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Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility", Bucharest Studio to Make "Good Use" of the System

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We wanted to be ambitious with it, be able to go full-on"

We suspect the name Watch_Dogs will prompt a similar reaction from some Wii U owners as Rayman Legends, and not in a positive way for Ubisoft. The company's decision to delay the Wii U version to arrive after other platforms unsurprisingly didn't go down well, so confirmation of a 27th May release on other systems will have brought no joy to Nintendo gamers.

No window has even been given for the Wii U iteration, though senior producer Dominic Guay has told Polygon only that a 2014 release is a "possibility", which hardly fills us with confidence. He also explained, however, that the Bucharest team responsible for the Wii U version — all other builds have been developed primarily by teams in Montreal — has been given the responsibility of utilising the Wii U's capabilities and its GamePad.

We don't have a specific ship date for it yet so it's considered within the year. So we're going to look at that and we're going to let people know as soon as we figure out an exact date for it.

We have our studio in Bucharest working on it, and we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it. It's also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn't want to delay all the other platforms for that one. So we're going to take the time we need to make sure the game is good (technically) when we ship it and that it also, game design-wise, makes good use of the specifics of the Wii U.

I mean, for our game, when we play with everything being connected, we need to make smart use of it. And also, the Wii U came along at some point in our production, so it planned through for it, and now to a certain extent we wanted to be ambitious with it, be able to go full-on and make full use of the platform. That's why we're taking more time, but it's being worked on so that's good.

Guay did also highlight, however, that there were technical challenges in bringing the game to the Wii U. As has often been highlighted the Wii U is a capable machine, but its architecture does have a different setup to other systems, adding an extra degree of challenge for teams used to Sony and Microsoft hardware.

It wasn't running on Wii U initially. They were the perfect team to do it. Our Bucharest studio is super strong, super strong engineers and I was impressed by how quickly they got to get the game running on the console. And they were so autonomous in doing it. Obviously we're communicating and we're working together, but they were so quick and smart in doing it, it still made sense for them to keep ownership. Obviously they're using the same game content, so they're not building other game content. It's the same game content that we'll adapt for the needs of the specific needs of Wii U. But at the core, same game, but they made all the technical adjustments for it.

While undoubtedly positive that the game will utilise the Wii U's interface and controller in potentially clever ways, we'd suggest that at this stage these comments act primarily as damage control. As we've argued in editorials previously, the delay will hamper the chances of the Wii U iteration further, especially as those desperate to play it will likely blink and pick it up for another system; Wii U-only owners, meanwhile, may in some cases resent the wait. The absence of a release window beyond '2014' is also a concern. Those issues aside, the style and themes of this game could undoubtedly fit well with the GamePad and features such as Miiverse.

Where do you stand on Watch_Dogs for Wii U and Dominic Guay's statements?


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TromboneGamer said:

And unfortunately it won't make a lick of difference in the sales the wii u version will have, yet I will likely be one of the relatively few picking it up for the system.



Gerbwmu said:

if the delay is truly to make good use of the hardware and gamepad then I can't wait to see it but I will be patient and wait for the Wii U version to hit the eshop or store shelves. I think some info on a guessed release date would help though. The longer they go without sharing the info the more likely everyone will buy it for another platform and the worse sales will be for their extra effort.



jrob23 said:

more spin. love them. they won't see a dime from me. love how they pawn it off to a sister studio. chumps
Watch the profanity, please — TBD



johndevine said:

If you want to play watch dogs buy a ps4.

I'm not convinced about thos game at all. I'll be impressed if Ubisoft pull off a good game.

Its already a cert for sales I think. Its got way over hyped.



BigH88 said:

I better be blown away by the way they plan to "utilize" the gamepad to cause the delay. I'll wait Ubi, I'll wait...



eaglebob345 said:

I would get if if it comes with ALL of the DLC, to make up for the lack of caring about Wii U owners. Think about it: why not delay the last generation versions and focus on the new three?



Chomposaur said:

Damn it's clear as crystal that ubisoft don't want to invest in the Wii U. Pushing it over to another studio to port the game is proof. Give up the ghost buy this game on another platform. I know I will

Releasing this game out on a later date is just sending it out to die, most Wii U owners own a second system anyways

It's colonial marines all over again



Yoshi said:

Just better not hear them gripe and complain about how the Wii U version didn't sell that well....



yvanjean said:

High percentage of WiiU owner own a Microsoft / Sony console by the time the game release on WiiU for full retail price, Watch Dog will be available in the bargain bin on other consoles. Ubisoft will then blame Nintendo and Nintendo fan base for the game bombing on the WiiU.



eaglebob345 said:

I still think they killed off some of their hype with a six month delay, but an additional six month delay for Wii U owners is basically suicide. Guess Ubisoft couldn't get it up and running (Watch_Dogs, a new game), but they sure got AC up and running (tired yearly game).



Shiryu said:

Good, about time someone stepped up and explain us why the delay, why it will take time and why we will get a better overall product in he end.



yvanjean said:

If only Ubisoft release this game in June/July period were there hardly any WIIU release. I could live with a two month or less delay. I'll be playing Mario Kart 8 anyways in May.



noctowl said:

@johndevine why? My ps3, 360, and wii u(if it doesn't get cancelled altogether) can run the game fine. I don't need to go drop 400 on a multiplatform game.



schizor said:

I might just wait for the Wii U version, though it's hard for me to see why I should do so. But in the end the Wii U needs the fans support atm. But one thing is for sure. If Watch Dogs on Wii U sucks as much as the rest of the multiplatform 3rd Pgames these past 6 months, this might just be the last straw.



Peach64 said:

Huh, maybe someone should have told the game's creative director Jonathan Morin as he's been telling Eurogamer an altogether different story.

"The one casualty in all of this is the game's Wii U version. Nintendo's low install base makes work on its struggling home console an easy choice for re-prioritising.

"It's been paused," Morin states of the Wii U build, "which means delayed.

"There were some very talented programmers working on it and, when we started to point at the things we needed to fix, we needed those guys and their experience. It was a logical choice to say - let's get those people, let's pause the Wii U thing, let's make sure the experience is where we wanted to be.

