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Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappointing, No Plans For Sequel

Posted by Damien McFerran

Staying dead

Despite rumours that a sequel is in the works, it would appear that ZombiU won't be turning into a franchise — at least not solely on the Wii U.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that the game was "not profitable" and that there are "no plans" — or even the desire — to make a follow-up.

It is even suggested that ZombiU's poor commercial showing was one of the reasons that Ubisoft took Rayman Legends multi-platform.

ZombiU was one of the Wii U's most unique launch titles, and gained a very positive reaction from players. It would be a massive, massive shame if the series ended here — perhaps Ubisoft will make the sequel if and when Wii U sales pick up, or maybe the company will make it multi-platform to lessen the chance of sales not covering development costs? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.


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Sjoerd said:

Damn.. I really liked that game. It might be a gamble, but I really hope they'll try again. This was a real survival horror game, how Resi used to be. I'd buy it for sure!



Aerona said:

Ubisoft, seen here really going out of their way to earn points with Nintendo gamers.



PokeTune said:

All I can do is laugh at how bad the Wii U is doing but cry at the same time because we'll never get a sequel to such an amazing game. Ninty i had faith and you crushed it all...



Smitherenez said:

Never say never! We also got a red steel 2! I think that we will see a new zombiu later in the wiiu's live cycle, when more people actually have one.



JayceJa said:

this is the sort of game i expect to amass a cult following and get a revival years down the line, but nothing in this article really surprises me right now



ThumperUK said:

I loved the game, but I can understand Ubisoft's frustration with Nintendo's management (or lack thereof) and poor wiiu sales. They supported the WiiU more than Nintendo at launch. I only hope Nintendo get their act together soon and that new purchasers of the WiiU buy ZombiU.

Over the last few months, lack of action by Nintendo has resulted in a mass desertion of the platform by 3rd party developers. Is Iwata a secret mole for Sony or Microsoft, as his leadership is great news for both of these companies!



Phantom_R said:

It's not about sequels. It's about continuing to promote these good games once the system takes off instead of giving up on them--think of "evergreen" titles like New Super Mario Bros., which Nintendo never stops advertising. Older 3DS games like Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Rhythm Thief should be re-advertised now that the 3DS has a way bigger install base, and once the Wii U is thriving the same should be done with games like ZombiU.



TreesenHauser said:

That's a shame. I can understand their reasoning, but ZombiU has so much potential. I loved the game's survival mechanics, and I was hoping for an online multiplayer mode one of these days. At least I can enjoy ZombiU for what it is still.



BATRA said:

third party people make games for money but not nintendo make games for fun waiting to see a star fox game for the wii u



C-Olimar said:

Wasn't it like, the 3rd best selling launch title? I think Ubisoft were over-ambitious with their aims.
They did say in the past though, that they would consider bringing the game to other platforms. I hope they do that.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The moral of the story is not to make a game for a brand new console that looks like an N64 game and loads like a C64 game.

I enjoyed the game but Ubisoft clearly rushed the game to be out at launch.



Swiket said:

They were probably the strongest third-party supporter for the Wii U's launch, and with a game that was one of the best showcases of the Gamepad. The idea that Ubisoft is lazy or only out for money because they're dialing back support for the Wii U is laughable.



AJSjedi said:

The concept was great but the controls were terrible and unresponsive as they could have been much MUCH better. Overall I still enjoyed the game (the third wiiu game I got) but the controls ruined the experience. Other than that, a great zombie game



Einherjar said:

With an attitude like that, i cant see how the gaming industry will ever be able to evolve...
Ubisoft, ever imagined that ZombieU didnt sell so well because the whole console dindt sell so well ? You could take that into account.
Simply killing off a new franchise just because its first game didnt do so well on a freshly released console is quite idiotic.
If every developer acts like that, we will end up with a game pool entirely consisting off sequels of the same game series and....wait...we already got there...



millarrp said:

it's too bad, I enjoyed the game, but I can also see how the game isn't for everybody. I do agree with Phantom_R that more advertising when the Wii U gets more popular would be benifical



KingBoo01 said:

This is to bad, kinda expected considering the reviews and everything, but this could've become a really cool series. If they were to release a new one that relieved the problems of the old one, I think that would become Nintendo's killer app.



sinalefa said:

A new IP, on a new system, that did not look that awesome and whose reviews were not particularly stellar? Not to mention being M rated. The demo itself did not convince me to get the game, it had the opposite effect.

I also dont like how he does not even mention units sold, so his view of "profitable" could be a little greedy.



Captain_Toad said:

Bummer.... I really liked the perma-death mechanic. Heh, really made a change in the zombie survival genre.



jkvasn said:

It did have potential, but it was pretty rough. Like Red Steel rough.



AceSpadeS said:

@Pixel-Perfect Should they be? Nintendo gamers aren't going out of their way to help Ubisoft accomplish the most basic goal of being a business, and Ubisoft should just ignore that need for profits to appease one fanbase in gaming?



8thGenConsoles said:

I think Ubisoft is lying but let's assume that it's true, ZombiU wasn't profitable. There are 3 reasons why ZombiU didn't sell:

1. The reviews for the game were negative or not very positive. Gamers these days won't buy a game if it got a low score from IGN and other big video game sites.

2. It's a Wii U game with Xbox 360 graphics. Wii U can produce much better graphics. Ubisoft didn't use Wii U's power to make ZombiU.

3. The game was rushed and everyone knows that. They needed to spent more time on it.



Exile20 said:

This is unfortunate. It was a great game and worthy of a buy. I was looking forward to a sequel. Honesly Nintendo should fund a sequel after the horrible launch of the Wii U.



8thGenConsoles said:

Make a great game and people will buy it Ubisoft, it's that simple really. Use Wii U's power Ubisoft, don't give Wii U crappy looking game.



Discostew said:

What would have been considered good sales for the game? How many units would have been sold to consider it profitable? These are the kind of questions I would like answered. It's bad enough when we hear Square-Enix say they sell 3 million copies of Tomb Raider (which by many is considered a success), yet they say it is a failure due to how much money was put into it.



DreamOn said:

Sales so far are mostly the early adopters/ambassadors still, and I don't think ZombiU was ever going to appeal to much of that group.



luisesteban said:

It was a title for a launching much exactly they where expecting to sell? 50 millions in 2 months?



Melkaticox said:

Oh my god, they'll be so disappointed when Watch_Dogs sells like crap on the PS4 & Xbox One...
And let's not even talk about The Crew & The Division, poor Ubi.



GearsOfWarU said:

I'm glad they are not making another ZombiU game... I thought it Sucked!!!! I purchased it ... Played one evening and returned it.. Was not fun at all, very boring and looked as bad as the Walking Dead game everyone hates... Most reviews were negative... Just not a great game that seems to be popular on Nintendo Life ... I guess because it took place in London? O well not a fan so good news to me... I will however be purchasing AC4 Black Flag & Rayman Legends from Ubi



AJSjedi said:

Not to sound like a donkey, but what EXACTLY is nintendo doing "wrong"?
I don't want games missing stuff of the disc that we are "generously" offered to buy as dlc. When I buy a game, I want the WHOLE game.
I don't want any type of drm, I want to be able to do whatever the hell I want with games purchased with my heard earned money.
I'm not the least bit sad if madden or call of duty #674 is not released on wiiu, I've played them everyone else...the EXACT same game OVER AND OVER.
And what is "wrong" with wiiu? Naysayers claim "it's last generation", so tell me, IF nintendo made something better than ps4 or xbone how many gamers would switch? You think ignorant fanboys are going to up and abandon microsoft or that sony gamers are going to forgo getting a ps4?
Their is a place called reality, more gamers should try it.



