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Loving Zelda and Mario games :D

Male, 23, Germany

I grew up with Nintendo but tried other consoles to, but I'm really not into FPS Games like COD, so~ ... more like platformers, strategygames or nearly everything else :D. I like Sports, Chemistry and eating too, but I really am not fat or anything! ^^

Fri 14th February, 2014

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Josaku commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

Sorry for my wording in the first post ..... I'm not that well versed in the english language and noticed too late that it could be misunderstood easaly .... ^^"

On the topic of the "bundle", I got the receipt because I paid it as I pre-ordered it and it says that the bundle comes with these 2 other amiibos seperatly .... I don't think, that they are making any profit off of it, but it was a special offer for long time customers and seems to be limited to 20 items, because I got "Pack 12/20" ....
I will wait and see how this turns out, but the receipt is rather specific about all of this ^^"



Josaku commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

@BlueBlurIxM @outburst
I was reffering to a "special-offer" at the "Sparks-Gaming"-store (An somewhat independent game-store) near me, they sold the Amiibo-Bundle (Game + green squid amiibo) and you got the other 2 (squidgilr/squidboy) too if you were a longtime customer at this very store.
I go there for nearly everything I buy in terms of games, so the shopkeeper kinda knew, that I wanted all 3 items ^^"



Josaku commented on Producer Of The Mario Kart Series Appointed As...:

I'm glad, that they seem to be commited to their Ideas, but they really should have just created a new studio for this .....
Streching out your resources if fine to a degree, but I think, that Nintendo is at a point where they need more manpower behind every one of their platforms....



Josaku commented on Video: Go Beyond The Beards With This Behind T...:

I really enjoyed Guitar Hero 5 on the Xbox360 and I had no problem with the 5 button layout .... I kinda wish that the new guitah had 2 rows of 5 instead of 2 rows of 3, so they could gain additional space upwards (skillwise) ....
I really hope, that the pricing for DLC is right and the Tracklist is awesome, if this isn't the case, then no Guitar Heroe for me I guess ^^"



Josaku commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

They could just expand their Studios to make more DLC AND more new releases .... just saying ...
Retro Studios, Monolith Soft nee at least 2 full sized teams .....
A new EAD team that focuses on DLC could be an idea too. This team would work together with the team that made the core game, to ensure consisten quality.
New EAD teams in generel for mobile, handheld and homeconsole would be great, so they can take more risks while producing these "safe bets".



Josaku commented on Marvel at the Launch Trailer, Live Music and T...:

I know that Baby Park had 7 laps in DD, but I don't think that it makes that much of a difference ...
it will be pretty chaotic, but I think, that only shells and mayby bombs will be dangerous because everything else can be destroyed by the shells and they will be the most used item on this track ...
so it comes down to who has the most shells or the most items that can destroy shells .... so the first won't be any danger at all compared to the last .... yes, better balancing than most other tracks, but at the expense of an interesting trackdesing ... I really don't think, that this is woth it



Josaku commented on Marvel at the Launch Trailer, Live Music and T...:

I really don't think so, because the spinturbo mechanic dosn't change your angle and you don't even loose controll while spinning ... the only thing it dose is give you a slight boost and change you position relative to the sidelines.

And I too think, that bananas won't be a problem in any way, because there will be too many shells for them to be a real hinderence ...
Shells on the other hand could be dangerouse ... If there wasn't the "3 shell" or "3 banana" item .....

And if it's impossible to throw bombs ofer the middle line they too are not that much of a problem, because you can't surprise others with them by using the middle-line and you can't really throw them because the track is so short .... but they will walk after they are placed which will make them kind of dangerouse to be honest ...

I really don't see, why this is a fan favorite even without the special items from double dash ....



