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berenlazarus commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

That was a great article. "Super Mario 3D World" will be a great barometer of the ever growing divide discussed by Tom. Simple, fun games should always have a market, and Nintendo has some of the the best "pick up and play" games around. After long hard days at work or just life in general, you simply don't want to go through the emotional intensity of a title like "The Last of Us". Sometimes you just want to jump on Goombas and not worry about head sets, head shots, gun types, etc. I have been playing through GTA 5 on the XBOX 360; while very fun, that is not a game you can play with your family or your kids if you have any. There's real depth to Nintendo's IPs beyond just "family" appeal, but sometimes we need those whimsical, nonsensical titles and Nintendo is master in that domain.



berenlazarus commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wishes Nintendo Had "Done Mor...:

LOVE "ZELDA II"!!!! First played through the game via . . . unconventional means in 2007, on the game's 20th anniversary. Since then, I bought the game on the Wii Virtual Console, as well as the 3DS Virtual Console, and have probably completed the game nothing short of 20 times, including several 000 death run throughs.

Miyamoto is right - all the enemies are the same size as Link. I could see Miyamoto and his team doing all sorts of cool new things with a new Zelda II type game. One thing I would love to see is a use of weapons - all Link has is his sword. The items that he gets are mostly only functional in the Overworld and have no real legit use in the side scrolling sections. Imagine incorporating a boomerang, a hookshot, or bow and arrow! Totally radical.



berenlazarus commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

"Wrong way round Nintendo. Wrong way round.. Get the third party exclusives, then you get the install base."

In the case of Sony and Microsoft, yes. In the case of Nintendo, Reggie's right. Nintendo has the most bankable IPs in the industry and always have. You buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo titles, first and foremost. No one can touch them in terms of how many dominant IPs they have that move so many unites.

Nintendo will drive the install base with their IPs first and foremost, not 3rd party titles, though obviously we need the 3rd party titles, but not nearly in the same way as Microsoft and Sony need them.



berenlazarus commented on Super Mario 3D World is "The Grand Culmination...:


"" "The Grand Culmination" of The Best Ideas From Past 3D Mario Titles"
Minus exploration, atmosphere, non-linearity, epic locations, gorgeous visuals, etc. Other than all that, this is clearly the best!"

I love how you are judging that this game has none of those things given the fact the game has just been announced. How do you define atmosphere? While the probably will be linear, those visuals look pretty good to me, and I'm sure there will be some exploration involved. Just don't make broad sweeping judgments of a game that at this point in time we know very little about.



berenlazarus commented on Nintendo Reveal Why Its 3D Mario Title Isn't S...:

I didn't want SMG3 because I wanted something new, or, barring that, Super Mario 64 revisited and reimagined with that same sandbox feel and not so much linear courses. The multiplayer will be good.

The most interesting bit though is the story implications of Peach being playable, meaning (even by Nintendo logic) that she's not kidnapped this time around. Therefore, what is driving the (admittedly paperthin in previous titles) plot?



berenlazarus commented on Mega Man 6 Up Now on the 3DS Virtual Console i...:

On fire! My second post that is the first comment on an article.

As far as Mega Man 6, yea! Doesn't this mark the first time Mega Man 6 has been released in Europe? I'm still waiting for MM6 to be released on the Virtual Console. It's ridiculous that they've never released that yet.



berenlazarus commented on Super Mario 3D World is "The Grand Culmination...:

Woot first comment!

Personally I think the four player angle may help compensate for the lack of Mario Kart 8 this Christmas. Mario Kart 8, more than anything else (looking at the sales of the Wii titles), is probably the most essential game in Nintendo's arsenal for moving sales. Mario Kart Wii sold 34 million units and is the second best selling Wii game ever behind Wii Sports.

In comparison, "NSMBW" sold 27 mil, Galaxy 1 sold 10 mil, Galaxy 2 sold 7 mil, and Super Paper Mario at with 2.28 mil.

Given the game drought the Wii U is under, not having Mario Kart 8 available for that all important Christmas season is MAJOR, and quite possibly this title will help fill in the gap with its multiplayer.

The fact that the game also features the "competitive" edge is brand new in the main series and will add some interesting elements no doubt. There will also be some replay available too with the different skill sets of each character. Toad will be the speed runner's choice no doubt!

