party presence on their consoles. Sure, it costs them sales from the dudebro crowd and soccer fans around the world, but that isn't their fault, that is EA. I am not sure why people keep calling for a more powerful system when the Wii U is plenty powerful to play Wii U games and most of what 3rd party devs can throw at it. Yes, the ports are gimped and weak but again, that is not Nintendo's fault. Why is Nintendo able to make gorgeous games? Why is it when Ubisoft built Rayman Legends from ground up on Wii U, it is the definitive version with amazing gamepad use?

Let people have their fps and Fifa, everyone with kids and who likes platformers will most likely get a Wii U as their second console, just like the wii. It will sell enough to enable Nintendo to make all their great games on it for 5 years or so and then the next gen will be upon us.



Goginho said:

@shuis Oh shame, dat sux. Yea, I remember Wii Us being bricked, but I thought that was due to people updating incorrectly or something. Still, goes to show how the quality trends have shifted in the past decade, that they would allow something like that to happen. I never would have imagined in Nintendo's case, that they would slip up, but I guess it can happen to the very best. Still, as long as Nintendo put quality forth, then I'm staying loyal



Kirk said:

Sorry but personally I think the Wii U has earned it's almost inevitable last place and at this point kind of deserves it to be honest.

Lower the price of the console! It's running last-gen specs in almost every single way and save for the GamePad and Miiverse it's doing basically nothing that the also underpowered and largely disappointing, imo, Wii couldn't and didn't do.

Make digital versions of games MUCH cheaper than retail releases. Drop the prices of the Virtual Console titles dramatically across the board and get far more of those games out now. Include the new batteries in the GamePad and Wiimote by default. Get MiiVerse working in Europe and actually make it far more worthwhile than it currently is. Offer a service like PSN where Gamers get a couple of free games a month. Integrate the eShop services and accounts into one and let one purchase play across Wii, 3DS and Wii U where possible. Increase the internal storage. Offer an optional patch for CD/DVD playback and even Blu-Ray playback if that's possible. Advertise the thing more and better!

The third party game situation is basically already f'd, the chances of it recovering now are slim, and it's obviously too late to make the system more powerful but at least give the system it's best genuine chance of success for f'k sake.



JayMiller1988 said:

I thought 3D World would up sales, but with this news and the news that Knack of all games outsold it, things are looking grim for Wii U.

I still have yet to have any Next-Gen consoles, but definitely plan on getting both Wii U and a PS4. Wii U may not sell well, but at least I know a Zelda is coming, and hopefully a Metroid, both of which interest me more than if I have the most popular console.



jrob23 said:

@Caryslan you are somewhat missing the point with the Mario games. NSMB2 may have been very similar but it is on a completely different platform. I had a wii but never played NSMB. So getting NSMB2 would be a new experience for me. Just like NSMBU would be a new experience for someone who had never played 1 or 2 on the wii and 3ds. Also, there are differences in gameplay so it isn't like a lazy rehash of a sports game with minimal improvements. I hear the same weak argument about WindWaker HD on the Wii U. That it is a remake of a ten year old game. How stupid? Well I never had a chance to play the original. Does that mean I shouldn't get to enjoy this awesome game?



jrob23 said:

Lower the price it the console! It's running last-gen specs in almost every single way and save for the GamePad and Miiverse it's doing basically nothing that the also underpowered Wii can't do.

Huh? So, besides the innovative gamepad that allows offscreen play, and has shown a lot of promise as a map, in game (Raman Legends, ZombiU, etc), and allowing 5 player local co-op...and Miiverse, which has been lauded as a huge success...yeah, besides those two integral features of the the Wii U it is just like a wii. Oh, except the games are in HD, and it can play all wii games while upscaling those to 480p.

Running specs from 8 years ago? You do realize it is running games at 1080p and 60fps. I didn't realize the ps360 was doing that at launch, or even now, or that Xbox One was even doing it on the regular. My bad I guess.

Troll much?



Senario said:

@Kirk you have no idea on specs if you think it is last gen. Me and all my PC friends agree that the Wii U specs are much much better than anything last gen and core for core the Wii U has stronger cores than the PS 4 which uses cheap shelf cpus from mobile devices. Also the GPU is very good for the Wii U. What is more interesting is that the PS4 only uses half of its cores for gaming and RAM is something you don't need a ton of to play good games as long as your cpu and gpu is good.



Kirk said:


Yeah, let's just keep continuing to defend the system no matter what.

A Nintendo console finally does HD, something the competition has been doing for what, 8 years now, and you're arguing about crap like this with me!

No wonder it's all gone so completely t*ts up with people like you in Nintendo's corner, fighting the good fight and doing everything they can to "help" the situation!

PS. The tech specs of the Xbox 360 and PS3 were the same 8 years ago as they are now; you do realise that, right.

Also, you clearly have no objective ability to tell a real but honest and genuinely concerned fan from a troll.


Same goes to you too.

You're arguing semantics here.

It's clearly underpowered, just like the Wii before it, and it's clearly caused the system a lot of issues, in various areas including the massively important third party support, that would have been avoided otherwise.

Why do you feel this need to defend things you really shouldn't be defending?



jrob23 said:

@Kirk defending? There's nothing to defend. They have next gen console that is providing a unique experience unlike the other two. It's cheaper, it has backwards compatibility, family friendly games, best 1st party games in the business, and free online. Is pointing those things defending it or stating facts?

I am not sure why you are downplaying the Wii U's HD. As you pointed out, this is a first for Nintendo so it's a nice change from the less than stellar Wii graphics which I will agree were not comparable. That said, there were more great wii games than on the other consoles (maybe PS3 could argue that point) as far as gameplay so graphics didn't matter as much then. Now that Nintendo has joined the HD realm, what exactly is better about the other two again? Better graphics slightly now, maybe more later? Wow, congrats on seeing that 4th fold in the dude's shirt while we only get to see 2 (and that is because the dev is too lazy to try to get it, not that it can't). I forget, is there something better than 1080p and 60fps that the other two can magically produce?

Just exactly what are you arguing about and going out of your way to talk bad about Wii for?



jrob23 said:

@Senario I have a feeling it doesn't matter what you say to this fellow, he doesn't get it nor does he want to. Maybe he wants to feel better about his PS4 purchase after he realized it won't have any games until Q2 2014...dunno.



Kirk said:


People like you are so blind to reality it's not even funny.

I don't own a PS4 or Xbox One but my brother does own a Wii U.

Calling Nintendo out for it's complete and utter failure with the Wii U thus far apparently makes people like you think the only way to respond is to defend it. No matter how blatant it's failure is and how much it deserves to be called out for it.

It's like Nintendo has dug itself into this massive hole and apparently people like you think the way to get out of it is to tell it that at least you think it's a nice hole...



electrolite77 said:


Ah, so the lack of third-party support is all down to the other companies and nothing at all to do with Nintendo. And it doesn't matter because all third parties do is dude bro shooters and FIFA.

