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Wed 4th June, 2014

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argh4430 commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

I'm one of the few people that would want a Luigi's Mansion soundtrack, huh? Not only is it the bigger longshot of the group, I loved almost all the songs in that game, which I can't say for the other options.



argh4430 commented on Review: Battleminer (3DS eShop):

I went ahead and got the game on release, just to give a clone a chance. It is quite repetitive alright, with none of the charm of Minecraft. But it certainly is nice for several minutes at a time. If anything, these devs can afford to be cheap with these clones because the real deal is not coming to dethrone them.



argh4430 commented on Cube Life: Island Survival is Another Minecraf...:

Well, I already have Battleminer, so i'm not in a rush to get another clone, but i'll see just how close it gets. Battleminer, despite looking like and playing like Minecraft, is no Minecraft at all, but the combat was fun.



argh4430 commented on Talking Point: Five New Year's Resolutions for...:

I just want the company to market itself more. When I learned that one of my coworkers loved Mario Kart, and I mentioned to her that Mario Kart 8 released this summer, she yelled, "What?! When?!" I told her it was for Wii U, and she stared at me blankly. This should not happen, not everyone follows the Nintendo news pipelines. They need to take their console seriously and actually market the freaking thing.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:

I like this graphic, but I don't think it will do much convincing to people who don't already like Nintendo a lot. I think that's where Nintendo has faltered the most in regards to the Wii U: only the die-hard fans of the company really wanted it. This graphic plays into that mindset. Also, not owning a Wii U just pushers you into buying it, without knowing anything else? It should have been in reverse, where the less you know, the further it takes you.



argh4430 commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I'll just say this: when a sibling expressed interest in getting a Wii U a while back, I discouraged her from doing so. Now, I would say "only if you want a few games or so." The system needs more than platformers. I know it has more, but right now, it's over-saturated with platformers.



argh4430 commented on Battleminer is Bringing Its Crafty Presence to...:

Wow, this video looks pretty low-grade. I like how the mining just makes the block disappear, no effects. Also, I was hoping the gun-play would look more like Doom, with the gun right in the lower-middle part of the screen. Actually, the graphics and gameplay might be going for minecraft/COD. I'll look into it or get it as it looks crazy enough for me.



argh4430 commented on Review: Woah Dave! (3DS eShop):

Looks chaotic and fun from the video. I'll add it to my wishlist and get it when i'm not already swamped in games I want to play.

Also, Woah.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

I already picked up the Mario Kart 8 DLC, so i'll just grab Super street Fighter 2. This might be the first time i've seen the "Nothing for me this week" category lower than another category in a long while.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

I liked Life Force on my 3DS, but I also said, "I wish this would come to Wii U, it would be easier to get someone to play it with me." Finally, I can get the Wii U version. I'll probably just put it on my wishlist for now, but it's definitely a good (if really hard) game.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America):

@Krambo42 I have no problem using the GameCube controller, nor the switched A-B configuration that mess other people up. So far, I would only get them for restore points and off-TV play, I could use those on my 3DS instead. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me if there are emulation differences that would make the Wii U (original NES) versions better.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America):

Nice. Going for Super Mario Kart for sure. Might grab RCMADIAX's third game later on, I got some enjoyment out of the other two after all.

I'm still torn n getting any Mega Man games on Wii U, since I own both Mega Man Collection games on my GameCube. Is the restore point feature worth a "double-dip?"



argh4430 commented on The Club Nintendo Reward Details Are In For Au...:

Why are people complaining about there not being physical rewards? There never was an option to get them, it was only digital games getting swapped!

I went ahead and got Excitebike to continue collecting VC games from NES Remix 1&2.



argh4430 commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

I'm currently playing Super Mario Galaxy now, since I never had a Wii, I figure it's a good time to catch up on the Wii classics! Also Zelda 2 from the elite rewards. I rarely play my 3DS now, mostly just some Pokemon and Crosswords occasionally.

I picked Mario Kart 8, but DKC Tropical Freeze is the best Wii U summer-type game.



argh4430 commented on Wii U Version Of Project CARS Drops To The Bac...:

Well, this delay does sound like bad news overall for the Wii U version, but i'm fine with a delay. Holiday season will be packed for Wii U, releasing at the same time could get the game lost in the shuffle. I am definitely more interested in the game since it is a realistic racer, versus Mario Kart's zaniness, but it's up to how the Wii U version will be treated.