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The Club Nintendo Reward Details Are In For August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo doubles up with 8 games

It's that time again, as Club Nintendo in North America has updated its rewards for August; there's a fresh batch of download treats that you can exchange for your treasure trove of coins. In a break from tradition, there are now eight games to choose from.

This extended batch has six Virtual Console games and two DSiWare titles; the eight offerings are split evenly between Wii / Wii U and 3DS. Check out your options below.

Super Mario Bros. 2 - 200 coins (Wii U Virtual Console) and awarded 8/10 in our review
Excitebike - 200 coins (Wii U Virtual Console) and awarded 7/10 in our review
Star Fox 64 - 250 coins (Wii Virtual Console) and awarded 9/10 in our review
Vegas Stakes - 250 coins (Wii Virtual Console) and awarded 6/10 in our review
Baseball - 150 coins (3DS Virtual Console) and awarded 2/10 in our review
Puzzle League Express - 200 coins (3DS eShop) and awarded 7/10 in our review
Mario Golf - 200 coins (3DS Virtual Console) and awarded 7/10 in our review
Dr. Mario Express - 200 coins (3DS eShop) and awarded 8/10 in our review

These titles will all be available until 7th September 2014, and you can check them out on the Club Nintendo site. Games listed above as Wii U Virtual Console games are only available on the latest home console, while those listed as Wii Virtual Console games can only be downloaded from the Wii Shop on the system itself or on the Wii U via the Wii Mode; both DSiWare titles are only available through the 3DS eShop.

A double helping this time, so let us know if you plan to spend any of your hard-earned coins on these in the poll and comments section.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (399 votes)

Super Mario Bros. 2




Star Fox 64


Vegas Stakes




Puzzle League Express


Mario Golf


Dr. Mario Express


Nothing for me this time


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User Comments (146)



AdanVC said:

Wow now there's 8 gaimz!!1...Sigh x2. Starfox 64 tough. It's cool.



AG2014 said:

I would get star fox 64 but, I don't have a classic controller. Thanks for not adding n64 VC support for the wii u after almost 2 years Ninty. Really helps me out.



sinalefa said:

If Starfox was for Wii U, then I would take it, but I already have the Wii version. The rest I dont care about. I just got Earthbound from the Plat reward anyway.



King47 said:

What about physical stuff?
If they only want to offer VC games, they should at the very least offer good stuff. Sigh.



Ryno said:

No more physical rewards. I might go with Excitebike since I need that.



Gerbwmu said:

Might get SMB2.....I should get StarFox64 in hopes that it's Wii U VC release is close at hand.



Webby-sama said:

Considering Dr. Mario. I just killed my friend's Wii U gamepad playing Dr. Luigi all night a few nights ago. I'm pretty great at that game. Was hoping for Tetris, actually.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Ho ho...I've been craving Excitebike as of late...might jump all over that. Puzzle League Express has been on and off my radar for 5 years now...might get it.



ricklongo said:

If Star Fox 64 was playable outside Wii mode, I'd be all over that. It's not, so it's gonna be Super Mario 2 for me.



Kenology said:

I only see four games on the Club Nintendo site (Super Mario Bros. 2, Excitebike, Vegas Stakes, and Puzzle League Express). Where are the other four? EDIT: I see now. They only show four games until you click on "Get Games & Rewards".

@Gerbwmu This is why I'm collecting all N64 games now... in hopes they'll be one day available on on Wii U VC and I can just upgrade for a small fee.



Cevan said:

It seems like Nintendo is trying to do digital rewards instead of physical... I don't like this at all.



AVahne said:

Whelp, CN's dead. Still gonna hold out hope for another awesome reward like the gold nunchuk, even if it costs 900 coins. Not like there's anything else to get on Club Nintendo anymore anyway.



siavm said:

@Ryno the games of the month have never been physical. You are confusing this with the end of the year rewards. Luckily I did not have a nes or snes so most of the time these are games I don't have.



Kogorn733 said:

Great selection! Though considering how much we have to spend to get these it would be nice if the coin price was cheaper...