I hope for Nintendo's sake they aren't looking at the situation with such zealotry and complacency.



Kirk said:


"Just exactly what are you arguing about and going out of your way to talk bad about Wii for?"

Because unlike you are apparently able to do; I can see the massive hole Nintendo is in right now with the Wii U and rather than praising it's work so far in digging a nice deep hole I'd rather tell it to start trying to do more to actually climb out of the f'n pit it's in!

PS. I think you'll find it's people like you who are exercising a perfect example of "apologetic rationalisation" here and not me.



SCAR said:

You're arguing specs when you obviously don't understand. If I said PS4 was "weak", you'd call me an idiot. Since you're calling Wii U "weak", guess what you are.

The CPU and GPU are pretty far ahead of Xbox 360 and PS3. It's fact. You always say people are defending Nintendo when you don't even have your facts straight, which is what we're telling you.



jrob23 said:

@Kirk I don't see it as a failure. Why do you? Because of sales? So if at the end of the PS3 cycle, with all the great games it had, if it only sold 20 million you would view that as a failure? I guess I don't understand what I am supposed to be upset about. I own a Wii U. It has great games with more to come. Please enlighten me as to why I should feel down about a system I love.



TheKingOfTown said:

I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled it out of the UK and just sold the 3DS there. Those numbers are abysmal.

Also, sooooo much ignorance in these comments. I'll continue to let @electrolite77 and @Kirk tell it like it is.



jrob23 said:

@electrolite77 the proof is out there for you to see. When a 3rd party dev takes the time and puts in the effort to make a great game on the Wii U, the Wii U version is the best version to get, at least as proven versus the PS360. To see proof of this you only need to see NFSMW, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex. Those three games are proof the Wii U is capable of beating ps360. That in itself is not that special but it shows the tech is better than present day last gen tech. Can the Wii U keep up with next gen games? I don't know. All we've seen are lazy gimped ports i.e. COD Ghosts, AC4. Until a dev decides to truly max out a Wii U like Nintendo does we won't know. So arguing is silly. I don't think we will ever know because these devs are basing their games off the ps360 architecture to hit that huge install base. And since it is similar to the PS4 and Xbox One tech it's easier to work with. Hence the reason Wii U games aren't maximized, because it requires more effort and the Wii U install base doesn't warrant the expense in their eyes, presently.



electrolite77 said:


Spot on. Since the last F-Zero or Starfox we've had 4 NSMB games, 4 3D Mario games, 3 Paper Mario's, a consistent supply of similar Pokemon games, and plenty of mini game compilations. Originality surely isn't the driving force there.

It must be money, which is short-sighted. The last instalments may not have sold gangbusters but they will have attracted system sales from different people to those attracted by Mario and most importantly they kept the fans happy. Such an idea seems to be long forgotten at Nintendo.



jrob23 said:

@Kirk if you don't own one, how can you intelligently speak about it? Because you played for a bit on your brother's lol. At least I am basing my opinion on experience and not from dissecting sales figures from a region who does not particularly care for Nintendo consoles.



jrob23 said:

Who is the bigger fool, the one who takes the time and effort to spread only negativity or the one who sees what's happening and chooses to engage them anyway? Knock it off with the insults and profanity please, and I'd suggest ignoring him if you truly feel he is that far beneath you — TBD



hcfwesker said:

As a diehard Nintendo fan, even I'm not oblivious to the poor decisions made going into the WiiU. It's a great console and I love it dearly. But Nintendo screwed up trying to ride off the success of the Wii going into the current gen. The wii sold like crazy, we all know that, but it was a fad for the "non-gamer audience" and they have since moved on; or they noticed 3rd party games their friends were playing were not available for the Wii, add in the horrible online structure, and waggles controls and they moved on, as well.
Yes, I love mario games, they're fun ... but many longtime nintendo fans I grew up with are tired of the milking of Mario Nintendo relies so much on. We get 5-7 games a year starring mario, whether it's 2d, 3d, sports, rpg, party, whatever. Yet so many of their franchises have layed dormant for YEARS. Mario is fun, I enjoy each core platforming mario title, but it's not bringing back the core gamers you lost long ago.
Nintendo is targeting the younger audience which does NOT make sense. Younger gamers are easily swayed into what their friends or the "cooler older gamers" are playing, and they're all on XB & PS ... these kids will whine and cry for what they want. There's not many that will first ask for a WiiU.
What's really ironic, is they saturated the media with Wii commercials, but what sold the Wii was word of mouth. This time, Nintendo was banking on word of mouth to the sell the WiiU (seeing as they never had ads for it anywhere; and look at the state we're in.
As said, I LOVE the WiiU. My favorite console since the N64. But I just can't understand the decisions being made on Nintendo's marketing stratgey.



jrob23 said:

@electrolite77 ha ha ha COD 1---Cod Ghosts. Each pretty much the same game just change timelines/wars/weapons. Fifa, Madden, Halo, same poopoodoodoocaca different day. Each Mario has the Mario character, but each game has new mechanics, and most times is unique to the platform it comes out on. Strange how people can call Nintendo out on supposedly the same Mario games yet I venture they never played them and are first to defend the annual AC, COD, EA release



theblackdragon said:

Hey guys, I'm going to ask this once: Stop going out of your way to make your arguments personal. Leave the social commentary at home, and if you feel someone is not worth your time, stop giving them the satisfaction of a reply. Thanks in advance!



jrob23 said:

@hcfwesker c'mon man. Nintendo targets the younger audience because they prefer to make family friendly co op games. In case you haven't noticed, this strategy has net them 16 billion in cash on hand, winning last gen in sales, this gen and every gen handheld sales. Seriously, they are very successful at what they do and laugh when people suggest they sell their games on other systems, or try and win over the dudebro crowd.

And if you believe Mario Galaxy, Lugii's Mansion, Super Mario 3D World, and NSMBU are the same game then that's just sad. Each game has enough differences in graphics, mechanics, and experience that simply using the same character, whether it is Mario or Donkey Kong or Samus doesn't make it boring or simple. You as a supposed Nintendo fan should know better.

As far as reasons for the Wii U 'failures' and I assume you mean lack of sales. I think having to compete with very mature ps360 bundles and massive libraries built up over years (not to mention the cheap games you could find) and the economy played the biggest role. Rayman Legends being delayed and becoming a multi plat hurt a lot too. The marketing message was garbage and they should have discontinued the wii immediately as it was confusing and it wasn't like they were supporting it anyway.

