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Thu 23rd May 2013

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AzureShadow commented on Soul Saga: Episode I Officially Heading To Wii U:

Backed this one and I like how it keeps going and going, I'm hoping we get the job board stuff and all. Even if we don't at least we got the airship battles and such. Overall definitely looking forward to this one


That's guild hall not job board wrong thing .



AzureShadow commented on Project Sweat Could Come To Wii U if Stretch G...:

Eeh well if it will be like an RPG and something similar to Muramasa in the gameplay department I'd be all for it. RPG eeh perhaps given that there is supposed to be more characters. 2D side scroller kind of has me interested. I may back this



AzureShadow commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

Yep I have been seeing stories all day of how the WiiU has jumped in terms of spots on Amazon UK. Good to see more people are buying a WiiU hopefully more third parties will take this as a sign to bring us more games. Perhaps Ubi will see a risein ZombiU and make a ZombiU2



AzureShadow commented on E3 Nintendo Direct Date and Time Confirmed:

@Mqblank A puzzle type of game with perhaps RTS elements. I think the WiiU Pad would be perfect for that and it is kind of showcased in a few Nintendo Land games at least the Luigi's mansion one. I think it would be a nice change of pace or better yet even some MMO stylized game similar to Lego City which would have been even more fun with co-op; but either way still enjoying it!