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Fri 18th July, 2014

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Desrever commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

Based on how pokemon and assist trophies work, having Ice Climbers would likely slow the frame rate to 30fps. And I'm sure you all can imagine how pissy some people would get playing an online match and having someone pop on as Ice Climbers, dooming your match to a constant 30fps. Not worth the grief. I'm certain they could make it work, but probably not with all 4 players using Nana and Popo. And that would be a weird restriction to put on players.



Desrever commented on Feature: The Benefits of a Portable Super Smas...:

It had to of been about 10 years ago now, but I remember getting SO VERY excited about a fake picture of a portable Gamecube. It looked like a bigger GBA SP with a GC disc slot. (I'm sure the pictures are still floating around somewhere) And of course the first thought I had was portable SSBM. It took a while... but here we are.



Desrever commented on These Awesome Articulated Nintendo Figures Are...:

Went to Target tonight for some last minute groceries. I went looking for Link and Bowser but they just had several Marios and Yoshis. I found one last Link behind the others and grabbed it quick. Excite!

Reminds me a lot of my old GI Joe toys in size and articulation. Paint job is just fine and its a decent size. The joints bend at the shoulder elbow and wrist in all directions (which is great) but they're very loose and he doesn't hold a pose well. His sword is a little thin for his grip. As for the mystery item, someone in this thread said it was a key, so i was delighted to find a Hylian Sheild in mine. So I guess the mystery items are random which is neat. $8.99 is pretty pricey for a figurine of this caliber... but lets be real... Zelda merch is pretty uncommon stateside. The premium price is to be expected. No regrets, but definitely could have been better