Tony_342 said:

It's very unfortunate to hear this. ZombiU is still my favorite Wii U game, and I always assumed it sold very well (for a launch title). It's strange that it "wasn't profitable." It's not exactly a "AAA" title, and I read somewhere that it sold around 500,000 copies. I mean, how many did they need to sell to make some money off of it? It seems like Ubisoft's expectations were just way too high.



hYdeks said:

Ubisoft went from one of my favourite companies, to one of my most hated companies, right there with EA. I have ZombiU, and I love the game! So no sequel? Well that feels like a low blow, considering it could have easily been a great series. Note to Ubisoft: I bought the Zombi U Deluxe Set because it had Zombi U, absorb that in for a minute ¬¬

It feels as though if a game doesn't sell well within the first 2-3 months, it's a failure and it goes down in price big time. Anyone else feel that there's gonna be another video game crash like in 1983 about to happen soon? I don't know why, but it feels like around 1983 all over again...



MAN1AC said:

Nintendo better pray that those Ubi games sell well during the holidays. If not, they could be looking at a Nintendo only box and the end of the Wii U by 2015.



Savino said:

Funny how people rush to attack Ubisoft...

"Yeah...Ubi is crap, EA is crap, actvision is crap, capcom is crap.... Only nintendo is good!!"

Like it or not Nintendo is making a terrible job promoting the console and I see no great future for it. It will sell, its not the end of nintendo, but a third place this gen is where nintendo belong! I was always a Nintendo fan, but sony are proving that tradition doesnt mean quality anymore!



WaveGhoul said:

This is why i miss the Golden Age of gaming, smaller budgets and less development time equaled developers taking chances and so much more. Nowadays, there are too many titles that are falling into the 'safe' category, this goes for nintendo as well! Cash seems more important than chruning out fresh new idieas these days. It's frustrating, because videogames are also turning into interactive movies....however, Nintendo is still carrying the oldschool traditional torch. thank god.

Also, ZombiU is the B-bomb! people should of only read Destructoid and NintendoLife's postive glowing reviews. They weren't butt hurt by the scarce ammo & challenging gameplay. Kids these days just can't handle REAL survival horror or a good challenge. go play your easy breezy 'The Last of Us' and Tomb Raider 2013 with your stale traditional control schemes. ZombiU deserves props based on how it handled the gamepad, it's one of the consoles top innovative standouts!



Relias said:

I am guessing that means the Zombie U Bundle isn't going well on Amazon... this is more bad news for the Wii U... it really needed not only an original franchise from third parties.. with a sequel or two... I honestly did not like the game.. but I can see how others would.. but I think A. Nintendo was the wrong system for this kind of franchise.. and B. Survival Horror games in general have went down in popularity.. as thus.. this is not really.. going to do well.. and is not a huge unit mover.. that being said... I do think we may see a sequel.. if the Wii U sells more units.. and those units are accompanied by Zombie U sells..



hYdeks said:

@b23cdq me too, but it will most likely be a great game company with barely any money, like Platinum Games or Wayforward or something

@WaveBoy totally agree. It's basicly all shooters from third party because that's what sales the best and makes them money without them worrying if it'll sell or not. Even Nintendo has gotten to a point where they'll take a risk, but than play it safe and throw a Mario game out to get the money back.



PokeTune said:

@hydeks Sorry,but what risks has Nintendo recently taken with their franchises? The only recent one I can think of is Kid Icarus Uprising and that was excellent.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Not a big deal to me. The game itself was kind of disappointing, so sales reflected that. I actually returned the game after a week or two. A new IP does not always mean a new game experience, and Zombi U was a pretty generic FPS Survival game with a few cool uses of the GamePad to make it slightly different.



HAL9000 said:

ZombiU was an amazing experience. It really sold me on the Wii U concept more than any other game. Sad-face.



Funbunz said:

I wonder about a crash, too. Games keep getting more expensive to make, and I still feel uncomfortable paying $60 for games. I almost never buy games when they first come out. And what happens to all these developers sinking big money into ps4 and xboxone when those systems sell as poorly as the Wii U?



hYdeks said:

@PokeTune Pikmin 3 coming out is considered a risk, Wii Party type games are considered a risk, Game and Wario is considered a risk, giving money to Platinum to make a sequel to a cult hit is considered a risk, giving more money to platinum to make a original game like wonderful 101 is a risk Better risks than what Sony and Microsoft through at us



banacheck said:


Oh my god, they'll be so disappointed when Watch_Dogs sells like crap on the PS4 & Xbox One..

The Fact is Watch Dogs will sell well on both the PS3/PS4 which you can already pre order off the PSN, and the PS4 pre-sales have already broke records at amazon, at the hight of pre-sales 2,500 consoles a minute.

If Ubisoft does make a sequel in the future it'll be multiplatform release for sure, or ZombiU will be the only game. ZombiU was exclusive for the Wii U and it sold poorly, if Watch Dogs & AC4 Black Flag don't sell well that will be the final nail in the coffin and who can blame Ubi.



marck13 said:

I´m surprised.. I thought they made money with that game. There are lots of people having the community marked as their favourits too.. more than 70´000.



Metaknight_3Raw said:


What? At least they made an attempt to make something unique for the Wii U when other third party offerings were crappy ports :/ At least they are supporting the Wii U with their major AAA games such as Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs. Nintendo fanboys never fail to amaze me



Einherjar said:

@PokeTune And why is that so ? The reason for it not "skyrocketing" off of shelves is clearly the lack of games compared to its competition. It also does not have proper "flagship" titles to showcase its features. Normaly, the Wario Ware franchise would be your first stop to see, what your system is capable of, but since they somehow managed to butcher that with Game&Wario (which is hopefully just a spinoff and NOT the new direction the series is going) there is nothing to show poeple and say "see, and thats only possible on WiiU"
And such a game could come from ANY developer, so blaming one man for the hesitation of a whole business to get their lazy bums moving and create games outside of the safe zone is just wrong.
@Prof_Elvin_Gadd But how should these "few cool uses of the gamepad" ever reach their full potential if the game gets shoved directly into the "failure" corner when it doesnt sell ludacri amounts of copys ? You NEVER get the best out of a system in its launch period, heck, not even in its first few years. They need finetuning and several trys and reimaginations. When every new idea is scratched if it doesnt turn out to be a miracle well be forever stuck in CoD, Assassins Creed, Fifa Limbo, since these games seam to be the only ones that sell and are worth "to be continued without tinkering with the formular"
This "safe zone development" will eventually be the death to gaming, when all we get is the same game over and over again without the slightest evolution since its considered too dangoures in case id doesnt sell trillions of copys in the whole solar system...
View "JimQuisitions" episode on Dark Souls:



Metaknight_3Raw said:


How is Pikmin 3 a risk. It's a sequel in a very popular and highly rated franchise? Casual Wii Party type games are risks? Please. I'll agree with you that the Platinum deal was a risk and a good one that I'm glad for. Unlike what seems to be most Nintendo fanboys I can't survive purely on Mario and Zelda. Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 are very welcome.



