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darklinkinfinite commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

@sdelfin Yeah Nintendo did make money off the carts but as far as gameplay goes, they weren't so incredibly necessary that the switch over to them at that point was such an inevitable thing. The main advantages of the cd were the storage space and the cost. Storage wasn't really an issue unless you were adding FMV and cd-quality music, both of which despite considerably increasing the production value of a game, don't necessarily add too much as far as gameplay goes and whose prevailence would've been difficult to foresee. As an example, despite coming in late in the N64's lifespan, Resident Evil 2 on the N64 fit onto one cartridge what took 2 cds on the playstation and did so with improved character models and textures at the expense of fmv and sound compression.

There's definitely a financial edge to most of Nintendo's decisions as well; just as you mentioned with the cartridges. The Gamecube didn't use dvds but a proprietary format based on dvd that Nintendo controlled, just as the Wii U doean't use blu-rays which means they don't have to pay licensing fees.

I do kind of wonder about the Wii and HD. My view on that is that with so much riding on the Wii U's motion control that they didn't want to invest additional resources in something that wasn't absolutely necessary at that point. And HD really wasn't at that point. HDTVs weren't really the norm just yet but I doubt that Nintendo didn't know they'd have to go HD eventually but decided to do it once it was the norm as opposed to being there during its emergence. To an extent I think they bet the right way since outside enthusiast gamers, I don't think many people really care as much about 1080p or even 720p gaming.



darklinkinfinite commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

@AtlanteanMan Its true that the SNES was the last Nintendo system with great third party support but I'm going to have to disagree on a few points of your interpretation of its history after that point.

The N64 certainly was not a "road less travelled" console, except perhaps the controller, which still had the d-pad, shoulder buttons, and 4-6 action buttons that were standard at the time. Using CDs as a storage medium for games was basically a new innovation at that time. If anything, the N64 was far more conservative than it should've been. Cartridges were a proven technology and had served Nintendo well for two consoles prior and had worked fine for companies for years before Nintendo entered the video game market.

The Gamecube was again also a very conservative system. The GBA connectivity was little more than an experiment and was never a defining feature of the console, similar to the Super Game Boy on the SNES or the Game Boy Transfer Pack on the N64. Yes they existed and it showed that Nintendo had a greater propensity to experiment than other console makers but they were never defining features of their respective consoles. If anything, the Gamecube's Achilles' heel was its smaller storage medium. DVDs were also new around the time of the PS2 and Gamecube era and Nintendo seemed to learn something from the N64 and did switch to the new format but didn't dive into the deep end and instead took a half step with its smaller, dvd-based discs. Otherwise the system was very much in line with what was expected of a game console at the time. With Microsoft joining the race at this point, there were now 3 consoles with very similar capabilities on the market and their libraries were very similar. The gamecube at this point may not have been getting every third party game but was still getting multiplatform games including major titles like Splinter Cell.

If anything, I would argue that the N64 and Gamecube taught Nintendo that being conservative was not the way to success and that they should be getting in front of the next big innovation. A tactic which payed off very well for them with the Wii. Motion Gaming may not have endeared itself with the hearts and minds of every traditional gamer but it was a resounding success. It made Nintendo money hand over foot and for the first time in a long time, its competitors were playing catch up with Nintendo as each introduced their own motion control system to their system (Move and Kinect) and made a big push to make them a major part of their platforms as opposed to them being small experiments like Nintendo did in the past with GBA/Gamecube connectivity.

The Wii U was simply a continuation of that kind of "embrace the new" type of thinking that previous console generations have conditioned Nintendo towards. No it did not pay off this time as it did with the Wii but as an idea it has a lot of potential and even this idea has seen its competitors trying to incorporate their own versions. the xbox has the Second screen functionality and the PS4 continues to use the Vita as a remote device (an idea they started with the PSP which you could argue inspired some of what the Wii U has done but whose origins can go back further to the GBA/Gamecube experiments). Sure, this time the competition isn't pushing these features as hard as they pushed motion control but I wonder how that would be different had the Wii U found greater success.

