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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 9/10


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Single Player
Action, Adventure
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  • EU 27th Oct 2022, £15.99
  • US 27th Oct 2022, $19.99
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PS4, Xbox Series X|S

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    The signalis good

    Survival horror games are tough to get right. Even giants of the genre like Resident Evil find themselves leaning harder into action or simple jump scares over time, but when it is at its best it is more tense than frightening. Signalis is one of the best survival horror games we’ve played and the perfect title for Switch owners...

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About The Game

Searching for dreams inside of a nightmare

Awaken from slumber and explore a surreal retrotech world as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost partner and her lost dreams. Discover terrifying secrets, challenging puzzles, and nightmarish creatures in a tense and melancholic experience of cosmic dread and classic psychological survival horror.

Fatal exception

SIGNALIS is set in a dystopian future where humanity has colonized the solar system, and the totalitarian regime of Eusan maintains an iron grip through aggressive surveillance and propaganda. Humanoid androids known as Replikas live among the populace, acting as workers, civil servants, and Protektors alongside the citizens they are designed to resemble.

The story of SIGNALIS begins as a Replika named Elster awakens from cryostasis in a wrecked vessel. Now stranded on a cold planet, she sets out on a journey into depths unknown.

Classic survival horror gameplay

Experience fear and apprehension as you encounter strange horrors, carefully manage scarce resources, and seek solutions to challenging riddles.

Cold and distant places

Explore the dim corners of a derelict spaceship, delve into the mysterious fate of the inhabitants of a doomed facility, and seek what lies beneath.

A dream about dreaming

Discover an atmospheric science-fiction tale of identity, memory, and the terror of the unknown and unknowable.

A striking vision

Wander a brutalist nightmare driven by fluid 3D character animations, dynamic lights and shadows, and complex transparency effects, complemented by cinematic sci-fi anime storytelling.