Regular sales have become a welcome fixture on the Nintendo Switch eShop and there are huge numbers of cheap and discounted Switch games available at any given time. With so much choice it can be tough to know exactly is worth your hard-earned cash and precious time.

Never fear — Nintendo Life is here to help you sort the wheat from the chaff! Here we choose our Top 5 cheap Switch games in the Switch eShop sales so you can be sure you're getting a great deal on a great game.

What do we mean by 'best cheap Switch games' exactly? We're thinking anything discounted to around £10/10€ or under (GBP and EUR prices will obviously differ and sometimes won't reflect the same percentage discount). In addition to the best cheap Switch games, we'll also highlight a ridiculously cheap eShop game or two — we're talking Switch games under a quid — which may be worth investigating for a few pennies, if only for a half hour or so.

If you live in the US (or have a US Nintendo Account), you might want to check out our equivalent article on the best cheap games on the US eShop.

So, let's have a look at this week's best deals on the Switch eShop!

The Best Cheap Games On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Here's our pick of the best deals for cheap games on the Switch eShop right now:

Dicey Dungeons (Switch eShop)

Dicey Dungeons (Switch eShop)Dicey Dungeons (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Distractionware / Developer: Distractionware
Release Date: 15th Dec 2020 (USA) / 15th Dec 2020 (UK/EU)

33% off - was £13.49 / 14,99€, now £9.03 / 10,04€ until 14th Apr 2021

Terry Cavanagh has done it again with Dicey Dungeons; this is easily one of the best roguelike titles you can play on Switch. Loads of gameplay variety, fantastic music, a high skill ceiling and friendly visuals make this a thoroughly gripping and fun experience you won’t want to miss out on. If you like roguelikes or card games, we’d highly recommend you pick this up as soon as you can – and even if you don’t, we’d still encourage you to check it out regardless.

Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)

Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Curve Digital / Developer: FuturLab
Release Date: 20th Sep 2018 (USA) / 20th Sep 2018 (UK/EU)

75% off - was £14.99 / 19,99€, now £3.74 / 4,99€ until 13th Apr 2021

In an age where many indie titles are becoming increasingly reliant on procedural generation to do all the heavy lifting, it can be immensely satisfying to play a game that is tailor-made for one specific experience. Velocity 2X excels in this regard, offering up an immaculately designed, endlessly replayable arcade experience - half shoot 'em up, half platformer - that shows just how engaging twitch gameplay can be. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. We're usually happy enough to experience the 'no filler' part of the well-known phrase, but Velocity 2X supplies the 'killer' too.

Urban Flow (Switch eShop)

Urban Flow (Switch eShop)Urban Flow (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Baltoro Games / Developer: Baltoro Games
Release Date: 26th Jun 2020 (USA) / 26th Jun 2020 (UK/EU)

90% off - was £13.49 / 14,99€, now £1.30 / 1,49€ until 18th Apr 2021

Urban Flow's title isn't a misnomer; the gameplay is as smooth as the graphics and once the pieces are in place you shouldn't have any trouble getting your head around its Zen-like trafffic-directing gameplay. Accessibility has been rather masterfully welded to a relatively complex, punishing task, here. We dare say it might be difficult to think of your own ventures out into the city centre the same way ever again. After all, Urban Flow will quickly make you an expert at directing traffic — if only real people would pay attention!

Wilmot's Warehouse (Switch eShop)

Wilmot's Warehouse (Switch eShop)Wilmot's Warehouse (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Finji
Release Date: 29th Aug 2019 (USA) / 29th Aug 2019 (UK/EU)

30% off - was £12.59 / 13,99€, now £8.81 / 9,79€ until 11th Apr 2021

Wilmot's Warehouse is a cute warehouse management game that passed us by when it first released. Fortunately, our lovely readers pointed it out as a real gem on the Switch eShop. If you're the sort of person who loves to collect, collate, and organise things, Wilmot's Warehouse is the kind of puzzle experience that'll be right up your street.

Florence (Switch eShop)

Florence (Switch eShop)Florence (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive / Developer: Mountains
Release Date: 13th Feb 2020 (USA) / 13th Feb 2020 (UK/EU)

50% off - was £4.99 / 5,49€, now £2.49 / 2,74€ until 12th Apr 2021

Florence is an evocation of the beauty, sadness and hope that comes from any human connection we make in our lives, whether with art, nature or another person. It's a succinct and incredibly successful exploration of moments you'll recognise from your own life, and the way it mirrors thoughts and feelings through small gameplay mechanics makes it one of the most affecting experiences we've enjoyed on Switch, or any other platform.

Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch eShop)

Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch eShop)Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Atooi / Developer: Atooi
Release Date: 14th Dec 2017 (USA) / 14th Dec 2017 (UK/EU)

80% off - was £10.99 / 12,99€, now £2.19 / 2,59€ until 30th Apr 2021

What's this? A cheeky sixth game in the 'top '5'? We couldn't resist!

Mutant Mudds Collection gives Nintendo Switch owners the chance to own two fantastic platforming games in one handy, portable package, as well as a nice extra in the new puzzle game, Mudd Blocks. The difficulty of these games may well put a reasonable amount of players off - Mutant Mudds Super Challenge in particular is one nasty fiend – but the overall quality of the two original titles places this collection amongst the best within its genre that the eShop can offer. If you love platformers, and you don’t mind a hefty challenge, do yourself a favour and buy this game.

And with the growing trend of games plummeting to mere pennies, here's our sub-£1 / 1€ pick(s) for a super cheap game that's worth the memory space it takes up on your Switch...

Super One More Jump (Switch eShop)

Super One More Jump (Switch eShop)Super One More Jump (Switch eShop)
Publisher: SMG Studios / Developer: SMG Studios
Release Date: 25th Jan 2018 (USA) / 25th Jan 2018 (UK/EU)

81% off - was £4.99 / 5,59€, now £0.94 / 1,06€ until 11th Apr 2021

Super One More Jump absolutely nails its platforming mechanics that when combined with the huge variety in the obstacles you must overcome, creates an experience that’s incredibly enjoyable, rewarding, and tough as nails. Soundtrack disappointment aside, this 2D platformer is well worth your time.

Keep an eye on this page as we cycle in new bargains. If money's no object, be sure to check out our list of the Best Nintendo Switch games, period. In the meantime, happy gaming!