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Wed 7th Mar 2012

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JayMiller1988 commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

Wouldn't be interested unless it was a Metroid game. Preferably not a Prime title, as I can only kill Dark Samus so many times.

An Other M-type gamestyle with significantly less story, less talking, and tons of tweaks and I'll buy it before I buy a Wii U!



JayMiller1988 commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

So it may just be another Gamecube. MK8 and SSB I don't have much faith in doing much, but I could be easily wrong- bias kind of playing into it, as I've never seen the point of such games.

I still don't have any next-gen console. Will get Wii U next year, PS4 the year after that. I'm waiting for Wii U to get Zelda and Metroid, and PS4 to get a stronger library. I honestly think Zelda and Metroid will never get old for me.



JayMiller1988 commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

I thought 3D World would up sales, but with this news and the news that Knack of all games outsold it, things are looking grim for Wii U.

I still have yet to have any Next-Gen consoles, but definitely plan on getting both Wii U and a PS4. Wii U may not sell well, but at least I know a Zelda is coming, and hopefully a Metroid, both of which interest me more than if I have the most popular console.



JayMiller1988 commented on Wii U Players Won't Be Able To Join A Clan In ...:

Well, this conversation certainly took a turn for the worse.

COD:G is probably going to be just as horrible as the rest of the ports the Wii U has gotten. They're always half-baked from what I can tell, and usually released later than their Sony and Microsoft counterparts (which you'd think would mean better quality but of course not).



JayMiller1988 commented on Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit,...:

They need to step up their game for this Holiday if they are going to have any chance of trying to make any progress with sales of the Wii U.

Hoping for a 5-year console, so sales better skyrocket (please use absolute values instead of %'s, percentages are misleading) if they're aiming for that.



JayMiller1988 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I wasn't really a fan of the motion controls of the Wii in the first place. If you want my opinion, Wii U looks more innovative (play games on the Wii U gamepad? Awesome). The Wii U has a great chance to win this Holiday season due to some pretty good gaming gems plus the recent price cut on hardware. Overall, I find Wii U more my kind of gameplay. PS4 and X1 won't just lay down though, Nintendo will have to get some great IPs out there this Holiday and into the first half of 2014.

A lot of doom and gloom talk about PS4 and X1 too. They're going to be in the same place as Wii U was at launch- not enough games. Sure ACIV, COD, and Battlefield will help a bit for some, but I foresee a huge jump in software sales starting with the new inFamous and continuing after that. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but when it comes to third party support, companies are reluctant to join in, especially when they can use the "it ain't next-gen" argument.



JayMiller1988 commented on Nintendo UK: Awareness Is The Real Issue With ...:

I believe the current price is great. $299.99 is the price-point I wanted the Deluxe Wii U at.

I think the other big problem is games. Third parties are hesitant to work with Nintendo for big games, which I don't understand at all. And major Nintendo IPs I care about are just now starting to be talked about (Zelda U and Metroid U - takemymoney.jpg)



JayMiller1988 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

2DS looks alright, but I've owned a 3DS since before any price cuts.

The Wii U now looks appetizing to me as a system. I'm not getting WWHD, no matter how many tweaks they make, it's still basically the same game.

The Virtual Console has tons of good games for it, but not exactly how I want to exclusively use a system until a new Zelda, Metroid, or Shinobi (please, I want a new Shinobi console game!)

As for the Wii U "last gen-old gen" argument, seeing as most of the engines are scalable, it's a moot point. But I consider Wii U new generation, just really light on how new they went spec-wise.



JayMiller1988 commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

PS4 is $399 and already has a lot more interesting games for it listed.

Wii U has no new Zelda (coming out next year apparently) and no Metroid. Seriously, it peeves me off that we need 500 Mario's and Donkey Kong's.

I don't care too much about specs though that doesn't help the case for Nintendo. PS4 is going to be way more powerful (~4x) than PS3, while Wii U is barely (~1.5x) more powerful than a PS3.

Not to mention the lack of stable third-party support for Wii U which compounds it even more.



JayMiller1988 commented on Iwata Looking To Return To "Nintendo-Like Prof...:

I still don't have a system seller for Wii U. I haven't loved a Mario game since the SNES days, I LOVE Wind Waker, but an HD version does not sell the game (which I've played to death) or the system.

I think the triple threat for me would be the following Wii U Titles: (a new) Shinobi, (a new) Metroid, (a new) Zelda. That would convince me to buy a Wii U earlier than I expected.



JayMiller1988 commented on Wii U Software Storage on USB Devices Detailed:

Rayword, I agree. What is the point of downloading a game onto two devices? This is extremely hurr durr, if the point of putting something on an EHD is because of lack of space, you shouldn't have to keep the game on the lack of space device.



JayMiller1988 commented on Watch: First US Wii U Advert Appears:

That video made me bored to death. And the music was just annoying. It seems like they're trying to market to fans of the Wii, though I see some people think 3rd party games somehow makes this a strawman. The deal is, this is the message I got "Liked the motion controls of Wii? Get Wii U!" At least, that's what I got from it. An i hated the Wiimote, but I'm a loyal Nintendo fan and want some of the exclusives.



JayMiller1988 commented on Nintendo Confirms Wii U Will Be Sold At A Loss:

I might as well put my $.02 in.

I think comparing the two generations (PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii U) is silly.

And I do think 300+ dollars for any system is expensive. I have other things to think about buying, however small an impact they may have on my pocketbook, they add up in the end- and adding 300 dollars to that figure is not what I want.

As for PS4/Xbox 720, yes, they'll be more powerful than the Wii U, and cost more, but we have to compare the numbers of 1.5x stronger to 3x stronger (I've heard higher, but let's just say 3x stronger). It's the same thing most of the other people are saying, we can get a 1.5x less strong last generation system for a better price- we never said it was comparing apples to apples, which is why I said it was silly.



JayMiller1988 commented on Rayman Creator Says Wii U is "Surprisingly Pow...:

I'm thinking it's hard to imagine what the Wii U will be capable of, though most analysts put it at 50% more powerful than the PS3/Xbox 360. Most of my concern is price. I got the 3DS seven months after it came out, I'm waiting a few years to get any new console, even if the graphics take a huge crap on PS3 and Wii; the first-party games are going to Wii U, while Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry, etc. are going to PS3/PS4. I'm hoping Wii U/PS4 come with digital download for every major title, I sincerely don't want any more room taken up by my games, I'd rather have an EHD that can be played from.


Depreciation is my friend.



JayMiller1988 commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

I highly, highly doubt this will come to be true. Nintendo put enormous amounts of effort into Wii U- I don't think they could do a Wii U 2 just 2-3 years down the road, they'd tax themselves way too much for probably little gain. They're betting on Wii U to sell well. Very well.



JayMiller1988 commented on Wii U GamePad Wireless Range is "Fine Within T...:

I'm an exponentially bigger fan of the Gamepad than the Wiimote, but that's not saying much considering the Wiimote was an atrocious mess- and the best thing is that you need to buy another controller to play any VC games. And finding the perfect place for the wireless receiver is always a great thing to have to put up with when you move rooms once or twice a year.

If the Gamepad is as big of a pain to control, I will become even more vicious against these wireless controls. I pray it doesn't come to that.



JayMiller1988 commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Residen...:

Looking at gameplay footage of Resident Evil 6, I wouldn't pick it up on any system- and even if I got it for free I have better games coming out/to replay.

The last major console Resident Evil I enjoyed thoroughly was Resident Evil 3... 4 I could stand, 5 I didn't play because of the same reasons I wouldn't play 6.