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Mon 4th Jun 2012

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Bandwagonman commented on Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Is Not A Playable ...:

@Dakt Yep, when I first heard Wario was going to be in Brawl, I was excited. Until I saw that it was actually WarioWare Wario and not Wario. Where's his moveset based on pure muscle mass and sheer force? Why can't he assume his different forms? Vampire Wario, Zombie Wario, Balloon Wario. Why can't he shake is enemies like a measly can of soda and then throw them with so little effort? Now Wario is just nothing but toilet humor and awkward motions. It's horrible.



Bandwagonman commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

The TES series wouldn't be half as good as it is if it weren't for modders cleaning up Bethesda's horrible coding. And that only applies to the PC versions.
Who cares if Bethesda is anti Wii U, they have nothing major to offer.



Bandwagonman commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

@OorWullie Because Galaxy 2 was lazy, rehashed, and uninspiring compared to the first one, right? I actually would've found another "Open" 3D Mario game to be rehashed. Those games' levels are still linear, you just do them over and over in a slightly remixed fashion. Galaxy 1 & 2 were WAY more linear compared to SM64 and Sunshine. I'd take finely-tuned, focused levels over "open" levels any day.



Bandwagonman commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Details And Screen...:

I for one want Chargin' Chuck to return above all other enemies from SMW. He was so quirky with all his different abilities. I was particularly fond of his "jump-clap" attack which made the spring's SPROING noise.
That, and Super Koopas.