Josaku commented on Marvel at the Launch Trailer, Live Music and T...:

That's too something I'm concerned about this track .... as I said earlyer, the special items were the opnly thing saving this track and MK8 dosn't have those ...
I really can't immagine, that this track will be fun for more than 3 laps .... especially in 200cc



Josaku commented on Marvel at the Launch Trailer, Live Music and T...:

Baby Park isn't chaotic though ... it's just an oval with sidebars in the middle so that those pesky items can't go everywhere ....
This trak wasn't really good to begin with ... way to simple .... the only thing that saved this track were the special items in double dash, which made nearly every track really hectic .... MK8 dosn't have this (and I'm really thankfull for the actual balancing of the items, although it's really hard to get good items in 2nd place) .... So Baby Park in MK8 is just ... a bland oval without anything to thand out ....



Josaku commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

I really love the track in the DLC Pack 2 ... except for Baby Park .... The track is as bland and empty as ever .... the only thing that made thgis track fun in DD were the special items .... without them the treack is just empty
Big Blue on the other hand is really nice to see ^^



Josaku commented on Super Doomed'n Damned to Channel Retro Capcom ...:

I always thought capcom was one of the big guys in gaming .....
was not expecting something that looks like a steam greenlight early access "game" from them .... but hey, ther is a first for everything I guess ....



Josaku commented on Rumour: Upcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC to Include B...:

I really hope, that this is just some bull someone made up and Baby Park is not in the DLC pack 2 .... It's one of the worst trackes Mario Kart has ever seen ... I really don't know why it is held so high all the time .....



Josaku commented on Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS:

I'M really interested in this, I never got into the mainline Monster Hunter games because they felt like chores for me .... but I always like the games and the Idea behind them ^^
A Monster Hunter RPG could be really cool, so I'm impatiently waiting for more information ^^



Josaku commented on Gallery: Wii U Owners React to Screenshot Remo...:

Wow ... Nintendo, get your poopoocadoodle together and update your policys and even more important your networks ...
I hope, that the deal with DeNA and the new User-program will bring a more up to date aproach of this too ...



Josaku commented on Video: Donkey Kong 64 Tumbles Onto Wii U Virtu...:

This game is one of my least favorite games ever ....
Got it during the N64 era short after it released .... after playing what felt like millions of hours and collecting as much as I could take I just gave this game away, because I couldn't stand it any more ....
This game combined every flaw the collect-athon genre could possibly have under one title and made it nearly impossible for me to even like this game.
for me this game's title should be "backtracking the game" instead of "DK64".
This game made me despice backtracking in it's entirety and I blame Rare with their drive for giant levels for it, they forgot to make the levels fun to explore while making them large.

On the other hand, I liked the charm of the game and the story was somewhat good tbh. The soundtrack was interesting and made it easyer to tollerate some of its unbearable flaws.

I would much rather Nintendo would focus on actually good N64 titles or titles that were extremely niche when they hit the market, just to broaden the VC-landscape.
But overall, I think it's a good thing, that the N64 VC finally arrived and that games are actually coming to it in the future ... I'm pumped for Paper Mario 64 ^^



Josaku commented on Collector Cases for amiibo Secure Kickstarter ...:

why is this a thing anyways? .... why not collect them AND use them? .... they are strudy enough, to withstand most normally occuring impacts, soo ....
Can someone please explaine to my why they don't just open them? .... it would save so much space ...



Josaku commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

Although Link is a blank character so you, the player, can fit in everything you need to, he was always portrait as a male character and was established that way. The whole Zelda Universe is formed around Link being a male character and Zelda being the Princess.
So why not make a game starring Zelda as the lead character? ...

Making Link female dosn't bother me that much, but I really don't understand, why a male character has to be made a woman instead of either creating a new character that just is a woman or using Zelda instead .... Changing the gender of a character is a bad move in generell imo and we all saw how fans can react to it when Thor was made a femal (an insanely dumb move imho) just to appease to some fans ...