AJSjedi said:

I agree a crash is coming, the market is too flooded with similar items. Go to any game store and look how many used copies their are of rock band, guitar hero, assassins creed, call of duty, madden, etc. I agree with you



WaveGhoul said:


Oh for sure! SM3DWorld, Donkey Kong:Tropical Freeze & Mario Kart 8 all seem pretty darn safe based on what has been shown. I don't like the idea of Nintendo just going with 'what works' they used to bust out the innovative & experimental imaginatiive guns with every franchise they had during the NES & SNES era especially. But now developments costs are becoming even higher since they've entered the world of HD. There isn't one upcoming Nintendo developed Wii U title that's doing something NEW or fresh, safe sequals all around. Yoshi's Yarn is even copying Kirby's Epic Yarn for crying out loud.

The number 1 3rd party based title i'm looking forward to? Shovel Knight!
And it's development time, budget and team itself(consisting of X members of WayForward) is only a teeny little spec VS the army of people who lets say worked on Uncharted 3 or The Last of us. When you're working with a development team of lets say 12 people, the development process is going to be far more enjoyable and you have far more creative control. Miyamoto and Inafune must of had an absolute blast working on titles such as Mega Man 2 and Super Marios 2.

Today, these giant budget games are created by factories of hypnotized tech-drones who for the most part have absolutely no say in anything.



Shambo said:

It's one of my favourite games ever, honestly! The tension was IMMENSE, the gameplay very absorbing. One of the only survival horror games that didn't have to put you in the role of an unarmed girl to hold you back from going 'all Rambo on their rotten rears'. It manages to keep the player on the edge of their seat, throughout the entire games. And the few times you get to run 'n' gun or man stationary machine guns, the adrenaline level is insane and the click of an empty magazine is just... horrifying.

I preordered the Zombiu pack because I had absolute faith in it, even after both ign and gamespot scoring it really bad. I have long since lost faith in both. And I was nowhere near disappointed. This is one of the very rare games I see myself playing annually in the future.

So should they do 'a Red Steel' on this game (without changing it TOO drastically) I'd be the first in line to buy it on the moment it's released. And if they don't... Nothing.

If they abandon Wii U all together, I'll lose about any faith I've left in big publishers. Boy do I hate shareholders who care about nothing but the money...



Melistrius said:

So according to vgchartz it's at 0,46 mil. I'm not sure if the WiiU-bundles are included but the digital downloads are most definatelly not. So I really have to ask myself what would have been called a success based on the WiiUs sold I think it is a quite good amount and it has some good word to mouth what means that some will buy it when they buy a WiiU.

Personally I quite enjoyed it but what took me off that it was absolutely impossible to get it below 70 Euros in the beginning and I have to admit I wasn't really "stunned" about the graphics. they are really not bad but they looked... I don't know... rough... as if the game was rushed. same goes for the story were I felt like they concluded it at about half the original planned storyline. But I really did enjoy it and I'm planning to revisit it some times so the job is done. Alltough a lot of potential was missed.

I can actually understand that they want to try their luck with the new consoles now but it's hard to predict anything. I honestly doubt that their titles will sell so much better on those upcoming platforms so what is up next? Staying with the guaranteed sellers like Splinter Cell, AC and Just Dance with some rabbits thrown in every now and then? I guess that is the problem with the industry. Just look at SC, this game had such drastical changes in every aspect so it appears to the modern CoD-user that will buy it. And yes I will get it too and I guess I will enjoy it too but not like the old ones I'm afraid. And this is not only because I've grown older but because the budgets are so high that everything tries to copy the games that really sell well. Unfortunatelly for me this is CoD (No offense against it, I just barely enjoy shooters) and so the industry is going this safe way with only the Indies taking some kind of risk. And this is all I saw from the X and PS so far that's why I'm not interested. It's the safe route with everything toned down to the minimum, over the top violence to have something for the 12 year old, and of course the interactive movie with quicktime-events. It's sad but this is the future and the current state. That's why great companies close because of just one failure and it is sad. To each their own but sometimes I just wish we could have just ONE console from all three with all their games availlable to everyone. i guess then every company could take a risk and do something unique... After all 500k is a failure for a not so polished game with mixed reviews. It's just a matter of time until we have only a few companies left and only Call of Duty, Call of Dirty, Men of Duty and some Gears of War with a (un)Final(ized) Fantasy every now and then to play. We will see...



Marshi said:

@Nintenjoe64 It realy troubles me when people say a game has"n64" graphics or "ps1" graphics when the graphics are leagues ahead of what they could do.Its just very imature thinking!



wombatkidd said:

Didn't sell well my bunnytail. It has about a 15% attach rate! Lego City sold fewer units, and it made a profit. If Zombii U really wasn't profitable, it's because the game's budget was too high, not because of sales.



ricklongo said:

Unfortunate, but it was to be expected. We all know Nintendo dropped the ball big time in the Wii U release, and that's most definitely the main reason games like this (or the ridiculously fun Lego City Undercover) have been nowhere to be seen in game charts.



Sceptic said:

ZombiU is one of the best survival horror games and possibly the only full length game that really tries to do something with the WiiU Gamepad.

Ubisoft (very unlike themselves) have tried and tried to make this boat swim, but Nintendo keeps running it back aground.

It's a measly $40 in the eShop. Really, everybody should own it. If only to have something to show off what could have been done with the Gamepad if anybody (including Nintendo) had a clue.

Come on. $40. Go get it if you haven't already. Vote for the WiiU where it counts, with your wallet, not by thumbs-upping Iwata's deluded ramblings.



banacheck said:

I wonder about a crash

You lot do know the game industry makes more money than the film/music industry, at the moment the game industry only spend hundreds of thousands to a million on making one game. Where the film industry spends easily double that, and i don't see the film industry holding back. Unlike Nintendo toys, games can no longer be seen as toys but a form of entertainment just like the film/music industry.



coreyerb said:

@wombatkidd Exactly. Hire better analysts if you can't make a profit off a launch game that sold 460,000 (plus digital) out of 3.2 million consoles sold.

It begs the question, why did they go Wii U-exclusive with it, if given a solid 15 percent of console owners bought it, it isn't close to profitable. Did Nintendo subsidize it? Did they just expect more people to buy Wii U's?

Seconded that a crash might be coming if companies are so naive to think they can eat development costs for the new consoles and profit enough to survive off early adopters. They're going to have to go multi-platform, cross-generation (and risk slowing adoption rates of next-gen consoles) or make cheaper games.



coreyerb said:

@Kodeen If they failed to make a profit, it's because of lack of foresight. If 460K sales wasn't enough to recoup costs, they needed to reduce costs. The game did about as well as anyone with an understanding of economics could have guessed. If it's not profitable they should have known they needed to go multi-platform to be able to hit a higher sales threshold.

