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PorllM commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I wonder how they'll sell the Amiibo cards. Could they be in packs with random cards inside like Pokemon cards? But then a pack would contain a few for a much lower price than an Amiibo figure, giving the buyer access to all the DLC and Amiibo functionality included for ridiculously cheap. This would make the figures not even worth considering for someone who just wants the functionality, making the figures only attractive to people who collect figures anyway. Not to mention there are only a few Amiibos at the mo so you would have a fair chunk of them from one pack?

I wonder if the cards will be launched alongside some sort of Amiibo game? This would allow dozens/hundreds of new cards to be available in the packs with functionality only for that specific game, with the regular Amiibo characters being in there occasionally as rare cards, solving all the problems above. If this happens I hope they make a pokemon trading card game for Wii U next where you buy actual packs and unlock them in the game through that!

The more I think about it, the more I realise the possibilities are endless, but then I think this with most new Nintendo announcements and they never seem to follow up :(.



PorllM commented on Exclusive: Full Fat Is Bringing The Insanely P...:

@triforcepower73 I dunno why you put "games", they're definitely games, and in this case very highly rated ones. Yes smartphones are full of shovelware and we want to avoid a lot of that coming to consoles but that has been avoided so far. 3DS is a portable device with a touch screen to of course it makes sense to bring popular smartphone games to it.



PorllM commented on Retro Studios Launches Twitter Account And Set...:

I don't think this in particular is a sign of anything, but I do think the Metroid Prime Trilogy for £8.99 deal is an experiment to see how well it sells. If it's super popular they know there's still alot of interest in Prime which could lead to 4 !



PorllM commented on Book Review: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collecte...:

Mega Drive was my first console, and I backed this on Kickstarter the moment I saw it. It got delivered a few days ago, and seeing my name in the Benefactors section was awesome. It's an extremely high quality book with tons of detail, truly awesome!



PorllM commented on Moon Chronicles Developer Seeking Interest for...:

Kickstarter is supposed to be for small devs to get off the ground. If they can't make enough money off the 3DS version to port it to Wii U then the game is clearly lacking. They're a pretty well known dev by now and should be able to handle this with their own funds. Also the graphics are pretty bad and I can't see the Wii U version improving it much.



PorllM commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@ikki5 if they were to start using normal drives I agree, but the wii u currently uses flash memory as far as I know?

Edit: on second thoughts I have no idea why they couldn't start using normal drives to lower the price, the 500gb one used in the ps3 must cost next to nothing. I wonder if nintendo always using flash has something to do with their lacking account systems, as I've heard it's a bit longer lasting and reliable.



PorllM commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@ikki5 but I got a 2tb hard drive for my wii u for £60 and this was over a year ago, you could get this bundle and 2tb for what, 230-240 max? Still below the wii u RRP and if they brought out a new model with more memory it would surely cost more than that and have less memory so it's pointless. Or of course if you don't need that much memory you can get a USB stick for next to nothing as mentioned above.



PorllM commented on Junichi Masuda Talks Pokémon Snap and Listeni...:

Dunno why he's acting like everyone is asking for a remake with better graphics, of course that would be boring. The same thing but in completely new levels, with new pokemon and more unpredictable/hidden things? Would be incredible! The best thing for me about Snap was seeing the Pokemon in their natural habitats and interacting with them.



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (Europe):

This is so weird. I woke up at 4am Friday night/Saturday morning with the words Nobunaga's Ambition in my head. I knew I'd heard it at some point in my life but whether it was a film, book, game, or something completely else I had no idea. I ended up Googling it because I couldn't sleep, found out it was a game. Now it's on the download update. I think I'm psychic. lol



PorllM commented on Nintendo's Unity Presentation Confirms Critica...:

Weird how whenever you go on Miiverse it seems like every other post is by a female? Is that the result of men using female Miis or women just use Miiverse more? Either that or this study is completely false...



PorllM commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@ModestFan93 What do you mean ? Nothing in any of my posts suggests I thought it wouldn't, I was just disappointed there wasn't full online co-op. I figured there would probably be another online mode anyway which is awesome. And no I only commented on the article, then responded to someone who attacked me for having a different opinion to him, so I haven't had chance to read any of the other comments.



PorllM commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Einherjar "I doesnt offer exactly what everything else does, so i wont buy it"

I never said anything close to that, it doesn't offer what I want so I possibly won't buy it day one. As a die hard Zelda fan I possibly will end up getting it day one anyway but I reserve the right to not if I'm not 100% sure it's worth full price. Excuse me for having my own tastes.

I'm still hugely excited for the game but I'm just disappointed there's no online co op, stop jumping on people when you disagree with what they say, you think it doesn't need online co op, great, enjoy then!



PorllM commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Einherjar Lmao are you serious? Nintendo isn't popular in the UK there are only maybe 10 players of Nintendo in my whole city, the local game stores don't even have Nintendo sections, so my chances of finding someone to play this with locally is almost absolute zero, not that my friends are any part of this discussion or any of your business!

Also you're forgetting this game already has online play so your server cost argument isn't relevant. "Most people won't use it more than once or twice" is a ridiculous generalization that isn't even close to true.

I won't post an opinion on this site again since people aren't capable of disagreeing without being insulting and dismissive.



PorllM commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

This is pretty pathetic. I only have a few friends that would ever play Nintendo and none of them would be interested in this. I'm still interested in the game as a huge Zelda fan, for fan service reasons only, but the value of it just shrank hugely to me. Not interested in day one any more, I'll get it when it's cheap. Hopefully an online vs mode where you capture each other's bases and command troops against each other could still make it worthwhile? Co op would be so much better though, still.



