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Fri 17th Sep 2010

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Melistrius commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

Oh yea, had my fun with Ubisoft as well today wen I got asked by them to fill a survey. So I thought "WHo cares, maybe I can express my opinion about their Nintendo-related-offerings" but in the end it was just pure commercial for PS4 and XBOne. THe WiiU was just listed in the beginning alongside with the Wii in the beginning but later when there was asked if I prefer playing on old gen or next gen there was just PS3/360 and PS4/One sll the time... No Mention of Nintendo, just 100 Questions when I will buy some of this awesome new machines to play their awesome new games... And of course no free expression field... But a good question would be why they care about MK8 as they don't really care for N anyway... Trolling? Getting hits? Attention whores? Whatever the reason, may they have their opinion and good it is.



Melistrius commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

I can ver well see EA supporting the U and the 3DS with one of their great business models they've used for the like of Dungeon Keeper. With Nintendo themselves showing that f2p can work, EA must really be thinking about it and they would have an example for their "great relationship". There are some more bullfrog classics they could destroy like Dungeon Keeper
As for the big titles... Well I don't think I will be plying them on my WiiU or 3DS, I'm just hoping that I may get Watch Dogs by the end of the year allthough it will be a hard decision by then when the Steam Version will cost like 10 and the WiiU-Version 60 or 70. And I doubt Ubi will show anything about the U-Version.



Melistrius commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

@Imerion The tutorials are very basic but should explain abaout everything like how you shouldn't open, rochade, etc. There are also the challenges were you for example have to figure out how to set someone check mate in 1 to 3 turns in a predefined setup. I would count them as tutorials too because you can learn very good how to use situations to your advantage and plan strategies. Hope this helps a little



Melistrius commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

After the initial online problems it is, as already mentioned by some, very playable. Two days ago I had two games running simultaniously and they were almost real time with no loading/waiting. If you like chess then you should really give it a try and we should also do a NL tournament

The only thing that should really be resolved is when your online partner doesn't act anymore, than he should be folded after some time.



Melistrius commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

Very nice, can't wait. And I don't get all the complainers. I think the pricing is about right (also it's cheaper now because of the premium discount that is still running), yes they are old but they have value. I see worse games sold way higher. And of course it would be nice to have cross buy and all but we'll see what Nintendo will do, noone can foresee if it will arrive later and you may get credit or whatever. And I like it being on the WiiU as there are games that some people here in my home would love to watch me playing. Some people seem to must complain for the sake of it.



Melistrius commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

@DefHalan From what I know you have every kind of attitude in those bundles. Some games sold many units and the developers want to squeeze some more pennys out of it with a bundle... Some just didn't sell very well and again, the people behind it want to squeeze some money out of it. Look at Day One: Garrys Incident... Horrible reviews, sold poorly, was fast in a bundle. The reason is always money, like many games only going into bundles without dlc to make the people curious etc. or using bundles to get votes on greenlight (And then break their proise of making steam keys availlable for those supporters from the bundle...) Humble and others also had to raise the BTA to 6.00 because many developers/publishers said that with a pay what you want they don't get enough money. Of course there is always this "support charity" thing but if you look at the statistics you can clearly see that most people just keep the sliders were they were... After all you can't judge anything if a game is in a bundle, except for "We have no (more) audience and want more money" Don't get me wrong, I love bundles and got games that way that I would never have bought and I really hope that some day there will also be WiiU 3DS bundles but it should all be taken with a grain of salt.