Once other versions are done, "then Wii U can get back into place," he concludes."



Mask0Gears said:

If it's going to be "better" It better come with some compensation for the wait. Maybe a Designer's Cut?



audiobrainiac said:

Well this is still welcome news, even i'm still sour about the delay. This game better WOW ME Ubisoft. It better wow me.



unrandomsam said:

@johndevine Thief was massively hyped as well. Ideal situation it completely bombs. Ubisoft leaves the Wii U. (Even better Ubisoft collapses - all the pieces go to publishers with less contempt for their customers.)



Senario said:

It doesn't matter to me anymore considering they are delaying only the Wii U version. They didn't give the same courtesy with rayman by delaying all versions.



shauntu said:

I am fine with the delay if the end result is good... but the price point of the eventual release needs to make sense with the price point of the other versions at that point in time... no releasing if for $60 while other versions are available for $30 by that point...



SetupDisk said:

This actually makes sense. If the Wii U actually picks up sales after Kart and Brawl they would be able to release it on Wii U with larger install base. If the release is too early they will lose all the early sales to other systems anyway.

If they release the game at the sweet spot of too early for a game of the year edition on other systems as well as include some or all DLC and include some worthwhile features it could sell well. If it released same day as the other versions it is impossible not to flop anyway



AlternateButtons said:

Sounds like good news to me! Seems like they're really taking there time to assure the Wii U port is a good value for Wii U owners by not sweeping the Gamepad under the rug like most Third Party Publishers would. I'll definitely pick up the game when it releases. I just hope it sells well....



Tsurii said:

Same exact situation as with Rayman (for me)...I wanted it ,but there's stuff I know I'll enjoy a lot more than the Ubi game, that's released at the same time. (well..with Shovel Knight and NES Remix 2 a bit earlier, but I won't have enough time for those 2, MK8 AND Watch_Dogs, Watch_Dogs for me)



Zach said:

I can think of all the Rare games that were delayed on N64 for good reasons and turned out to be classics because of them. So, I can wait, if the gamepad will truly be well-utilized. Thanks, Ubisoft? @unrandomsam Probably not a good idea to wish for the closure of a company considering that's basically hoping for a lot of people to lose their jobs...



marko said:

Fine by me take all the time you need Ubisoft,
I will be playing mariokart 8 in the mean time and if you produce a positive game, I'll jump in.



TrueWiiMaster said:

"we didn't want to delay all the other platforms for that one"
That didn't bother them with Rayman Legends...



siavm said:

The wii u version was only shown for a few seconds in a nintendo direct last year. And no gamepad use has been shown. The game was supposed to come out last year and still nothing on the wii u version other than this and maybe it cancelled articles. I don't think they can use the gamepad for anything other than a menu and off tv play. And by the time it comes out the other versions may already have their prices dropped. If so one wants to save third party games on wii u with this go ahead. I will cancel my wii u preorder on amazon. I may just wait to I get a ps4 to get this game.



GalacticMario28 said:

This won't make any real difference in terms of sales and drawing third parties to the Wii U, but at least it sounds like decent news for the few who actually plan to get this game on the Wii U.



YorkshireNed said:

well, seen as how I won't have a Wii U for a few months yet and won't be buying no Xbox/PS4 nonsense, then this one will be a sale for me if it is any good



luke88 said:

I'll wait and certainly buy it for wii u if the reviews are good; not entirely optimistic about reviews for any platform though.



DESS-M-8 said:

I'll be getting it. Ubisoft make stron games for the wii u and are one of the only developers to actually develop FOR the wii u. Zombi U and Rayman legends make excellent use of the game pad and watchdogs looks an interesting new IP with massive potential for the gamepad.
I'll be day one buying it....... Unless they pull their £56.99 stunt again as I felt the pain of investing in splinter cell in that price only to see it less than half the price in under 3 months.
£49.99 or under, I'll get it.



Sidewinder said:

@eaglebob345 The old generations were started before the Wii U one. The Wii U one wouldn't be ready in time no matter which studio focused on it. Read the darn article.



edhe said:

If it doesn't release this year at least (let alone within 2 months of the others), it will bomb.



Falchion said:

I am more likely to buy it on a delay. Because MK8 is coming out three days later, so i wouldnt have bought it right away anyway.



WingedSnagret said:

Yeah, yeah just keep feeding us lies Ubisoft. We all know this version is going to get cancelled before long.



therick112 said:

this is why the third party support on nintendo systems sucks. they give us a substandard port, and then wonder why we don't buy it!!



TDS_Computer said:

Come on, Ubisoft... you really need to stop dissing a company that has put a lot of $ in your pockets. Let's Dance has done quite nicely for you on Nintendo Consoles, so show us some love by putting some effort into your New Nintendo games. Was the Rayman fallout not a big enough sign?



cusman said:

Whatever, I switched my Wii U pre-order for Watch_Dogs to the PS4 after it slipped the November, 2013 release.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Why are people complaining they farmed it out? Nearly every Wii U port has had its own team separate to the main dev. Ubi ended up needing the Wii U team to finish the game and the Wii U version so they can't be that bad a team!

@unrandomsam like EA?



burninmylight said:

I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and take his word for it. I'll patiently wait for reviews on the Wii U version, and if it turns out to be good, Ubisoft will have my money.



rjejr said:

I understand PS4 and X1 are basically built on the same PC architecture, but they also managed to get this done at the same time for Xbox360 and PS3 - so that's 5 different versions of the game (counting PC) they managed to finish all at the same time, so unless the Wii U is made by spacemen it's all just lies. The game was supposed to be out in Nov, they can't port it on time to Wii U in 6 months? Fire the lot of them.

And for those who say sales won't matter whether it releases the same time or later - that's just nonsense. Of course it would sell better on the Wii U if it released May 27 of this year then next. Less than the other platforms but people WOULD have bought this for their Wii U on May 27, but some will buy it on other platforms while they wait. Plus who knows if it ever really comes out on Wii U at all, why wait?



