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Thu 17th Oct 2013

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Mallard commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:

Region locking is bad, I very rarely import games anymore, but I would like to be able to buys games if I went on holiday. Nintendo only lock their games to make more money, i.e pay the £ not the $ rate. There is no justification to region lock games, I love nintendo games, but they are so behind the curve sometimes.



Mallard commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

What Nintendo really need to do to shift some units is simple. Make some games that use the gamepad for more than off TV play. Look at zombi u, a fantastic game, only for wii u and uses the game pad more than any Nintendo game does.

Nintendo own or manage lots of game studios, they should use these to make games aimed at the more core market, new ip's which use the game pad to the full. People would buy the wii u if they knew every 2 months or so a brand new game/ip would be coming, a new game which could only be played on wii u. That with Nintendo doing what it does best (mario,zelda,) the wii u could be a cult classic. I love my wii u, but I don't think it will have a long life.




Mallard commented on Wii Karaoke U Doesn't Censor Explicit Lyrics:

NL doing a feature on censorship, well it makes sense, they are the experts, in fact the Chinese government think NL policies on censorship are a bit harsh.! (joking)

and to prove the point, I know this post will get removed!



Mallard commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

I love classic Nintendo Ip's, they make us realise why we started playing video games, but as of late they have relied to much on mario and Zelda. Nintendo own a number of game studios, they should use these studios to develop new Ip's which are aimed at the core gamer, and which use the gamepad for more than off screen play. Think Zombi u. The wii u would fly off the shelves if you knew every couple of months a brand new game, with a new Ip, and is exclusive to wii u. Couple this with classic Nintendo games and the wii u would be a must have console. Great new games which use the pad fully = sales.



Mallard commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at the Golden Joystick...:

Storm in a tea cup? who really cares ? If a game you like does not win an award does it make it any less of a "good game" and if a game wins does it make it a better game? NOPE. People who watch and care about pointless award ceremonies are very shallow, that goes for movie, music and tv awards. Over the years I've loved games which everybody else hated, and visa versa hated games which reviewed high (GTA) Do I care NOPE.

NL you are the most censored site on web. This is a forum where people have strong opinions, is it the end of the world if the odd swear word slips out?



Mallard commented on David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But ...:

by eck some of the comments in here are gold ....... we all love nintendo games, but not one of us have an idea how nintendo work as a company, the blind faith and silly fanboy ism is shocking! But make for some cracking comments made by people who have far to much to say about stuff they have no idea about!!



Mallard commented on Review: Wii Party U (Wii U):

Remember at E3 2012, when Nintendo said they wanted to get the core gamers back ..... not with this type of shovel ware! I love my wii u, but games like this leave me cold. I really want a new metroid, a new star wing, a HD F zero and a new urban champ!