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Lukaz2009 commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Of the ones on the list, I'd vote for Wolf, Shovel Knight, and Shantae. Wolf mainly because he was in Brawl and wasn't really a clone character. Yes he had the same basic moves as Fox and Falco, but they had much more impact and weight to them. Shovel Knight has an entire arsenal of moves and relics at his disposal all for the sake of Shovelry. His Final Smash could have him call upon Shield Knight for assistance. And Shantae could use a mix of her genie magic and the pirate tools she gets in The Pirate's Curse. Shantae's Final Smash could resemble Luigi's Negative Zone Final Smash from Brawl, where she dances for a moment to cause the space around her to cause various effects on opponents



Lukaz2009 commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

I really want this game now. Looks super fun! I'll have to get it with the spare funds I'll have in my eShop account after buying Xenoblade Chronicles 3D off the eShop.



Lukaz2009 commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

I have a total of 231 hours into Hyrule Warriors, and it's been out for half a year or so. MH4U hasn't been out for a month and I already have close to 200 hours clocked in it. This includes restarting my save just to rename my Ace Palico. But after my restart, I've made much more progress than I did in my original file.
I've got 18 (Soon to be 19) weapons that are at their maximum potential until I start doing High Rank Quests, and a full set of Gore Magala armor, Nerscylla armor, Jaggi, Tetsucabra, and a set I won't mention due to spoilers. And this file is only 80 hours in.



Lukaz2009 commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

Although I voted for Eternal Darkness, The Last Story would also get my vote. The problem Eternal Darkness would have is that it doesn't lend itself well to replayability. Because once you see the Sanity Effects once, they lose a lot their luster. Whereas The Last Story could have renewed online co-op, which could really increase it's replayability.



Lukaz2009 commented on Max Your Rupees With This Fortuitous Hyrule Wa...:

@luigifan2000 I know that, but it is far too inconsistent to be reliable. And again, Rupees are so easy to get anyways. In a normal play session, I can end up with upwards of 2 million Rupees in pocket by the end of it, if not more because I barely spend Rupees anyways and selling off spare weapons nets you even more Rupees. So this exploit is solely for people that don't really want to to actually take the time and actually play the game.
A game like this will consume hundreds of hours of your time, and you don't really need to be that insanely high of a level to complete the later stages with A ranks if you know what you're doing.
I thought you needed to be insanely high leveled to beat some stages with A ranks, so I started grinding Rupees on one of the Reward Map stages, and the game became boring once I started boiling it down to numbers. So I stopped farming for Rupees. And guess what? I've never farmed again because Rupees are so easy to get anyways, and level-ups come around fairly frequently anyways. So why bother farming for Rupees when the game becomes boring to you?



Lukaz2009 commented on Max Your Rupees With This Fortuitous Hyrule Wa...:

A couple of things: Firstly, I'm pretty sure it's going to be patched out, so I'm not going to bother with it since it is completely random if it triggers or not even with the proper conditions met. Secondly, Rupees are ridiculously easy to get anyways from just PLAYING THE GAME. So this kind of exploit is really only for people that don't really want to play the game. Lastly, as stated previously, it is completely random if it triggers or not, so it isn't a reliable source of Rupees. You CAN get max Rupees in 2 minutes, but most of the time you're restarting the stage. And this can last for HOURS! Hours I could spend, you know, making progress and having fun instead of trying in vain to get max Rupees. Definitely not worth the hassle if you ask me



Lukaz2009 commented on Max Your Rupees With This Fortuitous Hyrule Wa...:

I can't seem to get it to work. I know they say it's inconsistent, but I've tried it fifteen times now and still nothing. I doesn't help that all the information on it is vague at best, impossible to understand at worst.



Lukaz2009 commented on Super Smash Bros. 3DS Update 1.0.5 Is Now Live:

I won't be able to update until Friday (Although I don't really play the 3DS version due to the terrible loads times, that might change after Friday because I much prefer Smash Run for farming Custom Moves over Smash Tour. Smash Tour is just bad.) because I don't have enough space on my SD card. Planning on buying a 32 GB Micro SD card along side my MH4U N3DS this Friday since my current SD Card in my 3DS XL is only 4 GB, and you don't get an actual cartridge with the MH4U Bundle, istead you get a download code..



Lukaz2009 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.:

Didn't quite know what to think of this when I first heard of it, but after playing the demo, I'm thinking this is going to be a day one purchase for me.



Lukaz2009 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

I'm 45 coins away from reaching Platinum status. My N3DS was going to cover the difference, but anything released after today cannot be registered. There are a couple of games released last year I never got (Namely Bayonetta 2 and Fantasy Life), so if I pick up one of those it should put me over.



Lukaz2009 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

I'm absolutely looking forward to both Xenoblade games! I missed the Wii release of the original and don't feel like shelling out $100+ for a copy online (Plus Happy Birthday me because it comes out during my Birthday Month), and Xenoblade Chronicles X looks absolutely gorgeous both graphically and aesthetically along with the combat looking entertaining. But not to discredit Zelda U and Majora's Mask 3D, which while I won't be getting MM3D at launch (MH4U N3DS bundle ain't cheap in Canada yo!), I will be getting it in March. I'll also be getting Zelda U as close as possible to launch as I can, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.



Lukaz2009 commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@TruenoGT I agree with you for the most part, but a news article on here a few months back stated that Square may have bucked up a little bit after seeing how well Bravely Default sold globally.

And now to add my two sense to this discussion. I can guarantee that Nintendo is far too smart to buy Capcom outright. The few IPs they would actually use wouldn't make up for the cost to buy-out the whole company, and the other two of the big three are also probably just as wise to this fact, and probably wait to the collapse and IP sale.



Lukaz2009 commented on Feature: All Of The Vital Super Smash Bros. Ro...:

@Porky I wasn't going for how iconic the character is, but their viability in the Smash environment on their own merits, and Klonoa has more means of combat on his own compared to Pac-Man, who pretty much relies on other Namco characters for most of his attacks from what I've seen from the reveal trailer.



Lukaz2009 commented on Capcom Reportedly Planning Western Release of ...:

Yes! Yes! So much yes! When I first learned about Monster Hunter Frontier back in 2009, I wanted it to come out here so badly, but gave up that dream after 6 months or so. However, this news rekindled that desire I had for it back in 2009!



Lukaz2009 commented on The Pokémon Company Teases "Special Announcem...:

I'm pretty much positive that it won't be Ruby/Sapphire remakes, because any Pokemon you can catch in Ruby and Sapphire can be transferred all the way to X and Y through a process.
The only reason Fire Red/Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver were made is so that every Pokemon from 1st and 2nd Gen could be obtained in the then current Gen games, so Ruby/Sapphire remakes are absolutely redundant with the current connectivity of the generations. But I could be wrong, so I'll just wait until tomorrow to see what it is.