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Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says They Have "Fulfilled The Need For Now"

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We won't release on the platform if the base is very small"

Minecraft is massive — so massive in fact that it's one of the few franchises which challenges Nintendo's otherwise iron grip on younger players. We've said several times in the past that Minecraft on the Wii U would make brilliant business sense, but it would appear that 4J Studios business development chief Daniel Kaplan — the guy ultimately in charge of the console ports of Mojang's title — doesn't agree.

Speaking with Total Xbox, Kaplan stated that as far as consoles are concerned, his team is effectively done:

It's mostly about platforms that make sense... With the release of PS4 and Xbox One I think we have fulfilled most of the needs for now. There aren't many platforms left to release on. We'll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won't release on the platform if the base is very small because it's much too big of an effort.

That "user base" comment could be seen as a sideways swipe at the Wii U, which has struggled to achieve a significant market share. However, let's not forget that even the PS Vita has its own version of Minecraft, and that is hardly setting cash registers alight.

Do you think such comments are basically the final nail in the coffin of a Wii U version of Minecraft, or is there still time for 4J Studios to be convinced otherwise? Build up your argument block by block by posting a comment below.

Thanks to PokeMario for the tip.


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FullbringIchigo said:

and yet they are releasing it on the XB1 that has a lower install base than the Wii U

smells of bull to me



sillygostly said:

They don't want to cannibalise their own brand by risking their target audience embracing Nintendo's own IP. Non-Nintendo platforms aren't considered to be as great a threat as Sony and Microsoft's systems have fewer games that would appeal to the same audience that Minecraft has attracted.



DaemonSword said:

Wait, so they made a version for the Vita because they thought it would make billions, compared to being on the 3DS or Wii U?! How does Daniel Kaplan have a job again? lol



FragRed said:

In other words, Sony and Microsoft paid for the ports whereas Nintendo didn't. Either that or someone needs to update him on the console numbers for the 3DS vs Vita and Wii U vs Xbox One.



maneauleau said:

"if the platform has the user base for it"
3DS user base > Vita : yet game released on Vita not on 3DS
Wii U user base > Xbox One : yet game released on Xbox One not on Wii U



PaperLucario said:

Meh, even if it did come to Wii U, I would still just say buy the PC version, cause I could see it launching like the 360 version, utter barebones.



kobashi100 said:

3DS version simply not possible due to hardware restrictions.

Nintendo should pay development costs for Wii U, that's the only way it happening.

And please can we stop with the Wii U is selling better then the xbox one myth. Unless you can back that statement up with a credible source then stay silent.

Yes Vgchartz does not count. They are nowhere near credible.

NPD numbers constantly have xbox one ahead of Wii U month on month.

UK numbers the same.



Undead_terror said:

Just like Capcom, they don't want to earn a few extra bucks nor do they want to please certain fans, if it came out on the 3DS I would get it but that don't seem to be happening.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

By user base he means people who purchase third party games, because install base hardly matters (Wii and DS examples come to mind). PS4 and One users are buying third party games and Vita owners... Um well Minecraft is an indie game(???) and fits in with the approach Sony has for Vita (nothing but indies & ports). Wii U/3DS owners? While the demographic fits, one quote comes to mind: "Nintendo platforms for Nintendo games only" and if it this were to happen excuses will follow if Minecraft doesn't do well (late?)

Not that it should matter because Minecraft prints money (and Sony and MS published it) wherever it goes.



Goginho said:

"...if the base is very small", well then contribute to making the base very big. Maybe it's "small" because of that kind of attitude players / consumers hear, resulting in this ironical, paradoxical dilemma. How else is this base going to grow if it doesn't have more options? If it doesn't have the games that people perhaps want, that people are holding off for.
I couldn't care less for Minecraft, personally but I'm sure many would want to play the Wii U way, with the power of the GamePad



Inkling said:

We aren't releasing it on Wii U, even though it has a bigger base than Xbox One and Vita. Also, why wouldn't they want to expand it in Japan?



Crimzonlogic said:

Makes no difference to me, personally. I've already lost interest in playing it. But maybe this game would have moved a few consoles.



JimLad said:

Putting Minecraft on the Wii U at this point would benefit Nintendo far more than Mojang. If the console eventually gets off the ground with Smash Bros, then maybe they'd reconsider.
The 3DS would make more sense for them, especially if it were bundled, kids would lap it up. But it would need an optimised version of the mobile version. Also the the current 3DS doesn't have that second analogue stick. The new 3DS would be a good match, but maybe it's still too much of a gamble for 4J. Third parties always have a hard time selling on Nintendo systems. Vita on the other hand has a pretty good attach rate for indie games.

