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PorllM commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

I really can't believe all the people saying they don't understand this. PSN has done this for ages and it's one of the most popular and convenient features of the store.

I preordered GTA V on the store, and when I got home from work it was there fully downloaded! If I couldn't preorder it, I would have had to purchase it when I got home and then wouldn't have been able to play it until the next day at earliest.

From Nintendo's point of view, if someone thinks "oh that game looks good, I might buy it" then checks the eShop and realises it isn't out yet, they then have to wait. A high percentage of these times, people would just forget and never end up getting it. In this case you can preorder it anyway and it will automatically download, so it should increase sales for them quite a bit.

It makes perfect sense and is a basic feature that should have been there from the start, all digital marketplaces need it.

@allav866 I definitely agree with this though



PorllM commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

@yuwarite well if it's in the rules that they can't use piracy then this video obviously wasn't obtained through piracy? Anyone can upscale a video. And even if it was, it's their own site they can break the rules if they want.

I won't get banned from the site because I haven't discussed anything of that nature outside of replying to you.



PorllM commented on Little Inferno Has Sold A Million But Gamers D...:

@BossBattles What politicians and scientists have I been listening to then seeing as you know so much about how I've been brainwashed?

Personally, if I believe humanity's selfish exploits have a negative effect on the planet, including animals, plantlife, and the atmosphere, I'm allowed to do so.
The planet is fragile and we are not doing a good job of looking after it. Anyone who denies that is blind. To say I "probably don't actually research anything" because of that is a low, personal insult and I suggest you don't speak to people like that in person.



PorllM commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

@CaviarMeths Not the best example as Rayman was originally built for the Wii U.

This standpoint is so unfair though. What he should be saying is the only good Wii U games that use the gamepad in some way are built ground up for the console. DKC:TF doesn't use the gamepad in anyway and could run fine on other consoles! The entire point of the pro controller is so devs can make normal PS/XB type games for it too.



PorllM commented on The Nintendo Phone Almost Happened A Decade Ago:

@vattodev Every sign seems to be pointing towards Nintendo's move into phones being announced very soon. A rumour may turn out to be false in the future, but if it's spoken on a lot and has evidence to support it, it is a reliable rumour for now. Plus Iwata has made countless statements that have turned out to not be true shortly later, and that quote was made ages ago.



PorllM commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Shin'en Multi...:

@rjejr What a response. Most demo releases have a barely recognizable result on sales and many have a negative one.

Also you're correct about Unity but that's completely irrelevant to games made specifically for Nintendo consoles such as these.
We're not doing the 'similar sounding word' thing here. Please stop — TBD



PorllM commented on The Girl and the Robot is Officially Coming to...:

The video clearly states this is an early build and not representative of the final quality, and the game is estimated to be released over a year from now, yet people still complain that it's ugly.

My mind boggles.



PorllM commented on Feature: A Guide to the Best Nintendo Gifts Fo...:

All of these bundles are incredible and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who isn't sure. As a 3DS Xl and Wii U owner, however, I was hoping this list would contain stuff outside of consoles like cool Nintendo merchandise, keyrings, statues and other baddonkey gifts. I know you can get Zelda piece of heart soap on Etsy which is awesome.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



PorllM commented on The Girl and the Robot Adds Wii U Stretch Goal...:

It's only $25 CAD which is £14.65 for the Wii U version reward tier. Consider it a preorder as I imagine it would cost about that much on release anyway.

@Usagi-san It's 25,000 not 250,000. Easily within reach within 5 days if people start taking the plunge instead of waiting for it to get close.

Also guys this is in a similar situation being funded and very close to a Wii U goal but with a lot more time, therefore a better chance. It's also only a £7 pledge necessary to get a Wii U if it reaches the goal. It is a very different game though so take a look and see if you're interested:



PorllM commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

@edhe You're exactly right. The ones they released at launch are not visible in any game stores and are horrendously overpriced on the eShop. (I'm talking about NFS with the eShop, I don't even think the other two are on there!)

1% of their games were sold on Wii U because that's the percentage of Wii U games they shipped.



