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If you're reading this, you're getting older. Right now, at this moment, you're older than you were when you started reading this sentence. And this one. No, you can't go back and read it again to get younger. Time marches on, so thank you for spending your precious seconds on this silly intro. We'll get to the point.

'Retro games' — how do you classify them? Do you count years, generations, or is there some other personal metric you use to delineate between what's 'old' in the realm of video games? Do you need to be able to count the pixels with the naked eye?

The good folk over at Retronauts — who know a thing or two when it comes to more mature video games (no, not those ones) — classify anything 10 years or older as 'retro'. Thing is, they're enthusiastic champions and chroniclers of the medium who want to be able to talk about all sorts of games, so blocking swathes of software from the conversation with an arbitrary, "Nope, 'retro' is for games that are 20+ years old" doesn't make much sense. We don't know about you, but we'd rather the 'nauts have a broader pick of talking points, no?

With Switch stretching its lifecycle and showcasing various 'Deluxe' ports of games which debuted on its predecessor — not to mention the longer development cycles for big titles across the board — games which still feel very contemporary are hitting their 10th anniversaries. Case in point, Mario Kart 8 turned 10 this week. How can MK8 be 10!? Oh yes, that's how time works.

Still, 10 years feels a tad too short to us if we're looking to establish a dictionary definition of 'retro'. 15 years maybe? 20? Perhaps console generations are an easier way to delineate and define the term. Take the hardware launch timeline of any big platform holder, go back two consoles, and anything released prior is proper retro. So, for Nintendo, it's GameCube and earlier. 'The PS2 and original Xbox are retro consoles.' Yeah, that sounds about right.

Obviously, with Nintendo ducking out of the specs race and coming out to bat with its double-duct-taped-GameCube console in 2006, there are some blurred lines, for sure. We wouldn't baulk if someone called Wii Sports retro. Then again, as our deputy editor Alana said on a recent call, "Mario Galaxy 2 is 14 years old today? Hang on, that can't be righ—Oh my."

Minecraft is 15 years old. Fortnite turns seven this year. We're a bit worn out on all the 'X is now the same age as Y when X came out' memes, but damn it if they don't keep smacking us in the chops. Why are we constantly surprised about time!?

You hear that? That's the 50th anniversary of the Famicom coming for you in 2033. If 'Switch 2' launches next year and has a lifespan as long as the current console, we'll reach that milestone with that Nintendo console in our hands. When does 'retro' become 'antique'?

So, retro, then. What is it? How do you define it? What is game? Let us know in the poll.

How do you delineate between 'retro games' and, er, just games?
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Shoutout to Happy_Gamer for suggesting this topic. Retro lubbers and Time Extension types feel free to head down to the comments to regale us with tales of the good ol' arcade days when a ha'penny would get you 17 hours of Pac-Man, a trip to the talkies, a soda pop, a whizzbang, and a new tyre for your penny farthing.

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