AceTrainerBean said:

I hope the Wii U version turns out good. I would hate if it was just a quick port and the gamepad is never utilized.



gatorboi352 said:

I love how people are saying this will hurt the Wii U sales. Like it was every going to sell good in the first place. Even before the delay I cannot count how many times I read "well I have a Wii U but I'll be picking this game up on my PS3/4/Xbox instead."

Plus, Blacklist and AC4 dropped for Wii U day and date with the other consoles and both sold like crap. Actually, everything outside of Rayman sold like crap, and that one was the most atrocious delay!



nik1470 said:

If the quailty is as good as blag flag I'll get it. But if its as buggy as blacklist they can do one!



CanisWolfred said:

This is the version I'd get anyways, so I hope they do a good job with it. They can take their time as far as I care.



GamerGleek47 said:

In other words, they'll release when the interest of this game is long gone and they will stop supporting Wii U because of bad sales. And they didn't wanted to delayed the other platforms because of Wii U?? Isn't that a little hipocrict from your part Ubi?
I'm still concerned about how much this will affect Mario Kart 8 sales and possible Wii U buyers will no longer care once this is out.

Sorry Ubisoft, until you give a release date not too far away from May and confirm DLC support and online, I will not be interested.



Tony_342 said:

I had this game pre-ordered on Wii U, but I cancelled it after the delay. I may still wait for the Wii U version, I don't know. If I do buy the PS4 version, though, I will be buying it used so that it doesn't count towards the sales numbers and Ubisoft gets none of the profit from my purchase. I would have gladly bought it brand new on Wii U.



Ultrasyd said:

@Chomposaur They often have different studios working on different machine. Bucarest already developed Assassin's Creed IV. One of my friend who works at Ubisoft was coding on Assassin's Creed IV, but only for some machines, not all. So I don't think it's a bad sign here, they did that already.



JudgeMethos said:

Well, I wanted this for the PS4 anyway but the Wiii U has long been on my mind. May be one of those cases where I'll support both systems because the thought of doing some cool secret poopoodoodoodoggiepooples on that Gamepad has my interest big time!



dumedum said:

This all sounds great to me. Sure it will hurt their sales but it will make the game more enjoyable to me. More Game Pad features = more fun for me.



SanderEvers said:

I really lost any intrest I had in this game. Ubisucks does it again. First with rayman legends and now this?



Josaku said:

I think, that I will buy Watch Dogs on WiiU when it is released and I hope they utilise the gamepad as much as possible, otherwise Ubisoft should consider the "low sales on the WiiU itteration" as self-inflicted and not clain that it would be the WiiU's fault.




Just Imagine if this ends up using the gamepad as good as a game like deus ex ?

That's worth the wait in my opinion, "Oh, but the PS4 version will have better graphics"

Whatever, fact of the matter is neither PS4 or X1 have shown us anything graphics wise that has blown us away, so I highly doubt watch_dogs will be that game.

And I don't think this game will be cancelled, they still have the Wii U logo in the trailer and are probably close to finishing it. I never once saw the Wii U logo on any aliens CM poster or trailer which makes me doubt if the game was ever even started on to begin with.



Jazzer94 said:

Possible 2014 release.............yeah I'm starting to get the vibe we won't be seeing a Wii U version.



element187 said:

@johndevine Why would someone buy a PS4 to play watch dogs when it will be VASTLY superior even on a low-end budget gaming PC. (1080p/60fps vs Sub-1080p and less than ~30fps typical on Sony/Microsoft hardware)



yoko19191 said:

So it's so they can improve the game to fit the Wii U's hardware better (if they aren't lying)? I guess I'd rather have a delayed and complete game instead of a rushed and unfinished game...



vattodev said:

Well, from may to "2014 is a possibility" I wonder how they are going to justify charging full price for a half an year old game. By that time, unless Watch_Dogs is really a hit, the game will be selling for $30 on ps3.



tanookisuit said:

Translation they're delaying the game until sometime this year so they can put in some forced touch, gyro and mic(sound) mini games in there to muck up the smoother flow of the game and create awkward situations to best utilize the system. Yeah, that's some real confidence inspiring stuff there. The moment they decided to release this thing months later than every other version I took it off my buy list and this helps cement some good reasoning for it by throwing in chimpy controller specific torments.



SCAR said:

Xbox 360/PS3 = 1 version
Xbox One/PS4 = 1 version

Wii U will probably be based off of the 7th gen version, but obviously with the GamePad mechanics. There's technically 3 versions, with one being based on one or the other. There isn't 5 versions. There's 3 at most, because Xbox and PS always share games.



FritzFrapp said:

Seeing how pants it looks on PS4 I'd say at least there's a miniscule chance it may end up as half decent with a different dedicated team on the Wii U.



Ic3pick039 said:

I'm gonna wait it out and depending on how they utilize the gamepad ill pick it up or not other wise the wait for nothing we end up with ibis oft receiving nothing from me



JaredJ said:

I have the Wii U version pre ordered. Considering switching to the PS3 version.



JustinH said:

So, good news: Bucharest did great things with the GamePad with Zombi U.

Bad news: Bucharest did awful, awful things with the graphical capabilities of the Wii U with Zombi U.



electrolite77 said:

I'm not convinced we'll ever see it on Wii U. They'll probably wait and see how it sells on other systems. Has to be said, the latest trailer looks pretty poor. It'd be a shame if it turns out bad given that it's nice to see new IP and something I'd like to support but I've got a bad feeling about this one now....



Jayvir said:

It's a bulluhohdoggeybrowncowpie excuse. I give up caring about this game.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



FritzFrapp said:

For those contemplating it, the PS4 version now looks like: Untitled

The new title should be "Watch_Dogs: The Lost Generation"



Redxzero said:

They can keep this game. If I wanted to watch a man walk around with a cellphone in his hand speaking profanity I would go to the local mall.



Fabs said:

The no May release is a no brainer they don't want to compite with Mario kart, instead, it would be released at a later date and take advantage of the considerable install base growth after MK and SSB.

