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Wed 4th June, 2014

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argh4430 commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:

I like this graphic, but I don't think it will do much convincing to people who don't already like Nintendo a lot. I think that's where Nintendo has faltered the most in regards to the Wii U: only the die-hard fans of the company really wanted it. This graphic plays into that mindset. Also, not owning a Wii U just pushers you into buying it, without knowing anything else? It should have been in reverse, where the less you know, the further it takes you.



argh4430 commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I'll just say this: when a sibling expressed interest in getting a Wii U a while back, I discouraged her from doing so. Now, I would say "only if you want a few games or so." The system needs more than platformers. I know it has more, but right now, it's over-saturated with platformers.



argh4430 commented on Battleminer is Bringing Its Crafty Presence to...:

Wow, this video looks pretty low-grade. I like how the mining just makes the block disappear, no effects. Also, I was hoping the gun-play would look more like Doom, with the gun right in the lower-middle part of the screen. Actually, the graphics and gameplay might be going for minecraft/COD. I'll look into it or get it as it looks crazy enough for me.



argh4430 commented on Review: Woah Dave! (3DS eShop):

Looks chaotic and fun from the video. I'll add it to my wishlist and get it when i'm not already swamped in games I want to play.

Also, Woah.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

I already picked up the Mario Kart 8 DLC, so i'll just grab Super street Fighter 2. This might be the first time i've seen the "Nothing for me this week" category lower than another category in a long while.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

I liked Life Force on my 3DS, but I also said, "I wish this would come to Wii U, it would be easier to get someone to play it with me." Finally, I can get the Wii U version. I'll probably just put it on my wishlist for now, but it's definitely a good (if really hard) game.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America):

@Krambo42 I have no problem using the GameCube controller, nor the switched A-B configuration that mess other people up. So far, I would only get them for restore points and off-TV play, I could use those on my 3DS instead. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me if there are emulation differences that would make the Wii U (original NES) versions better.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America):

Nice. Going for Super Mario Kart for sure. Might grab RCMADIAX's third game later on, I got some enjoyment out of the other two after all.

I'm still torn n getting any Mega Man games on Wii U, since I own both Mega Man Collection games on my GameCube. Is the restore point feature worth a "double-dip?"



argh4430 commented on The Club Nintendo Reward Details Are In For Au...:

Why are people complaining about there not being physical rewards? There never was an option to get them, it was only digital games getting swapped!

I went ahead and got Excitebike to continue collecting VC games from NES Remix 1&2.



argh4430 commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

I'm currently playing Super Mario Galaxy now, since I never had a Wii, I figure it's a good time to catch up on the Wii classics! Also Zelda 2 from the elite rewards. I rarely play my 3DS now, mostly just some Pokemon and Crosswords occasionally.

I picked Mario Kart 8, but DKC Tropical Freeze is the best Wii U summer-type game.



argh4430 commented on Wii U Version Of Project CARS Drops To The Bac...:

Well, this delay does sound like bad news overall for the Wii U version, but i'm fine with a delay. Holiday season will be packed for Wii U, releasing at the same time could get the game lost in the shuffle. I am definitely more interested in the game since it is a realistic racer, versus Mario Kart's zaniness, but it's up to how the Wii U version will be treated.



argh4430 commented on This Is Where Unwanted 3DS And DS Games Go To Die:

Well, I learned something new today. I didn't know those boxes had a name. They're built pretty well, it took me cutting them apart just to get them to go in the compactor at my job. Also, I wonder how it gets decided when games just get trashed/recycled like that. Is there a definite time-frame or something?



argh4430 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

I went with Rayman Legends, seeing as that was the game that got me to buy the Wii U in the first place. And that the game was as great as I imagined, even enduring a lengthy delay. I felt it was the better 2D platformer listed. I really should give Wonderful 101 a try at some point, but other games keep coming out that get my attention instead.