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vio commented on Poll: What Are You Most Excited About in the M...:


Uhm, there's a couple things. For one, the course is in anti-gravity mode, so everyone is going to be bumping into each other for boosts. Also, there's that whole 200cc thing making the course extremely fast and chaotic.

And while there's no special items in MK 8, there's still items. Imagine how crazy the piranha plant item will be on it.



vio commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

The hype is real! Can you feel it?

No new DK track is disappointing, but overall, this pack looks better than the first one IMO!

Counting down the days until I can finally race all these online!



vio commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:


Not true actually. We did get a single DLC map for each game. Black Ops 2 got Nuketown 2025 and Ghosts got Free Fall. But yes, we obviously got screwed over on 99% of the DLC, which are of course the 4 big DLC packs every CoD gets.



vio commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:

I really don't expect it come to the Wii U as the sales of CoD on the Wii U are just too low for Activison to really care anymore, thus no AW on the Wii U. But this new linking feature is interesting... However I really only want the game if they properly support it and actually give us all the DLC dammit! The way we got completely screwed over with the DLC for BO 2 and Ghosts was just foul. We would literally beg Activision and Treyarch to let us buy their DLC and they simply ignored us. Sooo wrong and bad bad business.. Do it right this time or don't do it at all.



vio commented on Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack Brought ...:


MK 64 is NOT faster than MK 8. And more creative track design? Are you serious? It has the most creative design of any game in the series! Sure, there's a few "meh" tracks, but overall, the design is fantastic.

Sonic Racing is quite good and all, but the physics are crap and the online community, well, there is no online community! The lobbies are ghost towns. The support for the game is terrible. No more updates, no DLC. MK 8 is simply the better game overall.



vio commented on Mario Kart 8 Is Getting A Blisteringly Fast 20...:


Hmm, I don't recall that being mentioned in the direct.. I'll have to go back and watch it again.

As for the DLC online, what I mean is, are we going to be able to select both packs plus the base 32 for online play? Naturally all I want is to be able to race all 48 tracks online. I'm very happy right now with being able to race the base 32 and the current 8 DLC online. I don't want this to be ruined now..

Also, are the people who only have pack 1 or only have pack 2 split off from those of us who have both packs? That's what is confusing to me.. If that happened you would have the online community split up in 4 different segments:

1. Those who have both DLC packs(which admittedly will probably make up the majority of the online community anyway).

2. Those who only have the Zelda pack.

3. Those who only have the Animal Crossing pack.

4. And those poor souls who don't have either DLC pack...

That's a lot of splitting up there. Worries me a bit.



vio commented on Mario Kart 8 Is Getting A Blisteringly Fast 20...:

Definitely a cool edition! Although it could be frustratingly difficult. I wonder if the 200cc mode will be available for online races...

The best part for me though was learning the DLC is coming out April 23rd instead of the planned May release! This is great! My only real complaint was that they ONLY showed us the Animal Crossing course. But it's not a huge deal, as we'll be racing on all 8 in roughly 3 weeks anyway. I'm suspect they'll be rapidly releasing trailers for the new courses over the next few weeks as well.

Also, I wonder how the DLC will work online now? Are they going to split up the communities even more? Because there's probably a few people that only bought pack 1 or only bought pack 2... Maybe now you will have to own both packs in order to race any of the DLC tracks online? Hmmm...



vio commented on Talking Point: What We Expect from Nintendo Di...:

Guys, I think we are going to finally see Star Fox. That German leak continues to appear more and more legit. I say this because this web site popped up today:

Of course, it COULD be fake, but man, that is some hardcore level 100 trolling if this leak and site are all fake. Either way, we'll find out for sure real soon here!



vio commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

The Conduit 1 and 2 would be great. I haven't played either one, but heard they were quite good. House of the Dead: Overkill and RE Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles would be great additions as well.



vio commented on Project Treasure Is Bandai Namco's Wii U Exclu...:

Bandai Namco make some good games, like Tekken, Soulcaliber and Dark Souls. So who knows, maybe this will be decent.

I wonder what the gimmick to get into our wallets will be though. Obviously they're still looking to make money off of it... Free-to-play doesn't mean EVERYTHING is free.



vio commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Well, at least there is a Wii brand to be a "shadow of it's former self." Sony has no brand in the handheld market. Both the PSP and Vita have been failures.. Especially the Vita, which even Sony themselves have given up on. Sad, because the Vita is a nice piece of hardware, but Sony has completely botched it. Big time fail.

Nintendo may no longer be the king of video games, but they also have the distinct honor of being the ONLY company to be successful in BOTH the home console and handheld/portable markets. Many have tried to take Nintendo's crown in the handheld arena over the years, but none have succeeded. It's really quite impressive.



vio commented on Preview: Power Sliding Around The Legend of Ze...:

No, I'm constantly checking YouTube and I am unable to find anything. It seems Nintendo is intentionally trying to keep some of the tracks like Ice Ice Outpost and Wario's Goldmine under wraps. I guess they don't want to completely reveal everything before the DLC's release.