TreesenHauser said:

For the time being, nothing because I only have 120 coins. But if the opportunity presents itself maybe I'll finally get Excitebike.



millarrp said:

I've been thinking Bout Excitebike and Planet Puzzle League for a while so I've got those. I also plan to get Vegas Stakes later today and take advantage of the Wii U upgrade price. I will probably end up getting Dr Mario Express for the girlfriend but she wants to try it on my 3DS just to make sure she likes it first. Also wound up getting baseball, mostly for the nostalgia factor.



longtimegamer said:

Why are people talkin about no physical rewards? these aren't the end of years rewards. Am I missing something?



Sir_JBizzle said:


This is why I'm collecting all N64 games now... in hopes they'll be one day available on on Wii U VC and I can just upgrade for a small fee.

This. It's gotta be inevitable, right? Lol

@Swiket your meme, funny stuff!



Windy said:

I guess I will get Star Fox for my Wii. I really wish they would start putting up some different games.



bofis said:

Would be nice if they added some new physical rewards ever...also, if games like StarFox 64 were a WiiU VC so you could use the WiiU Pro Controller



blythemanc said:

You know if there was a way of displaying the wii games on the wiiu menu i'd be happy, but going to wii mode then waiting forever and a day just to play a vc game just isnt worth it. I've given up on this, i guess we'll never get n64 titles on wii u natively.



Ralek85 said:

Nice to see that the selection got bigger .... sad to see that the selection didn't get better. What's with the ancient games?
I could go for Excitebike or Starfox, well, maybe at least, if I didn't own both already, in superior versions no less, on the 3DS. I will never get rid of those coins come next July ....



Lukaz2009 said:

I'll most likely get Mario 2, but there really isn't anything I'm too interested in this month. I hope future months have better rewards.



OneBagTravel said:

Like a lot of people, I ended up getting Mario 2. Already have Mario 3 so I'll just be adding it to my collection.



Darknyht said:

If I get anything it will be Super Mario Bros 2, but it is not a high priority.



Cyndaquilfan123 said:

I am gettting Super Mario bros 2. I would get Star Fox but I am planning on getting Star Fox 64 3D eventually



Grimlock_King said:

Still have my star fox 64 on n64. And super mario allstars on snes so no need for those 2. As for the other games I'm good.



BranBran said:

If i could play Star Fox 64 on the Wii u and not in Wii mode i would get that But i can't so i guess Super Mario Bros. 2 looks good.



timtimdaunholy said:

star fox for me. one of the only n64 games i missed out on (besides multi-player at my friends).
I've been playing paper mario (another i skipped when i was younger ) from last month, and enjoying it even if its in wii mode

hopefully they bring 64 to Wii U soon



GumbyX84 said:

And I lost my chance at Paper Mario. Yay for forgetfulness. Star Fox 64 is the only thing that looks good on this month and I already own the original and 3DS remake, I'd set.

PS There are physical rewards, but only five: two sets of greeting cards ( Mario & Luigi and Nintendogs), Epic Yarn patches, and two Animal Crossing items (a poster and a reversible carrying 3DS pouch). The others have been removed outright or are out of stock.



ikki5 said:

Man... Club Nintendo NoA is going to become completely obsolete to me now. These are just getting even more dumb. I don't care about games. Especially these ones. Why? Because I already own them (hence why I have coins) or they are complete garbage (Vegas Stakes and Baseball are a good example). It is like Nintendo is trying to phase out the physical rewards as all we get now is paper pretty much. People in NoE no longer have any right to complain.

Now, something that also boggles my mind is the fact that there is a game that is somehow sold out and not available....



River3636 said:

Well I didn't pick up star fox 64 yet so I guess I can get on wii mode where it will die in my library until nintendo puts n64 games on the WiiU



River3636 said:

1800 coins and I am spending cuz I know I won't be able to get anything with these coins



2Sang said:

Looks like I might never buy a game in new condition ever again. Too bad, nintendo, it's gonna hurt your bottom line when used games are in much higher demand. I really hope I'm wrong in assuming that they're shifting to digital only.



