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Tue 8th May 2012

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Edlicious commented on Metroid Fan Film Seeks Crowdfunding For Comple...:

Man Why is it every time someone wants to make a fan made something of anything Nintendo everyone on this website starts crying and damning that persons name? Like who cares? They have their own vision of the thing they love, and obviously they love Metroid because the movie is non-profit? So all the hours and days they are going to spend filming, and making costumes and sets and editing the movie is completely for the movie and no one else? This happened with the CG zelda short they showed too? I was impressed and applauded them for their great efforts but instead everyone on this website got all hurt about it and made it sound like they fan CG ruined zelda forever? If this metroid fan flim sucks then who cares? They put effort and time to it and thats all that matters. Not to mention Nintendo has billions of dollars, I dont think the 90K donation they are making is gonna harm Nintendo.



Edlicious commented on Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Racing to Arcades:

I dont recall Mario Kart 7 sucking? I agree it wasnt the best but it sure as hell wasn't bad by any standards. And also I think the game looks pretty good, maybe the controls suck but the graphics look nice and the gameplay looks good too.



Edlicious commented on Nintendo to Launch First Free-To-Play Game By ...:

I think a Kid Icarus fighter would be pretty sick. Basically like the 3DS versus mode but you level up and unlock new weapons and upgrades and powers as well as you can buy additional items and powerups with cash. Even better would be if you could also have different armor, like helmets, chest pieces. etc.



Edlicious commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

I'm still pretty confused on why everyone here hates Super Mario 3D land? I personally thought it was exceptional and I had alot of fun playing it. Ill admit it was easy, even my girlfriend beat the game but by no means do I think it as bad as people make it out to be. So I sequel to that isn't that bad in my opinion. I think if they would of called it something different people wouldn't complain as much.



Edlicious commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

Not gonna lie, not what I expected. It's a shame too since the Wii U is so powerful it could of really produced a amazing looking Mario Title. But I think I see what is going on now. Nintendo has a similar rut with the 3DS as they did with the Wii U
and the games that got Nintendo out of that rut with the 3DS was

Super Mario 3D land
Mario Kart 7
Zelda OFT Remake

So Nintendo Playing it smart, is releasing basically the same 3 games in the same pattern essentially.

Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Zelda WW Remake.

It's a smart idea, but lets just hope it works.



Edlicious commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

So much rage<3

Hmm the only list I did kinda care about was the 3DS retail one, and I do agree that Paper Mario shouldn't be first in any regards and I know damn well NSMB2 shouldn't even be in the top three, I personally think it should be

1# Resident Evil Revelations
2# Kid Icarus
3# Theatrythem or paper mario



Edlicious commented on n-Space Not Happy With Heroes Of Ruin Sales Fi...:

I tried my hardest to enjoy the game for what it was, but I ultimately ended up selling it back to gamestop to get NSMB2. The graphics where bland and boring, the story was pretty dumb and the gameplay was me just using my skill attacks non-stop. Maybe if they made a sequel with actual good graphics and more in-depth everything it would be funner. but in my book it was a 6/10 if that.



Edlicious commented on Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS ...:

I feel like you try to sound smart with half the stuff you say but you end up sounding otherwise in my opinion. People want their old school favorites on their 3DS, why you might ask? Because they use their 3DS every day and they take it with them. You keep saying "go on amazon and buy this console for the game you wanna buy!" Maybe someone doesn't want to go spend money on buying a DSlite to play GBA games which they also have to buy online (and wait to be shipped also) and no one wants to go buy a SNES portable thing that you mentioned. There is a word for what we want and it is called "convenience". The ability to play are old school favorites on our NEW HANDHELD is what people like. So please stop bashing on people but you don't agree and you think your views on this are superior because i'm also speaking from the "heart".



Edlicious commented on Nintendo Download: 6th September 2012 (North A...:

Am I the only one getting sick of these stupid puzzle games on the 3DS? The DS suffered from the same thing and it's just annoying, give me some fun games not some brain busters? I go to school for that. Anywho, nintendo of america needs to step their game up, like sure you had a goodish week last week but make it consistent? One good week then 10 bad ones is pretty dumb, spam us with awesome games, it's not like the VC is hard to do? Port NES and SNES and even some GBA games and the eshop will be flooded with money.



