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Funbunz commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I wish they were upscaling the graphics. No way am I rebuying wii games, so far I already have everything announced for NA. And I don't get this move by Nintendo. Were people asking for this? I would way rather have some SNES on 3ds and Ds/gamecube for wii u.



Funbunz commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Well, another disappointing anouncement. Nintendo is really on a roll this month. I was actually about to cash in all my coins and give up since the rewards have been either crap or unavailable (still bitter about XL charging cradle!) because I'm tired of checking the new rewards every month just to be let down. A program to reward loyal fans shouldn't be a small selection of games that those fans have already likely purchased several times over the last 25 years.
And those hoping for something better to replace Club Nintendo, or an actual unified account? Prepare to be sad.



Funbunz commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

@JaxonH you're absolutely right about the fact that no matter what Nintendo does, people complain. I get tired of reading complaints, too. But this time it affects ME! Rage White standard Rage fury. Lol, I will quit complaining now and move on with my life. Thanks!



Funbunz commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

@JaxonH even if only 10% of us would choose the standard version, that's still a huge number of sales. How many new 3ds XLs will be sold in the states? A million, 2 million? I have no idea, but I know 10% of that is going to be many thousands of lost sales. It doesn't makes sense to me, Nintendo is just walking away from their customers.



Funbunz commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I know I keep complaining about this, but I'm hoping Nintendo may pay attention to complaints. I want the white standard! And it better have the colored buttons! I have the cash. They make the unit. I don't understand why they don't want my money.



Funbunz commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

Assuming that the XL model has been a bigger seller than the standard, and I do like my XL better than my old black one. But the new standard is bigger! I think it's the right size- screens large enough to see, but still small enough to fit in a picket easily. And I'm tired of seeing posts about "Lolz the xl fits in my pocket LOL buy bigger pants."
That's not even the point. It's unfair to show us a product, get people excited, and then pull the rug out from under us on reveal day. If they really think it won't sell here, or that stocking plates will be an issue, why can't they just offer it online?
If I can buy old game manuals and Wii remotes online from Nintendo, why can't they sell me that white, colored button 3ds?



Funbunz commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

I'm so annoyed at Nintendo! First, I finally upgraded to an XL a while back. Acually just a few days before they announced the Link Between Worlds 3Ds. But I'm not still bitter about that...
Then I see that awesome white Japnese model with those magic buttons. I just knew it would be mine! But no, Nintendo pulled yet another duck move.
And just to rub salt in the wound, the Majora's Mask version apparently has such limited stock that it was gone before my rage could subside and I had a chance to consider if I even wanted one. So I guess I should be thankful as I am trying to save my money, and Nintendo's Direct today has made that much easier. Now I can keep my worn out Pink XL, and I won't have to buy yet another copy of Xenoblade since I won't be able to play it.
And really, why should I buy Majora's Mask again anyway? I've bought that twice already, on N64 and Wii.
Not even Monster Hunter 4 can cheer me up now.



Funbunz commented on Video: Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offe...:

@BensonUii You are assuming you will have access to the previous generation eshop. If they remain seperate as they have been, there are no guarantees that the new console will have access to the wii or wii u shop. Or that they won't charge you a couple more dollars for the convenience of having it on the new system, like they've done with Wii U currently. I think I will just keep my old Wii discs as I'm pretty sick of buying the same games over and over again.



Funbunz commented on Pokémon Shuffle is a Match-Three Game With Sl...:

Pass. I was disappointed enough with Battle Trozei to keep me from wasting time on this. I have played many Pokemon spinoffs, and the only one I really enjoyed was Pokemon Snap. How about a new version of that, building on how Pokemon Dream Radar worked? Nevermind, Nintendo has really shown today that they don't want my cash. WHERE IS MY STANDARD SIZE WHITE NEW 3DS WITH FAMICOM BUTTONS!??!