Hey as long as we get a Metroid, Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Smash and Kart, I will be more than happy. We all know we are getting those and much more so why al the hate from people who don't even own one or want to is beyond me.



upidedown said:

You can't just generalize and say "They don't like it over there". That is absolutely NO excuse. The problem lies in Nintendo's marketing. Nobody over here in the UK knows what it is, I've had to explain it to everyone that I've spoken to about it. The games are shoved in the corners of stores and crammed on the same shelves with Wii games and in some instances I've seen them just put on the same shelves as general Nintendo stuff. I don't watch TV all that often but I DO watch it and I haven't seen a single advert in a whole year. The last advert I saw for it was the ZombiU one in September last year around launch and I PLANNED to see that one. I've seen about 12 PS4 and Xbox One ads in the past few days on TV. It's really quite pathetic on Nintendo's behalf. Not everyone is a Nintendo fanatic and informs themselves about Nintendo products. This problem is even worse given that their widest audience is undeniably families with young children. THEY NEED INFORMING!



electrolite77 said:


I'm talking about the business side of it.

Nintendo treated 3rd parties very harshly during the NES days and have struggled ever since the SNES. N64 was actively anti-3rd party because of the costs and Nintendo's attitude (the 'Dream Team') and broke a lot of relationships. GC did better but still had similar problems with the more expensive, lower capacity discs and higher licensing fees until 2003.

Wii U has a very different architecture to the competition at a point when development is becoming more expensive and Sony/MS have had the sense to make their machines very PC-like allowing for cheaper cross-platform development.

Nintendo don't do much to attract third-party support, pay for exclusives or contribute to advertising. They heavily push their own games and they are the ones that sell.

So Nintendo have to carry at least some of the blame for the continuing lack of third party support.

And that's only one of my points. Even if they didn't want anyone's games but their own, that doesn't explain the neglect of long-held franchises, poor VC, Incompetent/lazy online, poor marketing of the Wii U, failure to assimilate good ideas from elsewhere etc.etc.



electrolite77 said:


I think you entirely missed my point. Well done.

Oh and if you see me defending the annual updates of COD etc. do let me know. I haven't, but I guess that wouldn't suit the Copy and Paste entry from the 'Defending Nintendo' script.



hcfwesker said:

@jrob23 Did you read what I wrote, thoroughly?
"Yes, I love mario games, they're fun ... but [[[[[[[[[[[[many longtime nintendo fans I grew up with are tired of the milking of Mario Nintendo relies so much on]]]]]] ..... Mario is fun, I enjoy each core platforming mario title, but it's not bringing back the core gamers you lost long ago."

I have no issue with Mario/Luigi titles. I play and enjoy them all (except I don't care for the Party or Sports games with Mario). I was just giving the general impression from many of my friends (and what I read everywhere on why many have moved on from N) that I grew up with and why they, along with many others, have moved on from Nintendo.



Kirk said:

What is it going to take before some of the more hardcore FANS in here start seeing and calling this dire situation like it is!

If you just keep on defending Nintendo and Wii U no matter what, or just "ignoring the negative people spreading all their obvious hate" as some other people are basically suggesting is what's going on and is the only real option here, then YOU are just as much a cause of this problem as anyone.

Nintendo made a console for people like you and basically no one else and look where we are...

It's not good enough and no amount of delusional optimism and FAN defending and even praising of Nintendo, no matter how bad things get, is going to make this situation better.

You need to check back into reality and realise the only way for Nintendo to turn this dire situation around is to actually do a lot more proactive work to fix it; not just keep listening to the misguided praise from is slowly dwindling remaining overly loyal and defensive to a fault FANS.

If you keep claiming it's all fine and dandy it's never going to improve and that makes you a major part of the problem and continuing issue I have.

Let's actually start doing something to maybe at least encourage Nintendo to reduce the console price, reduce the VC prices, get better advertising, get a proper unified eShop, get the improved batteries in the box by default, get more VC games, increase the internal storage, maybe even get an option for basic CD/DVD playback etc etc etc.

Or just keep kidding yourselves it's just perfect the way it is, sending that message to Nintendo and never make it any better for anyone.



kyuubikid213 said:

Said it once and I'll say it again. I have a Wii U and I love it. I have fun. I have Nintendo games and multiplats. I'm happy.

What upsets me is when I see all of this nonsense around gaming. I wish we could go back to the GameCube era of gaming. Remember that? When people had fun and when developers weren't so picky about platform (and no, I'm not talking out of my butt because I had Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the PC, GameCube, and GameBoyAdvance)? I want gaming to do THAT again. When low sales didn't make people upset because GAMES were what mattered? And hell, I don't even remember a constant stream of brown shooters then. I remember Spyro, Crash, Halo (before it was a mess of story), Mario, Smash Brothers...



kyuubikid213 said:

It's not that we don't see what's going on. We see it every day. LITERALLY. We don't need people like you building on that.

We know the situation is dire.

We know the system isn't selling well.

We know everything isn't perfect.

We. [bleep]ing. Know.

We just want to have fun with what we have. We ARE having fun with what we have. We want people to know the fun they can have with the Wii U to help improve the abysmal sales.

Now, if you would so kindly, stop. Because, as stated, we know.



RobbySuave said:

This is basically proof that it ISN'T about the games. Whether or not it should be, that's up for debate, but numbers don't lie. Nintendo's stance on weak Wii U sales has been that the games aren't there. Then why are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One selling as well as they are? Xbox One has Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3. PlayStation 4 has...Knack? Why have these consoles sold more in a matter of weeks than Wii U has in over a year?

I don't mean to sound all negative towards Nintendo, but their conservativeness is hurting them. It's obvious they can't rely on Mario to drive sales, and their lack of raw horsepower and online infrastructure doesn't help either. When Destiny, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall (all games NOT appearing on Wii U) and whatever hit next year for the other guys, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart will be a tiny blip on the radar.

I say this as someone who waited in a store for about 16 hours to get a Wii U at the midnight launch. I also say it as someone who has yet to have to see a very compelling Wii U game that isn't either a port, a multiplatform game (that is usually the worst version available) or a remake. And nothing special seems to be coming out anytime soon either. I'm sure I'll buy Mario Kart and Smash Bros., but I highly doubt they'll offer anything other than a slight upgrade to Mario Kart 7.

Anyway, as I said, numbers don't lie, and unless Nintendo is dumb, they will act on this. If after this upcoming wave of big name games (Mario World, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.) Wii U still isn't selling, Nintendo HAS to do something. Whether it's a price drop or...I don't even know...they have to do something.



Kirk said:


I think maybe you just weren't aware o this kind of stuff back then or something but it was happening and absolutely with the GameCube too.

We can't go back but it would be nice to see Nintendo "go forward" or just get with the times at the very least.

At the very very least it could address more of the issues with Wii U, many of which I've mentioned above, and far better than it has done thus far.

That would be a good start.



banacheck said:


Also the sales of the PS4 will be dropping to 0 in next weeks because it's all sold out.

Really who told you that? there sold out at the moment but by next or the week after shops will have more in stock.



Daemonite said:

I'm willing to bet we'll get another price reduction in the weeks after the holidays...



HappyHappyist said:

wow. i knew the PS4 and X1 would outsell the WiiU, but... it hasn't been two weeks since either of the consoles' launches! pathetic nintendo. pathetic.



unrandomsam said:

@Kirk The way to fix it is completely new games made without any preconceptions new characters / settings / mechanics everything and a reasonable quantity of them as well. At least 5 a month or something across diverse genres.