If I were Nintendo I would do everything in my power (wallet) to make this happen. But because they live in such a bubble, they are completely oblivious to how massive Minecraft has become. It's now the third highest selling video game of all time, overtaking Super Mario Bros, and it's still climbing.



Kolzig said:

Vita and Xbone have less users than Wii U so it does not make sense at all.

Also it does not make sense that Notch and Nintendo are playing nice with each other and complementing the other party by saying that it would be nice to have the game on the platforms, but still nothing happens.

On 3DS Minecraft most likely can't work because of hardware limitations, but on the new Super 3DS it might work.

Minecraft itself is like born to be on Wii U, it's just incredible how well the inventory and crafting would work on the gamepad and then have the clean UI on the tv screen.



vio said:

I could care less about the game, but my son would surely love to get it. This is just more of the typical 3rd party "boycott Nintendo for no good reason" BS. Do these idiots running these companies truly believe the Xbone has a larger market share than the Wii U? What is Microcrap doing to get all these 3rd parties to support their crappy console and pretend like it's more successful than the Wii U? I'm so fed up with it.

And the Vita has Minecraft, but the 3DS doesn't? Really? Seriously? The 3DS has sold 44 million. The Vita has sold 4 million! Yes, that's 44 million versus 4 million. Where's the "user base" argument there? Oh wait, they don't have one. They just suck on the nipple of Sony and Microsoft and pretend like Nintendo doesn't exist even when they completely dominate like they do with the 3DS.



3dcaleb said:

im glad i got a vita. even though i will probably wait for minecraft to go on sale for under $10 or get it used sometime later. im not in a hurry to play it. but it just got sword art online hollow fragment and the other sao game that comes with it, and freedom wars is coming real soon. the vita is turning out to be pretty awesome.



JaniN83 said:

Well Wii U is used to better Graphics anyway. Let those other consoles try to handle those blocky Graphics.



Dezzy said:

Right yes, well the Xbox One has the lowest install base AND nintendo fans would probably be quite eager to buy minecraft. Seriously Nintendo, just send some positive thoughts (or some cash) their way.



Conocotarious said:

Well it's a good thing Minecraft could hardly be considered indie these days, given their slew of marketing teams and swag. Otherwise I'd make a quip about the Wii U having better indie games to play on it anyway.



Rafie said:

Guys in total sales, the Vita is still ahead of the Wii U. I'm sure once Nintendo releases their sales figures, we'll see it surpassing the Vita. However, the 3DS is the biggest beast in the room though. That version should have happened indefinitely if this is really about install bases and sales.

I still think a Wii U version should happen as well. The many things people can do with Nintendo skins in all would be perfect. Minecraft isn't demanding at all, so why not have a Nintendo version? I also think the only reason why Vita is getting a version is because it will have a direct port from the PS4 version.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@kobashi100 - Yet you provide no evidence to back up your claim. And adding the UK to highlight your point where it has less than 10% of the global market share is not helping your argument.



Einherjar said:

So, no Xbox One version then...oh wait...
This is the point, at which devs are just continuing a "meme" instead of knowing what they are talking about.
I start to get really tired of devs seeking excuses instead of being upfront about their decisions. And this here IS an excuse, since its not based on any facts at all.
If they aim to please according to a sales number hirarchy, the 3DS would have already gotten his pocket edition port.
This is probably just another case of who payd the most bribing money again.
Sony payd a lot to get it onto the PS3, i bet the two a trowing money left and right to get the "indie sensation" on their platform and not anyone elses.



Geonjaha said:

The amount of argument ls this topic brings up always makes me chuckle. Instead of waiting around, just buy it on the PC. It is and always will be the best version of the game. If you have any decent PC or laptop you could play it with at least the specs of the current gen consoles. If however you bought a Wii U instead of a good PC then I criticize your choices.



Raptor78 said:

This sounds like BS if its all about the install rate. There are many decent clones on this game kicking around so I think its time Nintendo fulfil the need on their own platforms by coming up with their own Nintendo themed world building game with relevent Metroid, Zelda skins etc. If the makers of Minecraft arnt happy they can fill the gap themselves. And if anybody is worried about lawsuits I would remind them of the educational games in the 80s than bore a striking similarity to the early minecraft games.



Jazzer94 said:

User base =/= install base
A lot of you are confusing this in your comments. Minecraft would be awesome but it doesn't seem like Nintendo really care at all on getting it on the Wii U.



