Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has rolled out its second Switch firmware update of 2024, bumping the system up to Version 18.0.1.

This latest update fixes some wireless access point issues and comes with the usual system stability improvements to enhance the overall experience. Below are the full patch notes, courtesy of the company's official support page:

Ver. 18.0.1 (Released April 22, 2024)

  • Fixed an issue where some wireless access points cannot be found when setting up a new wireless network.
    • If you’re unable to update to Version 18.0.1 because of the issue, temporarily change the security settings for your wireless network to use only “WPA2 (AES)” so you can connect wirelessly to download and install the system update.
    • After updating to Version 18.0.1, restore your network’s security settings to its previous settings.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

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