Either way, only a few more days until we're racing on all of them ourselves anyway! I've never been so pumped up for DLC!



vio commented on Video: Enjoy a Turbo Boost With This Mario Kar...:

I was thinking about that as well. Obviously it's not going to be an issue for a long time(sad face frickin' may release date...), but still, I don't understand how Nintendo is going to deal with that. Are they really going to split the community up that many ways?

Honestly, they should have just sold both packs together instead of giving the option to buy only 1 of them. Hopefully most everyone bought both packs. I don't understand why anyone would just want 1.. You just save 4 measily bucks and lose out on a whole bunch of content in the process... Such a better way to go paying 12 bucks for both packs.



vio commented on Video: Enjoy a Turbo Boost With This Mario Kar...:

Really? You must not play for very long sessions. I've played Mount Wario online countless times..

Also, read that article I posted. It's not going to be an 8/40 probability of DLC tracks coming up. That info was inaccurate. You're actually gonna be able to join rooms with only other DLC owners.



vio commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 Hits on 13th November,...:

GameXplain also has HD footage of Hyrule Circuit, Mute City, Dragon Driftway and Excitebike Arena uploaded. It's commentary free as well.

GameXplain also said in a Tweet that you can indeed race the new courses online, but EVERYONE in the room/lobby must own the DLC. Kind of disappointing that they don't just group DLC owners together in a room, as now it only takes 1 person to ruin the party, but at least the new courses are still playable online...

To those of you who regularly race online, but haven't purchased the DLC, PLEASE PURCHASE IT NOW!!! It doesn't cost much money and it's worth it. This is high quality content!



vio commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Wishful thinking, but highly unlikely. It's already been confirmed that an update to MK8 is coming next Thursday, so there's a good chance the DLC will also come out then.

Either way, I'm pretty certain we'll get the release date and probably see more footage of the new courses. Hopefully we'll see the Zelda and F-Zero tracks!



vio commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

Well, well... It turns out the DLC is indeed going to be playable online!! I totally didn't catch this, but the awesome guys at GameXplain did with their detailed analysis. I'm including the trailer for everyone to see themselves. Now pause at the beginning before the footage of the actual course starts. You'll notice at the bottom of the screen in small white text it says:

"Broadband internet access required for online play."

So there you go! Straight from Nintendo. Of course this doesn't tell us exactly how this is going to work, but we'll find out soon enough.

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vio commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

Why can't they do just that? That's what other games like CoD do with their DLC. I suspect the game itself is going to get another update(version 3.0 or whatever) when this DLC comes out, just like it did when the Mercedes DLC came out. With that update could come new DLC online modes.

It dawned on me that a great way for Nintendo to approach this is MAKE THE DLC EXCLUSIVE TO WORLDWIDE ONLINE! Think about it... While splitting up the community in regional races could in fact make it difficult to get rooms/lobbies filled with a decent amount of DLC owning players, with worldwide you would almost always be able to get enough players together for some good races. All they would have to do is update the online menu to include something along the lines of "Worldwide with DLC" or whatever and then the "search engine" would automatically seek out other players across the world who have the DLC and off you go. Just like that you're voting on all 32 original tracks AND the 8 new DLC tracks and everyone is happy as can be.

Of course it will get more complicated when pack 2 comes out, but I think that would definitely work great for right now...



vio commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

Actually all the "end of November" and "end of May" wording has been removed from Nintendo's sites though, so it's possible they may have pushed the release date up earlier in the month.. Perhaps so it's out before Super Smash Bros is? That's what I'm hoping anyway. I want this DLC so badly! Give it to me!



vio commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

LOL! Yeah, detailed analysis and discussions are going to be uploaded soon I'm sure. Gotta love GameXplain. He is super passionate about Mario Kart.

Edit: Haha. He actually already has his discussion video uploaded! That didn't take long!



vio commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

Uhm, this is only the new track we've actually seen yet. The other one(Yoshi's Circuit) is a retro track. So don't jump the gun. The F-Zero track could very well be entirely anti-gravity and the Zelda one will probably have anti-gravity sections as well. And that still leaves one more brand new track that we know absolutely nothing about yet... Assuming of course it's 4 new and 4 retro like we expect it to be.

This track doesn't need anti-gravity anyway! It's mimicking the style of a classic game and it looks awesome as is!



vio commented on You Can Use The Wii U GamePad For Voice Chat, ...:

Really with this? So they're willing to do voice chat in public matches lobbies in Super Smash Bros, but not in Mario Kart 8? That's BS!

I demand an update to MK8 to allow voice chat in public match lobbies now!



vio commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U:

Pff. The Wii U was worth it just for Mario Kart 8 alone for me. I get plenty of enjoyment out of the system. In fact, I play it quite a bit more than I did the original Wii.



vio commented on Castlevania: Dracula X:

So glad to see this finally make it's way to the Wii U eShop. Yes, Rondo of Blood is the superior game, but I still like this one as well. And it never made it's way to the Wii Virtual Console, so this was very much welcome and long overdue.