Begs the question, did Nintendo give Ubisoft incentive to keep it exclusive? If so, Mr. CEO is being disingenuous in his accounting. If not, Ubisoft should fire those responsible for setting game budgets.



Emblem said:

Not profitable is very vague, looking at the unit sales figures i'd be interested to see how much they spent on development and marketing if they failed to make a profit.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Marshi No it is not immature thinking. The graphics were half done. Some parts of London looked ok but entire sections of the game looked like they had been roughly drawn in to be finished later. I can live with glitches but some of the walls and doors looked like the original Goldeneye. It's obvious that 720p is sharper and clearer than the old 480i N64 but the graphical detail on the poorest parts of ZombiU is lower than that of almost any gamecube game published by Nintendo which is unacceptable for a game retailing at £54.99 alongside beautiful £10 games like Trine2..



banacheck said:

A game like ZombiU i would think has to hit a million+ sales mark to be classed as profitable, how anyone can blame Ubisoft is beyond me. Nintendo should of had games in development 2 years before Wii U came out a year minimum, this is down to Nintendo you cannot make games at the last minute madness. 460k isn't a lot at all developers don't make games and recieve every bit of profit, there is a lot of other people taking a cut.



luisesteban said:

Well, I'd suposse that Ubi forgot about the killer bug in the game...that mistake doesn't help to sells.



Linkstrikesback said:

Wowee, the amount of butthurt over ubisoft telling the unfortunate truth is amazing.

The Wii U has tanked in sales after the okish start and 3rd party support is dead. And it's a terrible shame that I wasted my first ever self purchased console buying one at launch thinking nintendo had any idea what it was doing. Thats a mistake I've learnt from anyway, won't be making that mistake again with anyone.

Edit: And for gods sake people, don't use VGchartz numbers. They completely make things up.



Pachterkid said:

Well, the game was awful, so that's part of the reason why nobody bought it. The other reason it failed was because nobody has bought a Wii U. Not saying that the system won't become more successful down the line, but right now if developers care about making money they have no reason to make a game exclusively for the Wii U.

If you want great third-party games, buy one of the other HD consoles. Stop holding out hope that one single third-party game for the Wii U is going to fall out of the sky and completely turn the system around.



Pachterkid said:


I like the way you think. I remember buying my Wii U at launch thinking that Nintendo had some great ideas up their sleeve. Nope. Their ideas consist of releasing no compelling software during the first year of the console's lifecycle. Just last week I bought a PS3 so that I could actually play some good games.



Handy_Man said:

@Metaknight_3Raw Ubisoft really is a crappy company, though. Now they're being cowards like every other American developer and think it's not a good idea to develop games primary for the Wii U. ZombiU was a decent effort, but they have to be gullible to think that ZombiU alone would be able to sell off enough Wii U systems. Rayman Legends was a game that a lot of people who were getting a Wii U were looking foward towards, but then they decided to chicken out and make it multi-platform. Decisions like this are what hurt the Wii U; they shouldn't be worried on how badly it will sell on one console, they should be focused on increasing the Wii U's install base as much as possible.

Also, you mention Assassin's Creed IV and Watch_Dogs, but you were too lazy to point out that both of those games are multi-platform, and therefore, will hurt the Wii U more than it would help them. Ubisoft is trying to look like they care about the Wii U, but they always try to put on their sunshines and rainbows whenever a brand new console launches. After a bit of time has passed, they leave the new console behind so those sunshines and rainbows can rot and turn to ashes.

Also, please don't call me a Nintendo Fanboy. I'm an open minded gamer, and I still play systems such as the Dreamcast and Xbox 360 frequently, not to mention I have a lot of systems from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, SEGA, and Atari. If anything, you're calling me a Nintendo fanboy in order to make yourself feel better, especially since you forgot to mention that Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs are still multi-platform games, not Wii U exclusives like you make them out to be.



Marshi said:

@Nintenjoe64 Its true we should not stand for rushed or half assed games,and granted im not saying zombi u is stunning,but to say parts of the game looked like n64 or even gamecube games is silly.The textures(low res or otherwise) were I say again,leagues ahead of gcn or n64 graphics,and artistically speaking,what with atmosphere smoke and the now widely overused lens speckle effect in place,the game had charcter and looks great.Does it beat,say the last of us in terms of graphics?ofcourse not but its certain "this gen"



Steveovig said:

I think part of the problem was the idiotic reviews that the game got. Not everything has to be COD meets zombies for it to be good. Zombi-U is probably the best zombie shooter out there, imo, but half the reviewers were idiots when they played it. Still, the Wii-U is obviously in MAJOR trouble if this thing didn't do well. Third parties will be nonexistent soon on the console if things don't start picking up. Even if the console does start selling, it's no guarantee third party games will sell along with it. With that being said, Iwata needs to go and Nintendo needs someone aggressive with a clear plan at the helm.



banacheck said:


they should be focused on increasing the Wii U's install base as much as possible.

Thats not Ubisofts job, thats Nintendo's job to give developers/publishers reasons to have there games on the Wii U, than having it on PS3/PS4,Xbox One/360 & PC.



SCAR said:

I bought it on day one because of the hype. It's a game you got to get into, that's for sure.
I just think Ubisoft flew too close to the sun for their liking, and will never fly again... Just make a 3D Rayman, Ubisoft.



Davidiam007 said:

@BestBuck123 actually, it was mixed reviews. Some people gave it as low as 5 but I've seen the majority be and 8 or higher. I personally loved. Despite some issues, but they did a patch that fixed some of it.



Sir_Deadly said:

@koopakid saying that the game was awful is more of a personal opinion and NOT fact. From wut i saw it got decent to good ratings and players who have played it said that it was awesome (myself included). Also, it hasn't even been a year through the console life cycle and it still have a good 4 months still to have software release that are of good quality. Anyways, I rather have this game go mulit-platform and be released on ALL console and pc/mac rather than have it end here. It was such a good game to me. They could go into different countries with the next game if that were to happen. They might just have to tweek it for the other 2 console.



ULTRA-64 said:

Have faith people, when the Wii u sales pick up it will STILL be the only game of it's type on any console and will sell more. Ubi could do with 're-releasing the console bundle near x mas. This game was the reason I bought the Wii u at launch, I always knew the 1st party games would be good and would get one but zombie u is a unique adult game with bags of atmosphere that sold the console to me....I really hope it gets the cult status it deserves, the ip grows in value and gradual sales mean uni get enough cash to fund a more refined sequel not plagued with new hardware glitches.



Sceptic said:

I don't get the dissing of ZombiU. ZombiU was a well made game. Not perfect, but they obviously put a lot of love and effort in. It has more atmosphere than any other zombie shooter I have ever played on any platform.

Also, at this point, if you feel this is a bad game, you really had better sell your WiiU now, because better ain't coming, that much is pretty certain. It's practically guaranteed it will be the last third party game that really tried to do something substantially WiiU-specific. But back then gamers thought there were dozens of great games around the corner and they could complain and nit-pick on ZombiU for this or that glitch or how this wasn't enough that or vice versa.