All in all I seem to hope, that Link remains a male character .... I have nothing against female leads, but I want them to be original, understandable and mostly fitting ... nut just a male character made into a female one, this is just sad and shows that not much though/creativity went into the character itself, so that IT'S GENDER is the most important part of it, this should NEVER be the case in ANY character in videogame/films/books in generell ...
But that's just my opinion I guess ....



Josaku commented on Nintendo to Lead Design and Development of Sma...:

If they will be developing the smartphonegames themselfs, they NEED to increase the Number of Studios under their belt ...
create 4 new Studios, 2 for Smartphonegames and 2 for consolegames ... 1 WiiU and 1 3DS. Make shure EVERYBODY and their dog knows what the creation of these studios is about and I think nobody will say a word ...
Deviding already existing studios is not the way to go here ... they need to increase their workforce and not further split it appart.



Josaku commented on Hyper Light Drifter Might Not Hit Wii U Until ...:

As long, as they don't finish their project like Yacht Club games did I will be fine ...
I really loved Shovel Knight, but seeing what they promised during their kickstarter they will be busy for the next 5 years making free expansions to their game .... they really should ask Nintendo if they can help with this .... or if they can start working together ...



Josaku commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

I see people saying "Problems" with 3rd partys ... I know that nearly no AAA 3rd party games are coming to WiiU but Nintendo and Ubisoft both said that their relationship is better than ever .... I don't know how that goes together with not making games for WiiU but I digress ,,,,,
EA is a really different thing ... I hope it dies though ...



Josaku commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

I personally don't know how I feel about this ,.... it could be a great thing for Nintendo and the consumer, but they could fall to their death if they do it wrong ...
The fusion concept in itself is nowhere near as rosy as some make it out to be and if they opt for the wrong things this device could be done before it even hit the market ...
If they create 2 seprate devices with one OS/architecture and different specs they will kill one of their consoles by making their librarys exactly the same.
If they make a handheld with a docking port they could brick this device by using the wrong kind of conector or using one that is too slow or even make it highly unpractical if it requires a great ammount of time to get it inside/out of the dock.
If they go with one device which trys to be both, they will end up with something to big for a handheld and to weak for a homconsole.

All I'm saying here is, that Nintendo HAS to nail this concept without makiing any errors or else this thing will fail horribly and I really don't want to see this .... I hate purchasing 2 consoles just to play all the Nintendogames I like (cause dem moneys being so rare), so this concept naturally pleases me .... I'm just a little bit scared for Nintendo's well being ^^"



Josaku commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

The point of the new device is not clear as of jet so nobody knows if the next "defining feature" will be cross platform compatability like the "Fusion concept" mentions. But I actually hope that they create a crossplatform device for smartphone and handhelds with their homconsoles being somewhat seperate when it comes to their actuall gameslibrary.
As for a userbased accountsystem .. yes, this could have been done with a slew of updates and a Nintendo Direct on how to actually migrate from NNID to this new account system.



Josaku commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

there is nothing to be sorry about mate ^^
while I can see why the fusion concept is interesting, I really hope that Nintendo dosen't try doing it ...
this would result in arkward hardware either way you put it.
The dock is a good idea ... at first glance ...
they would have to create a port for the handheld so it can transfer data and actually be upscaled properly. This port would have to be extremely sturdy and manage to have a really high transfer rate, because it not only has to transfer data like savegames or gamedata, but it hase to actually make a synchronized bridge between the HH CPU/RAM and the docks CPU/GPU/RAM. This needs really high transfer speeds and would essentially be just like the N64 but with the HH playing the role of the cartridge.
I don't think that they would just make the HH turn off during console mode and letting the dock do all the work, because this would be a waste of computing power and internal storage and Nintendo isn't really fond of wasting anything, as we saw with the whole "no charger included with the New 3DS"

That said, I really hope that they try and make the HH crossplatform with smartphones to capture this market more effectivly and giving them the option to enter the hardware race in the smartphone industry, while making the HC compatible with their HH/smartphones through the OS.



