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Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Skipping Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hardly surprising

The Call of Duty franchise has had a mixed history on Nintendo hardware, on occasion skipping the Wii but, most recently, seeing entries arrive on the last-gen system before moving onto the Wii U. Often the Nintendo versions have been announced late in the day, yet that's not happening with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as Activision has confirmed that the title is skipping the system.

The co-founder of developer Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey, explained to Eurogamer at Gamescom that Nintendo's system wasn't in the business plan for the title.

We're not developing a Wii U version. That was a business decision made by Activision to focus us on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Another studio is doing current-gen. The Wii U wasn't on the business key plan. So that was off our radar, but I know the company's not doing it.

Activision's Eric Hirshberg also weighed in, maintaining that Activision was still supporting Nintendo systems, particularly with franchises — such as Skylanders — that perform well on the hardware.

All I can say is we analyse each game and the platforms we think are appropriate for each game each time. It's a judgement call each time. This is the judgement we made.

We want to make sure we're bringing the games to the platforms where the audiences for our games live. Nintendo's a great partner. They've continued to be a great partner and we're going to continue to support them with the IP it makes sense with.

This echoes comments made by Ubisoft regarding its Wii U line-up, as another publisher restricting its Wii U support to family and accessible games. This decision will no doubt disappoint a small but persistent band of CoD players on Wii U, and it's a pity that the world's foremost FPS will not benefit from the excellent Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls this year. From a business perspective, however, it's difficult to argue that titles like Advanced Warfare often struggle to make a sufficient impact on Wii U.

Are you disappointed by this news, or not surprised? Let us know.


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Reverandjames said:

Stopped buying Call of Duty games after Modern Warfare 3. Have no desire to go back to them whatsoever, or support Activision anymore.



arnoldlayne83 said:

basically this means "COD doesn't sell on Nintendo platforms"... and by looking at the charts it's impossible to disagree...



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@_Error Ironically your name was going to be basis of my comment! Its nothing like Ghosts (Acti even ignored its existence at that event), its different.



Undead_terror said:

Ya, console cod games are getting boring now, however I do miss the DS ones, who be nice to see N space work on one for the 3DS just for the fact there are little to no FPS games on the 3DS.



JamesCoote said:

There's a theory that consoles do better when they have a wide range of games that appeal to many different people, even if there is clearly a "core" demographic.

So yes, this is undoubtedly bad news for Wii U. All those marketing dollars spent promoting the game bleed into helping promote the systems it is on. So Nintendo is doubly missing out.

I'm also slightly concerned about X1/PS4, and that they are focusing too much on the "gamer" market. Last gen, xbox 360 had a bunch of family friendly kinect titles, which actually made the whole offering more well rounded. Now that MS have so publicly denounced Kinect, it's not going to be like last gen where MS was quietly supporting those devs making more "family friendly" fare. The danger is that once PS4 runs out of early adopters, their sales bottom out. That's why we're seeing LBP 3 being pushed strongly at the moment



erv said:

I've seen it and it was a potential buy for me, considering the fast pace physics it embraces.

Then again, I'll probably be playing too much smash and too much bayonetta or hyrule warriors in the first place.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@JamesCoote I agree on what you are saying... and it is even worst advertisment for the consoles that don't host the game (= WiiU)...

for the family, casual market... I am personally glad that ps4 brought back the "game" experience to his core... many of this kinects, moves and siblings were, for the most, jokes and gimmicks...

The holidays line-up for ps4 looks promising... starting from destiny to little big planet 3. The same for WiiU... I guess ps4+WiiU is the way to be this generation, if you like to have a full spectrum experience...



arnoldlayne83 said:

@Undead_terror yes, but the circle pad pro has not a big installed base... and no fps would really help to get it (IMHO it makes the handheld so big that you can hardly call it handheld anymore..)

Concerning the stylus, I have to disagre... especially if more than L shoulder button is used in the game...



AJWolfTill said:

This is bad news for the console, but I couldn't care from a personal perspective any less. I do lament the absences of most third party games though.



MJKOP said:

COD holds no interest for me. I bought one for the Wii, haven't a clue what it was, couldn't get in to it and sold it on eBay. But this is clearly not good news, surely the other entries on Wii U made a pound or two, it is not fair, the user base IS growing and fans of this type of game, or this particular series, are missing out unless they have multiple systems or abandon Nintendo, just like these guys are doing. I really believe there is more to it. I do believe it's part of a wider attempt to isolate and hurt Nintendo, maybe it's Nintendos fault to a certain extent but do I want them to be like Microsoft or Sony to get these guys back on board? Do I heck. But I feel sorry for Nintendo fans who are missing out on more and more



Azooooz said:

I'm not surprised at all. The average number of players in CoD: Ghost is less than 3K, which is way less than Activision expected. It's also not good news because it shows that all western 3rd party devs have lost interest in making and publishing their game to Wii U, in which it's the goal of some gaming website nowadays.