And ZombiU is flat out fan-freaking-tastic compared to the gaping nothing offered up by Nintendo so far, followed by truckloads of bullpoopies and bulk shipments of hot air. And it's become transparent to everybody but themselves.

I think it's that japanese cultural thing. The emperor has no clothes, but because he's the Supreme Iwata, nobody dares say anything. Meanwhile, he silently freezes to death.



TwilightV said:

Disappointing? It's one of the highest selling 3rd party games on Wii U. If that's "disappointing" for them then they're a bunch of stubborn incompetents who don't know a good thing when they see it.

Edit: Scratch that. It's THE highest selling 3rd party game.



ivanmata said:

Too bad for the wii U.... I understand Ubisoft, there is no point investing in something that will most likely fail at this moment.



Darknyht said:

Ubisoft if you want profit, have smaller teams making smart, fun, smaller games. When one of those sell extremely well, then fund a larger project for that team. Look at the humble beginnings of the major Nintendo franchises there wasn't much in them except a single concept executed extremely well.

I am more willing to shell out $10-20 on a game I may not like (Trine 2 for example), and not be unhappy than I am to waste $60 (or more if there is DLC) on a half finished, poorly executed "blockbuster".



QBertFarnsworth said:

@WiiURockz You could have stopped at reason number 1. Reviewers started to come around later, but the early reviews (like IGN giving it a 6.3) stopped people from buying it at launch. I remember reading the review the weekend of the system launch and letting out an audible sigh when I saw disappointing scores.



Sceptic said:

@TwilightV: That's hilarious. You are seeing the right things but drawing the wrong conclusions: What Ubi are saying is that Nintendo sold so few WiiU consoles that Ubi can't be profitable, even though their game is a hit.

That is why they switched Rayman over to multiplatform. WiiU went from exclusive to sideshow. That's why it's taking so long too. They don't want an early release on WiiU to water down their market impact when it's released on the primary markets. I bet you with Lego City Undercover it's the same tragic story.

@Darknyht: They wanted a profit on WiiU. They have no problens getting a profit doing exactly what they do on other platforms, which is why they're shifting focus: No more WiiU exclusives. And if the console doesn't grow in the mid term, no more anything at all. The ball is still entirely in Nintendo's court, as it always was. Cue Iwata ramblings.



KLZ said:

Sales of Red Steel: 650, 000 copies.
Sales of ZombiU: 460, 000.

I'm not sure if they have a point, or It's just me not seeing too much difference.



Gamer83 said:

The game really wasn't good but it's disappointing if there really won't be a sequel. The first Red Steel wasn't good either but RS2 was one of the best on the Wii. Maybe if sales of the console pick up Ubi will reconsider but with Wii U being capable of handling main entries in franchises like Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed, it's more likely the company sticks with the sure bets.



mamp said:

I think it's funny how certain people here are saying Ubisoft is terrible or greedy because they don't want to make a sequel for Zombie U. They're a company, they need money, and they can't make games because they require money to make them. They want profit (which u know profit requires you to make way more money than what u spent on a certain project). All companies want to make money even Nintendo since some of your posts seem to say that Nintendo only cares about fun and not money like greedy ubisoft. If Nintendo didn't care about money and if they truly cared about fun and the fans they would have released games that fans have been asking for since a while back (Starfox, F-Zero, etc.), instead we're getting a Mario game every year (SM3DL, NSMB2, NSMBWiiU, NSLuigi U, and SM3Dland on the WiiU within the span of 2 years). Second, Ubisoft is a terrible company now because they don't want to make a sequel? All I know is that they were the only 3rd party developer to support the system with a new IP (at launch BTW) instead of a crap port and they actually tried and came up with some interesting innovative ideas on how to use the gamepad (since Nintendo and its fanboys brag about how innovative ideas make Nintendo the greatest company ever). Not to mention they're one of the (very) few third party groups that actually supports Nintendo (and didn't jump the ship after the Wii started failing during its last 2 years of its lifespan). The graphics while not great weren't that bad (and since when do people care about graphics I thought Nintendo was all about innovation and fun ideas not graphical power, but I guess that only matters when Nintendo has to defend its console when people say its not as powerful as other consoles).



QBertFarnsworth said:

@SetupDisk I don't have an issue with who reviewed it as his points were all valid. Had the game been fleshed out more, it would have been better which is why a lack of a sequel is disappointing.

Here's the thing, the game is marketed at the "core" audience of gamers as moms theoretically wouldn't or shouldn't be buying this for their 8-year-old. The core gamers can read reviews and know that this game is a gamble of a purchase, and it's best to wait for a price drop. Ubisoft seems to want to punish gamers for being prudent with their purchases, and rather than right their wrongs with a sequel that remedies the problems of the original, they'd rather just blame the consumer.



AJSjedi said:

I also wonder why ign has anti nintendo d-bags like coling and greg reviewing nintendo games. Do they let others review sony games? IGN lost all credibility a LONG time ago, that is for sure



MagicEmperor said:

"ZombiU was one of the Wii U's most unique launch titles, and gained a very positive reaction from players."

CERTAIN players, maybe. I've seen plenty of hate for this game.



TwilightV said:

@Sceptic: Oh yes, because i'm so sure a zombie killing game aimed at mature audiences should totally determine how well a platform game designed with everyone in mind would perform.

Edit: I should also point out that sales would've been unaffected by other games had Rayman Legends not been delayed. Now it has both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 to contend with meaning Ubisoft has just shot itself in the foot. And don't pretend the same won't happen with XBox 360 and Playstation 3, especially since there's FAR more games releasing for those systems.



LordGeovanni said:

I don't know if anyone else looked into the numbers, but I did for this game and for the Wii U. Because of this article. According to Wikipedia, the Wii U has sold 3.45 million consoles worldwide as of March 31st, 2013. As mentioned on vgchartz, ( ZombiU has only managed .46 million copies.

With those figures, it means that the ZombiU game has been purchased by more than 13% of all the console owners. Not exactly "good", but there are also the problems that others have said about the game: "Rushed", "poor reviews", etc...

For those who want to understand how "sub-par" 13% of the ENTIRE market is, I also examined the sales of the Wii and the Wii Sport game. As of March 31st, 2013, there have been 99.84 Wiis sold worldwide. Additionally, 81.34 mil copies of Wii Sport has been sold (as of June 22nd, 2013). (Numbers taken from the same sites, Wikipedia for Wii, vgchartz for Wii Sport). That comes out with a 81%. You know, of a game that was BUNDLED with a majority of all consoles.

The whole point of my post is that Ubisoft is upset that they hit less than 1-in-7 consoles and that was with a title that couldn't keep the reviews above 7 while additionally being an M game and something that could be called a "cultish" style game (on Nintendo systems). In the mean time, Wii Sports barely hit 4-in-5 consoles and it was a Killer App of sorts. Should Ubisoft be a little disappointed? Sure. It didn't become the Killer App that they hoped for. However they shouldn't be abandoning the system because their game didn't become the best seller of the system. With Wii Sports being such a big "bang" in the Video Game market, should Nintendo be upset that it didn't hit 9-in-10? I think Ubisoft is demanding perfection from a game system that wasn't even out yet when they made the game.