BinaryFragger said:


I agree. I absolutely love Nintendo with well over 300 Nintendo games on my shelf (dating back from the NES) but if you really like a company, you have to call them out on their mistakes. Nintendo needs to step up the Wii U advertising and they also need to stop releasing crap on the Virtual Console. They have a huge library of great classics yet they release garbage like City Connection and Milon's Secret Castle.

Whenever they'res an article about the 3DS outselling the Vita, it's proof that the Vita is crap, but when the Wii U sells poorly, suddenly sales are meaningless and great sales don't mean great quality. Ah fanboys.
For the record, I own consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and enjoy them all.



jrob23 said:

@electrolite77 I agree with some of your points. VC is a complete joke and their should be unified account systems (they are working on that). Those are my only two gripes. I don't mind that they don't shell out money to get games on their systems. I also don't fault them for demanding a certain level of product from outsiders in the past. I am sure they made their share of mistakes and are to some extent paying for it. However, the laziness you see from 3rd party devs on some games is inexcusable.. EA obviously saw the writing on the wall about Nintendo's reluctance to try and bleed the consumer dry with online, dlc, and microtransactions.That is the real reason they abandoned them. Good riddance. There aren't many games from them I care about and their games probably won't do well with core fans anyway.



Ristar42 said:

Sad thing is you could see it coming, I think. People can talk about frame rates and resoultions, but the Wii U started missing out on a lot of 3rd party games, or getting versions which looked to me almost the same as the PS3 / 360 version, sometimes late and / or with removed features.
Add this to the lack of a fully implemented accounts system, the drip feed of the VC, no sign of Metroid or F-Zero, at the moment I feel I have have no reason to buy the console over my PS3.



Henmii said:

Wii u lifetime sales.......and the console is only out for one year?!

A lot can happen in the years to come, though I don't see a bright future for Wii u! Hopefully I am wrong!!



jrob23 said:

@hcfwesker yeah I read it, and my remarks were directed at your friends and those like minded. I admit, I am not a big Mario 2d fan. I stopped caring after Super Mario World. I thought it hit its peak then and everything after has been superfluous. However, Super Mario Galaxy was genius and nothing like NSMB nor are either quite like Super Mario 3D World. Having not played either NSMB, NSMB 2 or NSMBU I cannot attest to how different they are to one another but from what I have read they are with some fun differences. Even if they are similar they are all on different platforms. So maybe like me, your friends assume they are similar and maybe they are and maybe they aren't. I just know there are nuances you couldn't know unless you played them and that like your friends, there are many people out there that just assume they are all the same and stopped playing Mario games as a result.



Kirk said:


New games from Nintendo, both old and new, is obviously essential for Wii U given how dire the third party situation is but I think Nintendo really needs to do more than just release more games to actually address this situation fully. I think it would be great if Nintendo actually addressed all the various issues I mentioned earlier too. The games should be a given at this point though.



IceClimbers said:

@RobbySuave Don't expect Smash Bros to do anything. The 3DS version will cannibalize the Wii U version's sales. Mario Kart 8 is the only game left that could possibly do anything. Tropical Freeze won't move systems, while Bayonetta 2 and X likely won't sell very well on their own, let alone move systems. Zelda U is too far out, and I'm beginning to question whether the franchise can sell systems anymore (handheld or console) after the poor sales of Skyward Sword and Wind Waker HD.



kyuubikid213 said:

You're saying that like if the Wii U was the most powerful system on the market that it would be the best selling system of all time.

All Nintendo needs to do is keep improving the Wii U like it has been this past month.



IceClimbers said:

It is to be expected. To be fair, the PS4 and XB1 will likely surpass the 3DS' lifetime sales in the UK soon too. The 3DS sells way better in Japan and North America.



Williaint said:

I'd say a good deal likely these [PS4, XBone] consoles were sold on the "hype" factor, the MUST HAVE THING. I've heard Newscasters talking to their tech analysts "Well I don't know exactly what it is/does, but I have one pre-ordered for my kids!"



TechnoEA said:

Bashing the PS4 or Xbox One won't make the Wii U's situation any better, stop thinking it won't.

I bought the PS4 because I saw it as an investment. No not for dudebro or shooters, that argument won't work on me. I only play Action-Adventure and RPGs and platformers mostly.

Still on the fence about the Wii U, don't want it to end up like my Wii just sitting there collecting dust and only getting play when I'm really bored.



Captain_Balko said:

I'm not sure that DKC Tropical Freeze is really a selling point for the console. I mean, I love DK as much as the next guy, and Retro is great as always, but it's not something that'll shift a lot of units. Nintendo fans that likely already have a Wii U will pick it up, but if you aren't interested in Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, or Super Mario 3D World, why would you buy a system for Donkey Kong? I don't see it as very plausible.

Smash Bros, on the other hand, is a different story, but Donkey Kong? Maybe in the SNES days, but certainly not anymore.



Williaint said:

@taffy Well of course they do! They spend as much money as they did on the last Mario game, to hire some guy to read all the message boards and take suggestions from every response!!



jrob23 said:

@Ristar42 I would say that if Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, ZombiU and Super Mario 3d World aren't reasons to buy it now, then you are probably like millions, and better served waiting a year or two when there are hundreds of games to choose from, a price drop, and you can justify it as a second console purchase.

I know I haven't owned a PS3 but want badly to try the Uncharted games, Journey, TLOU, and others but not sure if I should just wait to get a PS4. I realize it can't play PS3 games but some are making the jump i.e. Journey, Flower, so maybe more will later on. Of course maybe the base model will hit $100 one of these days and I could just pick it up if not



DanMan82 said:

(After finally being almost done with school, finally gets to enjoy the Wii U and the great games it has to offer. Finally forgets all the hate for the Wii U and that Nintendo is "backwards", then sees the comments).

"What did you say? I can't hear you over the sound of Batman smashing in someone's skull!"

Note: I'm not saying Nintendo has made some bad decisions, but do you know how often I think of them when I'm playing games? None. Like @theblackdragon said, play what you want and forget everyone else that tells you to play something else for no good reason.

(Goes back to corner and smashes Joker's skull in as Batman).




DanMan82 said:

Also, if Nintendo doesn't get a third party game that I really want, I get it on the PC. Simple as that. Honestly, if anyone buys a Nintendo console anymore and expects stellar third party support, then this system is not for you.



kyuubikid213 said:

Except it's not "far less powerful." If you're going to tell us we need to see what's going on, you need to stop kidding yourself. The system is most certainly powerful enough to handle what the PS4 and One are getting this generation minus a few particle effects and textures.



electrolite77 said:


Fair enough. I agree EA are (insert profanity of choice) but IMHO Nintendo should still be able to create an environment where their customers can mix in a bit of Madden or PGA with their Mario.