PorllM said:

@Punished_Boss The trailers do look quite different and I get the sense they're switching it up a bit, but I've had that feeling a few times before, and every COD has been the same since Modern Warfare, so I'm not falling for it until I actually play the game this time.



JamesCoote said:

@arnoldlayne83 it's damaging for the industry long term. PS4 driving the console industry sharply towards the hardcore end of the pool has split the market in half. No casual gamer is going to spend $400 on a console that advertises itself as all sports and shooting aliens, especially when they already have a gaming device (phone) in their pocket that caters far more to their needs and tastes.

The "gamer" market is by far the smaller half by customer numbers and revenue. Maybe Sony had to do this to survive. A poor PS4 launch and Sony exiting the console space would have been a disaster.

But it's made console gaming niche, which in turn makes Nintendo's position of proprietary console targeting more casual audiences, untenable.



XFsWorld said:

Actually it's kinda surprising because Call of Duty has always been on Nintendo consoles. I guess this is where it stops.



readyletsgo said:

Was never into CoD, never got it. Tried Black Ops last year and just couldn't get into it at all. But I guess that sucks for the small amount of people who only have a WiiU and like the franchise.



JimLad said:

With this announcement I think we can safely assume third party support is all but dead.
There are some scraps left yes, but CoD was pretty much the last of the big names still supporting WiiU.



Mochtroid said:

Disappointed? Definitely. Surprised? Not really.

I'm really going to miss the off-screen and remote play features on the Wii U. At least we got two COD games, right? I just hope that Activision is aware that there ARE those of us who bought and loved COD on Wii U. Our numbers may be small, but our passion is great!

It sucks that they have to do this to us. :/



Legromancer said:

ok, no Revelations 2 (it sure looks like this and this is Betrayalton at it's best) , no Advanced Warfare, no more AssCreed or anything looks bleak. First party alone won't hold the Wii U this or the next year. Well, i got the system, but its gettign more and more unattractive for consumers. And remember, PS4 just hit 10 million sold to consumers. It is the king of the generation. And marketing. And shelfspace. And awareness. I think the game can't be changed by Nintendo. All ther is to do is learn the hard lessons (finally!) and prepare for the next gen. I wish tem good luck, they need it.



Josaku said:

I for exsample was really into FPS games until World at War . . . this game was really good. I played a few after it and it felt . . . sluggish at best . . . the new one looks like a mashup from GTA and COD . . . two game which I had no interest in recent years . . . so~ no thanks. I have to say that it is "bad" news for nintendo that this game won't come to WiiU but it seems that Nintendo is trying to cater more and more genres themselfs and I really hope they succeed with this, but I also hope that they will focus their next console a bit less about innovating an all new gaming expirience and new ways to play but focus a bit more about their image and advertisment, which includes building a machine which is at least on par with the competition.
But overall this is not that bad, loosing a game is always bad, even if it is just COD.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@JamesCoote ok, but casual gamers didn't exist before Wii... and now portable devices took that piece of the pie.. so I guess is fair that Sony went back to the root... and honestly, I am happy about that... had enough of this casual games which were not deep enough... I still have WiiU retrocompatibility if I wanna enjoy them with my family or friends...



AyeHaley said:

Hmm no Resi Rev 2 and now this...
Not that I'm a COD player but I was looking forward to playing this one. (at 50% or something)

I wish they would drop the price of those COD games on the eShop...Still 69.99.... (seriously...what the heck)



Nintenjoe64 said:

I would be sad if I thought Advanced Warfare was going to be different to the last few CoDs but the multiplayer gets worse with every game and the single player is only good for the set pieces. They had it right with Modern Warfare and should have left it like that until they were able to make a significant jump in quality or add something new (I know there have been some good things added in the last 7 years but hardly enough for 7 £50 games). I would buy a Wii U version of the Modern Warfare Trilogy before I bought any of this new laser gun BS.

Nintendo needs to make a decent FPS and actually promote it, not Splatoon, Splatoon is its own thing. They pretty much invented the 'realistic' console shooter market by publishing Goldeneye and have since abandoned it.



nintimdo said:

I play COD on Wii U but I admittedly bought one game second hand and the other in a gamestop flash sale. I certainly wouldn't have went out and got AW on launch day either. I'm kinda tired of the series but I still like to play it from time to time and my friends love it and at lest on the Wii U we have gamepad split screen and free online.

It is a bit of a shame to be honest. I think I'll have no problem continuing playing black ops 2 though.



Cia said:

Advanced Warfare is not the "same game" as Ghosts or some other previous entry. Just like every Mario game is not the same, despite of some trolls claiming they are. About the game itself: It looks boring and unimaginative. I'd never spent my money in a game like this.



