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Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This December

Posted by Andy Green

Just in time for Christmas

Nintendo has announced Super Mario 3D World for Wii U during its E3 Nintendo Direct.

The game features the same style of gameplay found in the 3DS classic Super Mario 3D Land and features four unique characters to play as.

Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are all back and have their own abilities those who played Super Mario. Bros 2 will be more than familiar with.

For example, Peach can hover slightly when she jumps and Toad can run a lot faster than everyone else.

Naturally there's multiplayer for people to get stuck into, and in true Mario fashion you can be a co-operative or competitive as you want.

There will also be at lest one new suit for Mario to don - the cat suit. When wearing this new suit you can climb walls and attack enemies using those sharpened claws.

Super Mario 3D World will be available in December this year.

What are your thoughts on this one? Has this got you excited? Let us know in the comment section below.

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CapnKael said:

I haven't been able to watch the video yet, but that sounds amazing, haha! The cat suit will drive my wife nuts!



Haxonberik said:

Meh, Im slightly disappointed that its based on 3D Land, but Im still sure itll be awesome.



Wolfgabe said:

I can't see why people can hate this. I can tell this is a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros 2



theblackdragon said:

I have begged for years for a game like this, something that allows the princess to be playable again — and that cat suit looks way more fun than some of the other suits they've been messing around with (ugh, penguin suit). after having begged for it for so long, i can't not give this a day-1 try. :3



Klimbatize said:

Haha, based on the amount of bashing Super Mario 3D Land gets from users on this site (overrated! unoriginal! too easy!) this announcement is going to whip them into a frenzy. Especially since there was all this speculation of a Super Mario Universe or something. Oh man, can't wait to read the negative reaction.

Meanwhile, this is the exact type of easily-accessible game to attract more casuals (the majority of people who buy consoles and video games) to pick up a Wii U. It worked for the 3DS two Decembers ago with the release of 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. It may work again.



defrb said:

hwo else can save the wiiu, believe me,. luigi is a nice guy but not half as good as mario.
Good choice and expected, i will invest my coins in this title for sure.



Mk_II said:

love this one! And i bet it willl be the #1 game this holiday season and shift many hardware bundles



BenAV said:

This was a huge disappointment for me.
3D Land was fun, but it's nothing compared to the two Galaxy games.
This was probably what I was most excited for going into the presentation and now it's probably what I'm least excited for.



Cesco said:

Probably I was expecting too much from this title, but I'm a little bit disappointed by both Mario 3D and Mario Kart. It seems to me that Nintendo is reproposing the same lineup of the 3DS but in high definition... I'm not saying that Mario Land 3D or Mario Kart 7 are bad games of course, it's just that I have already played both of them and I was expecting something new...

BTW, I'm wondering if the multiplayer part of this game could be played ONLINE and not just offline with four controllers as usual.



SilverLightning said:

slightly disapointed by this, when nintendo said "3D mario game" i was expecting and like 64, sunshine and galaxy, with the open world, good exciting plot line and most importantly collecting 120 stars, when they showed super mario 3D land in 2011 i was hoping for that but let it pass as it was on a handheld, but on a home console we should be given something on the scale that galaxy was super mario 3D world seems great and i will buy it but i was hoping for something new this seems alittle rushed



FiveDigitLP said:

Yeah, I've gotta say this was a letdown. 3D Land was enjoyable overall, but I was expecting something bigger for the Wii U. We already had a simple 2D Mario game with New Super Mario Bros U.
Also, I've gotta say that I've been defending Nintendo on other places for a while now saying that maybe they reuse their core franchises regularly, but the really redefine them each time and change the art style. Here Nintendo isn't really throwing me a bone. This doesn't look much different than Super Mario 3D Land other than that it's in HD and has four players.



KeeperBvK said:

Seriously? They're basing this off the worst Mario to date, add a cat suit to attract weeaboos, throw in four characters (how could somebody say that this is based on SMB "? It looks nothing like it, aside from the characters) and call it a day? What a shame, but this certainly isn't the game I'm going to buy a WiiU for.
Now Mega Man in SSB is a whole different story. That has peaked my interest.



3DGamerDude said:

Heck yeah! It'll be out THIS YEAR! I'm especially excited about the multiplayer co-op! I'm not sure how I feel about the Cat Suit. I'm glad it's not another Super Mario Galaxy, however, it looks very similar to 3D Land. I want 3D Mario games to go back to collecting stars, not jumping on flagpoles.



Luffymcduck said:

At first I was meh.
Then I was like: "Oh yeah, multiplayer!"

I was expecting something different, but multiplayer seems worth it.



KAHN said:

yeah, this looks lame. looks like a glorified SM3DL. i hated SM3DL. i do. won't be getting this.



catsrnice said:

I was disappointed but it brings some questions.
What's the story going to be if Princess Peach isn't kidnapped.
I noticed there are bosses this time (Instead of just Boom Boom and Bowser) and instead of star coins there are green stars.
I hope the world map is better (If they were awesome they'd have a hub world) and the story's good.