DarkNinja9 said:

im kinda glad it isnt coming to any nintendo consoles cuz minecraft was so 2012-2013 its old get over it... but yeah their reason is BS as it usually is in this situations



lilbman said:

It's not gone, Nintendo doesn't need Minecraft. Surely it would of helped to sell consoles but they need to get their act together and come up with a plan to produce the console they promised at launch. Fixing their TVii service and restructuring their remote apps to control all devices properly. Such as 2 individual remote apps. ! control TV and the other a set top box/ cable box. Take away the gimicky stuff and leave it at that. A fully functional universal remote/s. While implementing accurate Guide listings for service providers. That's it and hit'em with the awesome games. The Wii U kicks *ss on everything else but the Tvii/ remote application. People can still use their streaming apps Just make it to where people can fully control the 3 main devices that matter the most, Wii U, TV and Cable Box. And keep in mind that the Wii U is still a fully functional Wii in itself. Integrate that with the Wii U better ( more seamless and less separated) and Wii U will get some very good attention. The Wii was no slouch. The Wii U is after all a new and improved Super Wii with all sorts of new bells and whistles that if Nintendo got their act together fixes some minor issues, people will notice. In a big way!



BestBuck15 said:

I can only speak for myself. I didn't buy my Wiiu to play the likes of Minecraft. I played the demo on PS3, don't shoot me guys, I thought it was pants.

It wouldn't sell on a Nintendo platform.



kobashi100 said:


Er didn't I mention NPD results month on month have has xbox one selling at a higher rate then Wii ever since it was released.

The Wii U hasn't outsold the xbox one in one single month in North America.



KodyDawg said:

Systems that "make sense"? What??? I mean, are you legitimately ignoring the GamePad, or do you really not know of the TOUCH SCREEN?

Ah, whatever. I hate MC anyways.



mullen said:

I don't care about this game, so whatever.
I also want to say if the game manufacture show no respect to this platform, there's no need to care about them. Really, even if you beg them, and they port certain version, they may just give you something really bad and there's very few chance for next version or updates. Why should you pay them for such a bad product and attitude?
Just forget it, no need to mention it, either as news or as discussion.



Mochtroid said:

All this has done is make people hate 4J Studios and Mojang for giving BS excuses as to why they've continuously side-stepped the Wii U for a MineCraft port, even though Miiverse is constantly flooded with requests for this game.

If you don't want to put the game on Wii U, that's fine. But be honest about your reasons. Otherwise, you'll just end up creating a legion of scorned fans.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Just say it you uptight PR puppet.

"Microsoft and Sony paid us a buttload to put this game on their platforms. If Nintendo pays us a buttload then poof, it'll appear on that platform. Alas, they dont want to throw money at us so we'll keep making Vita versions that wont sell."

The funny thing is that I dont even care for Minecraft. It just makes sense because if kids like Minecraft then Nintendo is a safe bet. Oh well.



MoeTheDestroyer said:

Nintendo should make their own version of a Minecraft-like game. I know they love to be original, but man, i'd love to have a game like minecraft on my wii u



PokeMario said:

Anyone remember when Notch made a "Wii U has no games" joke and then claimed it was because he wanted Zelda? I personally think they were trying to make a deal with Nintendo to put Minecraft on Wii U, but they probably demanded a lot of money and Nintendo refused, so Notch went on Twitter and took a tantrum. That's just a theory.

Despite owning an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, I haven't bought Minecraft on any of those systems and I have no plans to. I have the superior PC version and it wasn't anything that would make me want to buy the game multiple times. However, having the inventory and map on the Wii U GamePad would be really useful, and I would probably buy a Wii U version.



gatorboi352 said:

To all of you saying the X1 has a smaller install base than Wii U:

1) it came out a full year later, and only trails 1.5 million behind at that.

2) have you all even seen the sales numbers for Minecraft on 360? X1 version a no brainer.



X_Octo said:

We are sort of getting our own "Minecraft" on the 3DS. It's called Battleminer, apparently.



Link506 said:

I'ts fine with me if it never gets to wii u. Minecraft's peak was 3 years ago. It's as good as dead.



Wonky_Kong said:

Why do people care though? if you don't have a PC that can run Minecraft, then your PC needs a serious spice up. And Minecraft on PC is undoubtedly the best way to play (mods, dedicated servers, skins and texture packs)



Wonky_Kong said:

@Larryislife Don't mean to disappoint you, but if you look at the XBLIG (xbox live community games) section then you will see a load of Minecraft clones that are terrible. There really aren't any good Minecraft clones out there and i don't this one will be different.