Now, if they use that time to actually come up with a interesting use of the pad and push the U hardware bit more I wouldn't mind waiting a few more months.

With that being said, I don't feel good with my self having to pay full retail price for a six months old game.....

Unless it comes out as a definitive edition kind of thing.



Nik-Davies said:

Unless they truly pull something out of the bag, it's too late for me.
I'm getting a PS4 now for Arkham Knight, so I'll be picking up Watch_Dogs bundle which has been announced.
Still, there's Mario Kart 8 to look forward to, so I'm not bothered. Just pre-ordered the Limited Edition for it.



gameboy1975 said:

I kinda agree with element. From what I have seen of it thus far, it's not that marvelous graphically. Definitely don't see a need to buy a new machine for Watchdogs. The device that we are using to discuss the title at this very moment is probably adequate enough.

On the topic though, I was mildly interested at first, but really the shafting that is being given to those that wanted to experience it on Wii U is getting a little bothersome. I may just say fark the game altogether & give my hard earned $$$ to someone who seems to actually want it & respect me a bit more as a potential consumer. That or spend it on something else that entertains or intrigues me. However, I am not that stubborn that if they live up to their word that I would not give it a go on the Wii U if it turns out nicely, utilizes the gamepad well & still pique's the interest.



PinkSpider said:

And people wonder why the Wii U games arnt selling releasing them months after the other consoles.
The Wii U is now a first party and indie platform for me now, im sick of these lazy excuse making third party developers



redivgamer90 said:

If Ubisoft see small sales on Wii U they won't be able to blame Nintendo, they will have to blame themselves for their own decisions.

(I apologies for any grammatical mistake)



Sir_Deadly said:

As long as we dont see the word "CANCELLED" come up, I am good. I am hoping they are serious and this game will be great on Wii U. Ill probably get it on Wii U because i will not own a Next Gen console because there aren't any games out for the consoles yet or by the time this game comes out. I have more games on wii u then there are games out for the next gen consoles.



Spleetal said:

In all reality I think it's a good idea for Ubisoft, by the time they've released it smash bros and Mario kart will both of been released so the console sales will be at least a little bit better. With the delay though it makes sense not to release it month or two after the other versions come out, because if they release it late this year or early next year people will be more for getting it again if it turns out a good game. Peoplele wouldn't want to buy it on a different console then next month or two buy it again, but if it's almost a year later and it's released people will be more into playing it again since it's been a while, plus the install base will be bigger. Either release it right along the rest of the versions or wait a while so people will be more up to buying it again or for the first time.



eaglebob345 said:

@Sidewinder Yes, I got that. I said "focus on the new ones", meaning delay the PS3 and XB360 versions, so that all five console version release at the same time, parity in releases. They had a six month delay and the game was STILL NOT DONE. Something doesn't quite add up: Does that mean that in their original release window the Wii U version was not even close to being finished, and that the BS about finishing touches was a lie?



DreamOn said:

The project might be overbaked. Sounds like with the pressure to guarantee sales they have been second guessing the effectiveness of certain gameplay elements in the finished product.

That "AAA" pressure to score a billion bucks or shut down, it ain't sustainable.



unrandomsam said:

@SCAR392 The PC version will be another version because of the Nvidia partnership Ubisoft has - means they have to artificially downgrade on AMD. (And they are the type of company who does that sort of thing even if releasing the PS4/Xbone version unchanged would be easier).



ModernMARVEL said:

I'll still get it, if my uncle doesn't pick it up for his ps4. "Probably" 2014, c'mon, I had really high hopes for this...



unrandomsam said:

@SCAR392 Both of the PS4 / Xbone are ATI - Ubisoft always makes those Nvidia - Way it is meant to be played games which means they need to use all the Nvidia specific stuff. (So it works best on Nvidia) unchanged it will work best on ATI. They are always going on about how great their Nvidia partnership is.



SCAR said:

I understand.

Like others have pointed out, it's interesting that this was announced to be released last November, then pushed back 6 months, then pushed back even longer for Wii U. They either did or didn't do something to cause this delay.



Daemonite said:

Yesterday, i sold my WiiU+games to buy a PS4, because of games like this and the announcement of Arkham Knight. I seriously doubt this game won't be cancelled. Sorry to say this, but i really hope Nintendo is working on a 'true' next-gen console, cause this is getting sad.



DStroke said:

They should work faster cause in 6 or more months after releasing it on other plattforms, nobody wants that game anymore on Wii U, so the will loose more money. Nearly same thing with Rayman. Bad descision!
Yeah it is a sad thing @Daemonite, but we will get and already got very got Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games



Superryanworld said:

It's something positive.People saying that 3rd party's are lazy is just lame.There is simply not enough of a wii u install base for
a software company to justify investing cash on a game that may not pay off.Great third party games like mad world sold poorly on the wii,and that can also make a company think twice to release software on a platform.I still believe that smash bros and mariokart could turn this problem around though.



Daemonite said:

@DStroke I agree, there have been great 1st party games. But when i bought the WiiU on release day, i didn't buy it 'just' to play 1st party games... they promised a close collaboration with 3rd party developers at E3. A collaboration that no longer exists only a year later. And that's just bad management on Nintendo's part, no matter how you look at it.



tovare said:

I'ts cool that the do a proper adaptation to the wii u rather than a straight port. I'm looking forward to it and holding out for the wii u version. Awesome gameplay is worth a lot more than slightly better graphics.



DStroke said:

The bigger question is, how could Nintendo turn this around?! I'm not sure MK8 and SSB can do that alone. Sure there will be more consoles in homes, but is it enough for the 3rd parties to say: yeah now there are more consoles out there, let's do something for that! I mean Arkham Knight doesn't come for the not really next gen Wii U



Farmboy74 said:

@Daemonite, you hit the nail on the head with that comment, as a consequence of lack of major third party support I have a PS4 to help balance things out.
Hopefully Watchdogs is delayed on Wii U to avoid Mario Kart. I can wait for the reviews to come in and to see what the gamepad integration is like on the Wii U.



