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Mon 16th Apr 2012

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Iggy-Koopa commented on Nintendo Sets 10 Million Wii U Sales Target:

@expa0: E3 my friend, E3 (and TGS, and Nintendo's own conference no doubt). I reckon they are playing the cards close to the chest because whenever they reveal solid facts, they get ripped apart by over zealous fanboys. But one thing is for sure; with 3rd party support this good so far (ports or not), the audition of 1st party goodies is going to make this launch stellar.



Iggy-Koopa commented on Europe, What Do You Make Of Your Beat the Beat...:

Nintendo Europe are doing a LOT of things differently at the moment, and have won back my respect. I don't see why anyone would quibble over box art, but if we are going to be 100% honest the UK and EU have just been given the best version of an already great game, original Japanese soundtrack and all. Peeking round on a few more 'unreasonable' forums, there seems to be a degree of 'Butt Hurt' going round. Certainly not here's though, and I must say it's refreshing.



Iggy-Koopa commented on Nintendo Posts First Ever Annual Loss:

@Sabrewing: EXACTLY. Wii and DS alone have provided enough revenue to keep them going for a long time. We've all seen the figures, they could keep taking losses for a very, VERY long time. Hopefully though, this is the ONLY year they post a loss and with the upcoming Wii U and the 3DS gaining momentum, and what I see as a change in attitude already in motion, they will be back on top again in no time.