Jazzer94 said:

It would of been the inferior last gen version anyway still a shame as this entry looks far more interesting then Blops 2 and Ghosts.



Ventilator said:

This was the last major third party dropping Wii U.
Because of this, i also cancelled my pre-order of Watch Dogs on Wii U today.

There is no point of supporting these companies anymore on any console for me. I own 360 and PS3 too, but i wont get these anyway.
I have purchased ~1200 games on Wii U, PS3, 360 and Steam, so i have backlog for 20 years anyway.



DBailey said:

Hey Activision, create some original and compelling software and I bet Nintendo owners would back it.



Krzysztof said:

@XFsWorld You're right (apart from COD1 & 2). You can love it or hate it, but not having another big (and this one's pretty huge) franchise on this platform is a massive loss. As form this point 3rd party support is very much gone. Yet another nail to the coffin.



Will-75 said:

They say there is no support on Nintendo's systems , Really ..? well maybe just maybe if these companies would release a good version on time with all the downloadable content they would get a good fan base but no Nintendo owners get the late version without access to all the gaming features or gaming content ( DLC, online play, etc. ) I mean who wants to overpay for an old not even complete title I guess these companies only like being so successful . I was onboard and gonna purchase Watch Dogs untill you guessed it a long delay guess what I dont want it now keep it because I've got Smash Bros , Hyrule Warrior, Bayonetta 1 and 2 , etc..



KodyDawg said:

Activision's needs to stop with the CoD and Skylanders games and make something good.



Ferkner said:

"Another studio is doing current-gen".

I thought they were the ones working on the Xbone and PS4 versions. Or are they stupid and referring to last gen consoles as current gen?



FragRed said:

I don't see this as a surprise. Actually I'm amazed it took Activision this long to make such an announcement. Personally I don't see this as a problem for the Nintendo consoles. Anyone who'd want to buy a COD game would do so on the next generation systems. I doubt they'd look at the Wii U as a good system to buy such games on.

However, with that being said, I do question whether Nintendo will ever be able to pull back third party support, not just for the Wii U but in general.



Kosmo said:

@Splatom You're dead right on this!

The Wii U doesn't need Activision since it has got the shooter that everyone wanted at E3.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@JamesCoote Agreed. I still say that was the second biggest source of the Ps2's success. HUGE game library...everyone had something to play.

I don't like most of the "core" xbox/ps games so currently their line up in no way entices me to buy their system. I'm waiting for JPN support on ps so I can get games that I want to play. Xbox will likely be my exclusive only system (unless they keep putting games on pc as well). If i ever get either of them. I'm pretty content so far with my mountain of backlog as well as WiiU PC.



Legromancer said:

like others said, no they won't. Hardly anything sells on Wii U. When was the last time we read about an 3rd party RETAIL game coming to Wii U? Sad, isn't it? Third parties can only support PS4 and XBONE and still make a killing. Nintendo worth a damn for them. And nobody exept, well us? does care.
There are more ''other'' console gamers than Nintendo gamers now. Thinngs have changed. Really, that's the reality. Belive it or not, Nintendo slips into irrelevance.



Gerbwmu said:

Western developers are all but gone from the Wii U party. Time for Nintendo to get involved. Hyrule Warriors was a start. Work on getting some more 3rd party's to help with crossovers and exclusives. Still 2015 looks jam pack for my Wii U so the challenge will be for Nintendo to keep up that level of production through 2017.



Conocotarious said:

After the critical flop Ghosts turned out to be, it seems Activision wants to be more cautious about Advanced Warfare. Maybe they're afraid interest in the series is waning (it is).



Raptor78 said:

Ironically after replacing my 360 copies of COD Blops2 and Ghosts with wiiU versions I wont play the series on any other console as I find the control system inferior on any other system. I also like playing online with my son using the one system but having our own screens instead of having to fork out for two copies and two gold subscriptions. So alas I cannot see myself buying the 360 version and I guess that I wont be playing any new COD games anymore.



Pod said:

That whole uncanny digital Kevin Spacey thing is making me walk a great big circle around this one anyway.



rylo151 said:

it makes me wonder just what the heck is nintendo doing? all i hear is games not coming to wii u, and nintendo stays quiet and doesnt even try to get them games to come to wii u. i honestly regret buying this thing, one good nintendo game every 6 months just isnt good enough



Raptor78 said:

To be honest the big companies arnt making a killing on any of their games anymore regardless of the system. The budgets are that big that even when they are selling millions their games are still becoming flops with only one or two titles actually managing to scrap through. They have all said asmuch themselves. Obviously one way of trying to trim the fat is to limit the number of different consoles they develop for but it doesnt mean they dont need Nintendo, infact they need them more. The big companies are banking on gamers owning multiple systems this generation and dont want to canabalise sales from people owning the same system. Chances are gamers who own multiple systems will probably own a Nintendo AND a Sony or Microsoft console, just like last generation. Unfortunately people who only own a wiiU will suffer.



