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Sun 13th November, 2011

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RedBeanPorridge commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

i'm gonna have to say spirit tracks. The game just felt so endearing to me and just wasn't like any other zelda game. Link and zelda shared such great chemistry in this game, even if this incarnation of zelda was a bit anime girl-esque, I still loved them and most of the other characters in it. A highly underrated zelda game. I recommend anyone who hasn't played this game go and get yourselves a copy right now. Ocarina of time you can step a side, cuz spirit tracks is gonna run you over otherwise.



RedBeanPorridge commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Rewrote the E3 Ruleboo...:

"really fun for the DS and the Wii, and it's really cool"
I literally flinched when she said this and not "3DS" and "WiiU" I was like "gurl, did you just say what ah think you just said?" This was a fear I had from the very beginning of both the 3DS and wiiU launch where I was afraid that consumers and children alike wouldn't be able to fully comprehend the BIG difference between the systems, and that they would just believe that it's the same system.

On topic; It really warmed my heart to see miyamoto and ishihara interacting with these kids and showing off these games. It seems like everyone genuinely had a lot of fun. just goes to show how much nintendo care about us, the consumers. You go Ninty! :)



RedBeanPorridge commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

I was shaking my head the entire time. has it really been that long since the gameboy was released??? I wasn't too surprised at when 3 of the kids all mentioned going back to an ipad or an apple device after playing with a gameboy. I literally just screamed "NO." when the kid referenced an iphone case. just....what. Really appreciate the Fine bros. making this video



RedBeanPorridge commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:

Love this idea, thanks NL! I would love a code, My sister really wants this game but I've been a bit on the fence about buying it for her, I really don't want to waste my money on another 3ds game that we'll end up never playing cough super monkey ball 3D cough so anyone have an NA code to spare?

EDIT: email is thanks :)



RedBeanPorridge commented on Talking Point: Just How Similar Are Tomodachi ...:

was a bit worried and confused when people like ign started comparing it to animal crossing. I played the original on ds and I loved it, though I think it's nothing remotely similar to animal crossing in the slightest. I'd say it were more like The Sims meets Nintendogs with miis.



RedBeanPorridge commented on Star Fox's Iconic Blue-Marine Is Descending To...:

well i've seen quite a decrease in players in same region mode. just played 3 matches and only one other person showed up per match sso it was 1-on-1, which was a bit dull. Unfortunately I've never been one of those people who were motivated to rack up on playcoins, so this change lost me as an active player :/ and presumably many other players like me who dont decide to go premium.



RedBeanPorridge commented on Weirdness: CollegeHumor Updates The Pokérap W...:

the high amount of mispronounciation makes me cringe so much o_O

well at least it isnt as bad as that video on youtube titled "original PokeRap" or something like that, that goes 'jigglypuff, jigglypuff, jigglypuff, jigglypuff', now THATS a nightmare



RedBeanPorridge commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

I think zelda was already given a much stronger role in Spirit Tracks since she was with you pretty much the entire journey. I can't imagine it getting better than that, unless she was given the starring role, which i doubt is happening anytime soon. But I quite liked how she was with you the whole time in spirit tracks. It was like she was growing on me and i was starting to build a bond with her xD. It was a nice change to the usual formula. I wouldn't mind another game where she had a similar role. Though I feel it might take away the uniqueness that I feel spirit tracks had.