The original point with me counting the Mario games was only because it was noted that the reason Nintendo gave for ignoring F-Zero was because they couldn't think of anything original to do with it. But when you see the number of NSMB games, which are the closest Nintendo get to cookie cutter, since we last had an F-Zero or a Starfox, it's an excuse that rings hollow. It wasn't said to criticise the NSMB games but exempt the likes of COD.




At this point people are so brainwashed they would buy a cardboard box with PS4 written on it.

I am worried for the future of gaming though, because if people will run out and buy a console that has no games, what does that mean.



Tender_Cutlet said:

Yes the majority of British gamers seem to prefer EA sports titles and FPS's [a la COD] as their software of choice as suggested by sales in this Country. Unfortunately Nintendo do not offer a competitive platform for either.

Eavesdrop on any gaming conversation you hear out in London and you'll likely learn how important graphics and performance specs are over anything like originality or imagination [which sets Nintendo at somewhat of a disadvantage].

[Flame Alert] There is another section of UK "gamer" that seeks from a console more than just a gaming machine but a must-have luxury tech accessory with which comes all the bragging rights and status associated with owning it amongst their circles. These are the same people who covet the very latest Apple phones and laptops, expensive jewellery and designer clothes and buy consoles without stopping to consider what games are available to play on it. There was an interesting article on here recently about Nintendo's non existence market share in Poland - well that general impression of their stereotypical Consumer isn't too far removed from our own here in the UK.

Nintendo will only ever appeal to those enjoying their childhood; with unbreakable ties to their childhood memories or those in close family groups...and I wouldn't trade mine for all the world.



unrandomsam said:

@kyuubikid213 The Wii U has the same problem the PC has but without the solution. (Having miles more hardware than you should need paid for via cheaper prices). 3rd parties put in the absolute minimum amount of effort just allowing turning off two of the cores and ramping the clockspeed to 3.2ghz would likely have ended up with much more support. (As that is what is commonly done. The SPU's are totally wasted in the PS3 and the 360 isn't used optimally either).



electrolite77 said:


I'd go for the PS3 at the minute. Journey and Last of Us are great but there's plenty of others too. I'd recommend Little Big Planet 2, Motorstorm RC, Thomas Was Alone, Guacamelee, Ratchet & Clank : A Crack in Time, Braid, Wipeout HD, Valkyria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Pixeljunk Shooter, Everybody's Golf, SSX, Child of Eden, Might and Magic : Clash of Heroes (if you don't have it on DS), ICO/SOTC (if you missed it on PS2), Sly Collection (if you missed them on PS2) and the original Jak and Daxter (again, if missed on PS2) for a very Nintendo, entirely dude bro free library



kereke12 said:

Nintendo is only Strong in japan, Nintendo only has to worry about Sony. Microsoft is not popular in Japan. As for U.K. and U.S.A. Nintendo has a strong competition with Microsoft, and Sony.



MikeLove said:


"I am worried for the future of gaming though, because if people will run out and buy a console that has no games, what does that mean."

You are referring to the Wii-U launch, correct?



kyuubikid213 said:

The only thing I can think to say about the PS4 and One "no games" argument is that wouldn't be an issue if they would have kept backwards compatibility. The quality of games in the Wii library is debatable, but you can still pop in great titles like Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess.



jrob23 said:

@electrolite77 I am not so sure they aren't working on some of these games. That quote I believe was how they don't want to churn out another game for the sake of making one. They want to make sure that it is fresh and unique and maybe with lots of their racing dev talent working on Kart 8 they don't have a vision of where they want F Zero to go. I agree it's funny hearing them talk about that when they make all these Marios. I think they kinda had to have a launch Mario for the Wii U and they had to make 3d World because they needed software badly and they already had most of the blueprint in place from 3d Land. I think 2014 might be the Wii Us finest hour. I think if at the end of 2014 if they aren't exceeding 20 million they will make other plans and fast. I am very intrigued with the thought of Star Fox with the gamepad and I bet they are feverishly working on that. It could be the defining game for the gamepad and they most likely want to take their time and make it amazing. Metroid will get an open world fps type game and people will be happy. It's the only direction I can see them taking that they haven't done before that could really energize the fanbase and appeal to fps fans from other consoles.



Kirk said:


You need to go do some more reading up on the system or something.

It is far less powerful than Xbox One and PS4 in every single spec and only a very stubborn FAN would even try and delude themselves otherwise.



WebHead said:

Sad but Unsurprising. The UK was never big on Nintendo and Nintendo has pretty much lost EA support, which means no Fifa. Fifa is huge in the UK. I know not everyone here likes EA, but Nintendo needs to get them to cooperate somehow.

But anyway, I still enjoy my Wii U and can't wait for Donkey Kong.



kyuubikid213 said:


The Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and 360 by enough that it is noticeable in the games where developers do more than a lazy port and with games that are on the PS4 as well (Ghosts and ACIV, for example) look just as good and play just as well with the exclusion of some textures and effects.

And yes, I am a fan. Is there anything wrong with that?
Knock it off please, you're taking it too far — TBD



Dark_Link said:

I love Nintendo and have since the NES days but they did this to themselves. They refuse to listen to their fans and or what gamers really want. I know lots of people that play Sony and or XBOX that used to love Nintendo. They all say, Nintendo has to give me a reason to come back and casual games is not going to do that.

Nintendo needs to bring out all of their franchises besides Mario. Some of the franchises might not sell as much as others but what it will do is create a huge variety of games and that is what gamer's want. I can't tell you how many people I know complaining where's Star Fox? where's f-zero? Where is Kid icarus? Where is punch out? Where is excitebike? etc etc This is what made Nintendo great in the NES, SNES and even the N64. N64's problem was third party support to them refusing to go CD instead of cartridge, but that system had some great Nintendo games from multiple franchises.

They need to make a better effort to get third party support because the games they make are what a lot of gamer's want that Nintendo does not have. Now if Nintendo knows they are not getting this support, than partner with some developers, buy some with that money in the piggyback, work with indies and give them some projects and fund those projects. Make your own FPS with Nintendo quality and make it a franchise, make a survival horror game, make more rpg's. Once again that is variety. If you can't get sports games, make your own sports games. All of these are not playing safe but Nintendo can't afford to play safe. They need to be great like they were before.

Added stuff: Get rid of everything being tied to an account, let's move on from that. Oh and online, don't get me wrong there is nothing like playing video games together with people in the same room but that is not the way things are anymore. Lots of us are older and have fmialies or don't have the time to go to someone's house to come to my house. Bring online to your games. SM3DW should have online multi-player and there is no reason for it not to have it and Nintendo's reason for not having it is simply unbelievable. Have trophies or some form of showing accomplishment for gamer's.

Stop being so stubborn Nintendo and listen to you audience. We are telling you what we want and the ones not buying the system are also telling you what they want. You can still make casual games but that should come at the expense of some of your great franchises that you have buried.

Desperate times needs desperate measures! Come on Nintendo!



globalisateur said:

Don't forget that the Wii U won't have many multiplats in the future. Already Some multiplats are missing on Wii U.