BigH88 said:

Well that's it. Wii U is officially indie and 1st party. Personally fine with it as I'm a PC/WiiU kind a guy.



Subie98 said:

Sucks. Id have bought it for wii u. Guess ill get it on ps4. I couldn't be less interested in splatoon.



Nazo_no_Hikari said:

This is so not surprising to me. COD is an horrible, and an overrated game. I've gave supporting for activision, because now, most of their games are just pile of junk.

There are so much better FPS games around, I'll list them what I could think of. Team Fortress, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Do I even need to list all of them?



Ralizah said:

No big loss for me. Haven't played a COD game since the original Modern Warfare. I still need to play World at War one of these days, though.



dkxcalibur said:

I think it's sad when a company chooses not to bring a game to one of the Nintendo systems. However, I've grown tired of the COD series back at MW3 but still purchased BLOP2. I was thinking about purchasing this year's Madden until I found out that it's not coming to the Wii U. I enjoy playing Madden but not enough to buy it every single year. It's been a while and the newest version looks great. Oh well.



edhe said:

I really despair at this sort of news.

I can't believe Wii U owners are really incapable of buying big budget third party games, but the proof is in the pudding.

I don't give a damn about Skylanders as I'm not in it's targeted demographic (ditto Ubisoft with Just Dance), so it looks like I won't be buying any Activision games on the WiiU in the forseeable future.

Now watch all the big third parties join the conga line! Capcom. Konami. Maybe EA will finally have their excuse for dropping the WiiU at such an early stage...



gatorboi352 said:

"as another publisher restricting its Wii U support to family and accessible games."

Pretty ironic considering the entire premise of Wii U originally was to cater to a more 'core' gamer.

2 years in, this system is almost a complete failure from an execution stand point.



gage_wolf said:

Thanks NL, for always keeping me updated on what games aren't coming to the Wii U!



SphericalCrusher said:

That sucks. I don't think I'm getting this one anyway, but I did buy Black Ops 2 and Ghosts on WiiU and they were both very enjoyable. As someone who has been a fan of the series since the original CoD on PC, I want it to keep going on this platform, but it's not the end of the world if it does not. I have many more games to play.



larry_koopa said:

"This decision will no doubt disappoint a small but persistent band of CoD players on Wii U"

But yet by the end of today I'm sure there will be hundreds of angry comments here and in that discussion forum that I see was opened about the subject this morning. Apparently everybody just likes to rant and rave about games that they probably don't even care about.

I said the same thing the other day about Assassin's Creed; if you care about this series you found ways to play it long before the Wii U came along. Why would you all of a sudden stop playing it there just because the last few games were on the Wii U? If you truly care about Advanced Warfare you likely already have a PS4 or X1, so it's not like you'd be buying it on the Wii U anyway.



Kogorn733 said:

What I'm really hoping is that mature games coming out for and tailored to the Wii U, such as Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc. do really well. If they're a big commercial success, then this will hopefully cause third parties to backpedal a bit on distancing themselves from the Wii U. We can only hope...sales momentum remains strong after Nintendo's successful E3 and Gamescon.



Bizzyb said:

No Madden
No Assassins Creed
No Metal Gear
No Street Fighter
No Resident Evil
No Tomb Raider

Even if you don't play these games, you can't deny the importance of having big name brand games on your platform. This is essentially the inndustry completely bailing on Nintendo. This sends a message that if you want these games don't buy Nintendo. Even when things were bad they were never THIS bad. Nintendo cannot (in the console space) survive off of just their own 1st party. You have to build a diverse compelling lineup and they simply can do that alone...



larry_koopa said:


Why on earth would you buy this for the Wii U if you have a PS4? Graphically you know it's going to look so much better on the PS4, plus it'll be better online. Nintendo isn't exactly known for its stellar online play.

I'm just curious. I like my Wii U, but this is never the type of game I'd buy for the console. When third party games are so much better elsewhere I see no reason to buy them for the Wii U (if they're even released on the system at all, which doesn't happen often lol)



larry_koopa said:


Oh man, such a good comment! You're absolutely right about this and it's certainly eye opening when you have it all listed like that. The Wii U is a Mario and Zelda box. That's pretty much it minus the occasional Kirby or Yoshi game.

And yes I realize that there's Bayonetta 2 and the occasional other title here and there, but the third party games the Wii U gets in a year is outmatched by what the Sony and Microsoft get every few months. And this is why I buy both Nintendo and Sony consoles; it's the only way that I know I can have access to all the games that I want. Nintendo was all I ever needed when I was a kid, but I'm now 27 and I like other gaming experiences too, even though I still love me some Mario Kart.



