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Fri 21st Oct 2011

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ennan commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

The Mario Kart expansions have been great and I'd certainly welcome more. I also like the idea posted above about battle arenas being added. The battle mode we currently have is pretty disappointing compared to previous titles.
I'm less fussed about the Smash Bros stuff. I might pick up some extra characters depending on who they are but so far nothing has really grabbed my attention.



ennan commented on Weirdness: The Moon in Majora's Mask Probably ...:

To all those saying the moon would be destroyed by the black hole - not necessarily. It would depend in the size if the singularity. If the sun were to turn into a black hole the Earth would not get sucked inside - it would continue to orbit just like it does with the sun. The gravity well only increases as you move closer to the event horizon. If the black hole in Majors's moon were hollow with a micro singularity at it's core it could survive. As for how one could form - particles colliding at high enough energies can overcome the exclusion principle and form the singularity - however singularities that are too small will dissipate quickly due to Hawking radiation.
But magic mask seems more likely...



ennan commented on DeNA Dreaming of 100 Million Daily Users on Fu...:

I have to agree with the comment above - Animal Crossing would be a good call for mobile. The controls are simple, it's a relaxed game which you can dip in and out of and the nature of the game demands that you check in often. This is why it's been so successful on handheld - a device that you can carry with you. You always have your mobile to hand so this makes it a perfect platform for this game. Integrate some social media functions and maybe some online events or whatever and you could have a winner. You could have in game purchases for furniture etc (although personally I can't stand in app purchases) to make some extra coin.
I've tried emulators on my phone before and have had mixed results (note that all the games I play on emulators I have purchased on their original systems and often on virtual console/reissues) The touch screen is a poor substitute for a real controller for many games (side note my previous phone - an HTC Desire Z - had a physical keyboard and I specifically bought it so I could map the keys for emulation and that worked great for NES/SNES/Master system/Mega-drive/Game boy etc) so it'l be interesting to see how Nintendo adapt their franchises for touch control.



ennan commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

Netflix have produced some great stuff - house of cards has amazing production value and the cinematography is excellent. If they can produce a Zelda series with a similar budget then it could be great. It all depends on the script and depth and complexity of the characters.



ennan commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

Today I spent several hours looking for controllers for my Wii U. It's nearly Christmas and I have family over and it's the perfect time to crack out nintendoland and mario kart. Couldn't find anything. Most retailers have resigned Nintendo to a single shelf whilst Xbox and PlayStation dominate. It's really rather annoying and in no way helps Nintendo's situation if people who actually want to buy the console/games/accessories can't find them.



ennan commented on The Virtual Boy is 19 Years Old, Probably Hasn...:

I love my virtual boy and everyone I've introduced it to has had an immense amount of fun because of it's particular oddness. Strapping that big massive red box to your dome and play Wario - Wario for gods sake! He's even weirder than Mario! Oh Yas! I got a fire breathing hat! Aw no lost my fire breathing hat... It's hilarious to watch people play it and having them give a commentary of what they are experiencing
Another fun thing to do is to have someone else use the headset whilst you control the game. They have to give you commands. It requires a great amount of communication and teamwork but is very rewarding if you get through a level.



ennan commented on Planet Virtual Boy Founder Explains His Passio...:

I love my virtual boy. The controller is really comfy. The headset is unwieldy and the display is gash but it is fun. A lot of fun. You just can't play it for long without the screens fogging up and putting a knot in your neck.



ennan commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Dashing Onto Platforms In 2013:

I'd love a new 2D sonic with the graphics of generations with no voice acting and an awesome storyline like the death egg trilogy. Sonic 3 and knuckles told an epic story with no superfluous characters, crappy voice acting or unnecessary cut scenes.



ennan commented on Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android:

Was curious so I tried it - figured it was free so it's not a big deal. It sucks. Uninspired level design, meh music and gut rotting controls. Seriously I may have to have portions of my intestines removed.



ennan commented on Michael Pachter Doubts 3DS XL's Powers of Revival:

I have the normal 3DS and wasn't interested in the XL but I had a go of one today and it's fairly compelling - the screen is gorgeous - the 3D effect has a lot more impact. The unit is also far more comfortable to hold. I'm now tempted to pick one up.



ennan commented on Poll: Which Colour Wii U Would You Prefer?:

Black because it'll really make me feel like Batman...