FullbringIchigo said:

@kobashi100 try looking outside north america and looking world wide that means every country you can buy it in all added together has the Wii U beating the xb1 I think at last count it was 5 million sold to consumers against the 3-4 million xb1 consumer sales (and no shipped numbers don't count all that says is how many were sent to shops not how many are in peoples homes)

america isn't the be all and end all you know



RantingThespian said:

Bulls**t! Well, that means they aren't getting any of my money. I now refuse to get the PC or iPad versions!



Xaessya said:

I can tell that this comment section is the beacon of understanding and compassion.



kobashi100 said:

@FullbringIchigo I said it is not outselling the xbox one. It may have a bigger install Base although again I want a source to back this claim up.

Can anyone name me where in the world outside of Japan where the Wii U outsells the xbox one on a weekly or monthly Basis?



SphericalCrusher said:

Total BS. The game is coming to Vita and... yeah, that says everything. The game makes too much sense to come to WiiU and if the guy in-charge of console ports can't see that, they need to hire someone else.



accc said:

And yet they're releasing it on the Xbox One and Playstation Vita, two platforms which have smaller install bases and currently have slower worldwide sales than the Wii U. More hypocrisy and fanboyism from third party developers.



aaronsullivan said:

They are insane. Kids love Minecraft. Nintendo has way more active kids on the Wii U than XB1 and probably even PS4. 3DS I understand a little better as it is a technical challenge. They are leaving money on the table and as others have pointed out the reasoning seems more like a cover up. I'm usually on the side of the developers and tough choices, etc. Here I just don't get it. Maybe it is just the difference in platform and the expectation for the GamePad to be perfect for the game. Maybe they just don't feel like it, they certainly don't need a Wii U version to keep the money rolling in from Minecraft. But just say that.



rjejr said:

While his comments are obvious corporate speak (to add BS would be redundant) and MC probably would sell on Wii U pretty well - just ask Ubi who gives us JD but not WD - I agree with some others that its time to move on. Nintendo shouldn't need MC, they should be able to come up w/ their own open world building game. Too bad they are soooo stuck in 2D - see Mario Maker being limted to 2D even though some people would argue Mario's best games are 3D - 64, SMG 1+ 2 (usually no love for Sunshine I know). And of course 3DL and 3DW recentky released, but we get a 2D Mario Maker. ugh

A 3D open world game would also make a great place for the amiibo to live. Eventually all the collectors will have bought their share and gamers will want to play with them in games, and all we've seen so far is SSB. A cross between Disney Infinity and Minecraft could be a system seller much more than N Land ever was. Or NL2 where we can build the amusement park. Or Animal Crossing or Tamagaotchi Life on Wii U - amiibo Life/Land/Kingdom/World whatever.

Nintendo has the amiibo, all the popular life sim games on 3DS (even Disney Magical World) and the perfect controller in Wii U for building. Put them all together and print money.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@kobashi100 - YOU making a statement on a website is not evidence. And you provide no evidence to your statement that VGChartz numbers are not credible either.

Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? Well unless you can back your statements up then I think I, and most other people will continue with what VGC says.

And to answer your question...Germany is one such place.



mike_intv said:

Some numbers from the only public data source available (VGChartz — take them for what they are worth).

Install base outside of Japan: PSVita 5.6M, WiiU 5.2M, XB1 5.1M. This is important because Minecraft has no presence in Japan.

Sales this year (globally): XB1: 2.0M, WiiU 1.7M, PSVita 1.4M. This is important because it shows the XB1 is not "killing it" as people would have you believe (especially as the PS4 has over 5M sales).

Tie-ratio (globally, all games): WiiU 4.0, XB1 3.3, PSVita 3.1. Admittedly, the XB1 is newer so it is going to be lower. But the WiiU number is higher than the PSP and approaching the Gameboy.

In other words, this is about money and power. It is not about install base.

And it works. My son wants a console version of Minecraft, even though he already has the PC and Tablet versions.



Tysamu said:

"ok, we don't want to take the risk of losing money by spending more on making a game than getting revenue back" that I understand but that's the thing; you all can just opt out of the gamepad/wiimote controls until you get enough money back and then put in a patch that has the unique controls.

The reason for its install base being low is due to lack of multiple kinds of games, lack of accessibility. Given your reasoning, you'll just sit by and watch it fail without even trying to help. You guys are supposed to be professional developers, create a way to make a game that eats up lesser money but with promise of more features if the revenue is met.



