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  • Feature Best Zelda Games Of All Time

    All the Zelda games ranked

    The Legend of Zelda series turns 35 today, so we thought you might like to read our rundown of the best games in this iconic franchise. What are the best Zelda games? Following several decades of adventures across Nintendo consoles, ranking The Legend of Zelda series is one heck of an undertaking. Bar a couple of...

  • Feature Every 2D Super Mario Game Ranked

    As rated by you

    With the imminent release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on Switch, and the Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations drawing to a close in a matter of weeks, we thought it was about time we tried putting all of Mario's original 2D platforming adventures into some kind of order. We've previously looked at each and every...

  • Feature Best Kirby Games Of All Time

    Every Kirby game ever, as ranked by you

    Kirby — one of the most famous faces (with little podgy arms and feet attached) in Nintendo's stable of stars — has been wowing players with his impressive abilities and sheer versatility for nearly thirty years now. Created by Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai, the pink one built up a very impressive...

  • Feature Best 3D Sonic Games Of All Time

    Every 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game ranked by you

    The release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars got us thinking about the plumber's platforming rival from the days of the console wars. Sonic the Hedgehog's jump into the third dimension may not have been as graceful as Mario's, but over the years he's amassed a large collection of 3D games, and despite a few...

  • Feature Every 3D Super Mario Game Ranked

    As rated by you

    The release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars has had us debating at Nintendo Life Towers which of the Mario adventures in the third dimension is the absolute best. Team Nintendo Life has its own ideas about the best Super Mario games (including the 2D entries), but we recently asked for your opinions regarding the 3D entries specifically...

  • Feature Best Final Fantasy Games Of All Time

    Every mainline Final Fantasy on Nintendo systems, ranked by you

    The release of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition has had us looking back over the long-running and celebrated Final Fantasy franchise. The RPG series with the title to get Lionel Hutz hot under the collar has over three decades-worth of titles to its name, with...

  • Feature Best Paper Mario Games Of All Time

    All the Paper Mario games, ranked by you

    The Paper Mario series began two decades ago when Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 launched in Japan on 11th August 2000. Since then, we've seen five more mainline Paper Mario games of different flavours, plus a 3DS crossover with AlphaDream's Mario & Luigi series. Branching off from the role-playing path...

  • Feature Best Pokémon Games Of All Time

    Where does Pokémon Sword and Shield rank?

    What are the best Pokémon games? Ranking such awesome games proved a lot more difficult than we first anticipated, given how many of them end up being among the best games of their particular generation. We deliberated for many hours here at Nintendo Life Towers to decide the order of these turn-based RPG...

  • Feature Best Professor Layton Games Of All Time

    The mainline Layton games, ranked by you lovely lot

    The release of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition on Nintendo Switch marked the belated debut of the Layton clan on Nintendo's current console. A clutch of excellent puzzle games came out for the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds, but it took a...

  • Feature Best Mario Kart Games Of All Time

    Burn rubber

    Back when Nintendo announced the very first Mario Kart game in the early '90s, there were some in the industry who proclaimed it as a sign that the veteran firm had finally lost its marbles. Sure, Mario had appeared in other games, but his forte was 2D platformers – he had no place on the racing track, and Super Mario Kart was...

  • Feature Best Super Smash Bros. Games Of All Time

    What's the ultimate Super Smash Bros.?

    When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrived on Switch and brought with it every single fighter from the series' history, it sent us back through the older games. With the original Super Smash Bros. now over 20 years old it's incre

  • Feature Best Castlevania Games On Nintendo Consoles

    Far from a miserable pile

    The Castlevania series has a rich history on Nintendo consoles ever since the original game came first to the Japanese Famicom Disk System way back in 1986, and then to the NES a year later. There may be a significant release or two from Konami's vampire-killing catalogue still missing from Nintendo platforms (we're looking...

  • Feature Best Donkey Kong Games Of All Time

    Every DK game ranked for your pleasure

    While Mario is the undisputed man when it comes to all things Nintendo, let it never be forgotten that it was Donkey Kong who gave the plumber a leg-up in the world of video games. The ape's original game not only conquered the arcade and introduced the world to the character who would become Nintendo's mascot,...

  • Feature Best Metroid Games Of All Time

    Ranking Samus' adventures

    What's the best Metroid game of all time? Well, we're about to tell you just that with our list of all Metroid games ranked from worst to best. As is the case with all our All Time lists, we've taken all the opinions of Team NL along with a host of other variables, put that data into a blender, mixed it into a delicious...

  • Feature Best Super Mario Games Of All Time

    All the mainline Marios ranked

    What's the best Mario game ever? Where do you even begin to rank them? Let's face it, any of the games in the top 10 could justifiably take the top spot. All of them could easily be somebody's 'best game of all time', and there'll always be someone who believes the series peaked with The Lost Levels. That's an opinion...

  • Feature Best Monster Hunter Games Of All Time

    What's that coming over the hill?

    What's the best Monster Hunter of all time? In a series where half of the titles have the word 'Ultimate' fixed on the end, it can be a difficult decision to make. We're not averse to difficult decisions though, so we've taken it upon ourselves to rank every single Monster Hunter game (yes, in a departure from our...

  • Feature Best Animal Crossing Games Of All Time

    Is New Horizons the latest and greatest?

    Since launching back in March, it seems like half the planet has been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons at some time or other. Nintendo's serene life sim series has a habit of becoming a part of your daily routine like doing your teeth or walking the dog. Consequently, it etches itself into your brain;

  • Feature Best Resident Evil Games Of All Time

    You sort the S.T.A.R.S. from the lickers

    The Resident Evil series has evolved so much over the years that even hardened fans find it hard to pin down a favourite. Which brand of Resident Evil are we talking about? Do you prefer old-school tank controls and fixed camera angles, or are your tastes more action-oriented? Regardless of the individual...

  • Feature Star Wars Games - Every Star Wars Game On Nintendo Systems Ranked

    We sort the padawans from the poodoo

    The release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker may have 'ended' Star Wars as we've known it for over 40 years, tying a bow on the cinematic tales of the Skywalker clan and the nine-film series which began way back in 1977, but Star Wars is never really gone. Streaming platform Disney+ has all the...

  • Feature Best Fire Emblem Games Of All Time

    Fancy a game of Swords-Axes-Lances?

    This is our list of the best games in the Fire Emblem series to release in the West, and now includes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. If you disagree with our personal ranking, our reader poll of the best Fire Emblem games might make for an interesting comparison. Enjoy! It might have taken...