And for AC4 for instance, some people would prefer play it on X1/PS4 for better res and framerate. WiiU@720p25fps VS PS4@1080p30fps locked. I heard AC4 on PS4 (or X1) is gloriously beautiful and smooth. People are very happy everywhere with their PS4 (or X1), even with titles like Knack or Killzone.
And great surprising indies that won't be on WiiU (for instance Resogun).

WiiU may have Mario 3D. But that's just one game. similar to Mario Galaxy with the Wii. People have been burned by the Wii, they don't want to do the same mistake with WiiU. And PS3 had its great exclusives too. you want to drive some great AAA racing game? not possible on WiiU. Sony still release great games on PS3 still now. TLOU, Beyond, GT6 this year.

People have confidence in Sony because delivered and are still releasing titles for PS3.

Well you can see I have been disappointed by the Wii and its false promises. I Will buy a WiiU with mario (because it is still my favorite franchise), but later when it will be cheaper.

And finally the whole Wii U slow interface, OS, lack of unified account really sucks. People on PS4 are installing and playing games in 35 sec, everything is super fast, vocal commands, background update/install, install & update games automatically while on standby by awakening the PS4 if update needed, share feature etc. the whole next gen experience is better on all fronts.



Senario said:

@Dark_Link Thing is people are VOCAL about wanting these franchises but they don't BUY them. You are kind of off base when referring to "unused IPs" because they honestly do put out some of their other franchises. Kid Icarus just had a new game on 3DS, Punch out had an installment on the Wii and the Wii U is only one year old. F-Zero is the same genre as Mario Kart but sales massively less numbers and honestly has very little to offer Nintendo in terms of racing games when Mario Kart exists. Excitebike really won't generate any buzz nowadays as it fits almost none of the things modern gamers of all types look for. And metroid is only really well received in the west (particularly america) it's overall sales and popularity in Japan is abysmal. Not to mention that the current devs of the Modern Metroid game are working on the amazing looking tropical freeze.

I think your problem here is misinterpreting what the fans want due to the most vocal voices on the internet. Clearly what fans want are more Zelda, Mario, and DK. Also, Nintendo is very careful with it's money and if it took even half of the advice from "fans" they would be bankrupt quicker than how often a "new" call of duty comes out.

Nintendo also has a lot of games you don't mention, like Xenoblade Chronicles which is the best JRPG in a long time alongside the exclusive The Last Story. Nintendo uses Metroid for FPS and takes an adventure route rather than your regular FPS route of mowing down tons of faceless guys to reach the ending of a story that is largely planned out in long cinematic cutscenes. And Nintendo has the Mario sports games and Wii sports to cover the whole "sports game" demographic.

3D world didn't need multiplayer and honestly I wouldn't like playing it with people who aren't around the couch with me. I am in college and meeting with people is difficult but honestly I don't think I could've gotten the same experience I had with my cousins/family playing as I would have gotten online with a bunch of random kids probably screaming into the mic.

Honestly I just think all in all you are more of speaking for your point of view rather than the whole group of "nintendo fans". And at least for me and my friends who are also Nintendo fans, you don't speak for any of us. We just enjoy good games.



MAB said:

Anyway, after quickly scrolling down skipping the rambling walls of text... If you take MadAussies advice and wait 3 or 4 years to buy a preowned PSBOX41 and some preowned games then that means you win as a gamer without adding any sales to the MicroSony tally board



Senario said:

@MadAussieBloke Or build a PC now and save tons of money on Steam Sales and no online fees. And you get a massive backlog of games including a lot of genres that just don't do well on console (in general strategy games).

Oh and have better "specs" than the consoles, if you really care about that.



Dark_Link said:

@Senario I'm speaking for lots of people that I know personally that used to be Nintendo gamer's that are no longer Nintendo gamer's and those are the reasons why they no longer buy Nintendo systems. Nintendo's problem is there lack of variety in games. More variety sells more consoles. I love Nintendo games but I'm looking at it from a business perspective. XBOX and Sony have a much better variety of games than Nintendo, I'm not saying better but more of a variety and gamer's look at that especially the gamers buying those consoles and that is from lots of people I know personally. Wii sports is not the same as Madden Football or NBA Live, NHL Hockey or FIFA. One of the articles on Nintendolife was about the bad sales in the UK, what do the other consoles have that Nintendo doesn't, the new FIFA game. Nintendo is missing too many different style games which increases console sales.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk are you saying the Wii u is far less powerful than the 360 and then telling someone else to read up and do some research? You're kidding right? I sure hope so wow



doctor_doak said:

The two biggest issues for me are 1stly, the paltry 32GB hard drive... I mean, when you factor in firmware updates, patches, dlc, and download 'only' games..32 GB simply doesn't cut it. So having to buy a 500gb or 1TB hard drive puts the price of the console in the same ballpark as the PS4, which is absurd.

2ndly (and most importantly), there simply aren't enough compelling games to choose from that I can't get elsewhere. Nintendo going it alone would be fine for me if they produced enough content to select from on a year-by-year basis, but they are simply incapable of doing this it seems. I think a lot of people haven't forgotten that they basically abandoned software development for the wii for the last two years of its six year life cycle to focus on the 3DS. Combined with the drought of 2009, history shows that the wii only got a decent supply of games for roughly 50% of the generation. So, what does that mean for the future prospects of Wii U software when the console isn't even moving off store shelves, and has virtually non existent 3rd party support??

Right now, 2014 looks OK from a 1st party software perspective, but it's still somewhat lacking in depth of options. If Miyamoto's new IP is a character driven game of the calibre of a Pikmin/Donkey Kong, etc.. and if they announce another couple of interesting 1st party games for 2014 that we haven't seen before (aimed at gamers rather than casuals), i'd be happier to buy in. I'd like to be confident that the console is going to be strongly supported from a 1st party perspective until 2017. Who's to say if things keep going as poorly as they have, that they won't abandon software development in a year or two to focus on the next round of hardware??

Too many question marks at this stage for me, and I have no idea how they could release this new console without giving it a game of significance for 9 months. I just don't know WHO this console is supposed to be designed for, and I don't think Nintendo do either at this stage.



Senario said:

@doctor_doak So not charging you extra for a bigger hard drive is suddenly a crime? I personally am fine with the low SSD space(Wii U doesn't have a HDD, it has a SSD). It is exceedingly simple and cheap to attach an external drive that has more than enough space for a ton of games.

External hard drives is a plus to the system because there are no large install datas on all disk games. Smaller games fit on the 32 GB and that should be more than enough space for that.

An external hard drive can be pretty dirt cheap since it is non proprietary if you really must have all the download titles. But honestly, you could download more than your fair share for an average gamer without the external hard drive.

Also, maybe for you but Super mario 3D world, Wind Waker HD, wonderful 101, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are just some of the few games worth the console purchase. All of which are exclusive.





Nope, I'm refering to the ps4. Wii U had good games at launch, it just went through an empty patch in 2013.

