The Switch is now over six months old, with that first half year flashing by in a blink. It's been the centrepiece in a big year for Nintendo, beginning with its full unveiling in a live January event through to its 3rd March launch. In that time we've had over 100 games on the eShop, along with some high quality retail offerings.

We shared some thoughts on the system's first six months in a recent 'Switch Report', but we're curious to know what you think of the home console / portable hybrid. The system may have earned its share of praise in the media and command a level of demand that sees plenty of stores struggling to top up stock, but does that reflect your levels of excitement about the device?

So, let us know in the polls and comments below - what have you thought of the Switch so far?

Including retail and the eShop, what do you think of the Switch game library so far?
How do you play the Switch, most of the time?
What's your overall feeling about the Switch after its first six months?