Funbunz commented on Nintendo eShop Cards Are 10% Off at Best Buy T...:

Not enough of a discount to get me to shop there. And a sales tax question for you folks in sales tax states: if you change your 3ds's settings to a non tax state, theoretically of course, can you then use the eshop cards and avoid the tax? Just curious, cuz I live in Oregon and the cards are always good for face value here anyway. I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone should try something unethical like avoiding a tax, I was just curious if it would work that way.



Funbunz commented on Rumour: Red New Nintendo 3DS XL With 13th Febr...:

But I don't want a red one, boo hoo hoo. I want a white regular with colored buttons and a cool Majora's Mask faceplate. It can have the moon in silver or gold on it, or the outline of Majora's Mask would be ok too. Pretty please? And a charging cradle! C'mon, Nintendo.



Funbunz commented on Fresh Batch of New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Ema...:

What about North America? Special editions are really nice, but at this point I would be pretty happy just to have a release date. I'm also still waiting for that Flipnote on 3Ds! The website still has release as TBD, so there's still hope. Right? Right?



Funbunz commented on Feature: A Year in Development - RCMADIAX:

While I haven't been very excited by anything I've seen from RCMadiax yet (though I might download Blok Drop U) I have a ton of respect for him. No, his games don't look all that special. But they also don't look like bottom of the bin, broken garbage shovelware ( looking at you, Meme Run). I really find the things he said in the interview to be refreshing after reading some of the nonsense spouted by Ubisoft and EA this year. I for one would much prefer paying a few bucks for RCMadiax's games than over paying for a late, gimped, sloppy port.



Funbunz commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

Wow, lots of strong negative opinions on this topic! I think it would be great. If I had a nickel for everytime I'd wished I could make a call or send a text on my 3ds, it would pay for a Nintendo phone. A sturdy, reliable, glitch free phone with apps that always work!
However, I am not a big fan of mobile gaming and shovelware in general. I would way rather Nintendo used the phone to bridge the Wii U and 3ds. For example, if you set Smash as your favorite game on 3ds, your phone would automatically bring up Smash Bros wallpaper. The music player would have the soundtrack to listen to, ringtones too. And why not get updates sent with tips on fighting as your favorite character?
The point is, they could use it to promote and supplement what they are already doing and add value to their customers. It doesn't mean they have to devolve into making awful mobile games.



Funbunz commented on Video: GameStop Shows How It Faked 'Karissa th...:

Yes, it's just a publicity stunt. Did it hurt anyone? No. But it is pretty stupid. Setting up something dumb and fake is the best they could come up with? Way to go, Gamestop. I bought Smash Brothers somewhere else.



Funbunz commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

Lame. I don't like shopping at Gamestop, but since I won't be buying any Amiibo it won't matter to me. But if they make a light up Monado kind of like those toy lightsabers, I'm in. I'd enjoy waving that around and shouting about how "I'm really feeling it!" in a bad english accent.



Funbunz commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

I guess I don't know much about sleep monitors or why folks without sleep anea would need one. It will basically tell you how much sleep you get? Maybe it will connect to 3ds? I suppose I would get way more sleep if the monitor could disable my 3ds at bed time so I don't stay up way too late playing Smash Bros.



Funbunz commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special D...:

Man, I am sick of their dumb codes. I am still bitter and angry cuz I didn't get a code for Tomodachi Life or Smash, even tho I have been a Platinum Cub Nintendo member for several years. But Nintendo, I can never stay angry at you (SEND ME A POKEMON CODE!) although some of your strange decisions make me wonder why I am still a fan...



Funbunz commented on Review: KORG DSN-12 (3DS eShop):

This looks pretty cool! Can anybody tell me if this has premade sounds? And if so, how many and what kind of variety? I like electronic music, but I also want to be able to make some less electronic sounding stuff. Like a piano or guitar sound! I have Rytmik Retrobits, but unfortunately I don't have the talent it takes to turn that game's mostly annoying sounds into anything as cool as the demo tracks that come with it.