Josaku commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

I think you'r exeggerating a bit here ...
as you said, the NX could stand for next generation or X platform ...
At this point it is extremely viable for them to make a handheld/smartphone hybrid and a dedicated homeconsole which are compatiple to a certain degree like the PSVita/PS4.

The New 3DS was a system revision, not a major update, just like the DSi was for the DS or the GBcolor for the gameboy ... when each of these hit the market everybody knew the next gen handheld was just a matter of time and it came in most cases 2 years after the release of the updateed version.

So when they said, that they will talk about NX in 2016 they actually meant "talk about" it not reveal it or release it.
I think, that the NX will be something along the fusion concept, but it will include smartphones and handhelds instead of homconsoles/HH. This way they can build a userbase on android/iOS and expand on this userbase on HH/HC. If they create a "eshop" which is accessible on every device they can also start advertising on it for every device they sell/every game they sell.



Josaku commented on Satoru Iwata Emphasizes That There Are "No Exc...:

I hope I got that right here ...
Is Nintendo saying, that they are "making" smartphone games in the sense that Nintendo gives DeNA their IPs so they can make these games while Nintendo is watching over for quality purposses?
Or are they saying that they take the backend for smartphones from DeNA to actually make these games themselfs?

If they go with the first option I have absolutly nothing against this move because they essentially add more studios to make games.
If they go with the latter I think this is not the right thing to do ... limiting teams while adding more platfroms just ends in less games per platform and so less profit overall.



Josaku commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

This would minimize their hardware revenue significantly.
On the other hand this could also alianate many fans by not being a homeconsole/Handheld in the traditional sense (rather small complaint I have to agree)
On the other hand the Fusio concept which includes only one console which is both a homeconsole and a portable at the same time is nearly impossible to realise at this point in time because hardware is not small/powerfull enough to drive such a thing. Hardware would either be to big di actually be called a handheld or way to weak to actually be called a full fledged console ... and I'm not speaking of WiiU/PS4 powergap ... more like WiiU/PC powergap ...

I hope, that the NX just stands for "Next Generation" or X = Cross in the sense, that they are building a foundation for crossplatform connectrivity for mobile and handhelds ... homeconsoles seem to not fit in properly imo.

This is getting way to long, but one thing at the end ... it really dosn't matter if the NX is a handheld or a homeconsole, because the one that will be replaced won't get any big games in 2016 or even late 2015, so we'll see soon enough what kind of device the NX will be.



Josaku commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

I hope I get this right ...
Nintendo is developing a new console with the codename NX ... which most likely stands vor Nintendo X (cross) which again stands most likely for Crossplatform ...

first of all I hope that not ALL their gameslibrary will be crossplatform which would imidiatly kill one of their platforms... but I guess we'll see.

the second thing would be that they are going to talk about this next year ... which means, that nintendo will have a new gen in 2017/latest 2018. This means, that we won't see much/any big releases in 2016/2017 because they need to pump up their launchtitles so the new platforms dosn't fall on it's nose.

Third I hope, that the new system can compete withj the PS4 in terms of power and simplicity when it comes to the architecture ... don't make this new platform PPC/ARM instead of x86 .... and make a god man userbased accountsystem ...

So this year will be the last year with big releases on the WiiU/3DS ....
If my speculation is right, sales will fall through the ground in 2016 ...



Josaku commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

OK, reading this I get the feeling that Nintendo is the active part here and DeNA is just needed so Nintendo can focus on the games and not the mobile backend for Android and iOS.
This is in it self nothing bad, it actually can be something really good if Nintendo plays their cards right. If they now create a rounded out software library to capture the mobile crowd as potential 3DS/WiiU owners and dose so with quality low budget games they can make a fortune with this while increasing their install base for WiiU and 3DS .... I don't see where this move is bad, because Nintendo stands for quality as far as I'm concerned ...

To top this all off, if they make a dedicated eshop app and a WiiU/3DS companion app and sell some of the marketing space to 3rd partys to advertise their games they could also get part of that cake back.