SetupDisk said:

I didn't like Miller's review at all but I can't stand the guy. Any game that came out for the PS3, I would have to wait for other reviews since he is such a fanboy. He basically pointed out in the review that he spent most of the time hording ammo and weapons, which isn't the point of the game at all.



Yrreiht said:

I wont miss it. First hour of gameplay was great! It was fresh and i really felt in danger when I was face to face with a single Zombie. Overall tho, the game is extremely repetitive and stops being fun really fast.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Einherjar You sure do "use a lot of unnecessary quotation marks" buddy. In fact, I can see you doing the "finger quotations" every time you "do this". Ok, enough nonsense from me, and I don't mean any harm to you .

Firstly, you don't need to tell me the occasional obvious fact you mentioned. I'm a game designer, and I understand how this stuff works. You need to tell the hundreds of thousands of people that play bad games. Secondly, I said I didn't enjoy most of the game. It's just my opinion. I enjoyed it for a bit and then it became rather monotonous in my point of view. Lastly, I don't play CoD or any sports games, so I don't support those either. I've been around for a long time my friend, I know how launch periods work because I've seen every one of them. You need to preach to someone else haha. Thanks for reading and responding though.

It wasn't thrown into a pile of failures, it just didn't sell well because of the low Wii U sales, and the game itself was mediocre. End of story. Some people liked it, some people didn't, and the fact of the matter is the game is somewhere in between those opinions. It was ok; not bad, not good, just ok.



Royalblues said:

This is another "Nothing new, move along" article. I can't help but lol. The Wii U is looking like a mess right now. Just wait, though.



OdnetninAges said:

"I guess you could say the franchise is... makes stupid face Dead!"




cdawg said:

This is bad. It was a great game.

This only encourages other 3rd developers to stay away from this console because the console doesnt reach the market they want to reach.

Its not looking good for Nintendo



turnmebackwards said:

I always thought ZombiU was one of the best sellers on the Wii U currently apart from Nintendo titles. Looks rather bleak for the Wii U if a third party game which I thought was one of the most popular games on the console can't even make a profit. I know it's still early days but I think 2014 could be a year of only Nintendo games.



Einherjar said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd These quotations are just meant to highlight some of my points, and yeah, i frequently use hand gestures when talking. Maybe it transpired to my writing style.

But what i wrote wasnt directed to you personally by no means. I can see that the game can come along as boring to some people. The whole point why i quoted you was mostly because of your "i dont care" statement, not "why" you dont care (there are the quotations again ), so sorry if you felt that i made you personally responible or something like that.
It was an open message, directed to everyone and no one in particula.
What i meant by "pile of failures" is, that new ips, that cant reach astronomically high sales numbers from the get go are instantly scratched and replaced by another title in a more safe franchise. Here, i also didnt meant to say that you tossed it in there, i rather ment devs. So, sorry again if my point didnt come across.
On another note: i hope that my quotation habbit isnt THAT irritating. English isnt my first language, so im often unsure how to put my thoughts into words. Therefore, i try to highlight some things in case my wording isnt that...lets say beneficial
Again, sorry if it came across as if i tried to blame you for anything. That wasnt the case by any means. Anyone can like and dislike what he/she wants, there is no problem in that. My "anger" was more directed at Ubisofts downward spiral of stupidity regarding their projects.
Hope this clarified anything and i didnt cause bad blood



WesCash said:

Ugh. Not looking good for the Wii U. My fears of history repeating itself are coming to fruition. I can't say I didn't expect this though. Too bad for Ubisoft. I'll certainly pick up ZombiU if I end up with a Wii U at some point.



Darknyht said:

@Sceptic Actually, most of the large publishers are not making money. That is why they are cutting Wii U support. Tomb Raider which sold 3.4 million copies was a commercial failure because they needed to sell 10 million to recoup the cost of the large team. The same thing happens time and time again. The teams are too large so it is too difficult to recover the development.

On the converse, most indie games are made with small teams that focus on a single gameplay mechanic or concept. Then they make a great game around that concept and sell the game at a reasonable price.

Simply put, the major publishers are too big and are stuck with the idea of chasing a blockbuster that consistently fails to materialize.



SCAR said:

Poor finance calculations on TONS of big name companies is fairly old news. They just need to break up teams into smaller groups or something, and make 3 good games, instead of 1 mediocre game.
ZombiU was ok. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually, but it definitely could have been better. Once Nintendo releases more of their games, it shoukd become more clear what to expect from ANY company, not just Nintendo.



cdude said:

Nice to see i'm not the only one whos so disgusted with nintendo that they bought a ps3. I still cant believe this piece of crap has been out a year and still has nothing going for it. I bought the wiiu day one because nintdndos word always meant something pure to me. Now theyre feeding the industry excuse after excuse, while half their fanbase thinks everything is fine, and i just dont care anymore.

Please understand, iwata.



URAmk2 said:

bad game. bad sales. what do you expect. thank god i traded it in a week after launch & got $43 store credit for that stinker.



OGGamer said:

The change to zombie u hurt sales . How many stupid zombie games are there going to be ? Instead of jumping on the bandwagon they should have just kept it as killer freaks from outer space . It would have been different enough to stand out . It could have been ubisofts dead space.



Tysamu said:

How disappointing. Well hopefully when the system's sales pick up, they'll probably reconsider. The game had a great concept of how to use the gamepad as well as being a great but unpolished game.



RantingThespian said:

I loved the game. It is hands down my favorite Wii U game. I think it's the best survival horror game since Resident Evil 2! The use of the gamepad was the best I've seen in any Wii U game, the controls were tight, and it actually really scared me. I also love playing the multiplayer modes and dropping Zombies all around my friends and hearing them freak out.

I also loved how they worked in real prophecies from John Dee. It really grounded the story and made it somewhat believable.



MrCharles77 said:

If 50% of the current install base buy one title from each 3rd party company, nintendo would not have any type of problem. However I know quite a few nintendo owners that only buy zeldas, marios, pikmins...this is the main problem of the console.(in what concerns 3rd party support, people buy what they want, If they just want to play nintendo games...have fun.)

Deusx has an amazing price (even for a port), and what is in stake with this game is the support of square enix and their future catalog...lets see how the fans react. The game is cheap and amazing it should be easy to sell 1M copy's but i think the game will only sell 100k. If it sells 1M problably tombraider will be the next game...

ZombiU is very good, but I really understand ubisoft point of view, even after a bad year they keep on supporting the console. You know they could cancel ACIV, Watchdog and others like EA did, but they are really making an effort (with no return yet) to help nintendo.

Activision is more of the same, everyone was complaining of the lack of DLC...You know how many people play it online in europe 3000, if you connect to a ps3 server they got 500.000 playing at the same time. The DLC on the WiiU will split the players even more. Activision gave to the WiiU the best looking version, I played the x360 and the ps3 versions so I know what i'm talking about, they commited with nintendo and delivered a "good" product.

