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Sun 29th Sep 2013

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3dcaleb commented on Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains:

anybody know how to get the free theme? i downloaded the game right when it came out and i'm loving it, but i cant figure out how to get the free theme. and i really want it. anybody know?



3dcaleb commented on Music: Say Hello To The World's First LDSj Mus...:

how awesome. i just wish it was on a gba cartridge so you could listen to it on a ds so it would sound good. but still pretty cool. i love chiptune music. oh and btw @damo , you put it as LDSj in the headline, when its supposed to be LSDj, right?



3dcaleb commented on Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Launches O...:

HOLY CRAP YES YES YEEEEEES!!!!!!! besides youkai watch this is what i wanted. would rather have physical copy but ill take what i can get. so awesome!!! AND ON TOP OF IT ALL ITS RATED M!!! i'm getting this the second its on the eshop. made my day.



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (North America):

garbage. why dont we get the sega 3d classics discount like everyone else? and they said 2 more new ones were coming out in march. this was the last thursday this month right? LIARS!! hehehe



3dcaleb commented on Weirdness: Can A Star Fox Barrel Roll Work In ...:

oh and to solve the problem he was talking about, seeing as were talking about the arwing, which is equipped with guns, just fire a few shots in the direction the nose points after the roll. that would straighten it out, right?



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (North America):

damn why didnt we get the sega 3d sale like EU got? i was set to pick up all the ones i didnt have yet. lame. ive been waiting for days thinking i would get all of them finally. oh well i'll have to wait. what a bunch of crap.



3dcaleb commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

people wouldnt buy it if street fighter was sexualized like this, (however it would be awesome if there was a male version of this game, i would love to play that!) and the more people talk about it, the more i actually want to get this game and see what its all about. and it doesnt objectify women, it objectifies CARTOONS. and theres nothing wrong with that. however an all male version of this game would be so much more entertaining.



3dcaleb commented on Review: Proun+ (3DS eShop):

i got this one right when it came out and it was fun for a while but i got bored of it pretty quick. and it was also pretty difficult at times.



3dcaleb commented on 3D Out Run Developers Talk Over Bringing Class...:

i might not get this one, but i love their 3d classics series so much. if it ever went on sale i would get it probably. u know what game would be awesome is roadblaster. i think thats a sega game. bubble bobble would be awesome to finally get on the 3ds too. i think they already have it in japan.



3dcaleb commented on Weirdness: These Nifty 8-bit Super Mario Colle...:

i love canned coffee, i buy that and canned thai iced tea at my local asian grocery store all the time, also the thai non-carbonated little 4 or 5 oz. red bull. it would be awesome if they got these in, i would collect them all for sure. maybe if i ask them they can get them.



3dcaleb commented on Review: Moon Chronicles: Episodes 2-4 (3DS eShop):

ok someone help me please!! i already bought the first part (episode 1 right?) and i want to buy the rest of the episodes but i cant find them on the eshop anywhere. i searched (moon), (episode2-4), (dlc), and anything else i could think of, but all that comes up is the regular game and it says "already downloaded" when i click on it. anybody know how to get the new episodes? i just cant seem to figure it out. HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



3dcaleb commented on LEGO Jurassic World Teaser Trailer and Snippet...:

i completely hate lego games. but i love dinosaurs. i'm pretty torn on this. hopefully it will be awesome and i will buy my first lego game. but it would be so awesome if we get a non-lego jurassic park game, i would be all over that and a day 1 buy for sure.



3dcaleb commented on Capcom Offers 5 Beginner Tips On How To Become...:

i played the demo a few times on biginner mode and found it very easy. and this is my first MH game(except the MH3 demo which i quit very fast because i didnt like it and couldnt get the hang of it). so im going to try the hard version of the demo and then decide if i want to buy it. but its pretty cool so far.



3dcaleb commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

thats what happends when you try to make money off a game made by a 14 year old. if the art was free to use, then the kid who made it was not at fault. its the fault of the idiot that tries to make money off it.



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo Confirms New 3DS eShop Shooter IronFa...:

this looks awesome but if it doesnt support the circle pad pro i'm going to be pissed. i was going to preorder the monster hunter new 3ds but u have to buy it now and give up your old 3ds for the discount now. a month before it comes out!! how the hell do u do a system transfer if u give them your old 3ds a month before u get your new one???!!! what a load of crap.



3dcaleb commented on Nintendo eShop Cards Are 10% Off at Best Buy T...:

i bought all i could afford when they were 20% off a while ago, and there hasnt been anything good to buy off the eshop lately so i still have alot of eshop credit left. plus i always buy phyisical copies if possible. unless the download price is way lower, (its so hard to resist a good sale)