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masterLEON commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

@BenAV Exactly! It's situational awareness, people. Learn it! The gamepad gives you all the info you need. You can see the ink coverage of the field, where your team mates are, their health, a way to teleport to their location if you see them getting jumped. Honestly, this is the type of info that needed to be communicated in other games but it's all replaced by the gamepad in Splatoon. There's also no safety in camping because the death cam will reveal the position of the attacker, and from what I see from videos out there, many of the skirmishes take place at extremely close range. Snipers seem to be only useful to hold a point. What happens if one of the opposing team decides to teleport behind you when they respawn? Lastly, kills only give you so many points, your overall contribution to inking the area is worth more points than kills. The only thing I would like to know is what kind of loadout my team mates have before we go in, which may not need to be verbally communicated if the game displays that info in the lobby.



masterLEON commented on Video: We Put The Pedal To The Metal In Sega's...:

Wasn't the original arcade version a Testarossa-ish facsimile in the first place? I mean, it looks really close, but there's no visible logo in the cabinet art, marquee, no credits to Ferarri anywhere, the steering wheel has a horse with wings, and the in-game graphics are lo-res that it looks like the pony on the back, but it's still a bit ambiguous (that, and the logo flips when you turn to the right. Ferarri would probably not go for that)



masterLEON commented on Delayed Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs Game...:

Thank you! I thought the project was done for! I'll definitely donate if they put up a Kickstarter. I wonder if they could get Peter Cullen to narrate the Ramrod transformation sequence. It would not sound right if they don't.



masterLEON commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

@kuribo4 He's been there already. 25 years ago he was one of those guys bringing up designs to his boss for approval and/or critique. Now he's the boss that's critiquing the work in progress. He knows they're doing the bulk of the work. He picked them [IntiCreates], after all. Actually, he seems very confident in their work.



masterLEON commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

The frame rate is so smooth like glass, a solid 60fps! Also to note, redrawn sprites all around. Not remake style, but redrawn enough so they don't look like huge pixels at the final frames of animation before they leave the screen. I've spent a good chunk of time on the aforementioned motion seat cabinet of Space Harrier and I can say this is the best port of the game I've ever played!



masterLEON commented on Review: Senran Kagura Burst (3DS eShop):

Tons of dropped frames everywhere when you're fighting more than a few enemies, 3D on or off. But the game remains responsive throughout, I was able to adapt to it. It's the smoothest in the one-on-one fights towards the end of either scenario. There are surprisingly huge….tracts of…story in this game, in the visual novel sections that is. The anime barely even touched on it. I liked the Hebijo, dark shinobi academy, side of the story better. It had more d'aww moments versus the Hanzo side, if you're into that sort of thing (though Hibari is adorable as all heck). I found myself looking towards both the action and the story parts equally.

Btw, anyone else give Yagyu the eyepatch accessory? It's totally ridiculous, LOL!



masterLEON commented on Neo Geo X Handheld Shut Down By SNK:

The NeoGeo X emulation doesn't seem that bad for me, though the screen quality is my biggest gripe. I didn't care for certain aspects of the Wii VC NeoGeo emulation. When I first got some Wii Points, I downloaded Baseball Stars 2 and Samurai Shodown 2 for comparison (I own both of those for the NeoGeo home system, and I was away from my AES for some time). Immediately I noticed that full screen flashes, the type that was probably encouraged all the epilepsy warnings in video games, were absent. Further, I suspected that the emulation simply dropped frames altogether. Specifically, in Baseball Stars 2 when the player portraits scroll onto the screen, there's supposed to be some screen flashes when the portrait changes direction before arriving at its final spot. In SamSho 2, the screen is supposed to flash red every time someone scores a hit that cuts or flash white when blocked. The health bar is supposed to alternate white and red when a player's health is in danger. The weapons, themselves, are supposed to have a frame of animation with a brighter gleam (they color cycle really fast as if they're powered up, but only subtly). And the kicker, when fighting Mizuki, that hand slap attack of hers, the one where she's waving her hand back and forth but hits you so many times, is missing so many frames of animation that it's choppy. That was easily the smoothest snippet of animation in the entire game (I'd hate to think what happened in VC KoF '94 and '95 with Mai's idle animation). The NeoGeo X is spot on, at the very least, with these things I pointed out. My Mega Pack is coming in on Wednesday. Glad I ordered it before things got a chance to get ugly.