The point is, while its easy to sit here and claim that making a console just like everyone's is the key to success, we're looking from the POV of the consumer wheras these companies have to make these decisions years in advance where the state of the future gaming industry isn't so clear. Going by their history, its easy to see how Nintendo felt the Wii U was the way to go and if we step back for a moment, its just as easy to imagine that the Wii U COULD'VE been a massive success, one which its competitors would've been scrambling to imitate.



darklinkinfinite commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

@JohnRedcorn The game has gotten consistently high reviews and has been compared to RE4 Wii Edition where an already excellent game is made even better by the implementation of the console's unique features and is currently on Kotaku's list of the 12 best Wii U games.

How did it sell? I'm pretty sure it sold horribly for reasons I already mentioned in my previous post. Square basically sabotaged the Wii U release and I don't doubt that Square or any other 3rd party will take it as evidence that the Wii U market can't support their game, regardless of whether it is a valid example or not.



darklinkinfinite commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

I'm glad to see Deus ex has been mentioned a few times as a counter-example to his excuse. Deus Ex, a game originally released just 4 months after the Wii U was announced, designed for completely different platforms, is considered one of the best games on the system today despite not having been originally designed for the Wii U. Sure the fact that it was released two years prior, never given a firm release date before being unceremoniously delayed, and being ported to other platforms to be sold for nearly half the price of the Wii U version MIGHT have affected awareness and sales -__- but that doesn't detract from the fact that Deus Ex was an amazing game made even better by intelligent implementation of the Wii U's unique features.



darklinkinfinite commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

@ICHIkatakuri while Simon's Quest was a departure from the original, it was really SotN that established the template for subsequent 2D games (really aside from the layout and magic systems all subsequent Metroidvania games were basically the same thing). Simon's Quest does fulfill the basic requirements but I've always thought the additions were more adventure-like and that the game still maintained a lot of the feel and major mechanics of the original game and the free roaming aspects were more used to connect the levels(mansions) whereas SotN and later games changed the formula to the point where it did away with stages altogether and the game focused more on equipment and level-gaining than the platforming and simple-combat of earlier games.

At least that's how I've always looked at it.



darklinkinfinite commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness are some of my favorite games in the series. Oddly enough I never really felt it was terribly flawed and certainly not broken. Even when I was younger I never had any particular difficulty with the camera or the controls.

It certainly isn't as refined as SotN but I like it far more than that title since I'm not fond of the Metroidvania format in the first place (I'm not saying SotN is a bad game, I recognize that its a great game but its far from my favorite, personally).

What the 2 N64 games really did, which blew my mind at the time was how it surrounded you in these amazing locations. I simply would not enter the hedge maze at (the in-game) night because it absolutely terrified me. The Villa location was simply amazing. The Tower of Sorcery was beautiful. I loved the clocktower and the stairway to the castle keep isn't matched in any other Castlevania.

I also loved the story and the characters. Actrise and Rosa in particular help define the hero characters and this design for Death, aside from looking a little fat, is my favorite in the series. Renon is also one of the best damn shopkeepers in gaming, right up there with RE4's Merchant. I really loved the entire Cornell/Ortega arc and how Cornell's story ties into Reinhardt and Carrie's

Could the game be improved? Of course it could. But as a 3D Castlevania I think its the best interpretation of the classic 2D format (not the newer Metroidvania 2D format) the series has seen. Subsequent 3D attempts have been far more action oriented and frankly, in the case of Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, offensively monotonous.