Now if we could just get Bloodlines, but alas, are Genesis games ever even going to be made available on the Wii U's Virtual Console? :(



vio commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@midnafanboy That's because Rayman Legends wasn't a port. That was built from the ground up for the Wii U and as you may recall, was originally going to be a Wii U exclusive. It's actually the 360 and PS3 versions that are ported over from the Wii U build. That's frankly the only reason the Wii U version is actually the best version.



vio commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

I can understand why so many people don't want to buy it considering it's supposedly not all that great and many Wii U owners are rightfully pissed off at Ubisoft these days.

But I beg you guys to reconsider. If this sold well on the Wii U, there's a good chance Ubisoft might reconsider their new BS "no more mature titles on the Wii U" crap.



vio commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@MajinSoul Uh, that's it? Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed says hello! That's a fantastic racer on the Wii U! In fact, I much prefer it to Most Wanted U. Most Wanted is a beautiful game, but frankly bores me.

BTW, there's some other racers on the Wii U like Fast & Furious: Showdown and Hot Wheels: Worlds Best Driver, but sadly they are complete crap.



vio commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

I could care less about the game, but my son would surely love to get it. This is just more of the typical 3rd party "boycott Nintendo for no good reason" BS. Do these idiots running these companies truly believe the Xbone has a larger market share than the Wii U? What is Microcrap doing to get all these 3rd parties to support their crappy console and pretend like it's more successful than the Wii U? I'm so fed up with it.

And the Vita has Minecraft, but the 3DS doesn't? Really? Seriously? The 3DS has sold 44 million. The Vita has sold 4 million! Yes, that's 44 million versus 4 million. Where's the "user base" argument there? Oh wait, they don't have one. They just suck on the nipple of Sony and Microsoft and pretend like Nintendo doesn't exist even when they completely dominate like they do with the 3DS.



vio commented on Descent:

@xj0462 LOL... Obviously not. I mean the WiiWare service is completely dead. It's really disappointing as I loved this game(and the second one even more so) as a kid and was really looking forward to this. It figures that out of the 3 games they had announced for WiiWare, this is the ONLY one they did not release!

Of course they could definitely just release it to the Wii U eShop now, but I wouldn't hold up hope for that either. Interplay is still in business apparently, but seems only just barely so. Wikipedia shows they currently have a whopping 10 employees! What's funny is their web site still shows Descent is coming:



vio commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

@InnerSpirit Exactly. Donkey Kong and Yoshi were there since the very beginning with Super Mario Kart, so everyone is 'used' to them being there. But is seeing Link racing around in a go-kart really more ridiculous than seeing a gorilla and a dinosaur do it?



vio commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

@ReigningSemtex Yeah, that's how I feel. I used to be quite fond of Ubisoft as they had always been strong supporters of Nintendo. They were fantastic with the original Wii and they started off great with Wii U, but lately they've just been ticking me off.

From turning Rayman Legends from an exclusive to a multi-plat and actually delaying the already finished game so they could release the 360 and PS3 ports at the same time, delaying Watch Dogs for no apparent reason, admitting they have an unknown completed game, but refuse to release it and now stating "no more mature games for the Wii U, but we've got plenty of Just Dance coming for ya!" Oy.. I don't know what has happened to them...



vio commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

@rjejr My theory is that they are doing all this extensive advertising in the game itself and else where months in advanced because they are desperately trying to get a good 90% or more of MK8 owners to purchase the DLC, which is a very difficult thing to accomplish. I mean think of how many children without jobs and credit/debit cards there are that have MK 8. They have to basically beg their parents to put money on their eShop account to get this and Nintendo has now set it up so they will be begging their parents for over 2 months until the first pack is released and then another 6 months until the second pack is released...

Now the reason I believe it's so important to Nintendo that such a large portion of the MK8 owners buy this DCL is because I suspect Nintendo is going to split up the online community. I mean there's really no way to avoid it unless they let all the people who did NOT buy the DLC play the new tracks online for free, which is obviously not fair to everyone who did buy it and would hurt the DLC sales big time. The only other option would be to make the new courses off-line only, which would be absurd and cause a HUGE backlash! Hell, for me personally, all I really care about is the new courses. The new karts and characters are just icing on the cake. If I learned I could just play the DLC courses online for free, I definitely wouldn't buy the packs!

Anyway, I will shut up now. I think you get what I'm saying.



vio commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

@MoonKnight7 That's the power of DLC for you. People here can say it's a bad thing for whatever reason, but look at the insane response the announcement of real, meaningful DLC like this gets. Clearly the Nintendo community is starving for this!

I suppose it's such a big deal because it's not something us Nintendo gamers are really used to yet. Besides for New Super Luigi U, I can't think of any other major DLC like this coming from Nintendo. Many people are going to be racing these new courses, characters and karts for years to come online. This is sort of the dawn of a new era!