Edlicious commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

For the love of god nintendo, please let this game slide.
I dont get why people bash on this game so much? There is this thing called adult content? If your to "Sensitive" and overly offended then you need to learn how to take a joke? Bottom line is even if you dont like the story (which is genius in my opinion) the gameplay itself is great, not all nintendo games have to be sunshine and rainbows.



Edlicious commented on GameStop Exploring Possibility of Second-Hand ...:

I love gamestop to be honest, sure the trade in prices arn't that good but when they have deals and special trade in offers it helps out a bunch, and also the used game sales help out alot too? I dont think im a bad person for wanting to buy a used game that sometimes costs half the price of a new game. I'm not getting a different experience from buying new to used. So I personally don't see the issue furthermore if the game is old I dont think buying Mario Sunshine used is going to destroy Nintendo.



Edlicious commented on Nintendo Determined to Beat Hackers with Wii U...:

I only experienced hacking on mario kart wii like 4 times max, and i played everyday. But many of those hackers/pirates are actually more modders then anything else and modders are pretty cool, I dont think changing a way a device looks is really hurting anyone. my Iphone is modded so it looks like a windows phone, but I still buy apps legally.



Edlicious commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatia...:

I dont know how I feel about it, when I see people complaining that nintendo dosn't do anything all I think is "wow what an as***le!" But then again there is times I think like that also, I understand why people are upset and irriated with the launch line up for the WiiU it makes sense, Pikmin is cool but ultimately you play it with the wii mote? So the whole wait for 6 years was pointless, and another Mario bros side scoller also sounds dull in my opinion, thats 4 within a few years.

Me personally I dont care at all for Star Fox or F-Zero, F-zero will get shut out by Mario Kart anyways so what's the point of releasing another racer IP? And Kid Icarus Uprising played alot like Star Fox anyways? And it's not like there really has been any good star fox games since 64? Adventures was lame and Assault didn't get to much good reviews either?

People will never be satisfied, My biggest worry over all is how the Wiiu is going compete against the competition, everyone is saying "omg the wiiU game pad is an amazing expansion on the world of video games and it's going to change the way we all game and play!" The same thing was said with the Wii Mote when it first launched back in 06. Everyone was saying "imagine FPSs on the Wii! They are gonna be so life like and fun to play" We all know that didn't work out quite well. I just hope one day we can all get what we want from Nintendo and be satisfied, we all have our wants and needs that sometimes wont be satisfied. I'm a die hard nintendo fan and I'll always defend what I love but sometimes we have to admit when something isn't being done right



Edlicious commented on First Impressions: ZombiU:

Sounds like a fps demon souls, but I saw a interview and one of the creators said the game has no check points or saves? Do you have to beat it all in one sitting?



Edlicious commented on Wii U Will be a 'Great Value Proposition':

I think 250$ should be enough considering it's not all that much more powerful then the current gen consoles, and since It's also lacking a harddrive it's not going to have more than 1gb of storage. Also i think I read somewhere on here (correct me if im wrong) that its only gonna play at 720p which Is kinda a upsetting if you ask me.



Edlicious commented on Miyamoto Talks Down Idea of 3DS Redesign:

I think a redesigned 3DS in gonna happen, Nintendo always upgrades their handhelds, Gameboy pocket to Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance to SP to Micro, and Ds to Ds lite to DSi to DsiXL. A 3DS with another circle pad and a bigger screen and better battery life is gonna happen one way or another.



Edlicious commented on Feature: Why EA and Nintendo's Partnership Is ...:

Sounds amazing and can open up serious doors. Hopefully Dragon Age 3 is for the wii u! or mass effect ported or anything really. EA dominates when it comes to amazing Triple A titles, dead space, dragon age, battle field, mass effect, just to name a few.



Edlicious commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

sounds like a bad idea honestly.
and SS was at the end of the cycle, no one would buy it >.>
and aslong as the new zeldas arnt like SS were i revisit the same 3 places basically then ill be fine.