MeddlingIdiot said:

I personally don't mind waiting for this as long as the Gamepad is being utilised properly. Deus Ex certainly benefited from having the touch screen implemented and Watch Dogs seems kind of similar to that game. So yeah, if it's going to be worth the wait, then so be it.



IronMan28 said:

If it comes out on Wii U, I will probably still buy it. Hopefully it comes to the system and doesn't suck.



GunstarHero234 said:

"I didn't buy it 'just' to play 1st party games...They promised a close collaboration with 3rd party developers at E3. A collaboration that no longer exists only a year later".

You hit it right on the money LOL.



Rafie said:

Well this is good news guys/gals. That means that Watch Dogs won't interfere with MK8 AND that the game isn't cancelled like most of you thought. It's being worked on by developers who will USE the Wii U features to it's advantages. Come on happy!!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@unrandomsam The problem is the Wii U doesn't exactly have too many 3rd parties right now (except for smaller ones). Another one leaving would just turn off more potential buyers. Unfortunately, as we all know that these 3rd parties are the same ones that would then accuse Nintendo for their poor sales. Compounded with the fact that the average gamer seems to believe everything they hear (instead of doing actual research) this would just cause more harm than good.



Psyclone said:

@Rafie I'm with you on that, happy that they are gonna putsome effort on the Wii U version, I don't mind the wait.



DStroke said:

I hope that they can pull of the ultimate version, so it would be better than the others, not in graphics but in gameplay. Just like everyone said Rayman Legends Wii U is the best version of all the others.



JaxonH said:

I don't mind the wait. We'll appreciate it whenever it comes, whether that be now or two years from now.

Personally, I'm either buying this game on Wii U or I'm not buying it at all. Yes, I could get the PS4 version but, I'm not going to. These kinds of games are a dime a dozen (despite what Captain Hype would have us believe). The only thing that made this game jump out and scream "Buy me!" was the fact it was a game about hacking on a system with a second screen, which seemed like a perfect match for a fun experience. Without that, I really don't think I'm interested enough to play it.



Superryanworld said:

@Ernest_The_Crab There really isn't much research to do if you're a regular at Nintendolife.If there isn't enough wii u's out there third party's won't risk loosing money on the platform regardless of how they feel about the company.



HAL9000 said:

I would rather wait for a version of Watch Dogs that actually uses the Wii U gamepad and is optimized for the hardware. I borrowed Batman: Arkham Origins from library, and was disgusted by how little they used the gamepad compared to Arkham City. I am setting aside my money for the Wii U version after hearing it is optimized for the system. Having the Zombi U team work on it gives me hope as that team made the best use of the gamepad by any company, Nintendo or otherwise, and sold me on the Wii U.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm more interested in what @Peach64 post then the PR spin in this article! I LOL when I read best not to delay the rest over the one.....Really???



FishieFish said:

That's an awful idea.
If people own a Wii U and an other system they'll probably just pick it up for the other system instead of waiting.



element187 said:

The new PS4 trailer for watch dogs shows a significant downgrade.

The whole project is screwed. The PS4 version is nothing more than an uprezzed last gen version..... What we saw at E3 and the PS4 reveal was a target render running on a high end PC.... When Sony delivered the vastly underpowered PS4, Ubisoft had to make MAJOR and SIGNIFICANT downgrades to accommodate the lackluster tech in the PS4



rbmoura85 said:

The gamepad in this game could be really fun and if it comes out looking much better then the ps3 and xbox360 versions, then it would be a big win for looking for this on wii u.



Rafie said:

@element187 Dude you never stop with your hate for Sony. Seriously. So I guess if the PS4 version looks lackluster....what does that say for the rest of the versions outside the PC? Yeah let's not single out one platform and not mention the others.



mostro328 said:

Asst launch is the best opportunity to push copies on the wiiu..if and when it launches on wiiu it will be too matter hope great the wiipad is used it'll be shovelware late entry



JacketsNest101 said:

@Shiryu And given they're track record for making phenomenal games for th Wii U (like every game they have made for the system) it is pretty clear to me that i can trust them when they say they need more time. Still, they should have delayed the release until the Wii U version was ready. I already have it pre-ordered so, for me, sink or swim. i'll enjoy it either way.



Kuksenkov said:

I don't why, but after this whole delay thing, I had a feeling that this game was going to be released on the last week of May, probably even May the 30th...

Another reason to believe Ubisoft knows pretty well what Mario Kart 8 will do... Which is outsell every other Wii U game to date and make the install base grow, which means more consoles sold and better chances at higher sales.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm still holding an interest in this game. I'll only be getting it on Wii U due to the gamepad functionality. If it doesn't come to Wii U in the end then i won't be picking it up. I look forward to challenging myself to kill no one or at least as little people as the game allows. Hopefully it all pans out.



Vallen_Vlijht said:

If they fully utilize the Wii U's power and gamepad, that would be grand! Showing that the Wii U can battle with its current generation rivals instead of making it look like a slightly upgraded version of last generations is a need! Show its power and what the gamepad can do Ubi!



TwilightAngel said:

i dont know no more about getting this now, if the game is a month later maybe. But i have no faith in ubisoft or this game and may 27? I thought they delayed it to get watch dogs to sell more i dont know about if there going to against mario kart 8 if there going to sell well. I would laugh if nintendo changed the release date of mario kart 8 late may to may 27 just to get back to ubisoft nah they wont.



TwilightAngel said:

@Kuksenkov yeah i just posted about that with ubisoft sales against mario kart 8 ,and i dont think ubisoft knows that mario kart 8 will sell like crazy. If mario kart 8 destroys watch dogs, well thats on them or maybe they might delay it again cause they need to polish it more.



Thaswizz said:

The way the release window is refered to makes me believe their may not be a release at all this year. Saddens me too cause Wii u is such a great system and deserves have watchdogs on it! Time will tell. Im just so grateful for the indie scene, nintendo has really got a great hook with all indie DL games.



eaglebob345 said:

@Thaswizz The way they are talking, I am pretty sure they are not even done making the Wii U version of the game. All of that wasted time, and the lies about the game (any version) being ready in November make me skeptical about this game. I hope it is good and I hope they don't wait too long to release it on the Wii U, because the potential sales will be going down quickly.