On Topic: It sounds harsh... I am an audience too. But to be honest: The initial price tag was too high, broken promises aside. I thought it was okay but it always felt like... I don't know... as if something was missing... I had hopes for a revival were they would listen to fans and create a great third one because there really is a good ground for it... But okay, they won't do it, they are pissed about the game because it killed their business in a way... But it is the audiences fault... Well the audience told you what they didn't like and all you had to do is work on this issues... but I guess it's easier to just give up and be pissed about it... The mentality of today



Melistrius commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

We can clearly not tell the whole story as we got only one side, but many here really love to jump to conclusions anyway... So what I get from his tweets is, that they went to N and begged for a marketing campaign, so it's safe to assume that EA already told them what they will do with their port: Nothing. At this point some may say that N had to jump in but as many have pointed out it would've been useless. Bad press about EA and N and the game was already circulating quite early and I can see N not feeding EA at this time (or at any time). This is bad for him and his team but he should also see the other side.
We also don't know what happened exactly and therefore it's hard to make any definite conclusions. On the other hand I think that it's not that bad if we count all those negative arguments, some people brought up. So no advertising, really overpriced (It was often 70 Euros here on Amazon in Germany like the U Version of CoD and this is really ridicolous) and the core Fans knew it ould've no support. But it still sold an amount of games. Yeah sure noone knows where this port has been profitable but as I can see this game still high in price I doubt that many bought it at a bargain. Who knows.

Many are so quick to say that quality games don't sell on WiiU bla but after all the U has a much higher software attach rate than 4 and One. If he is not sure if he will develop for the U than that's his decision, he neither ruled it out yet, so we will see but he should really think in bigger terms of what his publisher did. As stated we don't know jack about the truth, maybe EA was hoping for N to marketing it and launch a "Hyper Exclusive GOTC Edition" for all other platforms on the same day for half the price just for kicks. Who knows, fact is that his game was sold even if everything exceot for most reviews was against them. Yes it didn't sold millions and propably won't in the future but he did a good job and delivered a good product. THAT'S the thing to be happy about. The many Gamers that appreciated the work, don't be pissed because it weren't millions. I did buy it and I thank you for delivering it... Deliver a good game and I will buy it, it's that easy.

and @Rafie: Well they should do it once with a top title. Really release it at the same day with the same features and a printed money back guarantee to support it exactly like the other platforms and then compare the sales. Everone is so fast to say that games don't sell on Nintendo Systems but they do when they're good. I would be really interrested in the sales with such an experiment. Watch Dogs would've been a good example because it appeared to be the middle-Version, a bit less than 4/1 and a little bit more than 3/360 but that experiment was already fushed so let's see if there will be another chance for it...



Melistrius commented on Zero Escape Series Director Struggling to Find...:

@Einherjar I know what you mean, I felt like that before but then I bought part two and gave it a go and to be fair I would say it is nonecessity to have played part one. A lot is covered through the archives you get and yes there are references but I can't remember any that shouted "play 999 now" Actually the game made me want to play it but just because it is so awesome. Beieve me, you can really enjoy it even without having played it and I believe the EU promo for the title is still up. For 13 Euros you should really give it a go when you like a complex and text heavy story with many good thought out puzzles. Just believe me you should really not miss it out because part one wasn't released here.



Melistrius commented on Rumour: Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Do...:

Well if they really cancel it than the gae should reall have serious problems. This far in the development stage I don't really could think of a good reason...

But I had this thought since Amazon cancelled my deadsec-edition months ago and didn't list it anymore for the U... dunno... it would be a stupid move by Ubi that already live on the edge with Nintendo-Fans and if this is true than there will be definately zero support from them in the foreseeable future for Nintendo. It's like quitting the relation via sms and I just hope they have more balls than this



Melistrius commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@TruenoGT Nope it will only reduce more to call of duties. Creative takes will go bankrupt one after another and only some games will stay healthy and they will only because they will "musthve" dlc or around 300 bucks in total that add a new Multiplayer Weapon that owns everyone so everyone has to get it etc.
You have a good point but the big ones know how to sell bad games (Sim City... How could they make money off of this... why did anyone buy it... And see how much dlc is already up and up to come that many will buy...)



