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User Ratings: 540

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Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, Platformer
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  • 25th Jan 2018 (US/Canada), $19.99
  • 25th Jan 2018 (UK/EU/AU), £17.99

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    The Magic Mountain

    Starting out life as an entry for a game jam back in 2015, developer Matt Makes Games (of TowerFall fame) has brought Celeste to Nintendo Switch as a fully realised action platformer. Popularised by fellow Switch indie Super Meat Boy - which was in turn inspired by designer Matt Thorson's freeware series Jumper - Celeste...

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About The Game

Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain, from the creators of TowerFall. Unravel the secrets of the mountain and overcome your limitations to reach the summit in over 300 levels!

If she has the stamina, Madeline can climb any surface on Celeste Mountain. There she’ll journey across many dangerous environments using her mid-air dash to explore strange places and meet peculiar characters.

Don’t get spooked – playing in Assist Mode lets you tweak the difficulty – from a slower pace to full on invincibility – whatever sounds fun! Or if you really want to white-knuckle it, take on the challenging B-Side chapters.