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vio commented on Wii U Reference Discovered In Call of Duty: Ad...:

Honestly, I care more about DLC than I do Advanced Warfare. And not even so much the standard multiplayer maps(though it sure would be nice to have them), but rather the Zombies and Extinction DLC. I love to play those modes online with friends, but have gotten burned out playing the same single map for each game over and over again. I look at videos of that awesome underground western ghost town Zombies map called Buried and I just get furious! They force us to buy Xbox's or Playstation's if we want the DLC and I'm sick of it.

Activision/Treyarch/Infinity Ward need to release ALL of the DLC packs for Black Ops 2 and Ghosts on the eShop immediately and sell them 50% off as a way of apologizing for screwing the Nintendo CoD community out of DLC for years now. We might be a small community, but we still exist and we are fed up with getting screwed over with DLC!



vio commented on Activision Fires Free Fall DLC Onto Call of Du...:

Please do NOT thank Activision for this. While it's nice to have and free, it was already available for the other consoles anyway. We Wii U owners do not get what matters. Activision refuses to releases the tons of awesome DLC packs. They never released any of them for the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 and it looks like Ghosts is going to get the same treatment. Of course the 360 and PS3 get them all. That's crap and I'm sick of it.



vio commented on Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Wii U):

Yeah, it's funny that numerous games get updates on the Wii U to fix bugs and/or add features, but this one doesn't despite clearly needing it so badly...

It's especially odd to considering how close Tecmo and Nintendo are now, developing Hyrule Warriors. You would think Tecmo would want to patch this game up.. Oh well, it's still a fun game and you can pick up a copy on Amazon for cheap now as well.

I say go buy it and show 3rd parties we want their games on Wii U!



vio commented on Talking Point: What We Expect From Nintendo at...:

I'm really pumped to see the new Star Fox! There hasn't been a new console entry since the Gamecube days... I don't know what this new control method is all about yet, but Star Fox on powerful HD hardware has me foaming at the mouth just thinking about it!



vio commented on Month of Mario Kart: Clones And Alternatives t...:

I haven't played the other racers on this list, but the 2 Sonic racers are superb, especially Transformed. In some ways, I think it's a superior game to Mario Kart 8. Longer courses than MK 8 and they dynamically change as well and of course the ability to change into a boat or aircraft. The gameplay also seems even more intense and fast than even MK 8's 150cc mode. Anyone who likes Kart racers and doesn't yet have it most definitely should pick up a copy for their Wii U. Heck, get the first game too! Neither one costs much money these days!

None of this is to take away from MK 8, which is an awesome game. It's just that Sumo did nearly everything right with Transformed. They truly put a lot of love and time into it. I hope they make a 3rd one!



vio commented on Sengoku 3:

So it appears this game is now officially the final release for the Wii Virtual Console. :(



vio commented on Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U):

Well, people are already starting to complain big 3rd party titles are skipping over the Wii U(see GTA 5 for a great example...) and here's a big 3rd party game on the Wii U and yet you guys say "Forget this crap! I'm gonna go play Super Mario 3D World!" Well it's no wonder 3rd parties don't want to support the Wii U with that kind of mentality... Perhaps we should be grateful that Activision is still releasing CoD on the platform. It's not like the Wii U has a crap ton of FPS' either. I'm not saying CoD: Ghosts is a great 10 out of 10 game, but it's still nice to have on the Wii U and I hope you guys go buy it to show 3rd parties we want their games on the Wii U.

I never owned a 360 or PS3, so I'm enjoying these proper HD CoD's. The Wii versions were always inferior watered down ports IMO.



vio commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Available Now in...:

@Falco Well, not really... If you look up videos on YouTube of people installing the new battery you will see it's true that, very conveniently, there is a bunch of unused space in the gamepad for the new, larger battery to occupy. Meaning Nintendo obviously planned on this from the beginning. HOWEVER, I don't believe they did this just to suck more money out of us. I believe it was simply a cost cutting measure to keep the price of the console down. That way they can sell us the system for less money upfront and then those who want the larger battery can pay for it later on. Cost cutting measures like this are also the reason Nintendo can now sell the deluxe version of the Wii U for 300 bucks. It was a smart decision IMO.



vio commented on Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii:

Sad news. :( I thought it was a great console, despite it's dated SD hardware. It was a unique and innovative system, one that became a phenomenon when it launched, bringing Nintendo back to the top of the mountain in the console wars. And sadly, I believe it will also be the last video game system to ever reach the 100 million mark in sales...