Caryslan said:

@Bizzyb That's the thing, Xbox and especially Playstation consoles gain their audiences by having the most diverse lineup of games possible.

Take the PS3 for example. If you bought a brand new one today, I would guarantee most customers would find a game to suit their tastes. Want a fighting game? A racing game? Action games? JRPGs? Platformers? Name any game genre, and it will likely be on the PS3.

This is what Nintendo lacks, a diverse lineup of games that cover a wide array of genres. If you want platformers for the Wii U, then you're taken care of, but what if you want sports games? The newest WWE or UFC game? A fighting game that is not Smash Bros?

This is what kills Nintendo, they don't have that diversity in their lineup. If you love FPS games, why would you buy a Wii U? Same goes for Action games like DMC, Ninja Gaiden, and God of War. Want Madden, NBA, NHL, or MLB game? You won't find them on the WIi U!

Playstation and Xbox don't succeed because they only cater to the "Moutain Dew chugging dudebros that only live for Call of Duty." They succeed because they offer diverse libraries that have tons of games that will suit the tastes of virtually any gamer.

Like I said before, look at the Xbox 360 and PS3 shelves at your local Gamestop. Look at how many games are not FPS shooters! Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are the biggest names on those platforms, but they are not the end-all of games of Playstation and Xbox.

The bottom line is this, Playstation and Xbox have the diversity on their platforms along with the major third-party developers. Nintendo does not, and their first-party is having trouble catching up this generation.



BF-Medic said:

Bad news indeed. As every added title would help the system offcourse. (Even if we have a lot of amazing exclusive games).
I hope next year will be different, and that we'll see more 3rd party titles, especially the big franchises, due to a larger number of consoles sold.
Nintendo should've tried really hard to push 3.parties to release games on their console (probably they do, but it's not currently working very good).



gatorboi352 said:

@vamkar That article you linked is crap. For instance:

"But Activision has yet to announce the Wii U version of Advanced Warfare. They will probably announce it when the game is almost ready to release. Why are they doing this? Because they don’t want dedicated COD fans to know that they can play COD online for FREE on the Wii U. A lot of them would buy a Wii U just for COD and Activision doesn’t want that."

That's pure conjecture, and false. Activision could not care less what system gamers play COD on. They do not receive a cut of the online fees that Xbox Gold and PS+ require.

Silly article.



Mega719 said:

COD is getting old anyway. Glad they still Wii U as a good seller. Just don't ever make Skylanders skip Wii U



Yosher said:

I am shocked.
But eh, FPS games in general never really do it for me. Even Metroid Prime doesn't do much for me personally- and that's saying something. I did try a couple CoD games in the past but I didn't enjoy any of those AT ALL. So no miss for me. Still sad that it's skipping the Wii U though.



Subie98 said:

@Diddy_kong there is a reason for that. One is I don't have enough games yet that need online to care to pay for playstation plus. Second I only play team death match. Not really interested in the others so I dont feel like im missing out in people to play with online. I havent had a bad experience with online for cod on Nintendo to care. Third Im not super worried about the best graphics.



River3636 said:

Meh. I have decided, It doesn't matter Nintendo has better games on its console. The COD series is stale now anyway. It would have been nice to have it on the WiiU, but COD suffers from the assassins creed syndrome. I just hope Bayenneta 2 sells well on WiiU so we can have exclusive mature games on this stupendously awesome game console. I think Nintendo should drop its price on the WiiU in like a year so people can have a second console option. I only got the Ps4 and Vita for RPGs anyway and although Vita has a lot of RPGs that is just my niche. Ps4 has Nothing I want. It is collecting dust I haven't even bought one game for it yet. COD smells like rotten fish anyway



AdanVC said:

Another one who leaves the Nintendo hype train. Good bye, Activision. Enjoy the millions you will make with Destiny and this new CoD that dudebros and annoying 12 year old kids swearing online will never get tired of.



Varoennauraa said:

That's really strange.

The third parties did excellent job convincing people to expect, that their Wii versions were always gimped poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople, and on the Wii U they did not even try to sell their games for Wii U. The worlds most popular game and it was not even available on the eShop, like it was so risky to try it. Wtf is with that. And wtf was the secrecy of the previous Cods Wii U versions all about? They announced the version, when people has already preordered other versions, and printed so few games, that I couldn't find it from my country in months and had to order it from abroad.

Cod AW would have been a low risk and high potential situation.

The Wiimote is affordable way to differentiate in the FPS market in general, and they would have had the whole platform for them selves.

There is a monopoly of Wiimote FPS's on the table.

Please some one. I would settle for a mediocre FPS, if I just got one more Wiimote FPS. That's the only reason, I have ever bought Cods.

High Voltage! Please!



SethNintendo said:


Was about to reply on the same thing...