Funbunz commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

While I appreciate what appears to be actual honesty, it's too little and too late. Ubi is probably doing me a huge favor, my backlog of games grows steadily and I really can't waste time on mediocre titles. Everytime they release a game, they seem to increase my annoyance with them. I probably would have bought Rayman and Watchdogs if not for the delays. I almost bought Child of Light last weekend until I realized there was missing DLC. I WILL NOT pay for gimped ports and incomplete games. I'm starting to believe they must want to fail.



Funbunz commented on Soapbox: 'Vintage' Used Game Prices Do Nothing...:

I avoid shopping there whenever I can. Cracks me up when I see a used copy of a game there for $30 when I can walk down 2 stores to Target and buy the game new for $20. I really don't understand how they stay in business. But this does have me considering selling my copies of Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy. I could buy a 3ds xl!



Funbunz commented on Review: Galaga (Wii U eShop / NES):

Yeah, five bucks seems kinda steep. Not just for this game, though- Nintendo would make lots more money on these old games (at least from me!) if they were more reasonably priced. I'd have downloaded quite a few old NES titles for my 3ds if they were 2 or 3 bucks.



Funbunz commented on Disney Infinity's First Wave of Power Disc "Bl...:

@unrandomsam Fire Emblem is a pretty good game, don't miss out just because you don't like the DLC. Just don't get the extra stuff. I played through it the first time without buying any, and really enjoyed it. I bought the EXP map for my second playthrough to cut down on time spent grinding, and I don't regret it.



Funbunz commented on Nintendo Feels That Working On Smartphones And...:

Not too long ago, weren't all the industry "pros" calling for Nintendo to abandon the 3ds, because they'd never be able to compete with smart phones? I have no games on my smart phone at all. But I sure love my 3ds for gaming.



Funbunz commented on First Impressions: Disney Infinity:

Pass. I don't care if it has more to do than Skylanders, I'm not buying any game that requires buying stupid plastic crap that my kids will misplace. I already spend the first 5 minutes of a gaming session looking for remotes, controllers, and the game I want. Not adding a plastic toy to the mix. Also, Disney sucks. I'm pretty tired of them and all their repackaging of old characters and movies.



Funbunz commented on Soapbox: The 8-Bit Era Laid the Groundwork, bu...:

@Ickaser I've thought about this a bit, I see my kids do the same thing! I go on and on about how great the original LOZ is, and they just don't enjoy it. I think newer gamers struggle with classics for two reasons- #1 you have so many other options for games and entertainment (got LOZ for xmas when I was 10. Only had 4 other games at all, not 100 games to pick from like my kids) and #2 is imagination. Since games never looked very real, we would look at the art on the box and manual, and pretend that blurry blue blob on the screen was actually a dragon. And that kind of mental investment is probably why older gamers have such nostalgia for the old games.



Funbunz commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Optimistic About The Future o...:

Doesn't matter if PS4 comes with no game and requires a subscription. It still only costs a little more. People know you can't just buy the console- even Wii U buyers are likely to get a pro controller or Wii remote, rechargeable batteries, etc. I think my brother dropped about $600 by the time he left the store with his Wii U.



Funbunz commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS eShop / NES):

When I was a kid, I found this game almost too difficult. Now I'm older (and out of practice) and this game is still pretty difficult. I got All Stars on the Wii, but I might still buy this. I always preferred the NES version.



Funbunz commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

So sad! I love Wind Waker SO MUCH, but the only complaints I have about the game (stopping to redirect the wind and MIDI music) are still issues with the remake. WTF Nintendo? I liked the slow boat speed, I liked the triforce collecting, and I don't see a huge difference in the visuals. Yeah, it looks a little better. Yeah, the few new features are kind of cool. But why can't the 3ds act as a tingle tuner? I would rather they just stuck this on the eshop. I'd never pay more than about $25 for a remake with so little added. At least the Ocarina remake added 3d.



Funbunz commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS):

Wow! I wanted this game before, now with good reviews and the $30 promo, I can't wait. I still can't figure out why the download would cost the same as a limited edition bundle, though.