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Sun 29th September, 2013

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3dcaleb commented on Video: Capcom Unleashes a New Monster Hunter 4...:

i dont know. i havent gotten into the one thats out now on the 3ds even though it looks awesome and is totally my type of game. i tried the demo once and couldnt get the hang of it. but this next one looks pretty cool so maybe i will just get it and hope i can get into it. it has to be fun once u get the hang of it with the online multiplayer and stuff. it looks so cool i feel like i'm missing out by not playing it.



3dcaleb commented on Gaijin Games' Woah Dave! Reportedly Coming to 3DS:

awesome! this a day 1 buy for me for sure. i love the super retro style of it. this company makes the best games. i wish they would make more for the 3ds. i cant wait for this to come out. i hope its not too long of a wait.



3dcaleb commented on Cave Story is Finally Coming to the 3DS eShop ...:

@HappyHappyist @GeminiSaint
ok well i already have the physical version, and i love it. but really what im wondering is, is it worth getting the download version just for the wind foretress and nemesis? cause i dont remember them from the game so i dont think they were in the physical version that i have. and is that the only difference in content/levels between the two?



3dcaleb commented on Review: Bit Boy!! ARCADE (3DS eShop):

i really wanted this and was going to buy it but decided to wait for a review. i'm glad i did. i will probably wait for them to either fix a few of the bugs or if they dont then maybe a sale. it sucks because this is really my type of game. i love the graphics.



3dcaleb commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

metroid games are fun yes, but we really need more horror-alien-sci-fi stuff thats rated M and for adults. and maybe a rated M metroid game would be cool but i dont think its the way to go. i LOVE dead space, resident evil, house of the dead, and those type of games. they are probably my favorite kind. but there is a major insane shortage of those types on their current systems. so i dont think they should make a metroid horror title, i think they should put out some new dead space type sci-fi horror titles, and a new resident evil, and in 3d of course!



3dcaleb commented on Cave Story is Finally Coming to the 3DS eShop ...:

ok, so ive always wondered and maybe someone here knows, i have the physical copy for 3ds. i thought that would be the best one, it looked like it had better graphics than the download version. am i missing anything by not getting the download one? is it different or better? im in NA by the way. thanks in advance to anyone who can clear this up for me.



3dcaleb commented on Score One Of These Limited Edition Pokémon-Th...:

wow i would really love to get my hands on one of those. i wonder if one will end up for sale on ebay or somewhere for an insane amount. if i was super rich i would try to get it probably. especially that red one!



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

thats pretty stupid. i dont think they will win that one. wouldnt they also be suing any other product that can be displayed on more than 1 screen? my computer is a toughbook that has a handheld wireless second touchscreen, so wouldnt they be suing them too? and what about the xbox thing that uses your ipad or iphone as a second screen? i forgot the name. oh, and cant you use a psvita with a ps3 or ps4? i dont think they can only go after nintendo.



3dcaleb commented on Video: Yo-kai Watch 2 Promotional Trailer And ...:

omg!!! i'm going to freak out as soon as they announce this is coming to NA, if it ever happens. i love the anime and want these games so bad i cant even handle it. i just hope they dont americanize this at all and ruin it, cause thats one of the things thats cool about it is how un-american it is. this is one of those games that makes me want to learn japanese and get a japanese 3ds.



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

damn. i just read thru all 350 comments and i cant believe some of them. i dont want to be drawn in to all of it, but the utter ignorance of some people hating on gay people for them wanting to be included in a simulation of what is supposed to be reality for each person. i wont buy this game unless everyone can marry whomever they want.
Please stop with the insults --TBD



3dcaleb commented on Weirdness: Meet The 'Super Nintendog':

damn. that is one awesome looking dog. ive seen how they do this before and they use 100% safe food based coloring and the dogs usually love the attention. but, yes sometimes they dont like it, its true, so i'm not completely for or against it. but some dogs like baths and some dont. so as long as the dog is having fun, im cool with it.



3dcaleb commented on 'Mr. Tetris', Henk Rogers, Discusses Game Boy ...:

tetrisphere on n64 was by far my favorite ever. i loved it. it would work so well in 3d on th 3ds. thats the only reason i didnt buy tetris axis on 3ds, because it didnt have a tetrisphere mode, and didnt really use the 3d like it should have, maybe the next one will,



3dcaleb commented on Ninterview: Joe Heaton on The Joy of Game Boy ...:

wow!!! those are just awesome. i mosly love the multicolor backlit oldschool gameboys. but everthing he made was so awesome. i'm going to check out his stuff on ebay and see what its going for. i would love to have one.



3dcaleb commented on Bit Boy!! Arcade Expected to Launch on North A...:

i just checked out the old wii version(never knew about it before) and it looks horrible so i hope this one is not like that at all or i'm not getting it. guess i'll defenitely be waiting for a review or something to decide.



3dcaleb commented on Fire Pro Wrestling Creator Masato Masuda Passe...:

pro wrestling on nes was awesome. i remember fighting my brother and anyone else who came over for hours and hours. it never got old. its too bad hes gone. will have to check out the rest of his games now. sucks, 48 is pretty young, wonder what happened.



3dcaleb commented on Skypeace on 3DS Looks Like a Rival For Bird Ma...:

not really my type of game but i liked the graphics, and did anyone else think that the laser shooting orbs were dead-ringers for the drones from that oblivion movie with tom cruise? just with red trim instead of grey/blue right?



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

cool i love that version. i've been trying to get ahold of a copy of bubble bobble double shot but its hard to find one for under $20. the bubble bobble revolutions version looks like it sucks so i'm not going to get that one. i have the GBA version and its pretty fun but ive played thru it a bunch of times so im ready for something new. soon i hope.



3dcaleb commented on 3DS eShop-Exclusive Harvest December Visual No...:

i will for sure get the first one and if i like it i will get the rest. i'm glad they are going with the $1 at a time instead of having to buy it all at once, its better for those of us who are unsure if they want it.



3dcaleb commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

i cant wait for 3d classic fantasy zone and i'm hoping and praying we get youkai watch (ghost watch) in NA, moon looks pretty rad, and that new orbiter one that was just announced looks awesome too. but i think the one i cant wait for and want the most is one piece unlimited world red, thats going to be so awesome!



3dcaleb commented on Hardware Classics: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color:

@unrandomsam @Frapp
ok that sounds right i remember the turbografix 16 being out then. that was a cool system, i remember splatterhouse, and bonks adventure, among others that were pretty fun. did that portable system play the regular tubografix 16 games? the games were pretty small, about the size of 2 or 3 credit cards stuck together. i wonder how much the turbo express/pc engine gt goes for now?



3dcaleb commented on Hardware Classics: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color:

so i remember when i got a game boy for the first time there was another handheld system at toys r us that had a color screen that i wanted so bad but i only had enough money for the game boy, it was around $300 i think. this was when the game boy first came out, around 1990 i think. i thought it was a neo geo but this says it came out way later. i wonder what it was? anybody know?



3dcaleb commented on Matters of Import: 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Br...:

damn i can not wait for this. this was one of my favorite games when i was a kid. i had the nes version of it but it was basically the same. me and my brother played this for months and never got tired of it. the music is permanently etched into my brain. i will get this the second it comes to NA. i wish i knew when that was going to be. anybody know how long we have to wait?