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Wed 1st May 2013

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cdawg commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

Also, they seem to be getting themselves into the cycle where a third party wont port until nintendo can guarantee a certain ammount of sales, but nintendo cant sell because they dont have the 3rd party ports.

They need to change soon.



cdawg commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

The 3ds dominates the market but it sells like what, half as much as the DS used to 8 years ago? Its going to be difficult to sell a handheld console when there are powerful devices out there that play game and are also phones. The handheld market is a lost cause long term. The talk about quality of games and all that stuff is irrelevant to your casual user.

Now nintendo needs a massive change of strategy and image. For a very long itme it seems, the company has refused to acknowledge the market they are part of and keep up with it (online capabilities and HD only until 2013, come on). They lost their customer base because they all moved to systems that gave them what they wanted which is a capital sin. Give me a good competitive console where I can experience popular titles and that the bonus is to play nintendo IPs and Im there. The console market is dictated by people who are willing to shell out the cash and place the device in front of a tv and dedicate time to it. No surprise that this same crowd is people who are looking at experiencing more mature content. Nintendo doesnt listen to its consumers and does not acknowledge the market they have to be a part of and they are paying for it sadly. The CEO needs to be fired, their hardware policy has to change, their image has to move away from toy/kiddie/casual, and they need to listen to their customers before they decide to move on to somwhere else which has been happening for what it seems like 12 years now.



cdawg commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

This is bad. It was a great game.

This only encourages other 3rd developers to stay away from this console because the console doesnt reach the market they want to reach.

Its not looking good for Nintendo



cdawg commented on Investor Approval Rating For Satoru Iwata Drop...:

He may be removed so the company can blame things on him and start fresh.

Under his watch a huge part of the core nintendo fans that could have remaind loyal to the brand moved on to other systems because nintendo did not grow with them or perhaps did not give them what they wanted in a gaming experience. The casual gamer thing worked for a bit but that is no longer the case and the console market is funded by people who arent all that interested in what nintendo keeps trying to deliver. You cant ignore the core of the industry you are in and expect to survive. Not having enough first party developers on two consecutive launches is a big mistake as well.

Nintendo needs a major change of strategy and look because right now they have effectively created a stigma where 3rd party does not want to touch them and they have very few first party titles.

Get back to the SNES/N64 days. Westernize things some. Change the marketing. Bring boatloads of first party, become attractive to the core gamer again.



cdawg commented on Iwata Says He Didn't Commit to Stepping Down O...:

He may not want to quit but eventually he could be pushed out the way things are going.

Nintendo needs a radical change in direction. The cool from the NES, SNES and N64 days is long gone. Itawas approach alienated a lot of the core users who could have been loyal to the brand but moved on to other systems because Nintendo wasnt giving what they wanted. Its a cardinal sin.

Nintendo can remain the cost efficient console company but the lack of titles and the content of its library is completely unbalanced (kiddie games mostly). Nintendo cannot act as if they are not part of the gaming console industry which will only be kept alive by hardcore gamers because casuals are losing interest and have moved on to games on their mobiles.

Itawas model and direction are not the right ones and I think Nintendo will can him sooner or later. Hopefully a more western approach to the console will come in the next generation.



cdawg commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:

Nintendo needs to shed the kiddie image and get back its cool. No point in 3rd party devs spending time porting to a console which has no users that are interested in their games. Nintendo is effectively isolating itself from the gaming market. Lets face it, if they want to stay in the console business they are going to have to sell and appeal to the people who are willing to stick with consoles.



cdawg commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

Meh Retro has been nintendo-ized and they have peaked then and there.

Sure DKC will sell more than metroid, its a kiddie title in a kiddie console. Not to say it isnt a fun game thats well developed.

Nintendo should have Retro with twice the staff pumping out both of these games. A 3 year turnaround for this and no HD metroid prime is highly disappointing for me as I would only buy wiiU if it had a metroid prime game.



cdawg commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

People say how Metroid doesnt sell and now 3rd party developers dont want their games on the system. Whats the common factor there? Neither one fits nintendos cute kiddie games stigma. 3rd party devs know now that because of this focus nintendo has, theres very few people that are going to pay for that console and then buy say NBA2K14. Much less if no one is finding the console appealing and buying it. This is the side effect we cant ignore, nintendo can do its own thing but it cant be completely removed from the market trends.

