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  • News Zelda: A Link To The Past's Code Has Been Reverse-Engineered And Unofficially Enhanced

    Unofficial console ports could now be possible

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, one of the most beloved entries in Nintendo's storied franchise, has been successfully reverse-engineered, adding key enhancements to the experience and potentially opening the door to some unofficial ports. As reported by NeoWin (thanks,

  • News N64 Classic Perfect Dark Has Been Decompiled, Paving The Way For PC Ports

    Following in Ocarina of Time's footsteps

    Cited as one of the greatest video games of all time, Perfect Dark is unfortunately rather difficult to find these days. Unless you're lucky enough to own an N64 console and have a copy of the original game, or have access to the remastered port on Xbox Live Arcade, then chances are you might never have...

  • News New Nintendo Switch Trailer Shows Off Cross-Save Functionality With PC Games

    Take your PC games on the go with Switch

    Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for its Switch and Switch Lite systems, highlighting the way in which players can take their PC game save files with them on the go with select titles. It's a feature which we hardly ever hear players talking about, possibly because the number of games that actually...

  • News Devil's Third Online for PC to Include New Modes and Voice Chat

    The free-to-play PC alternative takes shape

    Devil's Third is still making its way to North America in December following its previous arrival in Japan and Europe, and a quirky aspect of the release is the fact it's also got a 'free-to-start' version coming to PC in the future. For those with both a PC and a Wii U that brings an interesting choice -...

  • News Capcom Announce Street Fighter X Mega Man

    Will be a free PC only download

    Street Fighter and Mega Man are both celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, which is quite a feat. To celebrate both of their birthdays a special fan-made game called Street Fighter X Mega Man will be made available to download on your PC through the Capcom Unity website on 17th December. Street Fighter X Mega...

  • News Ocarina of Time Project Underway in Minecraft

    Not a typical remake

    It seems that the gaming community just can't get enough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with yet another remake, of sorts, on the way. For those who aren't aware, Minecraft is a PC title with simplistic, sprite-based graphics that allows almost unhindered freedom and exploration. It's been a big hit with user...

  • News Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally

    Conscience intact

    One thing that we positively don't support here at Nintendo Life is illegally downloading and playing retro games through emulators. As a result it's with a deep breath that we say this, but there's now a way to transfer your retro cartridges legally. A new gizmo called Retrode is on the way to market that allows you to plug in...

  • News Get a Taste of Ghost Trick With Free Flash Demo

    Who did the killing?

    Ghost Trick isn't far away now, so if your excitement is reaching supernatural heights you might want to check out this free Flash demo from Capcom that will help ease you into the game's unique universe. With plenty of cheeky dialogue and some moderately mind-bending puzzles it's well worth a play even if you're not...

  • News Mission in Snowdriftland Opens for Christmas Business

    With a host of treats to come

    Online advent calendar Mission in Snowdriftland just opened its first door, playable online now as a Flash game, but it's the calendar's team-ups with indie developers that will bring the most cheer to hearts this Christmas. Top WiiWare and DSiWare developers have all collaborated on the project, with exclusive...

  • News Not Tetris Looks Like Tetris But is Not Tetris

    Got it?

    With its 90-degree turns and grid-based gameplay, Tetris takes a few liberties with the laws of physics (not to mention why these blocks are dropping and disappear once adjoined.) But what if its physics were a little more fluid; a little more unforgiving? That's what Not Tetris is all about. A free PC download, Not Tetris is all about...

  • News Original Castlevania Ported To Half-Life 2, Sort Of

    Modder recreates first stage for PC shooter

    Dracula's castle has come down with a bad case of alien head crabs. Where are the Belmonts to stop them? Dead, presumably, so it's up to Gordon Freeman to crowbar them into crab juice in this translation of the original Castlevania's first level to the PC's Half-Life 2. The mod retains the same look of the...

  • News Left 4 Dead Map Infects Mushroom Kingdom

    You gotta shoot 'em in the head

    Has the Mushroom Kingdom ever really been a happy place? Seems every time we visit the castle is under siege, the princess is kidnapped and a Brooklyn plumber goes on a killing spree. The old kingdom looks like it's going to be in for another bumpy ride as, what else, zombies are preparing to muck up the...