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Sun 8th Jun 2014

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blythemanc commented on The Club Nintendo Reward Details Are In For Au...:

You know if there was a way of displaying the wii games on the wiiu menu i'd be happy, but going to wii mode then waiting forever and a day just to play a vc game just isnt worth it. I've given up on this, i guess we'll never get n64 titles on wii u natively.



blythemanc commented on Soapbox: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Lo...:

@DinoFett My son wanted this game, and now i have become enthralled with it. What seemed repetitive, Suddenly changed to, "what'll happen next???"
With 100 miis and my star rating on the increase, with couples getting married having kids, then sending them off to travel to different places and come back and visit. To other peoples kids coming to stay at your campsite, it's just a fest of intrigue. Sometimes i feel like damn I'm gunna have to feed all 100 of these guys, but still wait in anticipation for that persons absolute favorite food sequence, its hilarious every time i see it. When my wife is caught in a love triangle between me and joker, it might be sheer coincidence, but its side-splittingly funny. Not everyone may enjoy the humor this game provides. When a mii gets a letter saying "meet me on the roof", only to find Captain Falcon in a lame disguise who says " I come up here when i need to fart" or something to that extent. You'll either love this game or hate it. I love it.



blythemanc commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

@Moshugan To my knowledge, every game is a separate project and entity. But it's hard to imagine they don't have a custom framework in the background running the game, just like an emulator, so who knows, maybe it is an emulator and is packaged with a ROM with a few custom tweaks to make sure it runs right, who knows.



blythemanc commented on Guide: Everything Nintendo Fans Need to Follow...:

@IxC Why do you do this to me! To be honest the first one gets me hyped, the 2nd i don't even think is real by any stretch of the imagination and the 3rd... well that footnote sounds fishy, im not buying it. I might even cry if i see an F-Zero or Starfox. Majoras mask is another one, but so much hype i get the giggles, then it's all a let down because someone dooped us. Regardless, I'm keeping my expectations low to avoid disappointment.