Varia01 said:

Oh darn, really? I was like REALLY hoping for something similar to Mario Galaxy. This is disappointing..... Mario 3D land on the 3DS was fun, but I was hoping for a modern game.



Yasume said:

Embarrassing. An insult, actually. We were promised a new 3D Mario and this is what we are getting? A combination of one of the 15 available New Super Mario Bros. games and SM3D Land. I was expecting a new platform adventure à la Mario Sunshine and Galaxy. This is a joke.

The whole Nintendo Direct was quite awful in fact. There still isn't any reason to buy a Wii U. I guess I'm skipping a Nintendo console for the first time.



SkywardCrowbar said:

I love it from a feminist perspective, and I love it from a gameplay perspective. Cat Mario is going to be awesome!



OorWullie said:

I hate to be a downer but that couldn't have been more unimpressive if it tried.This was the game I really expected Nintendo to knock it out the park with graphics and innovation and say to the competition "Hey look what we've got" but no,we get an update of a rather weak Mario with graphics and an artstyle that looks like it could could have been on the Wii.I'm absolutely gutted!



ivanmata said:

I expected an open world 3d mario, I'm disappointed..... that's too many side scrollers already.... : (



SPEtheridge said:

Well thats a bit disappointing was hoping for more of a sm64/galaxy type game probably won't get this, tbh the whole direct was a massive disappointment nothing good really and all the new games are not really worth shouting about



SilverLightning said:

the name is misleading because some people out there will be "omg ican play it in 3D like the one on the 3DS becuse they both say 3D" then you'll get pitcher saying how awful everything is



LtAldoRaine said:

I haven't watched the footage (I'm at work) but by the 3D-landish logo and the comments,it's really disappointing that it's not an epic game like the Galaxies.



jpfan1989 said:

Wait this is for WiiU? From the title I had just assumed it was 3DS, they should drop the 3D from the title, its a bit misleading



tchaten said:

Loved 3D LAND! - System seller for 3DS - can't wait to play its sequel on the Wii U.

It does have me wonder this seems like they may have another 3D Mario for release in a few years - will that be a Super Mario Universe game ...



Yoshi3DS said:

absolute disappointment.

yet its exactly what i saw coming. i cant really judge though because i haven't seen the footage. im sure it will be good but fact that its similar to super mario 3d land and not super mario 64 or sunshine just pisses me off. but its the same people that made the galaxy games and 3d land so it was quite obvious this was coming.

and is it a sequel to super mario 3d land as its name suggests? i hope yoshi is on it :‘(



Varia01 said:

@Yasume Perhaps Bowser plots vengeance against Mario and is too mad to capture Peach. Peach is willing to stand up for her kingdom and help Mario, Luigi and the Toads defeat Bowser.



DualWielding said:

Would really like to play this game now that I know is Mario 3D land style and not the style of the other 3D marios, also interested in the new Donkey Kong but it is still not enough reason for me to get a Wii U... maybe if they had also announced Kingdom Hearts 3, but looks like that'll be PS4 exclusive



berenlazarus said: 3D Land for a handheld, not so certain about the same game style play on an actual console. I'm sure however it will turn out at least more polished than the disaster that is "Super Mario Sunshine". Still, I was hoping for a spiritual successor to "Super Mario 64" in HD. Oh well.

However, strictly for nostalgic purposes, my favorite two Mario games are "Super Mario Bros 2" and "Super Mario 64", so I'm psyched that we are finally getting the playabe lineup from that NES classic.

What am I most excited about? The possibility of a NEW plot! If the four player theme is from Super Mario Bros 2, Peach is available from the start. Most likely that would (logically) mean that hey, Bowser didn't capture her this time! So what's the story now?

And are we finally going to see Mouser, Tryclyde, Frygyuy, the Subcons, and (dare I say it!), Mamu (Wart's Japanese name)???? Given that they're looking to SMB2 for inspiration, and the fact that they resurrected Boom Boom after over two decades of absence in 3D Land (which was heavily inspired by SMB3), then it's quite possible the bosses will be joining the enemy roster again at LONG LAST!

Miyamoto said SMB2 (along with the first) was his favorite, so here's hoping!



Cesco said:

I still hope that a true sequel to Mario Galaxy will follow in late 2014, maybe they have assembled this game in a hurry to have a Mario game put on sale for christmas and to not hurt the sales of the Wii U... or at least this is what I wish with all my hearth...



element187 said:

Super megaton here.. We knew we would see it, but we didn't know the details.. I figured we would have had a Super Mario Universe for wii U, but I'll take this one.. I always wondered why Nintendo never attempted to do Super Mario Brother 2 again where you can select different characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and then BOOM here it is.. And its 4 player co-op??? I'm so buying this game.... And the art style looked amazing, like an animated painting (all of Nintendo's first party titles look like this... simply beautiful)



Bassman_Q said:

I seriously thought this was a 3DS title when I watched the video. It honestly would make more sense as a 3DS title. Doesn't seem natural on a Wii U.