"That was a business decision made by Activision to focus us on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Another studio is doing current-gen."

Even developers are too stupid to grasp generation terminology. Current gen is Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One. According to them they are next gen system apparently. Next gen seems to be used as a hype word more than used correctly.

Last gen = PS3, 360, Wii
Current gen = Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Next gen = ?

I feel like bashing my head against a wall every time someone uses these definitions wrong. Doesn't help when so called "experts" in the industry use them incorrectly. Some things will never change.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@vamkar Lies. Conspiracy theories. All to detract from the simple fact that there is no money to be made on Nintendo platforms and the third party issue.



Laxeybobby said:

This was expected from the day of announcement that this game exist.
What bothers me is the comment by Activision spokesperson which I interpret is that they are saying 'Nintendo is for children and casual gamers'.
I'm neither and I have always been a Nintendo user buying my consoles on launch day along with a gaming laptop for MMO's. However if this trend continues I can't ignore it and I'm now doubting that I will purchase the next Nintendo Console on day of launch and wait six months to a year having observed the games/developer commitment and if it's looking like the trend is inherited then I will look elsewhere or call time on my life of consoles.



TwilightAngel said:

Damn nintendo has no third party support, there not even getting a gimped version of the new COD? Oh my god nintendo you messed up, but do they care? Nope that's the reason i have a gaming PC for third party games, but i really want iwata to talk about this in a interview, too see what he says.But i must say this is hilarious.



TwilightAngel said:

@Diddy_kong I'm just curious who cares about graphics? I just love gameplay that's the most important thing for me, in a game,but you know what lets talk about graphics sir the so called next not even next gen it's barley a step up from last gen barley,but if you love graphics so much then a buy a gaming man and one more thing the PS4 is not perfect, Sony's commercials made it look like it was.



electrolite77 said:


Great post. Good to see someone understand reality. A lot of posters on here will continue to live in denial, look for conspiracy theories, but what Sony and MS do is really quite simple and obvious. Yet apparently beyond Nintendo.



Jllanos22 said:

Saw the game play and everything is the same. I skipped a lot of cod so one more won't make a difference. SPLATOON is the top shooter on my list. It looks fun and its something new and fresh unlike COD.



electrolite77 said:


That article is laughable. Third parties don't want Nintendo on top and Activision were worried the Wii U version would outsell the others? That's insulting to peoples intelligence. Another attempt at deflecting blame for the Wii U mess from Nintendo. Stop thrashing around looking for weak excuses and blaming Nintendo's mess on 'politics'.



Caryslan said:

@vamkar Sony has tons of indie developers working on their platforms as well, many of whom are coming up with games that are just a creative and unique as anything on Nintendo's platforms. I don't get this argument, Nintendo loses major third-party developers, so indies will somehow magically save the day? Not every indie game will be Minecraft. Indies very rarely sell consoles, they are icing on the cake alongside other games.

People that bought a Wii U are going to say that they bought that system for Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, or Super Smash Bros. People may like Shove Knight, but I highly doubt you have consumers standing in stores looking at a Wii U on the shelf thinking "Man, I need to buy this Wii U to play Shovel Knight!'

Here's the thing, so what if Nintendo gets indies on board? They will help some , but it's not like Sony and Microsoft are turning away indie developers and making their systems "The Big Third-Party developers Only" club.

Sony is practically throwing open the doors to indie developers.

And that's the thing to remember, not only will the Playstation brand have the big-third party titles, they will have indies as well. Even their first-party games not that far behind what Nintendo offers.

Nintendo still offers better first-party games overall, but Sony has stepped up their game during the past generation, and Microsoft will always be in the mix with games like Halo

This ties into my eariler post. Sony and Microsoft platforms have more variety in terms of games that are offered on their platforms. That's not hyperbole or me making stuff up. Think of any genre, and there is likely a game for it on the Playstation and Xbox. Add in indies, and they have a variety in games that quite frankly Nintendo can't match.

There is no doubt indies will help Nintendo, but they are not the saving grace that everyone makes them out to be. Especially when Sony is making a huge push into indies themselves and Microsoft is finally coming around as well.



Sneaker13 said:

Bummer, really looked forward to this one because of Kevin Spacey. Oh well, probably just get the PC or Xbox360 version then.



audiobrainiac said:

Miiiiiiiiiiiight get PS4 at this point. I'm just not getting enough of what i want on the Wii U alone. Lame.



electrolite77 said:


Thing is, look at the history of Sony and MS consoles. They try and sell to the 'core' first (which can sustain sales for a while as they are high spenders) then as the price of the machine drops push out more 'family' friendly titles and expand the userbase. There's also the challenge in the current climate that a lot of the family and casual market has left consoles behind in favour of smartphones and tablets. Moving heavy gamers across from the previous generation is the obvious place to start.



electrolite77 said:


Same here, I want more of a mix than Nintendo provide. The lack of sports games is particularly jarring. Nintendo try to pitch their consoles as great for family to gather around the TV and play multiplayer but don't have any sports games? Makes no sense.