CaPPa said:

They should add an eShop code option. Even 500 coins for $5 of eShop credit would work for me.



Fingeldor said:

Why can't we choose if we want these VC games on our Wii U or 3DS? I want SMB2 but not on my Wii U. C'mon Nintendo!



Darknyht said:

@2Sang You do realize that the industry as a whole are moving to digital distribution? Steam has done it for PC. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all making efforts but cannot figure out how to do it while keeping box stores happy enough to carry the consoles. Even Apple and Microsoft moving to App stores in their Operating Systems.



rjejr said:

I think these updates need a new poll - "Which of these games don't you already own?".



reali-tglitch said:

Well, I am glad I have plenty of surveys. I want Star Fox and then I will see what game I want next.



sketchturner said:

I would get Starfox 64 except that I already own it both on the Virtual Console and on my N64.



Agent721 said:

I wish Sega would join the Wii U VC and maybe we could have their games added to this list. As it is, we seem to be recycling the same free games over and over...I guess I shouldn't complain, as its free.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Looks like I'll be getting my first Starfox game, and starting out with the "best" one is a good note.



Jummitt said:

Like many others, I would get star fox 64 if it was available on wii u virtual console



ColdingLight said:

I'm actually going to sing some praiser for Nintendo for once. It's really good to see them rolling out 8 games per month instead of 4 games. I just hope they continue with that momentum. As for the games I'm kinda surprised that people here are kinda going 'Meh' I mean, There's Star Fox 64, SMB USA Maro Golf and arguably the best one out of them all is Planet Puzzle Express. Now, in fairness, most of us (Including myself.) already own most of these games. But hey, I can guarantee that this selection is infinitely better than the crap they offered for July. I guess I kinda do understand why people are going 'Ehhh whatever..." and maybe I'm smoking a little too much of that Planet Puzzle League stuff but hey, 8 games a month? Sounds good to me.



LztheQuack said:

@2Sang Enjoy your $5 price difference? I also want to point out a flaw: if used games were in higher demand, then they would cost even more and would be harder to find.



JCnator said:

The game's lineup is quite decent. Super Mario Bros. 2, Excitebike and Vegas Stakes should've be offered as a Wii U VC and Wii VC version. I'd hate having to spend an extra dollar just to download the same game once I registered a code for the Wii version.

Instead of spending my precious coins on downloadable games, I figured out I'd rather save my coins for any upcoming exclusive and expensive reward that might come out of blue like the Luigi's Mansion figurine. That way, I'll be ready for sniping up one of those before it'll very quickly end up being out of stock.



rdrunner1178 said:

Man. Dirty trick. Vegas Stakes is the game in that list I don't have yet, and they put the Wii version on there even though it is on Wii-U VC! Oh well I guess I'll still be getting the game for $1.49 upgrade discount instead of the full $7.99.



KoiTenchi said:


That would be awesome honestly.

Can you imagine being able to buy a game, play it for a week or so, then sell it for more than it cost you because more and more people are getting determined to specifically buy used?

I'm in.

Hopefully GameStop doesn't catch wind and start opening games and cranking up the price.

...though that already had happened previously with Xenoblade. Maybe they were already on to something back then.



vonseux said:

What games do those unsatisfied users expect. Seriously? There a even a mario game.



River3636 said:

When we already have them and there on wii it's like meh or we don't want them it's like meh. 1800 coins and can't use them it's like frustrating.



ecco6t9 said:

Dr.Mario was on my wishlist for awhile, and I do not own Baseball so I did that one as well.



Link506 said:

I got 1660 coins in the last 3 days. But I don't like any of these options.



Link506 said:

I got 1660 coins in the last 3 days. But I don't like any of these options.



2Sang said:

@WaLzgi $5 per game is definitely worth it for me to get used, and that's just at gamestop. On amazon/ebay I can get even better deals. For $2-5 games as the only prizes, it's just not worth buying new unless you find a really good sale, in which case used versions will still likely be cheaper.



