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argh4430 commented on Review: Life of Pixel (Wii U eShop):

There's currently a bug in the game that about 50% of the time would wipe out your save data after you finish a certain amount of the game (around the NES world if playing fromthe beginning). A dev currently put a patch for the game in lotcheck, so be on the lookout for it soon.



argh4430 commented on Feature: Our Impressions of the Full Nindies@H...:

I haven't played the demo yet, but Soul Axiom interested me the most, since it's the sequel to Master Reboot, and I liked that game a lot. I just get really sick playing it due to motion sickness.

I tried Runbow, but I didn't like it all. Not my thing. Mutant Mudds was excellent, but way too hard for me, so i'll pass on that. I still need to try the other demos.



argh4430 commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

I hate Fire Emblem a lot, and from what I saw so far of this game, it did give me strong vibes of FFX-2 (which I thought was okay, if too fanservicey). I'm just going to wait until it comes out before passing judgement, it's not going to be an automatic buy.



argh4430 commented on New Trailer Emerges for Shin Megami Tensei X F...:

Okay, knowing the Japanese name for the game makes this have more sense. Ibunroku is apparently the name used in the Persona and Devil Survivor series. And these images from the trailers definitely go with that, over, say, the main-line series like SMTIV for example.



argh4430 commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

I'm one of those people that just buy the ones in the store. I originally wanted just the Zelda-themed ones, but the collector bug bit me. However, I refuse to pay over MSRP for figures that still hasn't been used in a really neat way yet. Training computer players to fight in Smash is fun, but there really needs to be more than just acting as unlocks. Something that ties them together just like Smash does. Then I wouldn't feel burned out over the freaking things. They do look nice on my bookshelf, though.



argh4430 commented on Former Rare Devs Playtonic Want Donkey Kong Co...:

I would laugh so hard and loud if Nintendo put up this ballot not to determine a character for DLC in Smash, but to get everyone groveling to put their character in. It makes Nintendo the "king" again, like in the old days, and that's exactly what they did with amiibo. It would be absolutely delicious.

I mean, this can only end badly, but in a very entertaining way.



argh4430 commented on Crunchyroll Pre-Order Bundle for Etrian Myster...:

The only thing i'm wary of is the mystery items, since it could be anything. Odds are good it's just to clear warehouse stock, but I enjoy grab bag stuff anyway, and wasn't more expensive than the usual pre-order stuff.



argh4430 commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

This is definitely a hard game to review. On one hand, you can tell a lot of love went into it, and it emulates those old "electronic football" games well. On the other, it is just 3 extremely simple games. If you're not pulled in by the screenshots, you probably will not like the game.



argh4430 commented on Crunchyroll Pre-Order Bundle for Etrian Myster...:

@Funbunz I agree. I know it had to do with picking music from the earlier games as part of the decision, but three of those tracks hardly qualified as music. It didn't help that the west hadn't gotten SMT 1 & 2 at the time. At least the Jakyou Manor music with the real organ was really cool.

I went ahead and got this bundle, just for a change of pace.



argh4430 commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:

This will be the second EO game I won't preorder, first being the mystery dungeon game. What a disappointment. It's going to take something like what Persona Q did with their special edition to get me to preorder the game.



argh4430 commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

And now I know why the SMT developers never considered making their protagonists female. What's interesting is the comparisons to Samus and Link. Before, Samus was just like Link; she didn't talk or have much of a personality, just got the work done. It wasn't until you beat the game that you realized she was female. It ultimately didn't matter in the game's story, that part was specifically for the players. Seeing the uproar over female Links is hilarious, since it wouldn't matter for the stories there, either. It would only affect the players.



argh4430 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Even if Nintendo makes the most powerful console after the Wii U, even if it is more powerful than the next Playstation or XBox, it will still not help Nintendo win back 3rd parties. Their reputation is nearly completely shot. It was a process that started at the tail-end of the SNES era and goes all the way through their hardware consoles. They could change it, of course, but it would require them to change the way they think, and I don't see that happening with their current management. And they need those 3rd parties, if not for their immediate sales, but for the long-term. Having years with just two or three releases from major 3rd parties is a big black eye to the consumers. Indies may be great, but they don't have the visibility of the major companies, sadly.

Well, at least Reggie seems hopeful, and not just blindly throwing out blind optimism. I don't like where Nintendo is heading, and it will affect their handheld systems as well if this keeps up.



argh4430 commented on Gallery: The Natives Are Most Definitely Hosti...:

I looked at all the screenshots, and it seems only a few natives are wielding something that looks like bows. They mostly wield pickaxes, which just seems to make them look less intimidating. Maybe they're neutral?



argh4430 commented on Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Wil...:

I just noticed in your thumbnail shot that the fafnir knight looks a lot like the princess class from EO3. Considering that EOU1 had the "main character, not SMT protagonist" as a gunner, maybe a precedent for including a class from the next game?



argh4430 commented on Sega Is Bringing Imageepoch’s RPG Stella Gl...:

@CaviarMeths If you think of the game as a really repetitive and "fanservicey" version of Punch-Out, then it's just a mediocre game. Imageepoch isn't exactly known for quality games, after all.

I still don't know if this particular game would be up my alley just on what's written here so far, so it would help to see what others would think about it. Gotta keep my expectations low, after all.



argh4430 commented on Fans Are Translating Dragon Quest VII On 3DS B...:

@TossedLlama Exactly what I was thinking. Fans did the legwork for translating Mother 3, and that game still didn't get an official english translation. SE is not going to change their minds about not localizing it, if anything, they would send a cease-and-desist letter to these people. Look what happened to the fan project "chrono trigger flames of eternity."



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th March (North America):

Not getting these games, as I am working on the games I already have, and older games I haven't gotten yet. Just wanted to throw out how good Master Reboot is. My only caveat is that the game plays in first-person, with some platforming parts to it, and those give me motion sickness really easily.



argh4430 commented on Meme Run Disappears from the Wii U eShop:

I wonder why it took so long. If it was for legal reasons, then Nintendo just proved they don't care to look for those kind of things in 3rd party, indie titles. If it's for quality control, they will have egg on their face until they remove all the obvious shovelware from the eshop.



argh4430 commented on Humphrey, of SPIKEY WALLS Fame, to be a Guest ...:

@Fletcher-Mobot Why would you want to be associated with something that was intentionally designed to be malicious? SPIKEY WALLS was made because cheap shovelware was getting 'da monies and attention on miiverse, and made with no heart, and yet you want to associate your product with that!?



argh4430 commented on Talking Point: Limitations on Stock and Advert...:

I think this article proves that Nintendo couldn't get new customers, so they had to milk the existing consumer base to drive up profits. Expect to see more of this in the future until Nintendo figures out how to get new blood in.