WanderingPB said:

@rjejr holy guacamole!!! It's like u reached in my head and snatched my thoughts! I agree with u completely having the ability for Mario Maker to create a 3D world u build plus amiibo…plus a solid gameplay…the possibilities would be endless…oh yeah and the printing money GIFs would be hysterical!



ricklongo said:

I think this is more of an example of how Nintendo misses the boat sometimes. They should have thrown cash at Mojang about two years or so ago to make this happen near the Wii U launch. Right now, I'm honestly not sure just how well it would sell on the platform, since everyone and their mother has it already in every non-Nintendo platform under the sun.

Incidentally, the lack of a 3DS version (which could stand to sell magnitudes more copies than versions for PS4 or XOne) is further indication that this is probably due to Nintendo's inaction.



Banker-Style said:

Minecraft would work so well on Wii U and 3DS, and it might just be the killer app to get more people into Wii U.



kobashi100 said:


Vgchartz is not credible so argument is over.

You do know that Vgchartz never disclose the sources where they get their numbers from. They are full of BS.

Nobody in the industry gives them any credibility.

But hey if it Makes you happy that they have Wii U selling better then xbox one then carry on using there bogus numbers.



kobashi100 said:

@ricklongo dude the 3DS would struggle to handle the mobile pocket version.

The reason it's not on the 3DS is because the hardware is not powerful enough.



TwilightAngel said:

Ugh who cares anymore about this game.This game has gotten annoying now ,so i wouldn't even buy it if it did come out for the Wiiu,overrated piece of crap.



ikki5 said:

Lets face it, we will never see minecraft on a Nintendo system. it is obvious these guy hate Nintendo to make up a stupid lie about the install base.



1990irock said:

You often see that the other companies reel in exclusives or earlier releases of third parties by making deals. Nintendo should help them or other third party developers with development and release of a WiiU version by making similar deals with the developers.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Can you give a source for the NPD numbers? I tried to find them, since you say VGChartz doesn't count, but I couldn't find any actual numbers.

Of course, even if the NPD numbers say the Xbox One is doing better (VGChartz says the same thing for the U.S., but shows that the Wii U did beat the Xbox One for a few weeks when MK8 came out), that doesn't mean the Xbox One is dong better. You'd need global figures to definitively say that. Without them, you're in no better a position than someone saying the Wii U is doing better based on VGChartz.

Besides, the developer said they won't make Minecraft for a system if the base is too small. The Wii U's base is definitely bigger than the Xbox One's right now, and they're making the game for the Xbox One.



Darknyht said:

This makes me sad for those that are really wanting Minecraft on yet another platform, but it honestly doesn't bother me. From what I played, Disney Infinity is a more expensive but prettier Minecraft.

I think I am done worrying what game isn't coming to the console and instead will focus on what is actually on the console. Outside of sports titles (which to be honest I only care about Hockey), Nintendo is quickly filling in the genre gaps. We now have (or they are on the way) these exclusives just from Nintendo:

Action (W101)
Action RPG (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
Action/Hack & Slash (Bayonetta 1 & 2, Hyrule Warriors)
Action-Adventure (Lego City Undercover, Zelda Wii U, Wind Waker HD)
Fighting (Smash Bros, Project Robot)
FPS/Hack n Slash (Devil's Third)
Level Editor (Mario Maker)
Music (Sing Party)
Party (Game & Wario, Mario Party, Nintendo Land)
Platform (DK: Tropical Freeze, NSMBU, Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi, Kirby)
Puzzle Platformer (Capt. Toad)
Puzzle (Pushmo World, Dr. Luigi, Mario vs DK)
Racing (Mario Kart 8)
RTS (Pikmin 3)
RPG (Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem)
Shoot'em Up (Star Fox)
Sports (Wii Sports Club, Mario & Sonic Olympics)
Survival Horror (Fatal Frame 5)
Third Person Shooter (Splatoon)
Tower Defense (Project Guard)




I'd buy Minecraft again if it released on the WiiU, but I'm not going to be bummed if it never happens... long as they keep updating the 360 version.



MadAdam81 said:

@Punished_Boss Although indie download titles do well on Win U eShop.
Personally, I think a huge percentage of the Wii U eShop users would buy it, but then again 8 am sure they would have paid marketing experts for a feasibility study, and there's no point doing a Wii U version for little or no profit, as that money and work hours could be put into something that would make them much more money. They're a business, not a public service.