Mega719 said:

I still don't understand why they aren't bringing The Legend of Korra then, i thought Nintendo systems were a license cash cow for them. Yet i hear they are apparently bringing a Fairly Odd Parents game on all Nintendo systems (not DS) i don't get this logic of them



90sRetroGaming said:

How about a 1080p TMNT game on the Wii U Activision.. And an actual "good" entry, unlike the last two? Why not remake a true version of Turtles in Time? Not that Re-Shelled garbage... Now tell me that won't sell like hotcakes...



DarkKirby said:

Nobody should really be surprised. It's not realistic or reasonable for Activision, or a majority of publishers, to invest money into making Wii U games/ports and expect a favorable return.



kyuubikid213 said:

"Hardly Surprising"??


Call of Duty came out on the Wii and DS alongside each PS3, 360, and PC release. While the 3DS got no such love, the Wii U got both Black Ops II and Ghosts.

I'm shocked to see Advanced Warfare won't come to the Wii U simply because Activision took the effort last generation to port the game to the Wii which was vastly underpowered, had awkward online, and used Wii pointer controls until the Classic Controller was finally supported and the DS which was a different beast entirely.

After knocking the DS and Wii out of their Call of Duty release platforms, I thought the Wii U would still be supported if, at the very least, DLC maps and such weren't included.

I'm upset now. Truly sad.



Jarobusa said:

Last night I bought Assassins Creed 3 and ZombiU from Amazon for $27. Probably too late, but will increases sales by 1 each.



IceClimbers said:

@gatorboi352 When 3rd parties burn us so many times, we have a right to dismiss them. They have to build a consumer base on Nintendo platforms by not giving us the middle finger every time they turn around. 3rd parties can be successful on Nintendo, but they won't even bother trying. Why won't they? Essentially, Nintendo will NEVER get proper third party support again until Nintendo can create a platform where their 1st party games are inferior to the 3rd party games. Otherwise, there is NOTHING Nintendo can do.



IceClimbers said:

How much longer until Skylanders support is pulled? If the tablet version of it kicks off, don't expect Skylanders anymore. Or Disney Infinity.



markybbop said:

it doesn't bother me that cod isnt coming out if nintendo is making there own fps, i dont mean splatoon either though that does look good. for me nintend needs a mature fps with online multiplayer, like or hate them they do sell



BakaKnight said:

Playing in these days Black Ops II after finding it at a very cheap price.

To be honest I'm having fun with it, but I really have the feeling I'm finding it fun because it's the only Cod I ever played and I'm not interested in buy a future installment... I guess my case don't prove their opinion wrong ^_^;



retro_player_22 said:

Best news ever, hopefully the next Call of Duty never came to Wii U as well since that series had become such turd lately.



electrolite77 said:


Ioften see this on here but it sounds like excuses to me. Plenty of third parties have tried and failed on Nintendo. Why did Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes 2, Madworld, Okami, PN03, Billy Hatcher The Wii U got excellent conversions of Need for Speed Most Wanted, Deus Ex Human Revolution, the last two Call of Duty games and Assassins Creed IV but sales were embarrassing.

PS3 owners didn't boycott when they got consistently inferior versions to the 360 last gen. Original XBox owners suffered plenty of PS2 ports. Yet Nintendo owners somehow find all these excuses for not buying games.

On almost any thread you'll see posters saying they don't care because they're waiting for Mario or Smash Bros or whatever the next Nintendo game is. Well guess what? That's where we are now. A machine with less software than the N64 and on course to be the least successful Nintendo since the Virtual Boy. A victory for principles if ever there was one....



ToxieDogg said:

@electrolite77 Ah, don't give me that. Madworld? That sold 0.74m globally on Wii. What about the sequel, Anarchy Reigns that was only released on Xbox 360 and PS3? It only sold 0.32m units combined on those two systems. Zack and Wiki not selling well was unfortunate, but Capcom's had massive problems across all platforms.....DmC, despite being a reboot of a hugely popular franchise and launched on both Xbox 360 and PS3 underperformed massively, and despite Xbox 360 having a much higher userbase than Wii U, Resident Evil Revelations HD didn't sell in much higher numbers on that format. Okami (even though I LOVE that game) was a massive flop on the almighty PS2 before it even came anywhere near the Wii. Need For Speed Most Wanted and Deus Ex both launched much later than Xbox 360/PS3 versions and at a time when both of those games could be picked up on Xbox 360/PS3 for £15 or less each....I know Deus Ex was the newer 'Director's Cut' edition, but that's besides the point. Assassin's Creed 3 or 4, which are very storyline driven games, were NEVER going to sell well on Nintendo systems as (asides from a splnoff on the DS), none of the preceding games were on a Nintendo console. I'll throw Mass Effect 3 into that mix as well, which was also hampered by the fact that at the same time they launched it on Wii U, they launched a compilation of THE ENTIRE TRILOGY on other consoles for almost the same price. Now which do you think is more attractive to any gamers who've never played Mass Effect before? Call Of Duty failing on Wii U was likely a casualty of the previous gen....thanks to the Wii being underpowered, the Nintendo versions gained a reputation for being heavily watered down ports so anybody really interested in the proper 'CoD' experience will have picked up an Xbox 360 or PS3, (followed by an Xbox One or PS4) and they'll have bought CoD for those consoles because it's what all their friends play CoD on. Although anybody would have to admit that Activision damn near stealth released CoD Ghosts on Wii U last Xmas, most stores either didn't stock it, or had barely any copies.