And really anyone saying the N64 games are the worst games in the series has not played Castlevania Judgement, which does everything wrong except the music.



darklinkinfinite commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

I would love for Nintendo to find a faster way to port VC games to the Wii U and make is sustainable so that we don't go through this crap again with Nintendo's next system. I've already given up on the Wii U's VC ever being as great as the Wii's and if they wipe the slate clean and start over with a new console...



darklinkinfinite commented on The Rockman X Sound Box Album Set Includes Fou...:

I won't be importing this but it reminds me of the Castlevania soundtrack boxed set that I did import. Each of the discs had a letter on the front of its case and altogether they spelled out "Dracula the Immortal" and I think there might have been a bonus disc as well.



darklinkinfinite commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December:

Club Nintendo really needs a fresh batch of new rewards. They're down to like 10 physical rewards and 4 digital ones (3 of which are screensavers -___-)

It kind of feels stagnant. Not only are there very few prizes left, but those prizes have been there for a long time. In the rare cases something new or interesting is added (3DS XL cradle, Link Between Worlds poster set), they're sold out within days, if not minutes. Probably because everyone's waiting for something worthwhile to show up.

I was hoping Doc Louis Punch Out and Grill off with Ultra Hand were the start of a trend of exclusive Club Nintendo games but that never happened.

Very few prizes actually reflect Nintendo's current consoles. There's an Animal Crossing DS game case which can't hold 3DS games, a Wii Remote holder (really?). Where's the Wii U and 3DS stuff? Heck the monthly downloadable games are rarely 3DS or Wii U specific. They label some of the VC games as Wii U but only because the Wii U can emulate the Wii game, not because you're actually getting Wii U specific software.

I'm getting less and less excited about Club Nintendo and I think Nintendo is as well. You'd think they would promote each new game release with some sort of exclusive prize or anything. The Pikmin 3 tote bag was nice but its an exception, not a rule that keeps Club Nintendo exciting.



darklinkinfinite commented on New Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Arrives, Major ...:

I went back to finish Harley Quinn's Revenge after finishing Origins and I immediately missed all the little refinements introduced in origins. I also found out how Bland and Mediocre Harley Quinn's Revenge was. I certainly hope any story dlc in origins is several steps above that mess.

I kind of hope the dlc touches on Catwoman a little bit since Arkham City totally did her a disservice by just sticking her in some fluff missions to sell $10 online passes.

Some other things I'd love to see touched on in dlc might be Dick Grayson as Robin (He's Nightwing by Arkham City and Tim Drake's taken over as Robin), maybe taking Barbara Gordon a bit further down the Batgirl path (she has to have a crimefighting career and become Oracle by Arkham Asylum), and also touch on some of the other villains as well. I thought the Blackgate Escapees missions were a missed opportunity to silently sneak in some cameos like Zsasz, Maxie Zeus, or the Ventriloquist. There are a few villains I'd like to see Batman introduced to in some dlc, like Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Harvey Dent turning into Two-Face, oh or they could re-introduce Sin Tzu as a rival to Ra's Al Ghul that Batman lands in the middle of. That could be neat.



darklinkinfinite commented on Video: Get Lost In Space As We Take You Throug...:

I was a bit scared seeing bits of this scene in the trailers. Seemed like it would be kind of silly and Moonraker-y but I thought it was executed well by establishing a future were space is militarized and that you're stationed in space when it is attacked instead of some weird, "let's chase this guy into space!" plot point.



darklinkinfinite commented on Resident Evil Revelations And Mercenaries Are ...:

Frys currently has Revelations for Wii u for $30. I nearly bought it at that price but I already have it on 3DS and it didn't get much new added. If Capcom allowed you to swap saved games like they did with Monster Hunter I totally would've jumped on it.



darklinkinfinite commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

I am not at all surprised. Splinter Cell, and really all the Clancy properties have been in something of an identity crisis for a long time which has since diluted the branding. Even then, Clancy games have mostly been known for a slower pace and emphasis on authenticity. Their first rounds of games this gen, the GRAWs and Rainbow Six Vegas', definitely pushed for more action but as the generation progressed the games became more action and arcade oriented with games like HAWX, Future Soldier, and Conviction. This definitely alienated many of the brand's original fans and likely didn't gain it many new fans since the action shooter genre is fairly full as it is. Splinter Cell in particular has seen a lot of changes this gen starting with the double agent gameplay in Double Agent, the more action heavy focus in Conviction, and basically a reboot with Blacklist. Layer on top of that its proximity to other major titles on all platforms and the omission of local co-op on the Wii U and it was easy to predict Blacklist not selling great.