It was also home to some of Nintendo's best games IMO. Not 1, but 2 incredible Mario Galaxy games, the epic Metroid Prime 3(and the awesome trilogy collection to boot!), 2 amazing Zelda's and Mario Kart Wii(online multiplayer finally!). It also brought 2D platformers back to glory with New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, 2 Kirby's and the masterpiece that is Rayman Origins(yeah that one is multiplat, but it definitely still counts). Great stuff there! Not to mention it of course had Virtual Console, which is something I had DREAMED about years prior to the Wii making it a reality. WiiWare also had some great games, including long overdue new Castlevania, Contra and Megaman games for a Nintendo home console! When I see some people say their Wii just collects dust, I scratch my head in confusion and disappointment... There's so many great games to play on it.

It's demise is good for the Wii U though. Especially with so many people still thinking the Wii U is just a peripheral for the Wii.



vio commented on Nintendo - Donkey Kong Series is Adaptable to ...:

Donkey Barrel Blast was never released on the Gamecube. Yes, it was originally developed for the system, but the Gamecube version was cancelled and it was released on the Wii instead. So it can't truly be labeled a Gamecube DK game.



vio commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

I think Retro are one of the most talented developers working today. Love what they did with Metroid and Donkey Kong, but I hope after Tropical Freeze here, they produce an awesome brand spanking new IP for the Wii U. They've done nothing but Metroid and DKC games since the company was formed.



vio commented on Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year:

Definitely great news. Here's hoping they find a unique and creative way to use the gamepad with it. I'm hoping they jam a crap ton of tracks in there as well.

Oh, and Nintendo PLEASE try to find a way to stop the hackers from getting in there and ruining the online play. That was and CONTINUES to be one of the biggest problems with Mario Kart Wii.



vio commented on UK Gamers Rate Wii As "Best Ever" Console:

Well said Kage. People do not give Wii the credit it deserves. Often all you hear on the internet is how it was underpowered, the motion controls were a "gimmick" and got old or the system was a wasteland of shovelware. This system got 3 excellent Mario games in it's lifespan for god sakes! The only other console that managed to do that was the NES. Virtual Console and WiiWare added so much to the system as well.

The SNES is still the best console ever made IMO though. I don't think that will ever change.



vio commented on Nintendo Reveals Plans For Wii U Virtual Console:

How are the games "enhanced"? It's also pretty ridiculous that it's only launching with NES and SNES games. It should be launching with all the numerous consoles already supported on the Wii VC, plus some new ones like maybe Gamecube and Dreamcast.



vio commented on Wii U Software Falls Off The UK Charts:

It's silly to expect software on a console that's only been out for a weeks to sell even half as much as it's competing systems when those systems have been around for years and are in millions and millions of homes.



vio commented on Rumour: Wii Mini Console Outed By Retailer Re...:

There's already a crap ton of Wii's on store shelves, including that new blue Skylander model. Wouldn't Nintendo prefer to sell off as much of that stock now since the Wii U is now the focus of the company?



vio commented on The Godfather of Video Games Is Baffled By The...:

Why does his opinion hold any weight? He's just an old man who hasn't had any success in the video game business since President Reagan was in office. I don't take his opinion anymore seriously than I do any random Joe Blow on the internet. Nintendo is the company that's remained a relevant, powerful entity in the video game business for close to 30 years and is now worth billions of dollars. Where's Atari these days? Pfff...