I'm not trying to make any excuses for Nintendo gamers not buying third party games but there's a multitude of reasons for it, including some very poor decisions by the third parties themselves. There's blame on both sides.



JosieC84 said:

Pfffft!!! COD is the most overrated piece of crap EVER!!!! I don't give a damn about this. I feel sorry for the Wii U owners who wanted to play this though but...if you really want to just play FPS games and nothing else, buy a playstation or Xbox instead. Seriously, I don't find FPS games that fun.



vio said:

@BakaKnight Yeah, I have both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts and I find them both enjoyable. I think both games are well made FPS'. I know Ghosts gets a lot of crap, but I think it's a solid game as well. Certainly not a poorly made game by any means. I've played soooo much worse in my near 30 years of gaming.

Like you, I haven't played previous entries in the series and I can only assume that there's so much hate for the franchise because people who have been playing since the first Modern Warfare or even the old World War 2 games are simply bored or burned out on it because a new entry is released yearly and all of the games are so similar to one another. That and maybe also because the online game servers are infested with 10 year old screaming boys and dude-bros.

My only real issue with my CoD experience on the Wii U has been the shaft we have been given with DLC. DLC is a BIG part of the CoD experience and the fact that we get NONE of the map packs really gimps the games. We were told by Activision when they announced Black Ops 2 for the system that Nintendo users were finally going to get the "FULL" Call of Duty experience and clearly that was a lie. Perhaps Activision were planning to release all of the DLC originally(with season passes and what not, like on the other systems...), but then changed their minds when Blops 2 failed to sell 2 million copies on the Wii U, but that still doesn't change the fact that they stiffed us. There's some speculation now that Treyarch's Wii U team is busy porting over all of the DLC packs for both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts now since they supposedly have had nothing else to work on, but I will believe it when I see it. I've bought too much into BS rumors in the Nintendo CoD community already.



tysonfury said:

If you think about it, it makes sense that many third parties aren't supporting nintendo hardware as a general rule. Nintendo is a software developer. Consistent the best and most successful games company in history, and the primary competitor for EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc..

In the 80s, NES was the only game in town - if you were a software developer you had to go to them or maybe Atari, or Sega, who also developed their own software

Now there's Sony and Microsoft who mostly make phones, TVs and PCs (not including Windows), they're not trying to sell their own games. Meanwhile some software developers are bigger and richer than Nintendo and don't have to go begging to them to be allowed to distribute their games.

Except for cases like the Wii or the 3DS, where the platforms' runaway successes are irresistible cash cows to developers:

Let's get used to the fact that nintendo systems sell nintendo games, and the gaps will be filled by indies, which nintendo is fully supporting, and 2nd parties (there are more and more of them recently)

That's not a bad deal.



Agent721 said:

This is a big loss. I know folks who love COD as well as Nintendo, so they will now be forced to choose, and I can guarantee Nintendo won't win. You may not like COD, but many in the world do, and this cannot be viewed positively. It's amazing how many of you try to spin this as a positive, simply because you don't like COD. Ridiculous!



Agent721 said:

In the end, you have to be a multiconsole gamer now-a-days or you're missing out. Those who stick to one brand are equivalent to movie goers who stick with only Universal or Paramount movies and ignore the simply makes no sense. I know nobody does that, but it's just an example. The consoles are equivalent to movie theatres with exclusive movies...why stick to one theatre?



BulbasaurusRex said:

With the Wii's online shutdown negating a lot of the fun in "Conduit 2," "Goldeneye Wii," and "Water Warfare," the Wii U really needs a good online FPS, and I mean something with traditional deathmatches rather than the experimental "Splatoon."

Oh well, I'm not a fan of the "Call of Duty" series anyway. Hopefully somebody will come along to give Nintendo another good T rated online FPS, something that I've never seen appear on Sony's and Microsoft's consoles. Is it really so hard to cut out most of the blood to avoid an M rating?

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