As for Rayman, I don't think it was ever a major property to begin with. Sure its seen some critical acclaim as the series developed but I don't recal ever noticing any kind of anticipation for upcoming Rayman titles. Rayman Origins caught some critical attention for its unique style, great gameplay, and return to 2D platforming but it wasn't enough to garner much attention outside of enthusiasts and critics. Legends was more established but it still was never going to sell massive numbers. Add on top of that the goodwill that ubisoft destroyed in a lot of gamers by delaying it and releasing so near other major releases and a game that already wasn't going to sell much now sells even less.



darklinkinfinite commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for October:

The only thing Club Nintendo has been doing lately is running out of stock on stuff. I really wish they'd do something else like the DS Game and Watch collections or something nice and collectible that is worth having and keeping instead of cheap stuff that will easily get lost, worn out, or not worth having.



darklinkinfinite commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

I really want to get this on Wii U. I have the original game on 360 but I never finished it. I pre-ordered this on Amazon when it was announced but cancelled it a few days ago when I saw that it's $30 on PS3 and 360 but $50 on Wii U. Went ahead and pre-ordered the Duck Tales retail release instead. i'll just have to pick this up when its down to $30



darklinkinfinite commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Confirmed f...:

I'll probably jump on this. The game is already $10 cheaper on Wii U so I won't feel this expense as much.

I personally don't buy the argument that just because a game has dlc it is somehow incomplete. I'm not saying that is always the case but most of the games people bring this argument up on feel entirely complete and whole when played without any dlc. I feel its like you order a meal at a restaurant with a burger, fries, and a drink and you're completely happy with the combo and the price. But if given the exact same combo and are offered to add on an apple pie for a dollar and suddenly you're up in arms about your combo being incomplete. Don't get me wrong sometimes a game does feel somehow incomplete or somehow lacking but I feel most often the games do feel complete before the addition of dlc.

As for dlc being planned and started before the main game is complete, that's just necessary. You gotta plan what the content is going to be. Hell it might even include content that was cut from the main game. Remember, content got cut from games long before dlc, except that back then we just never saw that content again. Maybe they would be included in some form in a sequel if the game was lucky enough to get one but most often it just disappeared. You also have to plan deadlines and make sure you get production completed on time to meet those deadlines and that often means starting before the main game is finished.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all dlc is good and great but I do feel a lot of gamers are a bit skewed in their view of dlc.



darklinkinfinite commented on Out Today: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...:

Money's been tight recently and I've felt horrible for having to pass (for now) on other great Wii U games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Rayman, but I just had to have the LE Wind Waker with the Gannondorf Figure. Not sure if I want to open it though since Nintendo LEs are rare enough as it is and Gamestop Exclusives tend to have a nice bump in aftermarket value. Still I don't think I can afford 2 copies of this as I have with other games in the past. Oh well, I still have two weeks to mull it over



darklinkinfinite commented on Super Castlevania IV Is Whipping The Japanese ...:

That's nice, I guess. Super Castlevania IV is one of my favorite entries in the series. I still find it difficult to get excited for a Wii U release of one of the Virtual Console's launch titles especially when we're going on 7 years and still no Castlevania Bloodlines.



darklinkinfinite commented on Classic Retro Titles Coming To North American ...:

