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argh4430 commented on Interview: 13AM Games on Getting Up to Speed W...:

That was a great interview. I'm not interested in the game at all, but I wish them luck in getting the sales they do deserve. I know a lot of people here don't get anything from the eShop due to Nintendo's practices, but I hope if they have interest in this game, they make that one exception.



argh4430 commented on Kung Fu FIGHT! Will Exchange Blows With the Wi...:

@XCWarrior can you blame them when it's the "in" thing? Nostalgia is a very powerful thing, and it's sure to catch the attention of anyone who lived and gamed then. Plus, it's easier to do when your art skills suck. Bonus points for Wii U indies, since those and the rare exclusives are the only indies selling well on the eShop.



argh4430 commented on Review: Fat City (Wii U eShop):

The game's community on miiverse is what you would expect. Last I checked, there was only 4 player posts. The rest are fat jokes or people slamming the game.



argh4430 commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

@DreamOn I know you're joking, but something along the lines of Super Puzzle Fighter would actually be awesome. Nintendo doesn't have a competitive puzzler like the Puyo series besides Dr. Mario, which only has so many nuances. A smash version of Puyo or Magical Drop could work wonders.



argh4430 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I would say Nintendo makes their hardware for themself, and anyone else making games for it is a plus. This time, they had to mostly go it alone, with smaller devs backing them up. I bet Nintendo will definitely have smaller and more realistic outlook for the NX, no matter what it will be.



argh4430 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

Of course, i'm getting 3D Streets of Rage 2, but interestingly enough, but brother-in-law is more excited for Canvaleon. Dragon Fantasy looks good, too. I might buy more than one thing at full price this week, crazy!



argh4430 commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

"We even ran a talking point about the self-entitled fury which led to a petition demanding the cancellation of the game."

I like how Darren includes self-entitled in the article, as if he's just brushing all 22,000 people off with a demeaning smirk. That triggers me.

Joking aside, I actually am looking forward to the game, as the MonHun didn't pull me or my friend in, something like this might do it for us.



argh4430 commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

It's kind of strange to hear this, but I guess it's expected. The gamepad is a large, underutilized beast, but it's also the primary controller packed with every system. Then again, this is supposed to be a hardcore action game, and from what i've heard online, most hardcore players hate the gamepad and love the pro controller/classic controller pro, and this fits right in with that.

Just my two cents, I like the gamecube controller a lot, but it does have its quirks to me. I hated it's small d-pad that felt uncomfortable to use, the z-button's placement wasn't symmetrical, and the c-stick was a little small. Other than that, I liked the face buttons placement, the analog stick, and L & R triggers. I do hope the gamecube controller adapter gets more use than just Smash 4.



argh4430 commented on Dark Pit and Palutena amiibo Are Retailer Excl...:

I'm assuming exclusivity rights are bid for by these companies, and considering how crazy and quickly amiibos are selling right now, NoA wouldn't be too picky over who sells them. Just cuz Amazon doesn't want to sell the Wii U doesn't mean they can't sell anything else Nintendo has.



argh4430 commented on Video: Check Out an Extensive History of Super...:

I can see why SMB2 is absent from Super Mario Maker, since it plays so wholly different from the other Mario games. I kinda saw the gameboy Donkey Kong, and later Mario vs. Donkey Kong games, as the successors of SMB2. Closest in gameplay, anyway.



argh4430 commented on Epic Indie Sale For Wii U eShop Is On Its Way ...:

Lots of great games. I recognize the music in the trailer from Giana Sisters, I really ought to go back and finish it. The game was way too hard for me, the bosses in particular. But that music was epic.

Maybe i'll finally pick Two-Tribes' games. They didn't interest me before, but after seeing the clips, they look pretty cool. Too bad I won't really have the time to play them, urgh.



argh4430 commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

I'm still salty about how SEGA killed Phantasy Star in the West.

I'm surprised at how little SEGA tapped into their old IPs after going 3rd party. For a while, we got Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2, Crazy Taxi 3, House of the Dead 3, etc. It made having an Xbox worth it, to me. But now it has gotten to the point where they mostly use their name, release the occasional Sonic game, and little else westward.

Almost makes me think this is what Nintendo will be like in several years now.



argh4430 commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

The poll results made me laugh. So many people uninterested in the new Animal Crossing and Metroid. I want to at least give them a chance before passing on them completely. I passed on a lot of games because of 1st impressions, and some of them ended up being my all-time faves.



argh4430 commented on Review: Life of Pixel (Wii U eShop):

There's currently a bug in the game that about 50% of the time would wipe out your save data after you finish a certain amount of the game (around the NES world if playing fromthe beginning). A dev currently put a patch for the game in lotcheck, so be on the lookout for it soon.



argh4430 commented on Feature: Our Impressions of the Full Nindies@H...:

I haven't played the demo yet, but Soul Axiom interested me the most, since it's the sequel to Master Reboot, and I liked that game a lot. I just get really sick playing it due to motion sickness.

I tried Runbow, but I didn't like it all. Not my thing. Mutant Mudds was excellent, but way too hard for me, so i'll pass on that. I still need to try the other demos.



argh4430 commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

I hate Fire Emblem a lot, and from what I saw so far of this game, it did give me strong vibes of FFX-2 (which I thought was okay, if too fanservicey). I'm just going to wait until it comes out before passing judgement, it's not going to be an automatic buy.



argh4430 commented on New Trailer Emerges for Shin Megami Tensei X F...:

Okay, knowing the Japanese name for the game makes this have more sense. Ibunroku is apparently the name used in the Persona and Devil Survivor series. And these images from the trailers definitely go with that, over, say, the main-line series like SMTIV for example.



argh4430 commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

I'm one of those people that just buy the ones in the store. I originally wanted just the Zelda-themed ones, but the collector bug bit me. However, I refuse to pay over MSRP for figures that still hasn't been used in a really neat way yet. Training computer players to fight in Smash is fun, but there really needs to be more than just acting as unlocks. Something that ties them together just like Smash does. Then I wouldn't feel burned out over the freaking things. They do look nice on my bookshelf, though.