MadAdam81 said:

@TrueWiiMaster Even if there are more Wii Us than Xbones now, it will be completely different in a year or two, with the Xbones likely millions ahead. Minecraft is a long term sales generator, so by releasing it now it won't the sales for it throughout the life of the console.
The Xbone might also have a higher percentage of users who buy digital titles, plus also MS gave them a bunch of money as well to help convince 360 owners to upgrade.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@kobashi100 - Well, if kobashi100 says vgchartz is not credible then it MUST be true. Who are we mere mortals to argue with the almighty. We must blindly follow his teachings and trust in his faith.

Now where are the pain sticks because I must be punished for my insolence.



accc said:

@MadAdam81 Gonna be hard for Xbone to catch up to Wii U at all, let alone pass it by millions of units, when it's been selling worse than Wii U on a worldwide basis ever since Mario Kart 8 came out. The combined US + Japan sales are roughly equal, with the Wii U's ~50k monthly sales in Media Create cancelling out the 'Bone's lead in the NPD, and the 'Bone has been a total flop throughout Europe, allowing the Wii U to surpass it there as well.



SetupDisk said:

I got it for twenty bucks on PSN because my nephews love it but I hated how clunky it is. My gamepad being the perfect solution. Long story short waste of money.



DreamOn said:

People barely buy Nintendo games, why would they buy third party in a Nintendo console?



MarvinTheMartian said:

@MadAdam81 - there is nothing to suggest that the XBone will pass the Wii U at all. There is also nothing to suggest how well any of the consoles will fair next year. All three have up coming titles that each company can boast about boosting their sales.



AVahne said:

They made a Vita version and they're making an XBone version, yet their excuse for no Wii U version is low install base?
I'm very sorry, but are they silly?



Mega719 said:

3rd party can be so negative towards the Wii U. Just because there aren't a lot of units sold doesn't mean no one is demanding it's release. Notch even said releasing it on Wii U would make a lot of sense but months later they shun upon it like any 3rd party. Plus wasn't Minecraft on X1 announced BEFORE the console was even release? How can they even predict it would be a great seller?



Rafie said:

@kobashi100 Actually it's the most credible you're going to get to as for sales. VGChartz also numbers have been very close to the real thing. They don't just put a bunch of numbers up and call it a day.

They had the PS4 undertracked for 2 weeks even though Sony came out and said they sold over 10 million. The reasoning for VGChartz not updating the sales at that time was because they needed to know where Sony was getting their numbers from exactly. VGChartz has Nintendo at over 7 million. Which is plausible seeing as MK8 sold well over that amount. Doesn't mean that the hardware sold that much, just the software. However, it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility of console numbers jumped that high because of that game.



Mega719 said:

@AVahne also they announced it at Microsoft E3 conference as if they knew it would sell. Even though Wii U sold more units they still aren't convinced



AVahne said:

That's utter bull. If a homebrew developer can port the game to DS an official one should be able to port it to 3DS. Minecraft isn't a demanding game; only reason why it's a performance hog on PC is because of terrible coding.



kereke12 said:

Soooo....That's a negative, Nintendo will never see Minecraft in the light of day. I feel sorry for the people who keep saying "But Wii U has a bigger install-base then Xbox One & its selling well" Theory. Let me remind you, just because Wii U is selling well doesn't mean developers are stop everything & run over & kiss Nintendo feet & say "We're Sorry Nintendo for not making games on Wii U, Please forgive us!! All Hale NINTENDO!!" No the damage is already done & can't be fixed. You Will Never See A 3rd-Party Game like Minecraft on any Nintendo console this generation. Now if Nintendo Aka. Mr. Iwata puts his big boy pants on & trys to explain on why Wii U is different & 3DS as well. We might see a Minecraft game after all!



kereke12 said:

@Gamecubii-64DD Why, because He won't put his game on the Wii U? Lol I wouldn't either because if I don't see a company like Nintendo that doesn't do anything, to keep 3rd-parties making games for Wii U. Then Why would I waste my time putting "My" game on a console that basically dead. I'm just being Real



kereke12 said:

& that's just company BS, there basically saying that they won't put there games on Nintendo platforms....That's sad...



Beau_Skunk said:

The 3DS is doing much better then all the consoles are, (and has more games then all of them) yet it seems biased they make PSVita version, but not one for 3DS, at least. Seems biased to me, or maybe they have this odd idea that Nintendo-fans wouldn't like Minecraft for some reason.

Also, didn't the creator of Minecraft make a few tweets mocking the WiiU recently.
I kinda wish there wasn't so much third-party company bias against the WiiU & Nintendo in general. It's bad enough Ubisoft announced they aren't making "M-rated" games anymore for it, and EA are being jerks about the WiiU to. (Bob Summerwill anyone?)