@JohnRedcorn NOOOO!!! I was kinda looking forward to that game, too... I wish they fixed the Wii U version then launched it and patched the others a lot, to make up for the low quality of that game.

Of course, if it does turn out to be a flaming turd, like Aliens: Colonial Marines, we can pretty much kiss the Wii U version goodbye...



XavandSo said:

I still have my DedSec edition on pre-order. I don't care how long, my Wii U must play it. I've been defending this version from my PS4-owning buddies, who try to persuade me into getting a PS4 for W_D. I don't care how long, I must hold that Watch Dogs game case in my hand and put the disc in my drive. It's more ideological for me, than anything now... I'm 27, but I'm still in petty arguments with other grown adults about ports. It's 1996 all over again.



datamonkey said:

I have a feeling this game isn't going to turn out very well so will wait for reviews before deciding to buy. If I do I'll probably get the PS4 version...



Kolzig said:

Will be looking at this game after the reviews come in, the first trailer was interesting and gave a promise of a hacking game where a hacker turns the system up side down and fights the bad guys like a nerd would, but everything after that has been pointing more towards the game being just another GTA murder simulator, but with hacking minigames implemented in it. At least that's the feeling I've got since the game features a lot of killing and shooting and all that.

I will most likely go the route with this as most modern games and wait for the inevitable Steam sale and buy it for 5€ some day in the future.

It is pretty clear that they will cancel the Wii U version completely or at least not invest as much money into it as it's developed in another studio than the other versions and also that it comes a few months later which basically kills most of the possible sales for the game on the platform.



ArcanineArco said:

I think Ubisoft knew about Mario Kart 8s release date before we did, which made them panic about how well Watch Dogs would do on Wii U because the dates were very close together, which is why I think that it is the reason that only the Wii U version has been delayed and not the others. Obviously I may be wrong, this is just my opinion .^_^.



AJWolfTill said:

If X isn't released this year this is probably the Wii U game I'm most looking forward to this year. Will definately be getting this provided it isn't a disresepectfully broken version of the game. If it is going to be a long time after the other versions I hope they at least bundle in the inevitable DLC which follows.



erv said:

This would either be watch kart or smash dogs. Either way, they need to time things right in order to sell some.



LavaTwilight said:

I'm sorry but this is why the BS these companies give is just that: BS! Rayman was delayed so that it could be released across all platforms at the same time; a decision from higher management. The WiiU version is being delayed, but are the other platforms delayed so they could be released across all platforms at the same time? NO! Why not? Just tell us the truth! It comes down to money and profit and stop feeding us this BS because it tastes like BS! The only problem is if we boycott all studios (other than exclusives) for doing this, we'll buy no games.

That said I'm waiting for the WiiU release before purchasing Watch_Dogs. If it gets axed I'll purchase a PS3 version but only second hand to ensure Ubi don't get any money from it.



ShortSleevedNook said:

I'm loving this decision. Better to make an excellent Wii U port of Watch Dogs and release it later than release some medicore port that doesn't even take advantage of the system's capabilities.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Peach64 cheers dude, usefull read, makes things very clear.
Ubi are lying scumbags and have no idea how to manage pr properly and that people who post in this forum don't click on links, if they had, they wouldn't be bickering like kids but United in frustration. I would like to think the article would have been updated by nl as the REAL story here is the media deception!!



Daemonite said:

Look, people, It's plain and simple: If you make a good product, you don't need apologists to defend your work, it will speak for itself!
So don't target your anger towards 3rd party developers, but rather toward Nintendo itself.
It's not Ubisoft's fault this game got delayed or will possibly even wind up getting cancelled.
By blaming Ubisoft, you're also blaming every other developer for not making (quality) games for the WiiU.
Here's the thing:
Right before the system was released, Nintendo promised many partnerships between the many different developers (at E3, Gamescom,...), and just one year later, practically none of these partnerships are still intact! Now do you really want to blame each and every developer for this OR just Nintendo for it's poor management?!?



Reggaetony said:

Was going to buy this game, but no longer. Sucks because I really wanted to play it, but I'm sure it'll come our full price at least 6 months from may. Won't be picking it up on any other system either.

Oh well. The state of the industry has me alienated from most publishers anyway.



Juma009 said:

Honestly, I was going to but this game, but after hearing about the delay, and now knowing we'll get it almost a year after, I'll keep my $64.20 I'm sure it will be a great game, but by then Mario Kart and possibly smash might be out, all those Indies that look amazing, Teslagrad, princess of light, Pier Solar HD already out on the e-shop, thanks but no thanks,



Gamer83 said:

Given how terrible the PS4 version looks I wish they'd delay that version as well and hand to a team that can more fully utilize the PS4's hardware because Ubisoft should be embarrassed by what it showed the other day.



Kuksenkov said:

@midnafanboy They won't release it on May 28th or 30th... It's "delayed" until further notice. But like I always thought, they backed up from GTA5 and they're doing the same with Mario Kart 8, they know what's good for them.



element187 said:

@Rafie has nothing to do with me.... You Sony fanboys droned on and on how vastly superior watch dogs is going to be on the PS4 and how it's close to the PC and now we find out it's struggling to be passable for a PS3 game.

It's all because the PS4 is crap and Sony is selling it like its high end tech. The Sony fans don't understand a single thing about hardware, so they eat up the PR BS like its skittles



element187 said:

@Gamer83 perhaps the PS4 just isn't as powerful as Sony claimed. Their claims of 1.8 teraflops is impossible. My 1.5 teraflop GPU plays Assassins Creed 4 in full 1080p/60fps. The PS4 struggles to hold to 28fps..... It wouldn't be the first time Sony embellished on the power of their new console. At the PS3 reveal they claimed the ps3 would perform at 1 teraflops. It barely reached 17% of that.



element187 said:

@gamer83 killzone was designed from the ground up with the tablet CPU in mind(it still didn't reach the reveal quality). Watch Dogs was designed with a standard CPU



element187 said:

@banacheck not at all. I'm just enjoying the butthurt with all the boasting that has gone on about how superior WD on PS4 will be and now the end results look like a PS3 game



Gamer83 said:


Killzone is still a good looking game though. This is trash, I won't comment on the X1 version because we haven't seen it, I'd guess it's the same but who knows. If it is, both versions should be scrapped and given to an outside team like the Wii U version was. There's no reason this game shouldn't look better. It looks like a low-end PS3 game, that is utterly ridiculous.