OorWullie said:

There is no defending this what so ever,no matter how fun it will be guaranteed to be.This is a major letdown! Its lazy,uninspiring and I really can find no words to defend it.There isn't even thought put into the titles either,3D World & Mario Kart 8?Poor show Nintendo!



WaveBoy said:

it looks fun....But it's not doing anything new here with it's glorified 3D Land art direction and worlds based on what has been shown. I need to rewatch it, damn stream cut out most of the footage for me. Still this is pure lazyness, Mario has hit hard times indeed!



Marks said:

You can play as Princess Peach.
There's cat suits.
I don't care what y'all say, this is awesome!



Sean_Aaron said:

My daughter will love the cat suit and it's nice to see a playable Princess Peach; too long absent from the series on consoles. Definitely getting this one for the kiddies!



ueI said:

I didn't like Super Mario 3D Land, but a sequel is only to be expected. Why did it take this long to bring back 4 unique characters? I would have loved it in NSMBW/NSMBU!
Ditto on "I thought this was a 3DS game because it's called 3D."



Ootfan98 said:

I was also expecting a 'Super Mario Universe' type game. 3D Land is good for a Hand Held (for me, 3D Land was more like a 3D New Super Mario Bros).
I was hoping for a return to Open World. I will still buy it, I'm now hoping that all we saw were 'in level' and that there will be open world map area for the levels.



Emaan said:

This was somewhat expected.
Maybe I wish we saw something similar to the adventure games like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy but this still seems great.
I think the levels look like a lot of fun.





Yai said:

Was really hoping for something on the scale of Mario Galaxy, so I am a little disappointed. However it likely will still be fun to play so won't entirely rule It out.



tsm7 said:

I'm sorry but this not at all what I wanted from a home console 3d Mario title.... I guess I'll go with Sonic.



rjejr said:

Wow, so many people feel like I do, I thought I would be crucified here.

This looked like a 3DS game to me, or just HD galaxy w/o the story line. Not the HD open world Mario I still want. We already have a side-scrolling Mario on the WiiU called NSMBU, we don't even need this.

Guess I knew this would happen, it's basically 3D Land in HD on the WiiU.

On the bright side, the entire ND improved after this. Good to have the letdown early, glad they didn't save this one until the end where all the good games were.

I'll still buy it to play w/ my kids, but no strong anticipation.



OorWullie said:

@LtAldoRaine I'm on a downer mode too after that and I will join you in the assumption it likely wont have online multiplayer.In fact I would pretty much guarantee it!



Ootfan98 said:

Yes, that was one of my favourite games from the 8-bit home computer era. Still waiting for it on C64 VC, along with Wizball & Spindizzy



SkywardCrowbar said:

I don't get the hate for this title. I just don't.

I guarantee you we'll get an open world Mario game at some point for the Wii U. This game is going to be great, though. It'll be appealing to casual fans, and they'll buy the system. That's what we need right now, great games and system sales.



WiiLovePeace said:

I enjoyed Super Mario 3D Land, I was kinda hoping for the next Super Mario game to not be time limited & I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy more than Super Mario 3D Land. But the addition of multiplayer & the cat suit definitely make this game a day-1 for me. Looks like its going to be fun



sr388survivor said:

I personally feel that this game is to hold us over while they work on the Mario galaxy successor. Or maybe I'm just hoping lol



Ryno said:

@WaveBoy: My thought exactly, Nintendo has some new hardware and this is what they come up with, a sequel to portable game? What happened to the Nintendo we used to know that blew our minds with each new game? At least SMB2 style character differentiation is there I guess..



KongFu said:

I think it looked great. The cat suit seems fresh and fun. I love 3D Land and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one in the holiday season.



julienpoo said:

it looks good, I loved SM3DL on the 3DS, but for the WiiU I was expecting... more



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I knew this was what was going to happen the moment they showed multiplayer. If you want an open world Mario game I seriously hope you don't expect multiplayer as well.



Oscarsome said:

I was horribly disappointed. This is the 3D Mario that is supposed to define the new console? A sequel from the 3DS? Why wouldn't they just make the sequel on the 3DS and give us that 3D Mario that never seizes to excite us in new ways.

It looks fun, sure, the level design will be great. But goodbye originality for the 3D Marios. Hello the next New Super Mario Bros series.



element187 said:

"I can't see why people can hate this. I can tell this is a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros 2"

@Wolfgabe I couldn't agree more. I wanted to see a 3D rendition of SMB 2 since I saw Mario 64... I always loved the idea of being able to select different characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and each performing different, like Luigi jumps higher than anyone else, toad runs faster and picks things up faster, peach floats.... plus add multiplayer co-op, oh my, game of the year

I can't wait, and the art style looks amazing.



NintyMan said:

I love Super Mario 3D Land, so I accept this with open arms! It looks great! That Cat Suit may just be my favorite Mario power-up, and I love the throwbacks to Super Mario Bros. 2.