The real problem is that the vast majority of wiiu owners dont want 3rd party games, and this is getting obvious. If the 3rd party titles did not sell in a year almost without 1st party content they will sell with nintendo lauching lots of games?!



pntjr said:

........what the heck is going on in Nintendo's office..... Reggie, Miyamoto and Iwata are probably having a That 70s Show circle, unaware that thier company is going down the drain....



doctor_doak said:

This game was only in development for about a year... Remember 'Killer Freaks From Outer Space'? That's what this game was at E3 2011. If Zombi was released on Xbox 360/PS3 it would've done even worse at the box office, because zombie games are a dime a dozen on those platforms, and some of them, like Left For Dead 2 are much better games.

I guess there are some good aspects to the game like the permadeath mechanic..but it just comes off as looking like a half-assed game that Ubi whipped up in 10 or 11 months and sort of hoped for the best.

Nintendo are mostly responsible for the lack of consoles being shifted due to the lack of 1st party software, but it's a bit bemusing to see the likes of Ubisoft and EA complain when their own Wii U efforts so far have been half-hearted at best.

It's not surprising to me that Zombi U didn't sell well. The average duration for HD AAA development is about 3 years. This game is like the equivalent of a weekday 'noon' movie in comparison. You get out what you put in I guess...



JaxonH said:

@ThumperUK Come on now, let's not jump on the Iwata bashing bandwagon. Iwata is a GREAT CEO, straight up. I challenge anyone who doubts Iwata to go read the full 2013 Investor's Q&A, and listen to the things he says. Things that defy gravity as far as CEOs go. Or consider how Iwata stated he refuses to lay off a single Nintendo employee, because t that would result in Nintendo workers worrying about their jobs, and that Nintendo can't make world class games that impress people all over the world if they're worried about losing their jobs at any time. Think MS or Sony's CEO would ever say that? No. Of course not. And do I need to mention his turnaround success? Iwata comes to Nintendo as their sales were dropping. The GameCube never did catch fire, but Iwata made sure the GBA did. GBA dominated that handheld generation. Win #1. Immediately after, Iwata oversees the entire 7th generation, and leads the DS to become the highest selling gaming console of ALL TIME. But it didn't stop there, he ALSO led the Wii to win it's generation against PS3 and Xbox360, which were 2 of the fiercest competitors gaming has ever seen. Wii goes on to be 3rd highest selling gaming device of all time. On to the next gen. 3DS starts slow, yet under Iwata's leadership goes on to dominate its competition, becoming the fastest selling gaming device to 30 million units of all time. When 3DS was having rough start, Iwata took a VOLUNTARY pay cut to a meager half million a yr. That's it, for a CEO of a multi billion dollar company! Because HE CARES! But ppl like Don Martrick demand almost 20 million a year from a company like Zynga that's diving and can't afford it. Come on now ppl, are you starting too see the bigger picture? Iwata is not only a good CEO, he's a hall of fame champion. Yes, Wii U has had slow start, but it hasn't been given enough time, and hasn't had a roster of 1st party games to sell it. If course Iwata hasn't been advertising it later, it'd be millions wasted. You don't start the push until you actually have something to advertise. What are they gonna do, advertise the hell out of the ONE decent game they've released for 6 months straight? No. Trust me, once this fall comes and the games start rolling, the ads are gonna start hitting hard. Ppl like to be backseat drivers when it comes to running multi billion dollar companies. Iwata is no dumb bass, he's responsible for winning with GBA, DS, 3DS and Wii. He knows what he's doing, just have patience. Unless ppl would rather someone like Don Mattrick run Nintendo. And demand 20 million a yr salary even if Nintendo's not doing that well... Think about it



Steveovig said:

Mattrick would have probably made some better decisions than Iwata has made over the last two years, despite whatever salary he would request. He probably knows what sells more in the industry over Iwata too. What part of failure don't you understand as far as Iwata goes with the Wii-U? The thing isn't selling at all and third party games do terrible. Even with a price drop and good games looming, it's still no guarantee this thing will turn around good enough to make this thing break even. That makes Iwata a bad CEO, coupled with his mistakes at the launch of the 3DS.



AyatollaofRock said:

@Melkaticox was that sarcasm? Watch Dogs will sell no problem.

Install base has been the WiiU's problem. They were only able to sell ZombieU to a limited audience. Red Steel 2 happened because the Wii had a huge install base.

When even Ubi are getting cold feet on the WiiU its not good news.



wombatkidd said:

You know what? I'm just going to say it again. There was no reason for Ubisoft to ever believe this game would sell more than half a million units. If the game's budget had reflected that they would have made money on it.

If the 3rd best selling game on a console (Zombii U) doesn't make money when the 4th and 5th best selling games (Monster Hunter and Lego city) made a profit and are considered smash hits by their development companies and publishers, then the problem is with the company that set the game's budget, not the sales.

It really is that simple.



AtomicToaster said:

Yeah why do they stop promoting a title after its first month? Ninty doesn't do that. Many people still don't have this game!



Subie98 said:

Am I the only one annoyed by people that say "go buy their games to support them."? Im not a Nintendo only game supporter, i do own all their consoles at least. I've had a 360 and own multiple playstation consoles from different gens but im sure not going to waste my money on games that have no appeal to me either. I like some rpgs some i don't. I like some that are racing, some I don't, etc. But if the game isnt fun enough to me I dont want it. Make something I want and ill buy it. Don't and I won't. Not everyone is dare i say foolish enough to piss their money away to support companies that aren't making a good genre of games you prefer. Just my .02



mostro328 said:

I have to be honest I'm happy with my wiiU since my current financial status I cant afford too many games. But I am frustrated with Nintendos lack of marketing, they have not come up with ne creative ad campaign, I can think of great ones from the top of my head



Technosphile said:

I remember a few months ago, there was a post about a trade show here where some industry insider had said that there was a 3rd party title on the Wii U that Nintendo had hoped would sell millions; to that point it was only in the tens of thousands. Many were guessing Mass Effect 3, no, it was ZombiU.

A good barometer of how well a game has sold on the Wii U is how many posts are in it's Miiverse community. Nearly a year later, ZombiU has not cracked 100k. This game, a unique project designed exclusively for Wii U, is living proof of the 3rd party complaint that Nintendo fans buy Mario and nothing else on Nintendo hardware.



Handy_Man said:

@banacheck Yeah, but the main reason why they put in a lot of support initially was so that they can help with getting the install base that the Wii U needed. Unfortunately, that never really happened, and I guess Ubisoft doesn't care anymore.

You're right that it's mostly Nintendo's responsibility for the Wii U to have a big install base, but it's good that Ubisoft tried its best initially to help out a bit. That's what happened with the Nintendo 64; Rareware arguably supported the Nintendo 64 more than any other company in terms of top quality games, even surpassing Nintendo to an extent. Ubisoft attempted to basically do what Rareware did to the N64 for the Wii U's launch, but that didn't work out as Ubisoft hoped it would.