Gamer83 said:


This also confirms what I worried about with every successive showing after the reveal and what I was really concerned about after I saw it demoed last summer. The game just doesn't seem that good in all aspects. Story has potential I guess but this is looking like a 6/10 that when it was initially shown off seemed awesome.



Rafie said:

@element187 Hehehe boy ol boy. Sony fanboy, eh? It's almost too easy to insult you by how ignorant you come off. You're not even worth it. Oh I will say this, if I'm a Sony fanboy (although I have a Wii U and an Xbox One), then what does that make you? Ponder on that before you go off calling everyone else fanboys. Nintendo needs to come down and give you a hug. You really sound desperate to throw Sony under the's almost laughable.



Superryanworld said:

@element187 When 360 came out its initial batch of games where slightly better ports of Xbox games.As time goes on games will look better,as has always been the case.Does it matter that wii u is less powerful than a ps4&x-1?Does it matter that a pc will always have better hardware under the hood?If pc is the best way to go I'm not even sure why a website dedicated to consoles is of any interest to that type of gamer.



Senario said:

@Rafie To be fair to him, besides his Sony fanboy comment the rest is pretty solid. Sony currently (and to a lesser extent microsoft) have this engine of hype and PR that insists that specs and technology are the most important. While simultaneously claiming that their machines are top grade, when that simply isn't true. It would be foolish to think that the PS4 is selling so much on the merit of it's currently released games and say that their misleading marketing had nothing to do with it. Their commercials have no gameplay footage and mention no games for one. The games that are out are kinda average and nothing really is a system seller, and according to the internet you need more than one game to be a system seller to buy the system. So assuming we hold all consoles to the same standard, there simply aren't enough system sellers out for the newer consoles besides Wii U mainly because of a head start. Secondly, consumers just suck up paying 50$+ a year to play online which is several hundred over the course of the lifespan of a console. It doesn't matter that you get "free games" because it is more of a rental, and thus aren't really free.

What I think everybody should take from this is that discrediting a PC gamer's opinion because they play PC makes you no better than anybody else who discredits somebody because of their preference. Power should be tossed aside as an argument for anything console related being better because it isn't a very good measure of anything. What matters right now is exclusives and generally, Sony and Microsoft are kinda lacking in that area. And it'll only get worse as they get closer and closer to PC because for developers it will be exceedingly easy to have a PC version as well. PC parts only get cheaper over time and in the long run it is more cost effective, parts don't need upgrading at all until there is a new generation of consoles. And in some cases, you won't need to upgrade for two or more gens because of your initial investment. Oh and Graphics are hitting a plateau where any visual difference is really just splitting hairs. New graphics with more pixels look cool for about 5 minutes then you get used to it and it isn't special anymore. The difference between 720 and 1080p is decently hard to notice and I'm sure that 1080 -> 4k really will not matter. A bigger indication of a game's quality in terms of technical stuff is frame rate.

@Superryanworld Slight misconception. The reason the games started looking better is because people learned more about the architecture and how to use it to make great looking games. The problem with the new consoles is that since their architecture is very much PC like, you won't see a huge huge jump in graphics quality this time around. This is also partly due to the plateau for how good you can make a game look. Most console sites are useless to PC gamers but if the PC gamer also happens to like Nintendo stuff then the site is useful, mainly because all of their stuff is EXCLUSIVE. I see no contradiction here in why he is here if he is a PC gamer.

Edit: On topic, if they had extended the same courtesy to the Wii U version that they did when they made Rayman Legends multiplat I may have considered getting it on Wii U this time because of the gamepad options that you can't get with PC. Sadly, I just don't think it is worth my time or money anymore on any of the platforms I own with it on it. Maybe a long time later when it is on extreme sale.



Action51 said:

@Senario wrote: "Graphics are hitting a plateau where any visual difference is really just splitting hairs. New graphics with more pixels look cool for about 5 minutes then you get used to it and it isn't special anymore."

Not just that, but also the COST of producing and rendering graphics of higher quality is a perfect example of diminishing returns. This is why so many of the big triple A developers (SCEA, Irrational Games, THQ, Disney Interactive) are laying off hundreds of people and shutting down studios.

These games are getting bigger budgets then blockbuster films, and they need to sell tens of millions to make back development and promotional costs.

Back on topic:
I'm just tired of Ubisoft and most other third party developers at this point. They have abandoned Nintendo so quickly after mostly trying to pawn off low quality ports and late to the table games that I'm just not that interested in their buggy, rushed, incomplete games that try to needle me to bankruptcy with DLC that SHOULD be part of the already short and uninspired game.

I'm much more excited at what's coming from smaller and independent studios these days. I can pass on another samey Arkham or Assassin's Creed game. I'll take my Mario, Zelda, Wonderful 101 and whatever Renegade Kid and WayForward can dream up!

PS: Not just being bitter because I don't have the consoles to play these PC is superior to a PS4 and XB1, and can run almost anything in full 1080p without compromising any settings...and still most of these new games don't interest me. I find myself playing mostly older games and indie games on my PC and first party Nintendo games on Wii U.



Superryanworld said:

@Senario I can't argue with your point.Visuals won't have the impact that they did last gen,and it shouldn't be a selling point to begin with.Anyone who is a Nintendo supporter regardless of also enjoying pc&other consoles has the right to voice their thoughts.Saying Im a console gamer and not pc is just as bad as being a biased fanboy,so thanks for the perspective on things.



Anneke said:

Still no trailers or videos of gameplay... I bet that at the last minute they are going to change the date again.
I was very interested in this game but not anymore. When this releases I will have other games to play.