I'm not surprised at all to see the disappointment. On top of many people on NL not liking 3D Land, many of us (including me) were expecting an open-world platformer, but I'll give this game a chance. I used to think a game like 3D Land was only really good for a handheld, but Nintendo can sure prove me wrong.



element187 said:

@BenAV Can you hold on until you played it before judging it? The two galaxy games were the best games I have ever played period, but I'm not going to judge the new mario until I have a chance to play it with some friends to really gauge it.... For all we know it could be even more creative than Galaxy. The Mushroom Kingdom is a very zainy world, so we will see some crazy crap come out of the minds of EAD Tokyo.



WaveBoy said:

Yeah, being able to play as the SMB2 cast was a nice suprise, but if they choose to release a spiritual sequal to SMB2 down the line, playing as peach & toad would no longer be unique. This is nintendo's way of saying that they will never do a follow up to SMB.2, so lets just strip it's special cast of characters away and throw it in the koopa bin. Sigh*

SMB1,2,3 and World were pure magic and completely different from one another. I miss the good ol days when nintendo were more imaginitive and unpredictable. Miyamoto might be losing it, just like most of these famous directors. George A Romero, John Carpenter, George Lucas ect.

Oh well, i'm sure this going is going to be a butt load of fun, it looks more exciting than 3D Land if anything and will move quicker than the snail paced galaxy But still, mario has somewhat entered the dark ages. The generic cut and paste NSMB series have hurt the little italian plumbers reseme, now we're seeing a 3D Land sequal. I just want that magical feeling i had when playing 2 or World for the first time.
On the fido dido flip side, Cat mario seems look one of the greatest power ups to hit the franchise!



Morpheel said:

This one looks like it will be awesome for multiplayer.

@waveboy: SMB 1, 2, 3 and World are exactly the same thing with different sprites. The only unique one is 2 because Nintendo thought the real SMB 2 would be too hard for poor american kids, so they took a completely different game and Marioized it for the american audiences.



mookysam said:

I was expecting more "oomph". Looks good, but not filling me with excitement.

Until I noticed the Wii U logo I honestly believed this was a 3DS game.



XavandSo said:

I'm almost positive this SM3DW is a filler for the true sequel to the Galaxy 64 arc. Nintendo obviously wanted a 3D Mario game on the shelves by Christmas to compete with the PS4/One and didn't feel that the proper sequel could be finished in time, with Nintendo's Seal of Quality on it. Don't worry guys, it's coming. Enjoy this and MK8 in the process.



grimbldoo said:

"I'm disappointed" how about you actually start thinking for at least a minute (I might be asking for the impossible here), all the people who say this? Nintendo is trying something new here, they are adding multiplayer to a 3D Mario.

Do you actually think they could successfully add a 4 person multiplayer to a game like galaxy, and not have it be frustrating? In a game like Galaxy, where each stage requires a bit of roaming, 4 person multiplayer would fall flat on its face.

As we all know, 3D Land had a very linear stage setup that 4 unique players can easily navigate together, which is exactly why Nintendo chose this setup to try out multiplayer.

Reading through these comments almost makes me sick. You people praise Nintendo's innovation and willingness to try new things one minute, then you crucify them for it the next.



Stark_Nebula said:

@grimbldoo I'm disappointed in the sense that this skew simply isn't geared towards my tastes. I think that's the case here; I really don't care for a cat costume nor a SM3DL sequel. It's probably going to be quite good knowing Nintendo, but personally, I'll probably just pass.



element187 said:

@Ryno blow your minds?

You mean a 3D Mario with real time multiplayer isn't enough? Good grief, My fellow Nintendo fans are embarrassing.



retropunky said:

This does look really neat. It reminds me of the SMB 2 environment with some SMB 3 elements. Is that a frog suit I see? Not disappointed.



Moshugan said:

Oh man!
In itself, this looks super fun and it will be thoroughly enjoyable!
But on the other hand, it's not THE epic genre-defining new fully-3D gem everyone was hoping for.
That's the problem with this Direct, and Nintendo at the moment:
Everythings good, but there's nothing epic!

EDIT: I recant, there's something epic: Monolith's X.



berenlazarus said:

Well, it looks like Nintendo doesn't know the answer to that perennial question either: where do you take the conventional "Super Mario 3D" game style of star collection after the wholly remarkable "Super Mario Galaxy 1/2" combo? Both those games were incredible, and very well may have taken the star collection to its logical conclusion. Personally, I hope not though.

Also, what I really want (and have been since SMG2) is a 2D Mario sidescroller based off the graphical style and gameplay of the 2D Mario sections in SMG2. Now THAT would be an amazing title, and far better as the next 2d rather than yet another "New" side scroller.



sonicfan1373 said:


The problem that I am having is not that they are trying out new concepts (in fact it is quite the opposite). the problem is that aside from the cat-suite and the co-op mode this game feels like and looks like Super Mario 3D Land (it feels more like a 3DS game than a Wii U game). These are only my first impressions based on what I have been shown and I will not judge the game until I see more, but I am concerned at this point.