On a related note, do you guys criticize Nintendo's handling of the Virtual Console whenever you fill out Club Nintendo surveys? I don't know if they ever actually get read but they five me the space so I try to let them know why I am dissatisfied with the service thus far. My main gripes are the slowness of releases, narrow focus on certain supported consoles, having to pay twice to have games available on both the Wii U and 3DS, less than interesting titles (not as big a problem on the Wii U so far), and specifically on the Wii U, the fact that they are splitting their efforts between re-releasing games previously available on the Wii (which most expected all or most to be available already, or at least see them coming out at a quicker pace) and previously unreleased VC games.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the Virtual Console and I think it started off great when it launched on the Wii, but I don't think we ever really got the improvement we should expect from the system and instead I think it got worse in a lot of areas. I think, given the opportunity via Club Nintendo, I should let Nintendo know how I feel (in a civilized manner, of course)



darklinkinfinite commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

I'm torn between the poster set and the Majora's Mask soundtrack :/

The thing is, I have the original Majora's Mask soundrack that Nintendo Power gave away for subscribing and that was on two discs. Unfortunately, being a stupid kid at the time, I cut up the sleeve it came in to fit it into a jewel case T__T

On the other hand that year of Luigi Poster looks quite sexy and the Wind Waker HD art is beautiful. BUT I have no space to hang them. They'll just stay rolled up along with the rest of the awesome Nintendo Posters I've amassed, waiting for the day when I might buy a house and fill its walls with Nintendo art.



darklinkinfinite commented on Weirdness: Zelda Answers Rejected on Jeopardy,...:

@WaxxyOne To be fair, the movie was originally just titled Star Wars. No one knew it would become a success or that sequels would be made. Episode IV: A New Hope was only added during later theatrical releases (one of Lucas' first changes to the movies) after the movie became successful enough to guarantee sequels.



darklinkinfinite commented on Shadow of the Eternals Expected To Spook Its W...:

I'm honestly not excited for this given that Silicon Knights is spearheading the project. If it was announced that Retro had been given the task of making an Eternal Darkness sequel, I'd probably need a new change of pants. Unfortunately it has been written that the reason Silicon Knights was only as great as it was in the Eternal Darkness days was because they had Nintendo to keep them in line. Given Silicon Knights' output since then, I feel compelled to beleive it.



darklinkinfinite commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned, Again, F...:

I think one of the reasons the Wii U's drought is worthy of review is that not only is the Wii U in a post launch slump but also because its coming off a rather significant slump in its predecessor's life. The PS2 was releasing games well into the PS3's life and the PS3 still has a healthy lineup of new titles going into the PS4's release.

The Wii, on the other hand had very few significant releases in the last two years of its life and now the Wii U is going nearly a whole year without steady, worthwhile releases.



darklinkinfinite commented on Nintendo Download: 18th April 2013 (North Amer...:

@Windy I loved Ace Combat. The gameplay is basically identical to Sky Crawlers on the Wii, which is a big plus in my book.

I'll be getting Liberation Maiden this week. I bought Crimson Shroud a while ago. I wanted Aero Porter to be like an airport management game kind of like Sim Tower was for skyscrapers but I can't find much gameplay aside from the bag sorting and I really hope that isn't the whole game.



darklinkinfinite commented on Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy 25th Annive...:

I'm not sure the main Final Fantasy series can win me back at this point. If they want my money they'd quietly announce another Crystal Chronicles game. I've felt that one of the biggest strengths of that (sub)series is that its very low-profile compared to other games in the series so the developers are able to experiment quite a bit while continuously building on a single world.

hmmm, Crystal Bearers did leave off on the perfect place for a sequel. Hopefully they explore that.



darklinkinfinite commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

My new game ritual usually involves opening the box in the car and reading the manual on my drive home (now that I'm the one driving I leaf through it in the parking lot) but damn do I love me some physical copies.

Sure you can get a lot of games cheaper by buying them digitally but for those of us that prefer physical copies its not just the game we want, we want part of the game to exist; that we can hold in out hands put on a shelf, look back on years later and look through again. We want part of the game to exist and be real. When they exist solely as data on my computer they're no more real to me than my resume word doc or the random youtube video I saw last week and don't even remember.

Even looking to the future, I can tell you that handing my Future kids their first copy of Super Mario Bros and seeing them hold it in their hands will be far more satisfying than giving them my Steam password or setting up their own account where I'll have to rebuy the games I could've otherwise just handed them.