Seriously though I prefer the black and for the first time ever I might not get a Nintendo console on launch day. Maybe I'm getting old but must-have-regardless-of-colour vibe has gone.



ennan commented on ZombiU Is Really a Blast from the Past:

Yeah - I have this in a cupboard somewhere. Looking forward to seeing actual gameplay of the new one though. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Really like the idea of the death mechanic...



ennan commented on Feature: The Life and Times of SEGA's Game Gear:

Hardware issues is right... My friends game gear would reset if you moved it slightly and mine would invert the colours for no apparent reason. Still loved the bulky monster though. Had an adaper that let me play master system games on it too which was awesome.



ennan commented on Rumour: Two Zelda Titles in Development:

Nice idea - the oracle games were awesome but that picture looks fake and the names sound pretty gash (though they could be placeholders/code names)

I would welcome a dual release though - especially if the games were linked somehow like the oracles.



ennan commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island ...:

Although the graphics of the snes version are better (for example the "touch fuzzy get dizzy" effect) I really appreciate having a portable version of one of my favourite games ever. It was the first ambassador game I chose to play and the first one I completed. I've loved this game for years. It's pretty much perfect.



ennan commented on Wii U Panorama View Demo is Awesome:

Impressive. With the Wii U Nintendo seem to be pulling a "HAGADOOSH GAME FAN! KICK TO THE FACE TO WAKEN YOU UP! NOW PAY ATTENTION!" which is good... I love a good hagadoosh!

As for the Zelda demo - I'm hoping that just like the spaceworld demo vs twilight princess that in a few years when the actual Zelda is released that it looks even better than this demo! Hagadoosh!



ennan commented on Wii Balance Board Enters Record Books:

The balance board is one thing that never appealed to me. Maybe it's cuz of my quite frankly amazingly sleek, Ninja like frame or maybe it's cuz when I'm at home I just want to be lazy and sit on my lovely, perfectly formed ass and eat chips!



ennan commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

Oh damn it. More pennies! Still don't have all the games I want from last year! With the Wii U coming, more 3ds games on the horizon and Nikon announcing the D4 I just don't know how I'm going to keep up!

Although I doubt we'd see these new consoles this year if they did appear my choice would be the Wii U first then maybe an xbox.



ennan commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

@Geonjaha I really don't. But I do resent any implication that I'm somehow harming Nintendo. I've spent so much money on Nintendo products - my games collection is massive - literally hundreds of games.. I own every console (with multiple versions of games boys, game boy advances and DS's - I even own the virtual boy) and god knows how many gimmicky accessories, controllers, memory cards, bongos. Having a few games on my phone may make make a pirate technically but Nintendo didn't lose out on anything. If they offered the games on android I'd buy them but they don't and I've never once pirated a game I don't already own.

The industry is in a difficult place right now with apple and android stealing a lot of the handheld space. Let's not forget There's a recession on. I'll happily pay for content from Nintendo and other parties because without that support the industry will suffer.



ennan commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

@ theblackdragon quite frankly the legality doesn't concern me. Morally speaking I'm comfortable - I've bought these games (often multiple times like Zelda, mario bros etc) so having one extra handy copy on my phone doesn't make me a monster.
Having one device that plays all my atari, nes, snes, n64, game boy, game boy advance, master system, game gear and megadrive games which I have will me at all times is very handy. I still tend to buy things from VC though as the controls are better.



ennan commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

Interesting device but I've already got my games backed up (legally or not I'm not sure) to my HTC desire Z (the whole reason I got the phone was because it has hardware keys that can be mapped).

Never download games I don't already own though a.nd I have an afwul lot on the VC as well. I don't mind paying for games I just like to have convenience