I am worried that this game (like 3D Land) will rely on repetitive stage themes, power-ups, puzzles, and bosses. If Nintendo adds newer elements to this game and fixes some of 3D Land's flaws (which I mentioned in the last sentence) then I will be all for it.



Klimbatize said:

LOL at these comments. Called it.

This is the exact type of Mario game the Wii U needs to attract buyers. You all are not the target.



Marshi said:

@SilverLightning Totally overall very disapointed with the whole direct thats just shown. WHERE IS THE SURPRISES?!Weve known about every game on the e3 direct(aside from a sequel to for months!WHERES METROID?WHERES F ZERO?! WHERES THE NEW ORIGINAL IP?! I thought this e3 would invigorate my hope for wiiu,instead its battered it...



Stark_Nebula said:

@Marshi Speaking of "Where's the (?)", we didn't see Retro's game, did we? Or was their name put under the rug for the show? I didn't see/hear it.

Edit: Whoops, never mind. A tweet from NOA just confirmed Retro is working on the DKC:TF game. :/



LordessMeep said:

On the one hand, Cat Suit, Peach and Multiplayer; on the other, glorified SM3DL vibe with flagpoles. I'm unsure how I feel about this... I need more gameplay footage to fully judge this.

I still hope for this to have online multiplayer.



MeddlingIdiot said:

@Cesco My thoughts exactly. I thought December 2013 would of been a very rushed 'proper' Mario 3D game anyway, so hopefully a true sequel will be out towards the end of next year. I will look forward to 3D World in the meantime though.



Marshi said:

@berenlazarus Super mario universe? Freeroam,planet hoping,mario inspired "vehicles", a decent story.lite rpg elements? See ive just thought that up in 30 seconds.Nintendo have had months and come up with a generic sequel...



Moshugan said:

People, this game is very much needed, and welcome, and it will be good.
But I sure hope they'll make another exploration adventure type Mario in addition to this. They need not exclude each other!



Marshi said:

To be fair.This game will be great im sure.Just not mind blowingly epic like galaxy was.Im just overall very very disapointed with nintendos e3 direct. i was ready for giving the doubters and naysayers the finger and say "see?look at those games,nintendo's guna storm it!",but instead we get sequels with the same gameplay weve been playing for years.It stinks that the hilight of this direct was a 10 year old gamecube game



Mk_II said:

Really LOVED the cat suit with Mario running on all fours. I reckon this game is going to be pretty good and fill a lot of Xmas stockings



Ootfan98 said:

I just watched this Video again on the Wii U Game Pad. It does look alot lot better than what I saw on my poor quality live feed earlier.
I will definetly pick this up as does look very good and fun to play
I still want to see a 'Super Mario Universe' (non linear) open world game in the future



WaveBoy said:


SMB1,3 & World are different from each other in every single way imaginable. you mean to tell me that 3 has the exact same controls as world? they feel entirely different, even 1 does against 3.



Mk_II said:

@XavandSo Post of the day material. Problem is most people have no idea about the development time needed for truly "epic" games. They want everything and they want it RIGHT NOW!



Marshi said:

@grimbldoo Ha ha im sorry im sorry.Did you just say adding multiplayer to a mario game is new and inovative? Hahahahahahahahahaha!oh i cant breath i cant breath!hahahahahahahaha! ahem,yes to answer your question we as nintendo fans do love nintendo for their creative and inovative ideas that have brought much needed originality to the video game market...but are you honestly going to say with a straight face that that nintendo direct,where the highlight was a ten year old gamecube game was full of original and new ideas?



RedYoshi999 said:

When I caught the end of the reveal in the horrible stream, I actually thought it was a 3DS game until it said Wii U. I'm a bit sad they based it off SM3DL which wasn't the best Mario game. HOWEVER the game does look really neat, they've incorporated bits from several different games and multiplayer is an amazing concept for a 3D Mario!



Marshi said:

@mk_ll Im quite happy to wait for the good stuff,problem is,as a wiiu owner ive been waiting since last november



Morpheel said:

@waveboy: (to me) them all feel like the same game with different graphics and small gameplay updates thrown in with every new game.

Pretty much like these new games do, the only difference is that the graphics seem to have reached some sort of peak and remain mostly the same now.



SLiM said:

I am happy to see the return of enemies donning the football gear. Love anything that's brought back from Super Mario World. One day they will bring back the Cape!



CapeSmash said:

There is no pleasing the fans, is there... People need to stop complaining about this game. People are just butt hurt that this doesn't play like Super Mario 64. I would love a new 3D Mario sandbox game. But this looks amazing!



aaronsullivan said:

So, this is an interesting hybrid to be sure. I think it may be amazing. The co-op thing may work much MUCH better on a larger playing field. Also great is how each player has different abilities so cooperation should be fun.