Josaku commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

First of all ... didn't know that about Ghost Recon .... thought it was an TPS of what I saw ^^" my bad

I think, that Nintendo can very well change the mindset if their "hardcore" fanbase and I think, that they are starting to do this with splatoon ... if they make this in a bianual or bigenerational franchise (which I hope) this could seriously be a gamechanger in terms of Nintendo/Nintendofans/"shooters" imho.

Was there ever a company, that converted from a hardware/software company to a software-only company without massively downsizing or even going under? I can't think of a single one ... so Nintendo going 3rd party is only a good thing if you want them to ... go under ....

I hope, that Nintendo is willing to take risks and creat new IPs like splatoon ... but we will see at E3 this year if splatoon was just a one time only thing or if they feel that they need to creat new things ... not just new ways of playing mario/Zelda/Metroid/Starfox/etc ....



Josaku commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

Am I the only one who knows that the "DS" productline makes sense but is not nearly as appealing as the "Gamboy" line was? ...
I really hope, that Nintendo is creating a stellar line of handhelds with the "DS"/GameBoy" line as their base ...
As A consumer I want to see what the deal is with the device I buy at first glance and knowing that said device belongs to a generational product line makes this really easy ...



Josaku commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

I really hope, that Nintendo steps up their game when it comes to advertising ... and I don't mean some kind of minestrone family advertisment they did with MK8 and smash ... they need to put their games into thee right light, so the "normal" gamer (the vast majority of people inside the gaming market) will want their games ....
It's not hard to sell your crap to anybody, just make it seem appealing, nobody will complain about ZeldaU/Starfox/Smash/MK8 after they bought it, because these games are good and have a high quality standard ....
Just look at how good this turned out for the PS4/AC:U/BF:HL they sell like hotcaces because the ones selling these know how to generate hype ... given that AC:U/BF:HL are horrible and/or bugridden games and the PS4 has a huge ammount of games, but nothing worthwhile (for me) absolutly nobody would be pissed about Nintendo creating hype around their console/games.



Josaku commented on First Screens From Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Su...:

I love these guys already!
I really hope, that they can create an intimate relationship with Nintendo down the line, like Gamefreak ^^
I really hope, that these ghuys can update the 3D platformergenre as they said ...
I'm so HYPED for this game ^^



Josaku commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

I know that these games will be glorious, but a "pure" shooter ... what's that? ... a pure shooter would be something like Doom or Wolfenstein 3D which defined the genre.
Splatoon is an TPS areal shooter, Rive is a 2D isometric shooter, Starfox will hopefulle be a full 3D rail shooter and Devil's Third is a mix of a Firstperson and a Third Person Shootere ... none of them are "pure" shooters if you follow the direct meaning of "pure".

I think it's the same thing most people think, that the WiiU is a "platformerbox" which is putting all different platformer genres and subgenres in one bag ... It's just wrong ..
I can understand if someone dosn't like some games and is cautious when it comes to the genre these games belong to, but just putting every game inside an entire genre aside because some games inside a subgenre are not to your liking is ... not good.

You are right though, that the Nintendo-crowd is apeald by a different kind of shooters than the Xbone/PS4/PC crowds and I hope, that Nintendo is seeing the potential of this genre and is showing how to apeal to the Nintendocrowd and how to make these games commercial successes.



Josaku commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

Don't get me wrong, I hate Dude-Bro shooters like COD/BF ...
I just don't go out of my way to declare something as an dude-bro shooter if it really isn't.

Nintendo's stance on this (and other genres too) can and will influence the way the fanbase will react to games of said genre and only Nintendo can change the minds of those "hardcore Nintendo fans" in changing their stance about a specific genre.

So the simplest thing would be for Nintendo to show their audience what kind of "Shooters" are out ther and how they are different from each other ...

