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Tue 9th Apr 2013

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BlueGreen commented on Fresh 2013 UK Hardware Sales Figures Keep 3DS ...:

@thesilverbrick You're confusing Europe with the U.K (you're American I presume ).

Peach is entirely correct. The Wii U is doing badly everywhere, pretending there's some 'Nintendo-bias' exclusively in Europe is so laughable I don't know if most of you are serious. You guys accept the Wii sold well there, so surely you can see if Nintendo release an appealing product the market will buy it. The Wii U is unappealing and very few want it, so it's not selling well. Nothing more cynical than that unfortunately.

OT: Those sales in the UK are absolutely abysmal. But they have been equally abysmal in the USA, Japan and the rest of Europe. Iwata must take full responsibility for the depths he has taken this once important company into.



BlueGreen commented on Lobodestroyo Kickstarter Funded, Festival Of M...:

@JustinH But asking for money when they have no idea how much a game costs to make is a fair indication this IS a scam. It shows they're not asking for money to cover the costs of releasing a game, but just seeing how much money they can scrounge out of the general public. If they really are a group of seven people willing to work for FREE for 13 months, I find it hard to believe they can't dish out a meager $35,000 to finish the project.

If I sound impartial it's because I'm a little insulted they're trying to play on our nostalgia to make a quick buck. The game looks absolutely awful, but people see Rare and Banjo Kazooie and feel like they should donate.

I guess we'll have to wait and see but if this ever makes it to Wii U I'd be very surprised. If it scores over 5/10 doubly so.



BlueGreen commented on Lobodestroyo Kickstarter Funded, Festival Of M...:

Lobodestroyo looks so ugly and lifeless. I feel sorry for you backers, you do realise it was just a means to get money for the Ouya Free the Games fund right?

If you did a bit of research you'd see the flashing red lights all over this project. They have a stretch goal for PS4 that is only $4000 more than the original goal when Unity licensing fees for the platform alone are in excess of $15,000. They barely get any funding for the first 25 days and then start getting donations in excess of $1000 for a project that looks awful. They originally said Wii U is the most expensive platform to develop for and then the next day they decide it's the cheapest. This tells me they've done no research and have no intention of actually doing what they say they'll do.

Good luck to you investors, but I hate to see fellow Nintendo fans giving away your hard earned money to scam artists, especially for a game that looks as awful as this.

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BlueGreen commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

It's hard to argue with him when you see how awfully Mario 3D World is selling.

Nintendo have become obsessed with the idea that "software moves hardware" while forgetting that just as importantly, hardware moves software. The mass market sees Nintendo as obsolete in the home console space and Nintendo don't have the resources to remedy that.

They'd be far more profitable selling to a larger market and without taking huge losses and risk on unprofitable hardware. We as fans would also benefit by having access to a far great library of games and online services the other console manufacturers can provide. Nintendo going third party really would be the best outcome for everyone.