Also, Bowser is NOT going to kidnap Peach at the beginning of the game so you can rescue her again. This is progress.



Marshi said:

ok im guna be a hypocrit.Just watched the vid again with my wife,and she was giggling like a school girl over it.So looking at it without the hope that it was a fully 3d exploration mario game,it looks great!



Peach64 said:

Oh man, I was so excited when they showed the video. The cat power up looked soooo cute, but then I realised this wasn't a 3DS game, and it was the new 3D Mario. I'm sure by the time it comes out I will love it, as I think Super Mario 3D Land is one of the best games in the last few years, but disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. I'm certain this game started life on the 3DS, and at some point in the first 3 months of 2013 it was switched to Wii U.



JayceJa said:

everyone is judging it based on mario 3d land? just because this is a game based on 3d land?

that's pretty ridiculous, nintendo knows that people want something on a bigger scale, and 3d lands scale was smaller specifically because it was a handheld, the wii u version will most very likely be on a bigger scale

so quit your damned whining until you have a REAL reason to whine other than a name



OorWullie said:

@SockoMario I don't think most of the complaining is really anything to do with that.Its the fact that no matter how fun we know it will be,its lazy,rehashed and uninspiring.I know we as Nintendo fans aren't about the graphics but even Nintendo said themselves they will really push the systems power where its needed,and this was the 1 game where it certainly was needed.As others have said above me,due to the bad stream I only caught glimpses but I really thought this was a 3DS game. When I saw it was Wii U I actually said Oh no out loud.Not for minute did I doubt the new 3D Mario was going to blow us away but I couldn't have been more wrong.



IxnayontheCK said:

This issue is that Nintendo doesn't listen to what fans want! This should have been a 3ds release not wii u.



Bandwagonman said:

@OorWullie Because Galaxy 2 was lazy, rehashed, and uninspiring compared to the first one, right? I actually would've found another "Open" 3D Mario game to be rehashed. Those games' levels are still linear, you just do them over and over in a slightly remixed fashion. Galaxy 1 & 2 were WAY more linear compared to SM64 and Sunshine. I'd take finely-tuned, focused levels over "open" levels any day.



MetalKingShield said:

My feeling was disbelief. I'm not even disappointed - it'll be a great game, but I just can't believe this is the new 3D Mario.



SuperiorTech said:

On the bright side, at least it's not called "Super Mario 3D Land U"! Also, Nintendo sure LOVES their flagpoles...



OorWullie said:

@Bandwagonman Again that's missing the point.This is a new system,it's Nintendo first 3D Mario in HD.It's not supposed to be like any previous Mario's,it's supposed to be new,innovative,fresh,genre defining and most of all,like all 3D Marios look incredible.This doesn't even look as pretty as Galaxy.Just as worrying is that they didn't mention nothing about having online co-op,seeing as this game's main innovation seems to be the inclusion of multi-player and how rare it is for Nintendo to have it in the first place,if it was in there they would have likely mentioned it,just as they did with Mario Kart 8.The majority of the comment's hating on this game aren't trolling or are just "never happy" gamers,they are like me,genuinely shocked that this is what we've been given as a new 3D Mario.



Nintonic said:

This feels out of place for me, they should have made this for 3ds and made a different 3d Mario game for Wii U. I can just imagine how many sales they would have had if they made a Super Mario Galaxy 3 on the Wii U



Rafie said:

I guess I'm in the minority here. I'm absolutely stoked for this!! This is what I'm talking about. I really liked the trailer. I'm surprised by most of the comments here. I guess you all were expecting more of a "Mario 64" than this.



Ralizah said:


Guess I won't be in any big rush to buy a Wii U. A Galaxy/SM64 type game would probably have sold me, but this...

It looks like a slightly upgraded version of SM3DL. I loved that game, but I expect more from the home console releases.

I think I might wait until X is released before I bother with this console. Or Zelda Wii U. Whichever releases first.

Also, can we officially say now that the Mario characters have all turned into furries? Seriously.



OorWullie said:

@Rafie Yeah it will be fun,that's a given but surely everyone expected it to look better than this.It really does just look like a shinier Wii or 3DS game.This is not what was needed to kickstart the Wii U after whats just been shown off yesterday.



Sir_JBizzle said:

This game actually looks pretty fun. It's a Day 1 buy for me. I could see something like this moving systems during the holiday based on the co-op element alone. To everyone complaining about it not being a traditional 3D Mario: Relax. It's coming and it will blow our socks off. That one probably needs a longer development time. This is just a tide over.

I thought it was a sound stategy, I don't think a traditional 3D Mario and a 3D Zelda have ever been released in the same year, with that said, we have a 3D Zelda this year to hold us over for Zelda U. And we have a "Kind of" 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. to hold us off until they can get the Mario game we all want. Let's call SM3DL an HD warm up to the main event. And I'm sure we'll have plenty of other hold overs that hasn't even been announced.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Super Mario 3D Land lacked that spark of creativeness. Now this is more like it, the cat suits give the levels a whole new experience!
Also: PLAYABLE PEACH! My prayers were heard!



