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Fri 18th July, 2014

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Desrever commented on Ninterview: Learning Retro Secrets With A Form...:

I have vague memories of calling the help line in regards to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. I can't even remember what it was in particular I was even calling about. But I distinctly remember being given instructions that confused my 6~8-year-old self, that I couldn't figure out. The man on the phone had to tell me several times, and I was just not getting it. I ended up crying in frustration with myself, then hanging up because I was embarrassed. I hadn't thought about that in YEARS.

Never-the-less... great interview.



Desrever commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

OF COURSE I blew the last of my points on a Gameboy game and carrying case I didn't need. It was just the best thing they had to offer at the time. Now I have to watch as all the potentially awesome things fly by with my sad sack 25 points left.



Desrever commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

I still use my launch day 3DS HEAVILY. And though I've drooled over my friend's XL screens a time or two, it really is cumbersome to take on the go.

I've toyed with the idea of having an XL to play at home, and my original for taking to work on my commute. But of course, you can only transfer your data over a set amount of times (five, I believe?)

With Europe getting those beautiful "Ambassador" 3DS's recently, I swooned over the design, and was really hoping NOA would do something similar. I've hit platinum on Club Nintendo 4 years in a row, so I thought I would have decent chances, but this is fairly standard practice for NOA, so I should've known better than to get my hopes up.

I still love you, Reggie. I just wish you loved me more.



Desrever commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

Its been said a few times already, but I want a new Metroid, BADLY. Side-scroller on the 3DS, preferably. But Prime 4 on Wii U is more likely.
Or maybe... just maybe... both of those games with some sort of connectivity features, like the GameCube/GBA versions.

A boy can dream...........



Desrever commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

This game has always looked really appealing to me, but I don't own a Wii U so I was especially excited for this to come out on the 3DS. I was honestly expecting this to be a cheap download-only title on the eShop for roughly around $14.99, or so.
I'm pretty bummed to see that $30 price tag. There's a huge backlog of games I'd rather play that fall under that price range. Maybe I'll get it if its on sale at some point in the foreseeable future. :(



Desrever commented on Super Smash Bros. 3-Poster Set Now Available f...:

They're not on my walls anymore, but I have a pretty great collection of Club Nintendo posters from over the years. I was shocked to see how much some of them are going for on eBay. I was about to jump all over this new poster set until I checked my coin balance. Welp... So much for a complete set :/



Desrever commented on Shovel Knight 3DS Theme Coming To Europe And A...:

The sample shown at the top looks GREAT. A lot of the official Nintendo themes available don't look too professional. Clashing colors, busy backgrounds, folders that are hard to see the label, etc. I want it, Free or not.



Desrever commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

Oh snap! Platinum made Infinite Space? That game really is superb, so I'm not surprised to learn Platinum was behind it.
Seriously, if you can get your hands on a copy, give it a whirl. Tragically underappreciated. Once you get a fleet of ships the game really starts to blossom.



Desrever commented on Exclusive: Masahiro Sakurai on Planned Acciden...:

From what I've noticed about all the Dark Pit hate, both online and in my own circle of friends, a lot of these people have not played Kid Icarus: Uprising and have no personal attachments to good ole Pittoo. I felt the same about Marth/Roy back in the Melee days before I played any Fire Emblem games. So I can understand where they're coming from. The only solution is to appreciate the subtle differences in the characters or play KI:U.

Also, if Dark Pit weren't in the game there would likely be another cloned character in his place, not another unique fighter.



Desrever commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

Based on how pokemon and assist trophies work, having Ice Climbers would likely slow the frame rate to 30fps. And I'm sure you all can imagine how pissy some people would get playing an online match and having someone pop on as Ice Climbers, dooming your match to a constant 30fps. Not worth the grief. I'm certain they could make it work, but probably not with all 4 players using Nana and Popo. And that would be a weird restriction to put on players.



Desrever commented on Feature: The Benefits of a Portable Super Smas...:

It had to of been about 10 years ago now, but I remember getting SO VERY excited about a fake picture of a portable Gamecube. It looked like a bigger GBA SP with a GC disc slot. (I'm sure the pictures are still floating around somewhere) And of course the first thought I had was portable SSBM. It took a while... but here we are.



Desrever commented on These Awesome Articulated Nintendo Figures Are...:

Went to Target tonight for some last minute groceries. I went looking for Link and Bowser but they just had several Marios and Yoshis. I found one last Link behind the others and grabbed it quick. Excite!

Reminds me a lot of my old GI Joe toys in size and articulation. Paint job is just fine and its a decent size. The joints bend at the shoulder elbow and wrist in all directions (which is great) but they're very loose and he doesn't hold a pose well. His sword is a little thin for his grip. As for the mystery item, someone in this thread said it was a key, so i was delighted to find a Hylian Sheild in mine. So I guess the mystery items are random which is neat. $8.99 is pretty pricey for a figurine of this caliber... but lets be real... Zelda merch is pretty uncommon stateside. The premium price is to be expected. No regrets, but definitely could have been better