My biggest interest is what is the story, since Princess Peach is playable? Given that there is some fan service going here with its homage to "Super Mario Bros. 2" (Miyamoto's favorite Mario game, along with the first), I'm hoping to see some long absent villains like Mamu (Wart), Tryclyde, Frygy, Clawgrip, and the ever cool Mouser! If they can bring back Boom Boom after 21 years, they can bring these bosses back too! And what better game to bring back these long lost enemies than "Super Mario 3D World", given they brought back Boom Boom back in "Super Mario 3D Land"!



berenlazarus commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

Well, it looks like Nintendo doesn't know the answer to that perennial question either: where do you take the conventional "Super Mario 3D" game style of star collection after the wholly remarkable "Super Mario Galaxy 1/2" combo? Both those games were incredible, and very well may have taken the star collection to its logical conclusion. Personally, I hope not though.

Also, what I really want (and have been since SMG2) is a 2D Mario sidescroller based off the graphical style and gameplay of the 2D Mario sections in SMG2. Now THAT would be an amazing title, and far better as the next 2d rather than yet another "New" side scroller.



berenlazarus commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...: 3D Land for a handheld, not so certain about the same game style play on an actual console. I'm sure however it will turn out at least more polished than the disaster that is "Super Mario Sunshine". Still, I was hoping for a spiritual successor to "Super Mario 64" in HD. Oh well.

However, strictly for nostalgic purposes, my favorite two Mario games are "Super Mario Bros 2" and "Super Mario 64", so I'm psyched that we are finally getting the playabe lineup from that NES classic.

What am I most excited about? The possibility of a NEW plot! If the four player theme is from Super Mario Bros 2, Peach is available from the start. Most likely that would (logically) mean that hey, Bowser didn't capture her this time! So what's the story now?

And are we finally going to see Mouser, Tryclyde, Frygyuy, the Subcons, and (dare I say it!), Mamu (Wart's Japanese name)???? Given that they're looking to SMB2 for inspiration, and the fact that they resurrected Boom Boom after over two decades of absence in 3D Land (which was heavily inspired by SMB3), then it's quite possible the bosses will be joining the enemy roster again at LONG LAST!

Miyamoto said SMB2 (along with the first) was his favorite, so here's hoping!



berenlazarus commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

LIke some others said - with all these announcements, either E3 is going to be great or rather subpar, with all the big announcements having already been made. That Nintendo Direct, what with Earthbound (finally!), LTTP remake, etc, was a Nintendo fantastic dream.



berenlazarus commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

As you can tell both from my avatar and my profile (Zelda: Link to the Past Forever!), Link to the Past is my personal favorite.

Watching the trailer on an actual 3DS is a lot better than on the Internet. Not really a fan of 3D gaming (on Ocarina of Time have been playing with the 3D off for most of the game), but on this 3DS title I am really digging the 3D.

@Cowlaunch "Meh. The 3DS is capable of a lot more than this. We could be playing Mario and Zelda games with huge worlds in 3D (gameplay) to explore. Just seems such a waste to me"

You do realise we have not had a 2D Zelda game in eight years since The Minish Cap? It's about time they do 2D Zelda. If Mario can have 2D/3D in the same generation, then so can Link!

@Peach64 I have a friend who loves LTTP and Zelda II (like myself) and I actually forwarded him that screenshot you posted on his Facebook account. Your comparision confirms exactly what Reggie said in the Nintendo Direct video - this new Zelda game is taking place in the same game world as LTTP. To me that's tremendously exciting. There are a few game worlds that feel like home to me simply because I've spent so much time in them - Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind and LTTP being first among them. This game will be like a home coming.

@Keldeo_Sword I highly doubt they are going to reveal a 3D Mario for the 3DS. We already have a 3D Mario and with this whole year of Luigi going on, I don't think they would start production on another Mario title so soon.



berenlazarus commented on Feature: The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt:

My favorite easter egg is from Zelda II from the Famicom Disk System version.

"In the Water Town of Saria, there's a little reference to Dragon Quest in the Japanese version, not included in the NES version. On one of the graves there, it reads, "The hero, Loto, rests here." Loto, also known as Erdrick in the Dragon Warrior translation, is a longstanding hero of the games. It seems that putting characters from competing series in graves was a common gag back then; for example, the first Final Fantasy has "Here lies Erdrick" in its English version, and "Here lies Link" in its Japanese version."



berenlazarus commented on Feature: The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt:

"I am Error" is not a translation mistake. The actual translation mistake is Bagu who gives you the letter to show to river man to get across the river in Sarai to go through Death Mountain (otherwise known as hell) to get the hammer. His name should have been "Bug". Error and Bug were a joke.



berenlazarus commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

I have been following this site from the VERY BEGINNING, all the way back when it was all about the virtual console. I also remember when you guys made those massive layout changes and the ORIGINAL old look of VC You guys have come so far and have done a great job with the website!



berenlazarus commented on Howard Phillips' "Ultimate" Nintendo World Cha...:

Actually a little cheaper than I thought. I remember being absolutely SHOCKED when I saw Pat Conti (Pat the NES Punk, whose game carts showed up in the AVGN James Roolf Nintendo Cart video) showed up on History Channel's Pawn Stars to sell his (although as I understand it was never a serious sell anyway). I figured with Howard's history this would have been over 20K.



berenlazarus commented on Original DuckTales Not Coming To Virtual Console:

Amazing bit of trivia: original voice actor of Scrooge McDuck is Allan Young, who played Wilbur Post in the 1960s TV series about that famous talking horse, MIster Ed. Found that out a year or two ago and was astounded to know that.



berenlazarus commented on All New DuckTales is Coming to Wii U:

Saw the news first on youtube, and was frankly shocked and almost unbelieving Completely out of left field. How can you possibly expect an announcement like this, especially with the licensing situation? After encountering this bit of news, went through the four stages of grief actually.

Denial - The fact that Capcom is actually doing something RIGHT for once - and not only that, reviving my all time favorite Disney cartoon to do it! I was still in disbelief and immediately checked Nintendolife.

Anger - Mega Man Legends 3? Mega Man Universe? YOu can do something brilliant like a remake of Duck Tales but you are still mishandling Mega Man? Maybe the new Mega Man game they announced will just get cancelled.

Depression - The fact this is the first new "Duck Tales" product since the early 1990s. My favorite cartoon growing up and as an adult my favorite cartoon series ever, why hasn't Disney done anything with Duck Tales in so long? If the success of this game inadvertantly leads to more Duck Tales products being produced by Disney, then Capcom will be forever redeemed in my book. It's been lonely out here in the real world with no Gyro Gearloose or Gizmo Duck to get you through!

Acceptance and Hope - YES, YES, YES! New Duck Tales! Maybe we'll even get a new Duck Tales cartoon! After all, if Disney can make a new TV series of "Boy Meets World" with "Girl Meets World", staring Cory and Topanga's daughter in the titular role, then why CAN'T they make new Duck Tales cartoons? They have done absolutely nothing with this franchise in decades.



berenlazarus commented on 3D Super Mario Title In Development For Wii U:

Interesting how people say no new galaxy game because Mario needs to prove he can be innovative. The two galaxy games, especially the second, stand tall as some of the best titles Nintendo has put out. That said I hope it's a new mario title



berenlazarus commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (3D...:

Personally love "The Lost Levels". Got the game back in the mid 1990s with the All-Stars cart and played them excessively. Then I Played through them on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Beat the game on the VC (my Wii game has twenty stars on the title screen of "Lost Levels", with each star representing a completion). Bought the All-Stars for the Wii and beat them there.

Throughout my life I've completed the game fully so many times over so many years I've lost count. Of the four NES Marios, I've probably spent more time playing and completing this than the other three. I get a lot more enjoyment from this one than I do the original.

On the original Famicom version for the VC it's essential you get the dozens of 1-ups using the Koopa on 1-1. The truly difficult part is playing through Worlds A-D on the original 8-bit version, as there is no convenient place to get lots of 1-ups, so when you die you have to restart the entire world instead of just the level.

As far as difficulty, yes they are challenging, but perhaps because I've played the game so much the difficulty seems far more manegable than some other NES titles. The first four worlds (half the game) aren't really that bad. As far as castles the difficulty really steps up on 4-4, with 8-4 being truly epic. I always felt the 8-4 castle on "Super Mario Bros" was kinda somewhat dull; "Lost Levels" more than makes up for that mistake. And the bonus worlds are pretty insane.

But for all the difficulty, I still think "Lost Levels" doesn't touch "Ghost N Goblins", "Battle Toads", "Silver Surfer", "Castlevania" or "Ninja Gaiden". Especially "Ninja Gaiden". That game is almost freaking impossible



berenlazarus commented on Nintendo Is Sorry For Wii U Load Times, Is Wor...:

@Reala Hey, the 3DS price slash apology came in the form of all those Ambassador games! Pretty good apology if you ask me.

As far as her being "irate", perhaps its me not understanding a single Japanese word, but she comes across more as slightly annoyed than "irate". Irate implies a much higher level of anger than this woman demonstrates. Maybe I would think she was irate if I was from her culture.



berenlazarus commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

I grew up with Mario, like most other gamers. With only two exceptions, I have played every Mario title at launch or shortly thereafter, from the original 1985 "Super Mario Bros" all the way down to "New Super Mario Bros. 2" (yes I'm old). Obviously being American we didn't get "Lost Levels" until "Super Mario All-Stars", but I got the SNES version when it was released back in '93 and have played through "Lost Levels" so many times over the years I've more than made up for not getting it back in 1986.