But saying that the Nintendo fanbase altogether seems to just push all different genres inside the "shooter" genre under the rug is a bit too much if you ask me.
The 3DS saw the release of multiple FPS games like Moonchrionicles or Iron Fall or even Tom Clancy's Ghost Reacon - Shadow Wars.
And all of them were well recieved by critics and Fans alike.
The WiiU is kind of a different beast, it had some ports of successfull shooters in the beginning, but new ones wern't coming to the system ... you could argue, that they skipped WiiU because of the sales of the games, but I think it was more because of the abysmall first 1,5 years of console sales which made big 3rd partys somewhat afraid to release their games on the system ... during these first 1,5 years nothing sold exceptionally and even the games that sold good were later seen as failures (Zombie U).
I think, that Splatoon could be the first step towards changing this, because I think Nintendo has seen how big and diverse the "Shooter" genre can be and that they themselfs have a spot to fill within this divers genre. So if they are able to make a comercial success out of splatoon and another more realistic shooter an the WiiU even some third partys could be bothered giving the WiiU another shot and the fans themselfs would see what the word "shooter" can mean.

So I think, that everything regarding the Nintendo fanbase and "shooters" is up to Nintendo ... The hardcore fans will not go against Nintendo because to them Nintendo can't do wrong ... The more lenient fanbase who actually are more open minded than they seem just don't know what "shooters" can be and the casual crowd is mostly on PS4 anyways these days ....



Josaku commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

I really loved the Borderlands games!
I think the main problem is, that the entire "Shooter"genre is extremely diverse, because even games like Skyrim can be counted into it when played in First Person. So if someone dosn't like COD/BF he is emidiatly turned off by most of the genres inside the "shooter" genre just because COD/BF are the most known (everybody knows them and either loves of hates them)

I personally really don't like the grey-brown military shooter games, but liked FC4 and Borderlands the presequal. I personally don't know the "shooter"genre in and out because there wern't any games that I saw which interested me for a long time. But since I began following gaming news I found more and more games that look appealing which technically are "shooters".

The Problem with the Nintendo community is essentially Nintendo's stance on rated M games during the GC and Wii era. They took the Kiddy image from the SNES/N64 era and just went with it .... as if it completly described them ... This is hurting them good now.

Nintendo has to step up and promote good "shooters" coming to their consoles so the community sees how diverse this genre can be so they won't be so out of touch with it and the industry.
But first, they need to change the way they look at youtube and howthey do their advertisment, because "Word of mouth" can only go so far and will not be enough for the N3DS/WiiU or any future console they make. They need to take advantage of old and new media in a way every consumer can inform himself/herself about what's going on in the world Nintendo without being a hassle to deal with.



Josaku commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

I don't think, that you can throuw games like COD/FC/GoW into the same bad as this, because all those other games are shooters which make the playing character a person, with gears of war being a TPS which is something entirely different than this.
This game seams to be a space shooter or something like Forasaken 64, Starfox or even Ace Combat. You'r controlling a ship as far as I could see it.

This dose not mean, that your point dosn't stand about FPS/TPS games and the "Hardcore" Nintendo Fanbase which seams to be mainly ignorant about these 2 genres.
All I wanted to say is, that this game dosn't compare to COD/etc and that it could be a hit on the WiiU if it got a spot in an Nintendo Direct, which seems possible if the game is coming to the WiiU and looks good. They seem to include many indiegames if they are promising.

On another note, I myself am not a fan of FPS games and I really don't like the COD/GF games, but I would never judge a game and say that it is not worth my time before I actually tried it and that includes FPS/TPS games.
That's how I found my absolute favorite FPS game to date "Tribes Ascend" ^^"



Josaku commented on Video: Nintendo Promotes Mario Party 10 in New...:

Somehow this game killed all interest I had for it with the announcment of "No classic mode" ....
I really don't know if I'm gonna get this game eventually ... The whole cart-mechanic and 4 against 1 gameplay instead of 4 player free for all is just not my cup of tea...