The Wii U has already had a very successful launch despite it's problems(major mandatory 1 gig update right out of the box, some bad press about it's supposed "slow" cpu). I see no reason to believe it wont be a success, especially as more quality AAA software starts to come out and various system updates improve it. Nintendo is a proven brand that people trust and as such many millions of people will continue to be loyal to the brand.



vio commented on Call of Duty Black Ops II Suffers From Reduced...:

After reading all the comments, this has only confirmed to me that the Wii U is a powerful HD console. I HIGHLY doubt the 360 version of Black Ops 2 would have it's high framerate if this was 2005 when it was brand new and developers didn't fully understand it's architecture yet. The fact that the Wii U version looks AND RUNS as well it does when it's a multi-platform port running on new hardware speaks volumes about Wii U's power. Even if the CPU is on the slower side(and that's all speculation at this point!), we already know the GPU in the Wii U is VERY powerful

Just wait until Nintendo starts releasing their 1st party titles like a new 3D Mario and Zelda. Then we'll really start to see what this console can do.



vio commented on The Wii U CPU Is "Horrible" According To Metro...:

How in the blue hell is a new IBM Power Architecture-based multi-core processor "horrible" and "slow"? That's absurd! I don't believe for a second that the old CPU's in the PS3 and 360 are more powerful, let alone even in the same league as the Wii U's. An 8 year old processor can never out perform a new one! Technology doesn't work like that!

And didn't another developer say the Wii U can do HD graphics without breaking a sweat? I call BS on this. This developer is obviously sucking the nipples of Sony and Microcrap.



vio commented on Donkey Kong Country Trilogy To Be Pulled From ...:

Picking up on what TrueWiiMaster wrote; has anyone been able to confirm if you can purchase and download all the current Wii VC games on the Wii U? I was hoping there would now be some video on YouTube of the Wii U's Virtual Console service, but alas, I cannot find anything yet,

If not, that's going to be a huge blow to the Wii U and yet more incentive to keep our Wii's, assuming Nintendo doesn't shut the service down entirely for the original Wii! shudder



vio commented on Donkey Kong Country Trilogy To Be Pulled From ...:

Huge blow to a service that's already got 1 foot in the grave. VC is losing nearly as many games as it gains these days. At least this hasn't happened to NA yet. Though I'm afraid I'll jinx it just mentioning that. Luckily I have all 3 games on my SD card anyway.

I wish I had a couple of grand to purchase every title I still wish to download for fear that any one of them could be removed in the near future...



vio commented on Official Youtube App Launches On The Wii In No...:

YouTube on that god awful Opera browser was a nightmare and crap video quality to boot.

pntjr: The Wii is the BEST selling video game console of this generation. A market leader, revolution and true innovation. Bow down to it's greatness, peon.



vio commented on The Famicom's Biggest Rival Is 25 Years Old:

No kidding. We haven't seen a single TG-16 release on VC since Rondo of Blood way back in March of 2010!!! Then again, that may have something to do with Hudson's downfall... But heck, we haven't seen any VC releases for any platforms besides the Neo Geo in quite a while now. I love the Neo Geo, but this is getting ridiculous.



vio commented on Interplay Straps In with Descent for WiiWare:

2012 now and still no sign of it, but supposedly it's still coming now that Interplay has got their *&^% together again, along with the release of the long awaited Descent 4. Keep your fingers crossed for this one guys.



vio commented on Ubisoft Wants to Be Top Dog on Wii U:

You guys are too harsh. I'm grateful for Ubi's support. They've pretty much always been behind Nintendo strongly and Nintendo needs strong 3rd party support. The lack of 3rd support really hurt the N64 and Gamecube.



vio commented on Gearbox: Wii U Out-RAMs Xbox 360 and PS3:

The problem is, the Wii U is not really going to be competing with the PS3 and 360. Those systems will already be on the way out when the Wii U hits store shelves. Instead it will be competing with the PS4 and Xbox 720(or whatever microcrap is going to call it) and I'm not convinced it's going to be as powerful as those consoles. Of course it will have the technically advanced, innovative controller going for it, which is a big plus. So we'll see how things play out.

My biggest complaint about it thus far is that it's not backwards compatible with Gamecube games. One of the things I loved about the Wii is that, with the help of the Virtual Console, it was in many ways like having every Nintendo console ever made in one small machine. This isn't a major negative, but it still irks me some.



vio commented on Super Street Fighter II Strikes Europe Next Week:

@misswliu81 Not really. A couple of the Wonderboy games have been released on the Megadrive/Genesis and Turbografx-16, just under different names.

Same game:
TG16 - Monster Lair
MD - Wonderboy III - Monster Lair

Same game:
TG16: Dynastic Hero
MD: Wonderboy in Monsterworld