Zombi U, NSMBU, nintendo land, batman armored edition, ninja gaiden razors edge. You could not name 5 exclusive games worth owning a PS4 for.



doctor_doak said:


Super Mario 3D, and wonderful 101 are superb games...MH3 and Zelda: WW are games most nintendo folk have already played, so they don't count..

The point this godforsaken year of 2013, I shouldn't HAVE to be thinking about buying external disc space for a $400 next-gen console. Even the bloody Ps3 came with 60GB as standard in 2006!!

I don't know where you live...but i'm from Australia, and we pay through the nose for everything.. $60 (AUS) as a minimum for a 500 gb external hard drive.

That's pushing $500 (AU) for a 500 gb wii u when the PS4 is $549, comes with 500 gb as standard, and is about 10 times more powerful, and produces about 5* the amount of quality software Nintendo does..

I don't want to bash on Nintendo. I think it would be a travesty if they didn't exist...because they're one of a dwindling crowd of developers/publishers who actually insert creativity and 'wonder' into their games without having to rely on the crutch of 'hyper-violence'...



Marre35 said:

Wow, that's pretty insane numbers for a system with not so good launch lineup of games.



Kirk said:


I meant the Xbox One and PS4 and anyone that isn't just trying to defend Nintendo and it's totally under powered current-gen console no matter what would know that based on the series of posts I've made in this discussion.

I find it sad and indeed telling when FANS like you try to find the one mistake in a sentence to focus your argument on rather than actually facing up to the reality of the situation and maybe trying to make a constructive comment on that; such as possibly suggesting how Nintendo could possibly be in such a situation and how it could maybe even address it.

Let's get back to the point; the Wii U is CLEARLY in a DIRE situation. One that I think is actually unprecedented in the history of the video games industry; where a current-gen console that has been out for an entire year has immediately been overtaken in sales of the competitions consoles in barely two weeks, two days in the case of the PS4, and there's clearly a multitude of very real reasons for that; one of those being the FACT that the Wii U is far less powerful in every single spec than both the Xbox One and PS4 (which inevitably leads to lack of third party support and lower quality multi-platform games etc).

Keep defending Nintendo all you want though and arguing over things that have absolutely no relevance at all to the discussion at hand, if that's how you cope with the utter failure and disappointment that is the Wii U, to all but the most stubborn Nintendo FANS, at this point.

Nintendo could and should be doing a lot more, the Wii U could still be so much more, but as long as they keep hearing hardcore loyal to a fault FANS like you instead of honest and sometimes bluntly and brutally critical people like me then it's just never going to get better and the ONLY people that are going to be happy with that is people like you and there are less and less people like you in the Nintendo FAN camp every single day.

Just remember that if it does all go to sh*t that maybe you played a small part in things getting worse rather than things getting better.

Blind defensive FANS are ultimately helping NOBODY.

If you don't believe me I refer you to the topic of this article as just one example to support my assertion that things certainly aren't going well for Wii U and that's DESPITE everything the hardcore has FANS have stubbornly continued to say in Nintendo's defense over the last few years:

Of course; please continue to feed this community more examples of totally worthless "apologetic rationalization" if you actually imagine that's what's best for everyone...



globalisateur said:

@I-AM-REGGIE @Marre35 But it has the definitive version of BF4, COD, AC4, FIFA, NBA, just look at the attach rate of COD of BF4 or AC4.

NA: cod 7/10 attach rate, BF4 4/10, AC4 4/10.

So Even if those games aren't labelled "exclusive", there are still "best version of games" for players. Apparently some gamers just want to play "games" and not "One great exclusive every 2 years"

Who would want to buy a multiplats Wii U when they know it runs on average worse than a 8 years old machine and already didn't have some multiplats and in the future would have even less multiplats? In the future: Titanfall, Destiny, The Division, Watchdogs, GTA6. All those games whether won't be on Wii U or will be but will be the worse version.



Kirk said:


No, I will not shut my trap until I'M having fun with the system too.

You think just because you are happy, you who is clearly easily pleased, that everything is good enough?

Well it's not!

When Nintendo makes this system good enough that people like me can be happy too, or at least as good as it can possibly be now given it's inherent limitations that unfortunately now can't ever be addressed (the graphics can never be up to modern standards but so much other stuff can still actually be improved/addressed), rather than just stubbornly loyal to a fault FANS like you, THEN I will shut up.

Until then I'll fight to get what I want too...


"Please enlighten me as to why I should feel down about a system I love."

Well you shouldn't feel down because CLEARLY you are easily pleased and perfectly happy with what you've got. I however am not happy with substandard entertainment experiences or products that deliver below general expectations and that is why I fight for more. When Nintendo delivers on most of the stuff I've mentioned above THEN at least I will be far more satisfied with what the Wii U is. Until then I'll complain and fight to TRY and get to that point. You however can continue to live in your little land of happiness but that's not going to stop me from fighting to get my land of happiness too, which just happens to be a bit more demanding and clearly of a slightly higher standard than yours.

Nintendo has obviously "satisfied" all it's loyal FANS but I personally think it would be nice if it also just happened to satisfy people like me who are fans too but maybe not quite so much the loyal to a fault FANS that some other people clearly are.

Until it satisfies gamers and once hardcore fans like me too then I promise you that you will continue to see articles like this and read comments like mine on threads like this too.

Blame Nintendo for that, not me because I'm REALLY not asking to for that much and certainly NOTHING that is beyond the company or even reasonable expectation.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk sorry I thought you were implying that the Wii u was less powerful than the 360
Some people actually believe that but I do wonder how Nintendo would have done if they went with a machine similar to the ps4



Senario said:

@doctor_doak First of all, monster hunter 3 Ultimate may be a "remake" but it has way more content than the tri game on the Wii and really is only a remake in name I would say it counts as the game really doubles up on the available weapons, armor, quests, and so on.

Secondly you are still not seeing that memory space is a Non-issue. The Wii U games don't need large install data's where the PS4 will likely have several gigabytes of install data for each game. The Wii U is still cheaper in most aspects because of no online fees and you really don't need an external hard drive.

To say the PS4 is ten times more powerful than the Wii U and use that as a reason why it is better is just silly. As a PC gamer if you really cared about specs you wouldn't even consider PS or Xbox. So don't try to argue the specs angle.

To say that Sony comes out with more quality software than Nintendo is wrong. Sony only has a hand in the Naughty dog games and anything else is third party and should not be counted. And look at what is the highest rated game of this holiday season! 3D world. I honestly find it hard to believe that you "don't want to bash Nintendo" when you don't reasonably look at why things are and seem to ignore that Sony has its problems too. Why pay for online? Why are all of the "good" games yearly releases that lack quality?