2Sang said:

@WaLzgi Sorry about double posting guys, but also there is no flaw because used games can never be more than new games. It may be harder to find used games, but gamestop would likely offer good promotions to get more used games due to the higher demand.



justinluey said:

Smart decision to offer more games per month, and this is an awesome list to start with.

I wonder if Nintendo is toying with the idea of turning Club Nintendo into a Playstation Plus competitor? Remember Iwata said they were working on a new way to reward loyalty.

Here's an idea off the top of my head:

Club Nintendo becomes a loyalty program that lets you download a "couple" free games a month, a Gold or Platinum digital reward at the end of the year, and eventually extras like cloud saves.

To become a Club Nintendo member, you can either pay $50/year or earn a free membership by redeeming coins from games.

I also hope that Club Nintendo goes 90% digital, but offers a couple awesome physical rewards per year.



Samurairu said:

Why do they even bother? Just let it die and focus on the new games if this is the best they intend to do. At least then the little effort they are putting towards the VC and rewards could be put to something useful. Ridiculous.



2Sang said:

@Imagamerboi true. I don't know why they're bothering offering wii only games anymore. How many people achieve gold/plat with only a wii anyways?



Koopa_Bro said:

smh this is like getting a fruitcake for christmas. Thanks for remembering but.. no thanks.



Iggly said:

Would be nice if every month has 8 games since this month has some decent games if I didn't already own the ones I want.



Dauntless said:

Nintendo's club rewards really suck now a days. They pretty much have nothing except digital downloads ever since they took the shop down a while back.
Its a good thing I cashed out just before that, when they had the Super Mario Accessory Box listed. There hasn't been anything good on since and the platinum reward wasn't great either.

Would it kill them to release Excitebike 64? I've been waiting only since the Wii days. Its not like the title is owned by anyone other than Nintendo.



Zapkido said:

@DarkAvenger It's probably lag. It's happened to me too.

But anyways, Mario 2 for me. I think it looks like an interesting twist on the Mario formula- I've never played it.



DarkAvenger said:

@Beetlejuice @Zapkido i don't think is lag, i can't upload the full race... but the guy fell a lot of times in front of me and the next second appeared in front of me. and if you see the vid, the other person in the race looked pretty normal. ( i have a pretty good connection)



Zapkido said:

@DarkAvenger Huh. Might wanna report him to Nintendo. You can see who you've last played with by watching a highlight reel or checking in the online menu.



ikki5 said:

@DarkAvenger That looks like lag to me. I've seen people appear to fall off due to lag showing them not turn but they really don't fall. The lag could have been caused on their side (someone download/stream or just bad internet) which is why the others would/could have appeared normal. But the reason I say this is because they didn't really teleport, you just see him speed up super fast to you. Also, If Bowser really did have teleportation/speed hacks, I doubt he'd finish 3rd.


If they can afford to get 200 coins worth in games, they can at least afford a 3DS.



16bitdave said:

I like the 8 games this time but I already have most of the available games for this month



MAB said:

I would gladly swap Australia's CN bookmarks & hand towels for some of that US Digital 4 Lyfe goodness



DarkAvenger said:

@ikki5 at first i thought it was lag too but that's not all, sometimes i hit the guy and he kept moving like normal but he dropped the coins ..... i've been playing a lot and this is the first time i see somebody teleporting, if you have a net that bad it would kicked you off the race, and show you an error, so i don't know man.



LztheQuack said:

Even if the used games had higher prices, Gamestop would never buy them for more than a new game...



IceClimbers said:

You guys are never satisfied, are you? This is a pretty good selection if you ask me. Yeah, if you already have all of the games, then the selection sucks for you this month, so just wait until next month. The world doesn't revolve around you.

For me personally, I'm going to get Mario Golf as I don't have it yet. I don't have money to just impulse buy every VC game that comes out (or indies for that matter).



FlaygletheBagel said:

Went ahead and picked up Starfox in hopes that the Wii U VC version will come out soon and I can upgrade for a discounted price.