Anyway, the two I missed? "Super Mario Land" for the Gameboy (which I did play very briefly back when it first came out, but I never had it; we with with "Super Mario Land 2" instead when I did get a Gameboy) and "Super Mario Sunshine". I beat "Super Mario Land" over two decades after it was first released.

I tried playing through "Super Mario Sunshine" this year actually . . . and I HATED it. Probably doesn't help that "Super Mario 64" is one of my all time favorite games, but trying to go through "Sunshine" was just tedious to me. I knew not to expect anything like Galaxy since those came after, but instead was preparing for something like SM64 . . . and SM64 is just SO MUCH BETTER than than this.

The levels lack flow. I was often left wandering around not knowing what to do next. The great thing about SM64 is you could get pretty much any star when you entered a level (with literally only one or two exceptions to this, which are in "Bob-Omb Battle Field" before you get the Wing Cap). With big expansive levels, it's better to have all stars available.

The Shadow Mario battles just sucked, having to run around spraying him with water. It was the only Mario game that I consistently got so frustrated across multiple levels that I just wanted to turn the dang thing off. As far as that stupid Ricco Harbor where you have to jump on the metal grinders to go up higher and higher to get to the hidden star, I wanted to scream. Kept falling off of them. The game is just unpolished. The roller coaster battle actually made me motion sick (which is the only time that has ever happened in a video game to me).

The blue coins that everyone complains about I totally get their frustration. Talk about tedious. And yes, the voice acting is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

To be fair, the farthest I got was Noki Bay and I think I have around 20 to 30 sprites. I still have my save file and I'll go back to playing it (Sunshine can't be the ONLY game in the Mario canon I haven't beaten) but I got nowhere near the enjoyment that I did from SM64 or the two Galaxy games.



berenlazarus commented on Feature: Three Reasons Why Mario's Next Advent...:

<i>I would love a true New Super Mario Bros. 2, but there's one game that's making such a dream game an iffy wish: Doki Doki Panic. Japan already had their real sequel to Super Mario Bros. in The Lost Levels, while Doki Doki Panic was the same game as the western Super Mario Bros. 2 only with completely original characters. If there was to be some kind of new installment to the Mario name that was inspired by the western SMB2, then Japan would have to either have a new Doki Doki Panic or they would finally get to play our SMB2. It gets really complex.</i>

As other posters have mentioned, one of the more recent disclosures about SMB2 from official Nintendo sources is that SMB2, aka Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, began development as a REAL MARIO TITLE and the original sequel to the original Super Mario Bros, but due to programming difficulties Nintendo abandoned this idea and instead put out "Lost Levels" in 1986 in Japan. Obviously they worked out whatever problems they were having, because then in 1987, after making a deal with Fuje TV, they took the Mario title that was in limbo, slapped in Fuje's four characters, and released it as an tie-in to the 1987 Fuje TV event. However, even though it was first released as a non-Mario title, it was a Mario game all-along and began life thus. I've read Miyamoto actually had more to do with SMB2 than he did Lost Levels.

As far as Japan goes, like other posts said, it's not like they don't know anything about it. That's just ridiculous. Actually, Japan got a LOT better deal than we did, because they got all four 8-bit Mario titles, in addition to the Yume Kojo version, which has NEVER been released outside of Japan.

SMB came out in 1985, SMB2 Lost Levels came out in 1986, SMB3 came out in 1988, and then in 1992 they released the western SMB2 as "Super Mario Bros. USA". The only difference between SMB USA and SMB2 is the title screen. As usual, Japan gets the better end of the deal. We didn't get the original 8-bit version of LOST LEVELS until 2007 as a virtual console title. How awesome would that have been have all four Mario games growing up? I always wished they had released a cart version of Lost Levels, and even marketed it as such, like they did with the western SMB2 in Japan.

As far as doing an update to SMB2, personally I would be thrilled. Although 1 and 3 are fantastic games, I've always had a soft spot for SMB2, and I've always wished it was longer than 20 levels long. I probably played SMB2 more than 1 or 3 growing up, and remember pouring over the two part SMB2 guide that came out in the late 1980s as part of Nintendo Power.

Wart, Mouser, Tryclyde, Clawgrip (aka Clawglip if you believe the credits ), and Fryguy have all been MIA since this title, not even appearing in spin-off titles. They were all awesome, and so deserve new life breathed into them, especially Mouser.

Wart's most notable appearance since then has been a one-off cameo in Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening under his Japanese name Mamu, but even that was 1993. Incidentally, the Autobombs that the Shyguys ride in 4-1 are marked with M, which stands for Mamu.

Of course, the real forgotten game is the Hudson "Super Mario Bros. Special", that came out in 1986 before "Lost Levels" for the PC-188. I don't think ANYONE wants to go back to that gamestyle, though I have played an "unofficial NES port" and the levels themselves are pretty good.