@kereke12 The WiiU has sold over 6 million units according to Wiki. That's hardly a "dead/failed" console. It's not the "new Virtual Boy" like you think.



kereke12 said:

@Beau_Skunk Lol, Lol, just because a website like Wiki says they sold 6 million units. DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING Like I said the damage is already done. 3rd-parties are starting to realize that Nintendo isn't a console worth putting there games on Wii U or 3DS. (Vise-versa) & That's sad, Nintendo is to blame. But I forgot everyone favorite word "Please Understand" Or "My Body Is Ready".



Beau_Skunk said:

Nintendo's not to blame, they've been advertising third-party games, and indie games all the time in their Eshop, and such.
I think it's more-so the third-party companies to be to blame, because they're getting to wary of the WiiU, (especially it's controller) or have biases against it, (Like EA does.) because it's not as "powerful" graphics-wise, as the competition, and such.

Also, should probably specify several sites say it's sold over 6 million, not just Wiki. Google it, if you don't believe me. Also, the idea that third-party games don't sell on Nintendo systems is false, if you look at top-10 selling lists for the WiiU, Wii, and 3DS in the past few months/years.



Dolphin64 said:

@kereke12 To hate like that, you have no business on this website, and judging by your comments, YOU'RE sad. The reason I am now seriously disliking Mojang is because they are just AVOIDING Nintendo. I will admit that I do not totally love the Wii U, you and Mojang are just flat out HATING on it. I'm sorry my good sir, but on this website we do not, NOT encourage the Wii U's success. Now if you will, begone with you. Shoo, shoo.



Pod said:

So the Wii U is ridiculed for not selling much to begin with, but also for its users not buying many 3rd party games. How is any of it going to change if nobody releases game on it?

I've never expected (or demanded) Minecraft on Wii U for several reasons, but I don't think it's completely ruled out either.



Darknyht said:

@XFsWorld I guess that is personal preference, I would rather not have yet another generic Gears of War clone. My favorite Third Person Shooter by far is Monday Night Combat and Splatoon seems to have a similar flavor to it's multi-player.

@kereke12 It is a problem Nintendo created and it is not. It is a problem that was started in the Gamecube era. Nintendo had the most powerful console but was panned at being "kiddie" and uncool by PR people at Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo also picked a horrible disc format for their games that limited it compared to the competition. So it became the second console that was purchased to play Zelda and Mario, and third party software didn't sell because everyone had a Playstation or Xbox also.

They further distanced themselves from Third Parties when they decided with the Wii that graphics didn't matter as much as gameplay and accessibility. Companies like EA and Ubisoft sell on graphical flash on top of shallow gameplay (so you will be ready for a new sequel next year), and a console developed by a company that focuses on great gameplay raises the standard on their console beyond the efforts that EA and Ubisoft generally want to put into something. People still talk about GoldenEye 64, but the same cannot be said of the 007 games published by EA. So they grudgingly supported it because there were so many out there.

The Wii U didn't sell well and most hardcore gamers have multiple consoles again, while the Nintendo standard of quality is expected. So what incentive is there for Third Party publishers to their games there? The bad quality stuff will not sell, the gimped stuff will be purchased elsewhere, and they don't want to do the work to make good quality because they care more about their bottom line.



Sceptic said:

Missed boat for Nintendo. Minecraft could have showcased the gamepad more than any other game currently in existence and I would have loved to see it there. Since finding out that the console versions aren't multiplayer compatible with the PC version I'm not too bothered by the loss though.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I think Nintendo shouldn't chase the mainstream hype train anyway. If they want to put money towards 3rd party games they should work on getting 3rd party exclusives. Want the 3rd parties to take wiiu dev work seriously? hammer out some contracts for 4 or 5 exclusive games to the console to fill in the genre holes. Then you have third parties with seasoned wiiu dev teams as well, which may convince them to port more multiplat games as well.



WiiUPS4Gamer said:

That's Fine my money will go better games than theirs anyways..Hyrule warriors and Destiny and super smash bros..Their game is old news



Yomerodes said:

Minecraft is mostly big in America, so of course they care about american sales, and both PS4 and Xbox One surpass the Wii U install base in that market, even with the year long advantage the Wii U completely wasted.



Minotaurgamer said:

MS paid for the xbox versions, Sony paid for the PS ones. In other words, these dudes just make the game for the company that gives them money for it.

So yeah what he said is pure BS.