Look, nintendo should stick to being the cost efficient console, thats a great move, but they need to change their image by diversifying their games library significantly which means investing themselves in more game dev but in the right titles (more mature, more adventure, fantasy, scifi, FPS, etc). Give the part time gamers and full time gamers a reason to purchase this. If I can buy a nintendo system to play current titles(at a lower graphics rate) and nintendo mature(not gore or sex, just more complex and serious) exclusive titles as well as classic stuff like mario at a lower cost than the costly hardware alternatives then its obviously a good option for me.



cdawg commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

Nintendo's niche market is slowly disappearing and shame on them for sticking to the cutesy/kiddie stigma theyve stubbornly stuck with ignoring any type of western appeal and variety. 3rd party will only bring its mature and hardcore titles to consoles that will reach those crowds. Nintendo right now is not an option for 3rd party because they have slowly driven themselves out of the sector the 3rd party titles are for. If the console doesnt sell then theres no point in spending resources porting a title to WiiU. There is a mismatch.

Nintendo needs a radical change and it must start at the top. The install base is not going to increase by putting out more of the same and sticking to the kiddie stigma. Im not saying bring gore and sex, but they need to get more people buying the console and sticking to kid games aint the way to do it. These kiddie games should be a big nintendo feature, not its core.



cdawg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

They went for the titles that they know make them money so I understand that part. I also like their strategy of being the cost effective console at the sake of graphics power.

That being said, Nintendo needs a radical change because I dont see myself or others buying this console for the games. Gen by gen I find it Im less interested in their games and spending more and more in other consoles. Perhaps Ive just fallen out of the demographic they want to go for. Weve come a long way since the super nintendo days no doubt.



cdawg commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

@rastamadeus We can all speculate to defend our point of view:

It clearly is about money. Metroid is the red-headed child of a company that stubbornly wants to maintain a kiddie image and is getting badly disregarded this generation. Of course DKC was goint to take precedence. Nintendo has no intention in pushing a "darker" or "more mature" title like Metroid prime. People always bring up the sales numbers, but Im almost certain to say that Metroid would be much bigger franchise if it wasnt exclusive to Nintendo. Also it may not sell a lot but there are a few like me that only buy the console to play that game so you have to take into account that some of the game sales are actually accompanied by a console purchase. Its a hardcore game for hardcore gamers in a company that loves cutesy. Of course they arent going to give it much of a push or priority.

The truth is that Retro went for a sequel to their last game and most werent really expecting that, even with the sales numbers. However, Im also inclined to say Retro has been nintendo-ized and thats why key people have left them. Not sure if they will be able to do something like Metroid Prime anymore and I think seeing them work on Mario Kart and DKC shows us more where they are going as a developer in terms of style imposed by Nintendo.

Truth is that to me, Nintendo doesnt want to grow outside of their specific niche, and a title that makes me buy their console like Metroid is nowhere to be seen. So yeah, Ill be patient and buy a Nintendo console the day they give me an HD metroid prime game that features the consoles capabilities.



cdawg commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

Obviously Nintendo wants them working on DKC because thats a tittle that falls in line with the nintendo kiddie image. The game is good and these guys do a good job with it. No doubt a fine addition to a console that was in need of titles.

That being said, I wish nintendo would sell the rights to metroid. Its such a great franchise that they are not interested in pushing or supporting it seems. I was really looking forward seeing an HD Metroid Prime type game but it looks like it could be years before we see one which absolutely sucks.



cdawg commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

Dissapointed. I wanted a Metroid title from them. Nintendo need to help these guys expand and tackle more titles at the same time.

Considering they were working on a 3d engine I still hold hope for a metroid title but Im not buying a wiiu til that comes out



cdawg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

Good article. Nintendo needs to loose that cutesy gimmick image like yesterday but that doesnt mean they have to pump out games with sex and gore. What they need is variety and titles for people who simply arent interested in cute games that are just simply fun and lack story.

They need to westernize the brand, as right now they are simply becoming a smaller and smaller niche. Give people variety. Nintendo right now should be growing Retro studios and getting western developers developing western titles.

Mature doesnt have to mean sex and gore, but at the moment there isnt a reason why we shouldnt be able to get a video game experience we get on other systems. I dont care that much about graphics and i rather not have to pay top dollar for that, but nintendo really lacks on the titles end for a more full experience.

Nintendo should keep making the fun games thing but it should really give more mature users a reason to purchase the console.



cdawg commented on Nintendo To Reveal Retro's New Wii U Game "In ...:

Its a new metroid u series. Thats their baby. If that is the case then it makes the wii u a buy for me.

When I see the release lineup for the wii u and see no titles I realize where nintendo starts to fail. Guys like Retro should be at the forefront and nintendo should give them the fire power to work on many different titles at the same time. Their efforts and funding should be placed on getting their most talented developers pushing out games gamers want to play specially if 3rd party titles are playing hard to get. Retro certainly fits the bill on all accounts and I think they may be important players in making the wii u attractive for consumers.