I'm all for Nintendo fizzling out the physical rewards on Club Nintendo, but if they do that, they need to start getting a bigger and better selection of games to choose from. If I already had Starfox, this would be a pretty crappy lineup to choose from.



AshFoxX said:

Is it weird that Mario Golf is the only game here I'm interested in that I don't already have? (Star Fox 64 on Wii I bought years ago and my NES copy of Excitebike still works good.)



james_squared said:

I picked up SMB2 and ExciteBike. I had been thinking about those for a while so I was happy to see them offered this way.



GreatPlayer said:

I will probably get Star fox 64, but... I don't have a classic controller. One thing I really do not understand about Nintendo is... why doesn't Nintendo allow Wii to be used with the gamepad? If they are too busy with making new games I can understand their tardiness in programming the Wii interfere to support the gamepad... but my intuition tells me that it is not.



andybunn said:

At least you get games on your Nintendo site. Here in UK we get screen wipes and folders with book marks!



Gorlokk said:

I got excited when I saw the Star Fox 64 3D art, but I was disappointed when I saw the actual selection. Again.

Gosh, this makes the Elite rewards seem like gold.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Star Fox 64 is an AMAZING game and it looks better on the Wii VC than any N64 game could possible look on modern TVs. With that said, I already own it. What would really be special if they are going to do games is bring back the games they took away. I would go for the original SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy.



Beau_Skunk said:

Is it me, or are Club Nintendo download game prizes getting to expensive? When they started giving out VC games in North America like Super Mario Kart, three and a half years ago were only 100 coins, while games like "Majora's Mask" were 200. Now you need 200 coins just to get a FIVE dollar game! This is getting ridiculous.

Now I wish I did get "Mario Golf GBC" when it was only 150 coins... (At the time, I thought even that was to much.) Now it's 200 coins. Yeesh, are they just going to keep increasing the prices? At these prices, you might as well just buy them from the Eshop for regular money.
(Unless you're really really cheap, and have many Club Nintendo coins that you have to use before they expire.)

Only good deal here is perhaps "Star Fox 64," but I already have it. I'm a li'l tempted to get "Mario Golf" before it becomes 250 or 300 coins next year though... But part of me fears something better will be out next month.



Dogpigfish said:

With such a great library of games, how do they manage to dissapoint every month? Kick Iwata out



Freelance said:

@Hero-of-WiiU The best one is actually the original Star Fox on SNES. 64 is good, but doesn't hold a candle to Star Fox.

I'd try Mario Golf, but I have to save all my coins for Radar Mission's return...whenever that's going to be.



ikki5 said:

@DarkAvenger again, you hit him, and lag. it's not him cheating. if he was cheating with the cheats you are claiming he had, he would have won. And no, just because one is lagging that bad, it will not kick them out because if that were the case, i would have been kicked out of races when I was Downloading from steam and torrents.



LittleIrves said:

Ooh yeah. For all those getting Super Mario Bros. 2, I commend you for your taste. If you'd like to experience SubCon in a slightly different way, keep your ears and eyes open (and page-turning fingers ready).



darklinkinfinite said:

I'm guessing they upped it to 8 games since their physical rewards are practically non-existent and they show no signs of wanting to replenish them. I'm guessing the only physical rewards they'll add going forward are going to be limited stuff that sells out in half an hour because that's what people are gonna wait to spend coins on instead of digital games that they can get at any time without getting off the couch.



DarkAvenger said:

@ikki5 if you think that's lag ok, but i've seen that before and of course they finish first, this guy is probably testing it, with lag you get hit and don't lose speed? wow.... that's new because even if you have lag you stay where you are when you get hit... but you can think whatever you want.

Edit: This is what i'm talking about, look at the end of the video... and tell me that's lag



argh4430 said:

Why are people complaining about there not being physical rewards? There never was an option to get them, it was only digital games getting swapped!

I went ahead and got Excitebike to continue collecting VC games from NES Remix 1&2.



UGXwolf said:

Mmm... a good chance to try and actually get into Star Fox for a change. Might have to give this one a shot.

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