PorllM commented on Interview: Meet Naked War, The Wii Advance War...:

Sounds like a really good idea for a game and the WiiConnect24 stuff would have been great too. Honestly I think it could be even better now with the Gamepad flashing up notifications when someone makes a move. It could still play the same, using the Wiimote, but could have touch controls on the gamepad too for those who wanted it.

I can't shake the feeling they did this interview in the hope of getting an apology/free devkit from Nintendo though, especially with the comment at the end. I applied to be a Nintendo developer with no experience whatsoever and was accepted within a few weeks and now have the ability to purchase a Wii U devkit at an extremely reasonable price. For accomplished, experienced devs like these guys, there is really no excuse not to fill in a simple application form and get things moving. "Chasing" would be no part of it.



PorllM commented on Nintendo Supported Our Vision The Most, Says D...:

@Xiao_Pai Yeah but that quote about boundaries was in regards to the content of the game and violence, nudity and swearing etc.

The part about Nintendo costumes is different since it's Nintendo's own IPs, they might be happy to have a violent game exclusively on their console but I doubt they'd be quite as fond of seeing Mario and Peach slicing people in half and stuff haha.



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

Good week for sure. Already have the normal version of Guacamelee on PS3 so I'll give that a miss but it's a really fun game, highly recommend it to someone who hasn't played it already, especially if you like Mario and Rayman and stuff like that. It's a really surprisingly well done 2D platformer with great combat and puzzles.

I'll probably give Armillo a go at that price.



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 19th June (Europe):

Highly, HIGHLY recommend Toki Tori 2+. Me and my ex girlfriend 100%'d it last year sometime, we paid £12 for it and were very satisfied, and she's not even a gamer. It's one of the best puzzle games in recent years and doesn't explain anything to you, instead letting you explore and experiment, learning about the game world in your own time. For £2.50 it's an absolute steal!



PorllM commented on PDP Confirms the GameCube-Inspired Wired Fight...:

Button placement, shape, design, this has common whatsoever with a gamecube controller, where did that comparison even come from? This has however got me drooling over the thought of an official nintendo white wireless pro controller in the shape of a gamecube controller, would be the ideal way to play smash bros



PorllM commented on Nintendo Creating a New Console for Emerging M...:

@Dark-Link73 I understand what you mean but I think the rationale behind it is that "middle class" in emerging markets such as Brazil and India would be much lower than it is in NA, Europe, Japan etc. Whether that's true or not is a different matter but I thibk that's what they're thinking.



PorllM commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

I really can't believe all the people saying they don't understand this. PSN has done this for ages and it's one of the most popular and convenient features of the store.

I preordered GTA V on the store, and when I got home from work it was there fully downloaded! If I couldn't preorder it, I would have had to purchase it when I got home and then wouldn't have been able to play it until the next day at earliest.

From Nintendo's point of view, if someone thinks "oh that game looks good, I might buy it" then checks the eShop and realises it isn't out yet, they then have to wait. A high percentage of these times, people would just forget and never end up getting it. In this case you can preorder it anyway and it will automatically download, so it should increase sales for them quite a bit.

It makes perfect sense and is a basic feature that should have been there from the start, all digital marketplaces need it.

@allav866 I definitely agree with this though



PorllM commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

@yuwarite well if it's in the rules that they can't use piracy then this video obviously wasn't obtained through piracy? Anyone can upscale a video. And even if it was, it's their own site they can break the rules if they want.

I won't get banned from the site because I haven't discussed anything of that nature outside of replying to you.



PorllM commented on Little Inferno Has Sold A Million But Gamers D...:

@BossBattles What politicians and scientists have I been listening to then seeing as you know so much about how I've been brainwashed?

Personally, if I believe humanity's selfish exploits have a negative effect on the planet, including animals, plantlife, and the atmosphere, I'm allowed to do so.
The planet is fragile and we are not doing a good job of looking after it. Anyone who denies that is blind. To say I "probably don't actually research anything" because of that is a low, personal insult and I suggest you don't speak to people like that in person.



PorllM commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

@CaviarMeths Not the best example as Rayman was originally built for the Wii U.

This standpoint is so unfair though. What he should be saying is the only good Wii U games that use the gamepad in some way are built ground up for the console. DKC:TF doesn't use the gamepad in anyway and could run fine on other consoles! The entire point of the pro controller is so devs can make normal PS/XB type games for it too.



PorllM commented on The Nintendo Phone Almost Happened A Decade Ago:

@vattodev Every sign seems to be pointing towards Nintendo's move into phones being announced very soon. A rumour may turn out to be false in the future, but if it's spoken on a lot and has evidence to support it, it is a reliable rumour for now. Plus Iwata has made countless statements that have turned out to not be true shortly later, and that quote was made ages ago.



PorllM commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Shin'en Multi...:

@rjejr What a response. Most demo releases have a barely recognizable result on sales and many have a negative one.

Also you're correct about Unity but that's completely irrelevant to games made specifically for Nintendo consoles such as these.
We're not doing the 'similar sounding word' thing here. Please stop — TBD



PorllM commented on The Girl and the Robot is Officially Coming to...:

The video clearly states this is an early build and not representative of the final quality, and the game is estimated to be released over a year from now, yet people still complain that it's ugly.

My mind boggles.



PorllM commented on Feature: A Guide to the Best Nintendo Gifts Fo...:

All of these bundles are incredible and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who isn't sure. As a 3DS Xl and Wii U owner, however, I was hoping this list would contain stuff outside of consoles like cool Nintendo merchandise, keyrings, statues and other baddonkey gifts. I know you can get Zelda piece of heart soap on Etsy which is awesome.
Please watch the profanity — TBD