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Thu 22nd Jul 2010

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The_Mysteron commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

@ tealovertoma
Nintendo is far from poor...dunno where you got that idea from
On the subject of this article...I think online play is over-rated. I much rather some face to face banter. Now, I agree that as an option, it is nice to have online, but not at the cost of nicer graphics and earlier release dates. The 3DS needs more AAA games now if it's to get a proper foothold before the Vita comes along...that thing looks sweet!

PS: I love my 3DS, never once regretted my day 1 purchase and believe the DSlite to be the greatest games console ever made.



The_Mysteron commented on This is Your Mario Kart 7 Logo and Artwork:

Like the 7 but it's the same font on the mariokart text as they used for MarioKart DS. It's like when Playstation 3 used the same font as kind of cheapens it when you re-hash a font, no?