DESS-M-8 said:

Nintendo have utterly ballsed this generation simply by sticking with the Wii brand which has been the butt of ridicule for at least the last 4 years. That AND doing literally zero marketing. I was talking to a lad yesterday in his early 20's, knew ps4 was out, knew xboxone was out and had actually NEVER heard of the Wii U. That can only be Nintendo's fault,

The first mistake of using"Wii" was a big one. If they wanted to attach anything they should have used the "DS" moniker which would actually have made more sense. It is actually a home console version of a DS only it's more powerful than a PS3.
If they'd have ran with that'd the name would have explained what was on offer, consumers would have been aware it was next gen and NOT another Wii, which was graphically out of date within 2 years of its release which is why it was abandoned by gamers.
The Nintendo WiiDS would have caused intrigue or Nintendo SuperDS, the Nintendo HomeDS, the Nintendo "anything relevant" DS would have been infinitely better and tied it with the 3DS which is what it looks like Nintendo are heading towards.



kyuubikid213 said:

If you aren't pleased with the Wii U, buy something else. As previously stated, we know everything isn't sunshine and rainbows with the Wii U. With every positive article for the Wii U, there are at least twenty "Doom" articles. And I don't know why using the term "fan" makes your point any more valid or right or whatever.

I don't know why you're having a go at me like I'm the only person enjoying their Wii U either. "Easily pleased?" Was that some kind of insult? I'm very disappointed that the Wii U's lost so much support and I'm upset some developers don't even want to look at the thing. I'm sorry that my enjoyment of the games I have makes me "easily pleased."

And yeah, you're not asking for much. You're only asking Nintendo to change their entire mantra and be a PSBOX clone.



Sir_Deadly said:

So does this count the numerous Xboxones constantly being returned? From what I have heard and seen, Xboxones are constantly being returned.



doctor_doak said:


Well, we can have that argument at the end of the generation. A lot of other people agree that 32 GB is no where near enough if you're going to be making extensive use of the e-shop. —

I agree that specs don't make for a better gaming system...You don't see too many brand new high-end ATi cards going for the same price as an 8 year old one though. —

I mean't the platform in general. Not Sony specifically. Highly promising games already slated for 2014 are Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Thief, Watch Dogs, Mirror's Edge 2, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid 5, Diablo 3, Destiny, The Crew, The Division, Lords of The Fallen, Shadow of The Beast, The Witness, Transistor....How many of those are coming to the Wii U?? —

in addition to Sony 1st party stuff like The Order 1886, Infamous 3, and (likely) Uncharted 4.

I think there are some great looking games in Wii U's upcoming schedule, just nowhere near enough to choose from.



BinaryFragger said:


The Wii U has a triple-core CPU with 2GB of RAM, and the Xbox One/PS4 each have 8-core processors with 8GB of RAM. The Wii U is nowhere near as powerful.



kyuubikid213 said:

I never said it was as powerful as the One or PS4. I said it wasn't vastly underpowered as Kirk implied. The Wii U can definitely handle the games the PS4 and One can bring without some of the higher specs' bells and whistles like the rain particles and water effects in the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It's not like the Wii was compared to the PS3 and 360. And it's not even like developers would have to make a completely separate game to do so. Since the PS4 and One are "built more like computers" (whatever that means since game consoles are computers anyway...), the Wii U could get a version locked in with the lower scalable specs.

For example, the PS4, One, and PC all get a game like Skyrim or whatever. On the PC version, you can cut down on textures, lighting effects, water effects, and the like. The Wii U version would get that game without certain effects the system just couldn't pull off.

I'm not silly or blind. I've seen what the PS4 and One can do. In terms of specs, they are definitely stronger than the Wii U, but as many here anticipated, the gap isn't as large as last generation.

In terms of gameplay, the Wii U can also do what the Wii couldn't do and offer developers a more traditional controller to be able to port games over easier.

And just to ensure all bases are covered, I know the PS4 and One's true potential will be reached with games released farther down the line, but so will the Wii U. It started on the same level as the end of life PS360 games. It can only go up from there. Yes, it started there. Ports that weren't done lazily show that.



Ronoh said:

@kyuubikid213 @Kirk @doctor_doak "I mean't the platform in general. Not Sony specifically. Highly promising games already slated for 2014 are Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Thief, Watch Dogs, Mirror's Edge 2, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid 5, Diablo 3, Destiny, The Crew, The Division, Lords of The Fallen, Shadow of The Beast, The Witness, Transistor....How many of those are coming to the Wii U?? —"

^ I think this is a point that's not been made too much in this thread and to some extent, is lost against the other arguments. For the average gamer who doesn't own either a Wii-U, PS4, or XB1, does spending hundreds of dollars on a console for Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Zelda over the next 18 months seem like a better decision compared to what will make its way towards PS4 and XB1 and NEVER the Wii-U:
-Grand Theft Auto
-Infamous Second Son
-The Witness
-Metal Gear Solid
-Dragon Age
-FIFA, Madden, NHL, or NBA games
-The Order: 1886
-Final Fantasy 15
-Child of Light
-Diablo III Ultimate Edition
-The Division
-Deep Down
-Kingdom Hearts 3
-Lord of the Rings
-Mad Max
-The Witcher
-Mirror's Edge
-Kingdom Hearts 3
-Tomb Raider
-Need for Speed
-Gran Turismo
-Dead Rising

The lack of strong 3rd support has become the elephant in the room. When it comes to which single console is going to offer the most talked about and biggest blockbusters on a consistent basis over the next 18 months, it's unfortunately becoming increasingly difficult to recommend the Wii-U as the console to own when it so clearly does not and apparently will not for the foreseeable future have the depth of games that PlayStation and Xbox will have. Even if Smash Bros and Zelda turn out to be the best games ever (and I hope they are), for every amazing Nintendo first party title, it seems like those games will need to compete with 4 to 5 great games on the other consoles.

Could we be approaching the point where the majority of gamers decide that Mario and Zelda does not outweigh that list of games I mentioned above, which they'll have to give up?

Unless Nintendo has a ton of high profile surprises that will release in 2014 (not just be announced, but actually be released), the Wii-U may make the more expensive PlayStation and Xbox seem like a better value compared to buying a $300 Wii-U just for a handful of games.



Kirk said:


Well I agree with you and I think we have clearly already reached that point.

Nintendo fans obviously care about those Nintendo titles but most other gamers clearly don't really give a crap as long as they can get all the other titles you mentioned on that list.

If Nintendo thinks it can sell a home console* on first party franchise titles alone, in this day and age and in the current state of the industry...well; see Wii U and the dire state it's in for my response to that.

*Notice that I specifically said home console and did not include portable consoles. I think home consoles and handhelds survive and get by on very different things at this point in time. Handhelds can still manage to flourish as long as there is a strong library of great games (even if it's mostly just first party titles), for the time being, but with home consoles I think we've well and truly passed the time when games alone were enough to sell a system to most of the consumers out there. Xbox One and PS4 didn't launch so well because of all the great first and third party games. They launched so well because they're now far more than just video game consoles, they're full-on entertainment systems, that will ALSO happen to have a great library of first AND third party games too (and CLEARLY to most gamers it's a library of first and certainly third party games that trounces anything Nintendo is going to offer them).

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