WarioPower said:

I shouldn't judge this before more footage and info is shown, but I'm rather disappointed by this. This is not the epic open world 3d Mario game I was looking for. But I shouldn't expect anything else, Nintendo just loves to milk the Mario series. At least this was the only really bad thing about the presentation.



allav866 said:

A new Galaxy was less than likely to begin with, since it revolves around using a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, so I didn't know what to expect, but Super Mario 3D Land revolved around using 3D to judge distances, and now its sequel is on a system that isn't 3D.



Edlicious said:

Not gonna lie, not what I expected. It's a shame too since the Wii U is so powerful it could of really produced a amazing looking Mario Title. But I think I see what is going on now. Nintendo has a similar rut with the 3DS as they did with the Wii U
and the games that got Nintendo out of that rut with the 3DS was

Super Mario 3D land
Mario Kart 7
Zelda OFT Remake

So Nintendo Playing it smart, is releasing basically the same 3 games in the same pattern essentially.

Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Zelda WW Remake.

It's a smart idea, but lets just hope it works.



One-Winged-Pit said:

This looks WAY better than 3D Land, I hated that game. Still Nintendo calling it 3D World is just A LITTLE misleading that it will be on the 3DS.



GearsOfWarU said:

This Mario Looks Like Mario 3D & Super Mario Bros. 2 .... That Sounds Awsome to me... and the Chance for 4 Player Campaign Co Op looks Amazing and a way to draw in some of my friends!!!!



grimbldoo said:

@Stark_Nebula #87
I can't argue with that, we are all entitled to our opinions after all.

@sonicfan1373 #96
Fingers crossed that they do.

@Marshi #110
Your inability to breath may be what's leading you to misread my comment. Get some oxygen to your brain so that it can function properly and reread my comment.
I only asked two questions, both rhetorical, and you answered neither.
I did not say it was innovative, what I said was

grimbldoo wrote:

Nintendo is trying something new here, they are adding multiplayer to a 3D Mario.

Note that I wrote 3D Mario and not just Mario. Obviously we have multiplayer in the 2D Marios, but having 4 people play at once in a 3D Mario? The first time I hear of it.



Funny_Moblin said:

I literally face-palmed myself. I can't believe it. This is a title that could easily be on the 3DS. We wanted exploration, and open world. Now we have a linear game just like Super Mario 3D Land, which I regret buying. I loved flying through the air in the Super Mario Galaxy games.

Nintendo, if you're actually going to make a game like that, add a challenging mode after you beat the game...and no...not the easy challenging mode 3D Land had...oh my...



Sanqet said:

I've got to admit I'm really disappointed with this Nintendo direct a couple of good games but nothing that's going to sell wii u to the average gamer they are starting to really struggle now I just can't see how they are going to turn this around with these games



CapeSmash said:

@OorWullie When I first saw it I thought it was a Wii U game. And the game doesn't look like a rehash to me. I don't see anything "unoriginal" about except they reused the same engine. Which is a shame because I didn't really like 3D Land's controls. Another reason why I think people don't like this game is because they thought it was suppose to be a "revolutionary Mario game". I wasn't expecting a game "revolutionary Mario game" at all. Why is it when Nintnedo does something now a days, people freak out and get all negative?



Oopsiwin said:

From what I saw in the trailer, I'm very disappointed. I was hoping for something bigger and better than a 3DS sequel for Mario's first HD adventure.



Yoshis_VGM said:

My mouth dropped the moment the camera zoomed out from Mario's face at the beginning...THIS GAME LOOKS GORGEOUS.

Ahhh....Christmas time will be so exciting!!! Hopefully this is quite a long game.



Savino said:

A big meh for this mario!
Didnt like 3Dland and I am sure I will not like this one!



epylon said:

itsa me meowio!

Looks good but wii u needs more and fast if it is to survive, maybe if nintendo bring on some indie developers we could gets some new inovative major games.



IxnayontheCK said:

@SockoMario Dude, the system is struggling. They needed to come out swinging, this is NSMB all over again! Nintendo isn't listening to gamers or showing what wii u can do. don't be naive about it. Will it be fun? I'm sure, but this is NOT the Mario game people wanted or that will make people want to own a wii u if they don't already...



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sorry, did someone poll everyone to determine what 3D Mario game everyone wanted? So instead of the Mario World game we've seen before we'd rather have the Mario Galaxy game we've seen before? It makes as much sense as making a Star Trek film based upon "what fans really want!"



Relias said:

For the first time since Mario Bros. 2.. I am actually excited about a Mario title.. that takes some doing.. I may actually have a Wii U on my Christmas list for this.. and some other titles I have seen.. I loved the show.. and got very excited.. for games.. and the show in general for the first time sine the DS and PSP debuts.. well done Nintendo..



bizcuthammer said:

I'm disappointed personally. Nothing about this game is really grabbing me. It should be on the 3DS and just be called Super Mario 3D Land 2, because thats what it is. I know it will be fun, and i'll probably end up getting it, but i can tell by looking at the gameplay trailer that i will only like it on the same level i liked 3D Land, which is a 9/10 for me. Its not on the same level of innovative greatness as Mario 64 or the Galaxy games. But hey, 9/10 ain't bad. This just isn't the level of greatness i've come to expect from the 3D Mario games.



