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Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 26th Nov 2007, 800 points
  • EU 31st Aug 2007, 800 points

Wii U eShop

  • EU 27th Jun 2013, £5.49
  • US 27th Jun 2013, $7.99
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  • Review Vegas Stakes (Wii U eShop / SNES)

    Jackpot winner or total craps?

    Nothing says “SNES classic” like a high-stakes trip to a menagerie of Las Vegas casinos. You’re invited to bust open the bank account for a night of potentially irresponsible entertainment as you hop from game to gambling game with your crew of potentially irresponsible friends. Even if a 1993 rendition of...

  • Review Vegas Stakes (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

    Always bet on black

    Here's an odd offering for the VC - a gambling game! In Vegas Stakes, sequel to Vegas Dream on the NES, you head to Vegas with a group of friends to try to make it rich. There are four casinos to go to, ranging from the-run-down Hideaway, which only allows small bets, to 2020, a futuristic-looking casino that allows high bets...

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Vegas Stakes Screenshot
Vegas Stakes Screenshot
Vegas Stakes Screenshot
Vegas Stakes Screenshot
Vegas Stakes Screenshot

Vegas Stakes News

About The Game

Experience all the thrills and skills of real casino action, as you take a trip to the ultimate gambler's paradise: Las Vegas!

Check into a luxurious hotel, hang out with your friends and chat to other punters, before placing your bets at authentic recreations of Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps and Seven Card Stud.

For solo players, a computerised companion explains the rules and offers advice, easing beginners into the action. In multiplayer mode, compete with up to three friends for the $10 million prize!