VortexxPrime said:

That really is a shame. ZombiU was a GREAT original game that used Wii U's unique second-screen perfectly. It was a great horror experience that fully utilzed Wii U's capabilities. What that game NEEDS though is a sequel... there were some problems with the first that could be fixed in a second version that would make it a stellar horror game. It could be what Assassin's Creed II was to the first one. AC1 layed down the framework with great ideas, and AC2 perfected them.



URAmk2 said:


seriously? that's your proof? this quote says it all.

" its package sales were generally soft"

they said it not me. the sad part thats in japan by far their largest market. that pretty much means it was a critical hit. not a commercial hit. if it were a hit sales wise capcom would have proudly provided numbers. your telling me you didn't find that a bit odd? lol! now since that claim is debunked ill wait for the "proof" on your claim that lego city was also a smash hit.

btw you might want to get something for your cough



brucelebnd said:

what did they expect for a rushed game like Zombiu? yeah it was a decent game but you can tell they didn't do much to refine it. it could have been amazing. so what do they expect?

the game was supposed to be "Killer freaks from outer space" which was basically a FPS with rabbids. then they scrapped the rabbids and put zombies in it. that's why the game is so disjointed. it was meant to be something else but changed because they thought zombies would sell. all the time they wasted changing it could have went into making a better game and more people would have bought it



brucelebnd said:

honestly as long as nintendo keeps japanese 3rd parties, indie devs and great 1st and 2nd party software I could careless what the big western 3rd parties do.



Ducutzu said:

Zombi U is a very fun and unique game - nice writing, awesome atmosphere and lots of gameplay, both for novice and advanced players. And I'm not even a fan of shooter games.



Gamer83 said:


Mattrick is a complete idiot who almost sunk an entire brand. I'm sure MS was thrilled he decided to leave for Zynga. Believe me, you wouldn't want that imbecile running Nintendo over Iwata. If it wasn't for Iwata there's a good chance Nintendo doesn't get to the Wii U. Nintendo fans really need to be happy he's the one running the company right now, not some American dolt who would've taken the company third party a long time ago.

And I can't believe after seeing what the Xbox One was going to be that anybody would suggest Mattrick has good ideas. That was a complete piece of anti-consumer trash that only tools like him, Phil Spencer and Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb would dream up. The sooner scumbags like that stop working in the game industry, the better things will be.



brandonbwii said:

I think this was the 3rd best selling game on Wii U. The first two were 1st party. Seems like that would count for something. At least bragging rights for ads or something.



fluggy said:

I really enjoyed it but it wasn't the system seller Wii U needed. With a bit more polish and quality control this coulda been a first person Last of Us. Don't know what Ubisoft expect. . . release a slightly-above-average game that gets average reviews - your not gonna shift the numbers you want to make money. If they made a classic game, they would've sold it by the bucket load! There is no excuse for a seasoned company like Ubi to release average games.



AJWolfTill said:

I love this game, I'm honestly shocked it didn't make a profit being the biggest selling 3rd party game on the system and thought it had great potential as a series. Regarding multiplatform... how would that work? Everything unique about it was a result of the new control options and the gameplay that tied in with it.
As much as I want games like Watch_Dogs and the Devision to thrive I really hope the only things that turn a profit on the Xbone are Fifa, Madden and Cod so that developers stop siphoning resources away from Nintendo consoles.



AzureShadow said:

That's really a shame one of my favorite game(s) next to Monster Hunter of course. Wish they would reconsider but I understand where they are coming from...



element187 said:

I'm not buying the its not profitable line... It sold over 300k copies, made with a tiny team that rushed it to market.... They brought in over 9 million dollars in sales. Are you telling me it cost more than 9million to produce? I'm not believing that.... If they said it didn't make them as much as they wanted, that I can understand but to make no money? Come on the game isn't even polished which is arguably the most time consuming and expensive part of development.



XCWarrior said:

I'm one of a select group I can tell that still plays the Rayman Legends App everyday. Was starting to warm toward the game, thought I might support Ubisoft and stop calling them UbiCrap.

Guess not.

You are back on my s*** list Ubicrap. You will get no money from me.



Peach64 said:

@Luigifan141 I'm sorry, but that's a ridiculous attitude. Ubisoft are a business, and there primary concern should be making money, not helping Nintendo sell consoles. Can you imagine going in to work and telling your boss you want to start a new project that will lose the company money, and probably lead to job losses, in order to help a rival company sell more of their product?

People are acting surprised the 3rd best selling game was such a flop, but these are probably the same people that get angry about the so called doom and gloom stories. Wii U is doing very bad in terms of hardware sales and even worse on the software front, but some people just don't want to acknowledge that. They'd rather convince themselves that all these devs are lazy or being paid off by Microsoft.



Banker-Style said:

The game ain't no classic,but it does shows signs that if it did ever get a sequel,and they did it right,they could have a belter on their hands.

The only way for Zombi U to survive is that either the Wii U sales pick up dramatically,or Zombi U go multi-plat



Metaknight_3Raw said:


I don't think they thought their game would sell massive amounts of Wii Us. Just more than it actually did for something that wasn't a port and was a new IP exclusive. When it didn't sell as well as they hoped I guess they decided to cut their losses. Can you blame them? If my game didn't sell well I would be a little scared too and want guaranteed sales on Rayman Legends. Why should they focus on increasing the install base? They are out to make money with quick results. And so the circle continues. No games means no hardware sales but third parties won't make games because of hardware sales...

How is that lazy my whole point was the fact that they are multiiplatform releases coming to the Wii U which is good for gamers. Because apparently multiplatform now means everything except Wii U. What about the already growing number of games skipping Nintendo out again this gen and coming to PS/XBox. Witcher 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, Grand Theft Auto, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy XV, Fifa, Battlefied, Mirror's Edge, The Division, Thief and there's much more. That's why I acknowledged Ubisoft's Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed for actually coming to the system and giving it a chance.

As for exclusives we'll have to wait and see whether Mario Kart and SSB are going to be the savior of the title and shift some Wii Us. If all goes well more third parties will bite.

I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I just get annoyed when people act like all third parties are evil goblins and that Nintendo can do no wrong. It wasn't really directed at you just a general statement of attitudes that I see sometimes.



P-Gamer-C said:

Lol even ubi realises how stupid they were for putting this game on wii u they a re pulling out another loss for the wii uj



URAmk2 said:


So you defense is "if the company said so it s true". sigh.... you cant even properly defend your own claims. i easily pointed out the holes in your "proof" on MH3U. your also still avoiding proving your claim of lego city being a smash hit. because we both know you cant. your boring me now. move on.



Gamer83 said:


I think the game was just a bad idea in general. The laughable thing here is all the moronic comments from the Nintendo fanboys. Calling Ubisoft lazy when it has been by far the best supporter of the Wii U, even ahead of Nintendo to this point, is a complete and utter joke.



dumedum said:

Disappointed to hear this. It has 117 Amazon reviews which seemed to indicate a high interest. It is such a fantastic game and I was sure it sold rather well. Reggie himself promoted this title in Jimmy Fallon. I think its difficulty was a downside for too many reviewers which hurt it. I hope it picks up later on with more hardware sales and has good legs.

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