masterLEON commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

I gotta sell these things when they come out so I'll chime in. It's not the prettiest of designs, but it's probably the best that can be done to accomplish some key points:
-Single (touch panel) screen blocked off by plastic to keep costs down (minimizes additional costs of having a 2nd cutting step just for a 2nd screen, no more of that damned ribbon cable, too).
-No hinge means no more hassles of return/exchanges/store coverage fulfillments due to broken hinges (happens more often than people realize)
-Single piece design is easier to grip for little, or big, hands. Less accidental drops. The thicker top part with scooped L and R buttons, kinda like the Gamecube shoulder triggers, helps gripping as well.
-Clunkier "kid friendly" design will help parents teach their kids to handle their tech with care....maybe. At the very least, it's easier on the parents' wallets to replace, which goes into...
-Nice price point. It costs more than the DSi (which parents are STILL asking me for to this very day), but it undercuts the 3DS enough so that it will be a viable choice for people to save some bucks and to upgrade to 3DS games at the same time. Believe it or not, I was still selling DSi's all the way up until a few months ago when Nintendo stopped sending them. It's all about the $$$ with some parents and gamers.
-Mono speaker. One less speaker keeps the price down, and battery life up. Although....
-(speculation) Lower capacity battery (?). Seeing that the screen sizes are based on the 3DS, Nintendo may have opted to use the regular 3DS's battery. Take it a step further, without the 3D screen, an even smaller capacity battery can be used as long as the runtime equals that of the baseline 3DS. Thus reducing costs further but requires sourcing of new sizes of batteries, unless they're already available.

Beyond this..
-Use as much of the original internal hardware and software as possible to keep development costs down! Hardware is obvious. Software, not so much. The cost is extra time in development and troubleshooting on both Nintendo and it's 3rd party developers. And time = money, of course.

In any case, this is the design that got the green light. Like it or leave it, the people have more choice now. This, or the clamshell 3DS models.



masterLEON commented on Asda Stores No Longer Stocking New Wii U Syste...:

Hm, lemme pick up some milk, eggs, carrots, and while I'm here, I'll pick up this [video game console]!....said no gamer ever.

It's like seeing stairlift, car insurance and yeast infection medicine commercials they broadcast during daytime Cartoon Network. You say, "Why the F*** am I seeing this here?"



masterLEON commented on Review: Project X Zone (3DS):

Combat is mostly about chaining attacks to charge up your X meter to 100% and letting loose a special attack (Y button) every now and then (you get bonus experience points for finishing with a special). The battles play much like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier for the DS (which me and like 5 other people played), but it's easier to chain the attacks together since the last hit of an attack usually knocks the enemy back or up so you can time your next attack. I'm sure there's better timing involved to send in your support characters so some of your attacks don't whiff if the enemy gets knocked too high, but the "send everyone in to charge your X meter" technique seems to work fine for the most part (since the only way to charge past 100% is to have your characters and solo and/or support characters hit the enemy at the same time). On the area map, try to move your characters together in a way so that you can always have characters nearby to provide support attacks during individual fights to charge up X meter. Watch out for the bosses, though. Some have special attacks that hit your characters that are close together.



masterLEON commented on Review: Pac-Man (Wii U eShop / NES):

I don't understand why companies like Namco wouldn't want to port an arcade perfect version of classics like Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man to today's consoles (like through an eShop which has the most ROI income). Aside from the bells and whistles of the remakes, there are people who want to play the originals as kind of a benchmark, y'know, just to see how the original one played (and IMO, they milked the multi-arcade Ms.Pac/Galaga/Pac-Man cabinets for too many years already). Namco kinda shunned the NA Wii VC after only a couple releases. Arcade titles I was waiting for included Solvalou (part of the Xevious series), Starblade, Cyber-Sled, and Ordyne. I'm still feeling bummed about that...



masterLEON commented on Video: This New Project X Zone Trailer Pulls N...:

The combat looks like it plays like Valkyrie Profile (the original one) or Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (another Monolith Soft Game). You have to press the buttons to combo your character's attacks with the right timing in order to maximize your damage. If you drop the combo, your attack phase ends prematurely.



masterLEON commented on DuckTales: Remastered Focus Testing Reveals Th...:

I was at PAX East when Capcom showed it off. The line to wait wasn't that long but the wait time was about an hour. I didn't know why (also, it was the only way to get a DuckTales poster short of taking from the pile when a rep wasn't looking). By Sunday, I finally dove in for the hour wait and found they were limiting gameplay for 5 minutes. Ok, at least they're cycling. But the one of the problems was that the demo was Magica's Castle, with the notorious hidden passages and Magic Mirror teleporters. I'd see people go around a few times, get lost, check the map (now they put in a map), bounce around, generally not knowing where to go, and this went on for at least the 8 people ahead of me. They weren't kids, they were teens and adults. When it got to my turn, I went right for the point on the map which had the skull (boss room, obviously). The "hidden passage" through the wall actually goes transparent when you get closer to it, unlike the original game. Then the game goes and crashes on me, the music changed before reaching the big mirror but the screen action stopped. They let me stay on and play after the restart, I was only on for like 20 seconds when it crashed, and I got to hear the wonderful voiceovers. Frankly, I was good after hearing that. But yeah, the new generation of gamers need to be reintroduced to some staples of old school, like searching and exploring. They can't be constantly handed in-game tips and achievements on a silver DVD/BluRay like what's going on nowadays. That's the most disturbing part of this whole thing for me.



masterLEON commented on Review: NAM-1975 (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

This was one of my first NeoGeo MVS games, too. Memories! However, I wish SNKP would release some of their old pre-NeoGeo arcade games in a collection. Ikari Warriors 1, Victory Road, and The Rescue, P.O.W., Guerilla War (really, they put out a lot of war games), Athena, Time Soldiers, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart, Mechanized attack and Beast Busters.



masterLEON commented on Review: Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the War...:

The animation of the huge sprites was superb on this, the last of the series. Only Garou would be better, albeit smaller, when it came out late in the Neo Geo's lifespan. They even used Ryo's and Robert's sprites from here as a basis for their sprites from KoF '96 onwards.



masterLEON commented on Review: Wrecking Crew (3DS eShop / NES):

I had this game back in the day. I thought it was a more complex concept of Mr. Do's Castle. The basic idea is to clear each stage of all destructibles, i.e. brick walls, pillars, doors(?)/drywall panels(?), breakable ladders while avoiding the enemies that are running around. There's also a foreman sometimes, the guy with the brown hat and the beard, that walks the background plane. He destroys walls in the middle of sections, usually breaking your bomb's chain reaction, costing you potential points and giving you more work to clear the stage. Most things take one swing to break, but brick walls come in 3 strengths taking up to 3 hits. Bombs can chain-break 1-hit to either side until it reaches a gap, unbreakable object (oil drum) or the side of the screen (note at :25 in the video that Mario gives one hit to the wall sections before hitting the bomb). The more walls that go down in a single direction, the more the next wall is worth in points. A Golden Hammer (shown equipped at :41) can appear by doing some things specifically on a stage, usually by destroying stuff in a specific order which also usually involves blowing up a bomb. With it, Mario can swing faster and every wall goes down in one swing. There should be one on every stage except the early ones. Earlier stages can be cleared freeform while later stages almost always have only one way to clear them, making Wrecking Crew a true puzzle game.



masterLEON commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

@pureval It's pretty fun, it's $40 to enter but you get 200 tokens, some freebies, and you get to hang around some of the best gamers out there, classic arcade, modern, or otherwise. Now with newly updated live score tracking which is the coolest thing ever! If you're good you can go for the cash prizes in the main tournament or the manufacturer [specific] challenge or even the mystery game of the day. The main tourney is too much for me as there are too many games and good players and too little time, even though the games are random and they've been bringing new, never before seen at Funspot, classic games out to help level the play field. They even have special side tournaments like this year's Galaga's 30th anniversary tourney and last year's After Burner 25th anniversary. I usually go for those or the Manufacturer's Challenge. I've been going since 2008 and it's been a blast!



masterLEON commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

@pureval I go up to Funspot once a year for the classic game tournament the weekend before bike week. I just found out about Pinball Wizard when some of my gamer friends wanted to check it out. Another place I wanted to check out was Fun World, which I hear is somewhere around Manchester. It takes me out of the way a bit when driving up so I haven't been there yet. Have you been there?