LavaTwilight said:

WEEELL let me say this wasn't the game I was after. I'm not disappointed in it at all I'm really glad for a lot of these features but I can just see that this isn't going to be a challenge like NSMBU wasn't a challenge and Mario 3D Land wasn't a challenge. I just hope this isn't the successor to Mario Galaxy. Look at the graphics in Mario Kart! Those are the graphics we want for our next Mario title, the sequel to Mario Galaxy 2. I don't care if it is a Mario Galaxy game or something different; just please no more of these overly-simplistic platformers in the NSMB style.
Incidentally I still like the idea of rescuing Peach, Rosalina AND Daisy against a trio of bad guys like Bowser, Baby Bowser and maybe Tatanga from the GB Super Mario Land?



Yoshi3DS said:

after seeing the footage i take what i said back, it looks amazing. i mean lets face it, its not what we wanted(or me anyway) but it looks awesome. and i did have loads of fun playing the first 8 worlds of sm3dl, not so much the special ones, its just that i was expecting a proper 3d mario game.



Sean_Aaron said:

He's running around along the X-plane and jumping and going into the background - how it is not a "proper" 3D game? I'm really confused here...I also fail to see how Mario Galaxy was "Open World" when you just had one island you ran around in to choose levels. I mean, how was that any different from SMB3 or World or any of the recent 2D games??!!??



sc100 said:

So it looks like we have three Mario platforming series now: Super Mario, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D.



3DGamerDude said:

Wait a minute... If Peach isn't kidnapped by Bowser for once, what's the plot of the game? Since it's sort of similar to SMB2, maybe Wart will return!



FriedSquid said:

I'm not that unimpressed. At first I was a little confused but after watching the trailer it looks pretty fun, the cat suit is actually pretty cute and I don't think it looks as much of a Wii U clone of 3D land as I had thought. The name should probably get changed, though, the "3D" in "3D World" doesn't make as much sense now.



timp29 said:

Cat suit mario = awesome

BUT this is not the 3D mario you were looking for wave hands

I was hoping for a galaxy successor



sketchturner said:

This looks pretty terrible. Almost like an isometric "3D" Mario game similar to Sonic 3D Blast. Just with HD gloss.



shonenjump86 said:

I thought it looked ok. Nice to see Peach as a playable character. I'm just glad it's not another NSMB.



Giygas_95 said:

Well thank goodness it's not another "Peach has been kidnapped." However, I will always play as Luigi!



CoreyCannabis said:

The title is pretty misleading. Sounds like a 3DS game. Nintendo sure has a tough time naming things.



Cavea said:

Admittedly I was hoping for something more like Super Mario Galaxy, but I'm super excited to see Peach returning as a playable character!
I wonder what the storyline will be then...maybe they're off to save Bowser, haha. :]



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I don't even own a Wii U, but just from watching the trailer, SM3DW appears to be more innovative and fun than NSMBU. Besides, any game, especially Mario related, is beneficial for the Wii U sales.



Burning_Spear said:

Can't help but feel that this and 3D Land were one big project split into two games. I expected a lot more imagination.



JaxonH said:

I can't believe so many people are complaining about this game. If they'd done another game like Galaxy people would complain about a 3rd straight game like Galaxy. If they'd done something like Mario64 people would complain about rehashing old ideas and not doing something new. If they'd done something completely off the wall new people would complain about it for that very reason. It's Mario. How many concepts are there really? This game looks wicked fun, and something we have NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON A CONSOLE. Only once has this idea been toyed with and that was in the more than excellent 3D Land. This game has so much more, from the free camera angles to 4 player MP, to enemies not seen since World, transparent pipes and a funky new cat suit. I admit, it's not what I was expecting, but if you judge it on it's own merits and not compared to something else you WANT it to be, it looks like a really fun game! Hardly one to pass up on, even if it doesn't turn out to be as good as Galaxy.



TravisTouchdown said:

Ugh, I hate cats. Fiance will freak over this though, in a good way. She's a total cat lover.

Wonder why Mario turns yellow instead of red? That's weird.

So it's Bucken-Berry instead of Toad this time? Shucks. Another missed opportunity for Wario & Waluigi to join the Mario Bros.

All in all, this looks like fun.



Edlicious said:

I'm still pretty confused on why everyone here hates Super Mario 3D land? I personally thought it was exceptional and I had alot of fun playing it. Ill admit it was easy, even my girlfriend beat the game but by no means do I think it as bad as people make it out to be. So I sequel to that isn't that bad in my opinion. I think if they would of called it something different people wouldn't complain as much.

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