WiiUPS4Gamer said:

Myself Im glad to pass on their game..There game is out of date and nothing new..To me they are just another EA and lazy but then the 3ds has sold over 40 million consoles but the vita way less ..Just an excuse



mariovslink62 said:

If they put Minecraft on the Wii U it could sell the Wii U alot of units. Nintendo better do something about this



ecco6t9 said:

More "Nintendo should PAY for the privilege of my game."

I expect this kind of talk out of EA but not someone who should port his "Indie" title to everything with a screen so it can sell more and more.



TruenoGT said:

@sillygostly You nailed it. I think this logic is actually a subset of why most 3rd parties are abandoning Nintendo. Install base, power disparity, control scheme disparity are all safe (and somewhat valid) excuses to state publicly, but in reality I think it's simply that no one wants to compete with Nintendo on their home turf.



JaxonH said:

@kobashi100 Don't think anyone's talking about outselling monthly, and if they are, they shouldn't be. We're talking about a larger user base. That's the excuse the developer is using. That the install base is too small. Yet the install base is greater on Wii U at the current moment than Xbox One, and is onlly a million behind Vita.

And people aren't buying it. Neither am I.



JaxonH said:

@Geonjaha Some people (particularly console gamers) don't like playing on PC.

But I don't think it's about wanting to play the game, I think people are just upset over the slight against Nintendo. 3rd parties treat the console they (and I) bought like it doesn't exist, despite logic dictating that if you're porting based on install base, how do you justify no 3DS version while there's a Vita version (smaller base) and no Wii U version while there's an X1 version (again, smaller base)?

It's just aggravating being treated like lesser gamers who don't deserve squat. Wii U isn't the only platform at less than 10 million right now, but it's the only one getting consistently ignored.



retro_player_22 said:

The guy is talking out of his behind, if user base is the only problem then Minecraft should had been on 3DS by now, it had the largest user base of any portable and even consoles as well. This Kaplan guy won't admit it but he just plain hate Nintendo, that is all. Also Wii U and 3DS don't have a large user base? Tell that to the people who bought Shovel Knight on Wii U & 3DS.



Razzmatazz said:

Well if this info is correct let him keep his stupid game, this reminds me of the angry bird dude. These games will be lucky to be remembered, better yet be around 20yrs from now...



MrGuinea said:

"We're not going to make this for this console because we actually really don't care about them" is what I seemed to read from this article. There are many companies releasing exclusives on the Wii U, yet they don't seem to be worried about the user base at all. They just want to get the game out to players and that's what companies should do.



whanvee said:

I know it seems dumb but it might actually make sense. Considering all of the copies they have sold on pretty much every console possible. Who is left to buy this on the wii u?? Sure it will move some copies but who really knows how many. I think saying something along the lines of what I just said would be much more professional than alluding to a "small install base" in other consoles, basically the wii u. It is just kind of disrespectful.



skywake said:

I don't really understand why there are PS4/XBOne versions and not a Wii U version. Surely the Wii U makes more sense. You've got an ok-sized user base, one that's bigger and will likely remain bigger than the XBOne for a long while. Plus you've got gamers who are into things like Mario and Yoshi but not so into CoD and Assassin's Creed.

Plus lets not forget that the indie-scene on the Wii U eShop is pretty damn strong. Doesn't make sense to me...... but then again I'm not really into Minecraft and don't care either way.



Psyclone said:

so from what I seen the game will be $20 on xbone soon..
& doesn't the xbone have a less user base for it's console vs the Wii U? mmmmK.....



TheWPCTraveler said:

XBOne and PS4 are seen as "cool" consoles by their target audience. The Wii U is seen as "uncool."
See where I'm going with this?



rockodoodle said:

nearly 50m on 3ds and the Wii U has a larger install base than the XBone..... not that I have any interest in this game, but this stinks.



Trikeboy said:

The fact that people are excited about Cubemen 2 coming to Wii U show there would be interest in having Minecraft on Wii U.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@Geonjaha I think it is more not wanting your choices artificially limited. Since Minecraft is on everything under the sun if you don't want to buy it on pc for whatever reason It would be nice to have it on a recent console of your choice. For instance, I buy all bethesda games on pc because I mod, but my brother hates buying those games on pc even if they have controller support. I have certain games that I like to play with certain controllers so I won't get them on pc but I'll get them on the console I like instead.

Actually it is all about choice in general. Why do people that have both sony and microsoft systems get multiplats on one system or the other? There is some preference or variable (perhaps more buddies on one system over the other) that sways them.

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