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Sun 7th Jul 2013

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KingBoo01 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

@ferrers405 That would be awful. Even if I weren't to use the Homebrew Channel, its nothing more than a hassle, especially for those who have internet caps, or slow internet. I would probably stop updating altogether. Also, @Kaze_Memaryu technically Smealum's version wouldn't support 3DS roms, what would probably happen is using this channel as a base to program a rom reader, however that would end up being a separate app unrelated to this.



KingBoo01 commented on Metroid Fan Film Fundraising Campaign Demolish...:

This is kinda sad, but expected. Nintendo should to a feature length CGI animated Metroid movie, with tons of explosions and special effects. But, instead of tons of voice acting, they could make use of atmosphere and music to really set everything.



KingBoo01 commented on Ubisoft: ZombiU Development Was a Learning Exp...:

Even though they did the poor decison (from a pr stance) to make Rayman Legends multiplatform, the fact alone that their putting in the effort to make quality ports, and say nice things about Wii u is enough for them to be a great software company. They're pretty much the only third-party to invest in the second screen gameplay mechanic, and I'm definitely thankful.



KingBoo01 commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

I may be growing up in a generation of casual gamers, but not all people are talentless. Even though like half of our school is glued to the the latest angry birds game, there are a few kids who still know what a real game is. Smash Bros, Street fighter, Mario, and Pokemon. That's what I grew up with, and what still play today. Console gaming is not going away. Nintendo and Sony are not going. And I still play those classics, and every generation, there will be people that still play the older classics. Heck, I still get out my old Gameboy to play Pokemon Red, or Bonk's adventure.



KingBoo01 commented on WaterMelon Hiring Pixel Artists For New SNES a...:

That's really awesome! Speaking about SEGA, I've been thinking. With all the hype online for Dreamcast games, don't you think that they should do a limited re-release of the Dreamcast with upgraded specs, and if it sells, they could consider investing in a new console?



KingBoo01 commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

This is to bad, kinda expected considering the reviews and everything, but this could've become a really cool series. If they were to release a new one that relieved the problems of the old one, I think that would become Nintendo's killer app.