PorllM commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

It's as simple as this. EA released a few games for Wii U to test the waters. Mass Effect 3 was late, lacking dlc, buggy and they didn't release 1&2. Fifa 13 was also late and was actually Fifa 12, and still missing features even by that standard. Need for Speed was great but ridiculously overpriced and not available in ANY retailers that I've seen. It was also late and lacking dlc. They then decided that the Wii U is not worth supporting due to their inability to sell these games.

On top of this EA has been voted the worst company in America 2 years in a row due to a ton of bugs, broken releases and complete rip offs over the last few years. Despite Battlefield being a pretty great game, in my opinion they haven't released an excellent must have since the first Dead Space.

This is no loss whatsoever for Nintendo gamers. Nintendo and a small amount of dedicated developers such as Shin'en are showing us what the Wii U can do and making incredible games that actually run like a dream. When/if the Wii U starts selling EA will be back, but I still won't buy any of their games so I couldn't care less. If they decide to test the waters and see how well they can sell on the console by actually releasing well tested games that are on par with what the Wii U is actually capable of, I might consider it. But they aren't going to do that so screw them!



PorllM commented on These Three New Kickstarter Projects Are Tryin...:

I also asked the creator of Explodimals if he'd consider the Wii U and got this response so it really does seem to work:

Hi there,

Wii U is certainly something I'd considered, but I have no idea how easy it is to get a game approved by Nintendo. I didn't want to promise backers a Wii U version and then have to let them down in the case that Nintendo wouldn't allow me to release the game.

However, I've had a quick look at Nintendo's developer site and noticed they have an HTML5 development environment, and seeing as the plan was to develop in HTML 5 anyway I guess it wouldn't hurt to add Wii U to the list of target platforms. I'll update the page later today to include Wii U!


EDIT: he did it too! :

I really think regular updates on kickstarter such as this article with updates on changed stretch goals etc would really bring traffic to these projects and increase the Wii U library.



PorllM commented on These Three New Kickstarter Projects Are Tryin...:

I actually emailed the project leader of Lobodestroyo asking why the Wii U stretch goal was so high and he replied to me that I had a good point and that he would look into it. The new much lower stretch goal was announced the following morning so I'd like to think I had something to do with it.

Even if I didn't, I highly recommend anyone interested in supporting the Wii U browse kickstarter and ask projects that aren't coming to the Wii U why they aren't! If enough people ask they will have to consider it, and of course if you see a game coming to Wii U that you would buy, pledge!



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (Europe):

@element187 I didn't blame publishers at all? I was talking about the ridiculous overcharge that Splinter Cell is digitally compared to the physical version, not the difference in price between countries. If Ubi can sell ZombiU for £15.99 they can sell Splinter Cell for a reasonable price.



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (Europe):

@MadAussieBloke I've got the money, it's not being able to afford it that's the issue.

£45 for a digital game is insane when a brand new physical copy can be purchased for £19.99 and the absolute most you can find it for in any store is £35. I wouldn't feel any different about this if I was a millionaire.

Also even PS4 and Xbox One games are £40-50 in the UK at most, just to let you know how ridiculous it is to ask this amount for Splinter Cell on Wii U. Even those will drop soon as launch game prices are always high.

I'm sorry games are so expensive in Australia and I hope Nintendo and other companies get their act together over there but I don't think the solution to hugely overpriced games is to get a better job!



PorllM commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (Europe):

What's the point in discounting Splinter Cell from £55 to £45? It was horrendously overpriced and still is! Can get it for £20 physical and you can get any brand new game physically for £30-35.

This should have been reduced to under £30, even then it would be expensive.



PorllM commented on Report Suggests You'll Soon Be Able To Purchas...:

This is brilliant on PS3, when the last of us came out I purchased it on my work computer and when I got home it was downloaded and installed. What damo said is correct too, this would most likely come with an account system. Very good news.



PorllM commented on Rayman Creator Michel Ancel "Wasn't Shocked" B...:

I've been pissed off, forgotten about it, and this news has reignited my excitement for it. Me and my girlfriend 100%'d Origins and used to play it with drunk people when they'd come over, we loved every second and so did they, so ill definitely be getting Legends when it arrives.



PorllM commented on Video: Latest Miiverse Update Continues to Imp...:

They should at least make it so you can keep typin past the 100 character limit and it will automatically split your text into 100 character comments instead of having to click post, wait, then click comment just to keep typing mid sentence. The character limit would be harmless if they did this.