Melistrius commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@Yorumi That's the point, being "old" games (In term of already released a year ago) doesn't help either. I got the same games as you just ZombiU instead of Sonic. But with other releases I had to think twice. Paying 60 for ME3 for example was a little bit unjustified judging by other releases. Blops was even 70 in the beginning and is still 60 today at most places... But I think Trine 2 is a great example. I didn't regret buying it and I just hope I can play more games like this for this price even if 3rds are really abandoning the U completely. Most indies are satisfied with their U sales as far as I'ver heard (except this paper fly thing I forgot the name of it)



Melistrius commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

Interesting read and interesting comments... It's always the same... A "hardcore gamer" has to have another console... Hate wehen people say that and they say it every generation again and again... I have over 100 Wii-Games and none I disliked but it only makes you "hardcore" if you played the latest shooter installment. Well I don't mind if I'm not int this category but I am a gamer and I go the Nintendo/PC route since ever. The only other consoles I have are a Dreamcast and a PsP alltough I barely played the later because I had no real fun with it.

But through this I missed out on some of the titles that made the jump as port for WiiU and I had fun with them and still have. Some may be flawd in comparison, but the key word is fun, why should I need 10 NPC-DLC for 1.99 each or a more blurred out shadow or whatever when I can have fun with it? Yes of course some need the best of the best and copare everything but at the end of the day you won't have less fun because of some higher resoluted texture or through unneeded dlc. And if you do, than the game had it's flaws to begin with. That's not against dlc per se but if I can have fun without it, than I don't have to have it. If 3rds decide to release them I may buy them but if not I'm fine.

But to get back to the point I was never expecting every 3rd to arrive on WiiU suddenly but this is true to the comment of @Gerbwmu Many people cannot afford too many games and so it is quality and hype that counts. We also saw in orevious generations that games on Nintendo consoles sold over long (even 3rd-parties) and that a first thtought flop became a commercial break even or success. So there is also some truth in tha "lazy developers" They really have to put effort in it and it will pay out most of the time and mostly when N is releasing not much. And Nintendo knows that and gave third parties the chance in the beginning and most of them screwed it with old and/or bad ports for a quick cash in.

So we will never be able to tell the truth behind closed doors of any console manufacturer but if this article is for real than why not admit which game it was? Maybe it is one of the bad ports everybody really interrested already played? Is it bad port because they had not enough help from Nintendo or is someone pissed that the cow kicked back? we will never know for sure but we do know that games are coming and that some effort can pull some sales. Some just flop hard but most of them have a reason to flop. Like W101 - unavaillable in stores, barely any marketing and a demo that turned more people off than on. And ZombiU sold a Million and was not profitable so they throw it out for 10 bucks as if this would make it profitabel... It has a base... make a sequel with the same engine and a little more polish and sales will surpass the first one for much less investment. The 3rds only see the bad side but look at it another was: Your Version is inferior to every othe Version, it's missing content and/or dlc but there are STILL people who buy it and support you. Imagaine that you support THEM and make the full fledged version availlable and than moan if sales stay bad...

I'm happy so far and I'm happy with what is announced. South Park will be PC-buy then and many of the announced titles don't really get me until they are in a sale.

And for the 2it-is-so-hard-to-port"-argument, most actual engines have built in sliders to weaken everything for you. Yes it is still a job but it is much easier than it was in the past. And allthough the won't handle all new engines, those that bcreate good ones have easy porting tools to the last engine...

Sorry I said more to some comments than to the actual title. I don't see it as doom article, it's just fleshing out the discussion that sourrounds the article with some things that everyone can and should consider. I for myself will support good efforts on the U even if they may be stripped down as long as they're fun, because that is what my console is for. So the more they bring the more I may buy and as in every other business get your asses up and put effort in it and more people will want it. Like "Uncharted", a for me mediocre game that put effort in hype and flair and used good sequences to hide poor gameplay passages and so got it's high reviews and it's good sales, it's just a matter of fact that you can get people to buy everything with enough effort. (And no, Im fine with everyone who likes the game and I don't think every N-Game is awesome before that comes to discussion, I#m just throwing a example)



Melistrius commented on Review: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Nintendo 64):

So will there also be a review for the german version that replaced the enemies with robots with funny sound effects?

