SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Herzog Zwei might seem like any other Sega Ages release, but it's actually the final game in this retro line. Sega’s Yosuke Okunari confirmed this project had "come to an end" in a recent interview with the Japanese outlet Game Watch.

Although the series has finished, it doesn't necessarily mean Sega is completely done with re-releases. In fact, Okunari says the team is currently working on the next project and hopes to continue re-releasing past titles on Switch that will "really satisfy" players. Here's the full translation, courtesy of Oni_Dino:

"Considering SEGA Ages has ended, some may be wondering if we have plans to continue re-releasing past titles on Nintendo Switch – I want that to happen. I hope to bring something over that will really satisfy Switch players. So until then, we hope you’ll look forward to it.”

Unfortunately, he couldn't say if M2 would be involved in any future projects. Tsuyoshi Matsuoka (on behalf of M2) said the emulation expert still had "a lot of other titles" it wanted to port. Personally, Matsuoka wants to see Sega's "entire history of interactive games" make a return.

The Sega Ages line has a total of 19 games and its final release - Herzog Zwei - will arrive in Japan on 27th August.

Now that we know this project has wrapped up, what other past titles would you like to see the company re-release next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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