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Thu 8th May 2014

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TheBigK commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

Virtual Console support in NA is criminally lax. One thing that I've always wondered is who ultimately decides what gets released in a specific region. Like, is it completely up to NoA to release VC titles or is that a decision that comes from NCL? How much of a back and forth dialogue is there between the two? Is NCL just not giving the go ahead for NoA to release games or does NoA simply choose not to release anything? I was always sort of under the impression that NoA was more or less just a marketing and localization firm and that all decisions came from the higher ups in Japan. I will, however, openly admit that I am highly ignorant of the internal structure of the company and have no experience or education in business so there's a good chance that anything I have to say is completely invalid. Still, it is interesting to ponder.



TheBigK commented on Nintendo Download: 14th January (North America):

I'm happy that Metroid is out for the people that want it, but it's just not my cup of tea. I personally find Metroid to be aggravating and confusing and haven't played a single one that I've liked. So nothing for me this week, but I am glad that something that has been requested forever by the fans is out.



TheBigK commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

I believe that all in all, it will be an underwhelming year. Nothing is going to move any significant number of Wii U consoles, not even Zelda. Mario Kart didn't, Smash didn't, Splatoon didn't, and Mario Maker didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii U and have invested heavily in it. But the fact of the matter remains that outside of us hardcore Nintendo fans, no one cares about the thing and nothing is going to change that. Star Fox and Pokkén sales are going to be tepid at best and Zelda will go the same way simply because it's on Wii U, regardless of how amazing it's going to be. If it even releases this year or on the Wii U at all. I'm honestly expecting a delay to 2017 and a move to NX, which will also launch 2017.

With regard to NX, I am not getting my hopes up. Nintendo is very out of touch with the contemporary conventions of the industry and has a tendency to piss a lot of would-be consumers off by doing what they want. I love how Nintendo stick to their guns and create the games and systems THEY want to create, not what everyone else wants them to create. They choose not to compromise their creative integrity and I certainly applaud that, but the industry as a whole and the vast majority of consumers do not feel that way. I feel that Nintendo has begun to more or less fade into obscurity, as evidenced by the fact that it's no longer a household name. Xbox and PlayStation have taken on that role now. The industry has evolved a hell of a lot since Nintendo's heyday and it's like they either refuse to adapt to the ever changing environment and stick to the methods that made them successful in a climate that permitted them to flourish by doing so but is ultimately gone or they are simply so wrapped up in themselves that they literally have no idea what's going on any more. In any case, Nintendo has shown us time and time again that they do not learn from their mistakes and really don't care what anyone outside of the company thinks. Ironically, that's largely why they're still relevant today, because they refuse to conform to industry standards. Would I like it if NX completely modernized Nintendo's approach to online and digital purchases? Absolutely. But I don't expect it in the least. The general public has long since moved on from Nintendo and once society as a whole stops caring about something, it becomes irrelevant regardless of quality. I will absolutely pick up NX (or whatever they decide to name it) but it's not going to change anything.

All of that being said, what I can say for certain is that I am going to have a lot of fun this year with Nintendo. Fire Emblem will be glorious, Twilight Princess HD will be an enjoyable revisit, Pokémon on Virtual Console with wireless features will make me fall in love with the original games all over again, Star Fox will be a rollercoaster as I cautiously pick it apart and compare it to 64 and all the following crappy games, I might jump on Hyrule Warriors Legends as I decided to skip the Wii U release due to that $65 + tax Canadian price, and I'm sure there will be other great releases that we don't know about yet. We're definitely getting Pokémon Z and I cannot wait. And, of course, I still need to play some of last year's greats. I need to finish Yoshi's Woolly World, haven't even begun to scratch the surface of Xenoblade X, Mario Maker still beckons me every other day, and I still haven't picked up Splatoon yet. Maybe if I can find it used for a decent price, but $80 including tax is not worth it for something that I'm not sure I'll even like. Oh, and competitive Pokémon breeding and battling will continue to be mainstay as well.

2016 will be an interesting year with highs and lows for sure, but I honestly expect to be disappointed as a whole. I'm just a cynic, though. Who knows, maybe Kimishima will turn it around. We'll just have to wait and see.



TheBigK commented on Feature: How Mario Kart Brought Two Soul Mates...:

This story makes me sick to my ass. Though I will openly admit that it's because of sheer jealousy. I'm just your stereotypical fat, jaded, forever alone internet nerd, hahaha! This truly is an extraordinary case, a one in a million kind of scenario. Colour me impressed.