Personally I loved the second one the most. it was really gorgeous at the time with the ram enhancer and it was really fun to play through it.



Melistrius commented on SNES Platform Hero Plok Makes A Long-Overdue R...:

Good memories... I had so many hours with this game and died so often in the later stages. Especially the last levels were so hard... But I loved it. Can't forget the Al Bundy reference (in the german translation at least) when he dug up the sock I believe instead of the flag. It was really something special at that time but I hope if it gets some new entry it won't be on iOS because that would be a complete waste in my opinion. I mean I don't see it selling truckloads but with a decent budget as eShop title it could do very well because I doubt the fans will get it for their phone and the younger generation will hardly buy it on their phone with all the alternatives. We'll see, I just hope there will be more than these comic strips because they don't satisfy me.



Melistrius commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

So according to vgchartz it's at 0,46 mil. I'm not sure if the WiiU-bundles are included but the digital downloads are most definatelly not. So I really have to ask myself what would have been called a success based on the WiiUs sold I think it is a quite good amount and it has some good word to mouth what means that some will buy it when they buy a WiiU.

Personally I quite enjoyed it but what took me off that it was absolutely impossible to get it below 70 Euros in the beginning and I have to admit I wasn't really "stunned" about the graphics. they are really not bad but they looked... I don't know... rough... as if the game was rushed. same goes for the story were I felt like they concluded it at about half the original planned storyline. But I really did enjoy it and I'm planning to revisit it some times so the job is done. Alltough a lot of potential was missed.

I can actually understand that they want to try their luck with the new consoles now but it's hard to predict anything. I honestly doubt that their titles will sell so much better on those upcoming platforms so what is up next? Staying with the guaranteed sellers like Splinter Cell, AC and Just Dance with some rabbits thrown in every now and then? I guess that is the problem with the industry. Just look at SC, this game had such drastical changes in every aspect so it appears to the modern CoD-user that will buy it. And yes I will get it too and I guess I will enjoy it too but not like the old ones I'm afraid. And this is not only because I've grown older but because the budgets are so high that everything tries to copy the games that really sell well. Unfortunatelly for me this is CoD (No offense against it, I just barely enjoy shooters) and so the industry is going this safe way with only the Indies taking some kind of risk. And this is all I saw from the X and PS so far that's why I'm not interested. It's the safe route with everything toned down to the minimum, over the top violence to have something for the 12 year old, and of course the interactive movie with quicktime-events. It's sad but this is the future and the current state. That's why great companies close because of just one failure and it is sad. To each their own but sometimes I just wish we could have just ONE console from all three with all their games availlable to everyone. i guess then every company could take a risk and do something unique... After all 500k is a failure for a not so polished game with mixed reviews. It's just a matter of time until we have only a few companies left and only Call of Duty, Call of Dirty, Men of Duty and some Gears of War with a (un)Final(ized) Fantasy every now and then to play. We will see...



Melistrius commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Curious Decision to ...:

@Captain_Balko Actually it doesn't matter if the other person has the dlc, you get your help in the new games anyway. I bought them and tested it with my old 3DS. The old 3DS doesn't have the dlc but the Mii showed up fine and acted as if he has it by showing his flower etc. There may be restrictions that I haven't found yet but so far it doesn't seem to matter if the person has the dlc or not.

That said I really like the new games and I am in a region with really low streetpass count and using the old 3DS for this is not something I often do. I just use play coins to buy some helpers if I want to play the game. Yes, the price is a little high but from what I can tell they are not just some short games, they are fun and take some time and so far I will replay them some times because I like them. And that's all i want from my game: fun. On a sidenote I hope they will do more with Plaza. Most Wanted would be a pink puzzle buy for 10 play coins or whatever but waiting for the special persons to bring some is just bah, I really want to know how they look when they're finally finished after many months ^^

I can have my fun with play coin cats even if it is harder that way, every other person may not and should just pass on the dlc. It's a decision for everyone to make I can just say that they are all fun so far (allthough the flower one hasn't fully got me yet)