Rafie said:

@Senario No I can't be fair to him at all. Why listen to someone's opinion on what he "thinks" of the other consoles when he doesn't even have them, and that's apparent. If you can't mitigate your opinion on something without bashing another, then you lose all credibility as far as debates is concerned. This isn't the first time he's done this. I don't know why you're taking his side, then again, I don't care about sides anyway.

You Senario also kind of have a thing against Sony. We spoke about this before, remember? Although I will admit that you're more subtle (element187) and do bring some some good points, I have to argue some of them.

Quick question, how is Sony misleading the market? I mean seriously answer that with objectivity. They said everything right to win over the consumer. No there isn't a game out yet that is a system seller. I'll admit that. Neither was the Wii U when it launched and I STILL bought it on launch day. Another thing, Sony has announced a ton of games. More so than Nintendo. How could you say that? In the 4 months it's been out, the PS4 has more games than the Wii U has when it launched. Go ahead and compare. If the games are average to you, then okay. Anyone can say the same thing about the Wii U when it launched...easily. Would I argue that topic...NO! Why? Because it's purely up to the consumer on what the deem as average or good. Lots of gamers don't like the The Last Of Us although it's critically acclaimed and is a good game. It's okay if they don't like it. Same thing with Pikmin 3. Some gamers didn't like that game either, although it's a great game. I've heard both of those games mentioned as "average or mediocre" because it wasn't their cup of tea. Now as far as the PS Plus is conerned. I could say the same thing about MS. Last gen they had to pay to play online and couldn't use any other app without have Live Gold. Paying for that subscription to play online is RENTING. No difference, except this time you're getting more stuff this gen with free games across 3 platforms. Rag on it all you want, but that's stellar. Nobody else is offering that.

PC gamers always rag on console gamers and have the elitist demeanor when anything comes or their news with console gamers. Everyone knows a PC can't be trumped. Okay, we get that. However, if the PC gamer's opinion is nothing more than just what they read on the internet and their "vast" knowledge on what they know about their own specs...then why take their opinion if they don't own any other platform? That's what separates the objectivity and bias gamers here. Yes because I have all consoles that I play extensively on, I can make an impartial statement to either of them and I have. I'm on a Nintendo site because I LOVE Nintendo games. I also go to Microsoft and Sony sites because I love their games as well. To say that Sony is lacking in exclusives is ridiculous. I mean really ridiculous. Look how many franchises they have. Even MS has a few. If you're talking about 8th gen, then okay.

Now you're claim on the 720 vs 1080p couldn't be more wrong, in my opinion. You could certainly tell the difference in quality between them. Granted, the difference isn't that huge of a jump but it's still there. Now I won't argue at all that it matters. It really doesn't. The games matter. So I can agree on that. I also don't care for the 30-60fps. As long as I can play a game with little to no issues, then I'm game!

I want you to know that I'm not attacking you on your opinion. I actually respect your opinion and you did bring some valid points. One more thing I'll add is that I just got into PC gaming, but I don't have a gaming rig yet. I'll soon be getting one that will put the specs of the CONSOLES yes all 3 current gen consoles to shame. However, I won't go into console dedicated sites and boast how much better it is compared to the consoles. That would be arrogant and downright rude. Someone on this site said to the other day, " I play the games, I don't play the consoles"! That was one of the realest quotes I've heard from a gamer. Everyone should take heed to that.



Senario said:

@Rafie You asked for it. Marketing and really anything used to persuade people is not about what you say, it is about what people HEAR. What the Wii U had at launch is a red herring argument as it has no bearing on the topic of how sony's smoke and mirrors marketing is working. It doesn't matter what the Wii U had at launch anymore because we are not comparing launches. What sony said at E3 is, "True next gen" "No DRM" "Multimedia machine". What they said in their marketing "Experience Greatness" (Which makes you wonder, what greatness? They hardly elaborate on it). And what they said concerning games "Look at all these games being released LATER." What people heard was "Not Xbox One, The console is really great(with no evidence beyond specs most consumers don't understand but cite endlessly), and "We have all these games that are system sellers!"(and ignoring that they probably won't be out till 2015 and NOT exclusive, KH and FF15) And I know this because I work with language on a day to day basis including political language as well as marketing and how people use them to sway others.

When concerning yourself with online fees, it is also fairly irrelevant that Microsoft Did it last gen and the gen before that because what the argument was is that consumers should NOT ignore that they are paying a lot of money for a service over the span of a console in an era where Online is very vital. The "Free" stuff you mention is not really free, not anymore free than paying for to have your car washed and getting a free waxing. You don't get to keep the game when it goes off rotation either.

On the topic of you need to OWN a console to have an opinion on it. Well that isn't true, loads of people have an opinion on PCs and their concerns are valid in some cases such as worries about assembly and installing drivers/OS. The same goes for anybody else who has an opinion one way or another about something. I could say I don't like Fox news because I feel they are biased beyond recognition and twist the truth too far. Sure, I don't watch Fox news but that doesn't make my opinion that much less valid. Although that is only for those who absolutely haven't played the consoles. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and have played the PS4 and Xbox one at times with friends. All of them are very similar to their predecessors and even if you were to take some other PC gamer's opinion you probably would know that all of them either were console gamers before or still get consoles way down the line for exclusive games.

The difference between 30 and 60 fps I feel is like night and day, you play long enough on 60 and when you go back to sub 30 it just feels like all the animations are choppy and the motion/visuals just aren't the best they could be. It really is important to have that 60 fps when playing a game. The more fast paced it is the more important it is to have that frame rate.

The main reason why PC gamers go on sites and say it is better is because console fanboys often argue specs and it is silly how they say specs and statistics which they don't understand justify their group being the best. This also has to do with sales as gamer's obsession over sales is really stupid. I'm fairly sure nobody has ever said I'll buy this mattress over that one because it sells more.

Also, I hope you are building your PC and not buying a prebuilt. Prebuilts are made with sub standard parts and in general a power supply that probably isn't well suited to the computer and may harm it due to not being efficient at converting AC current to DC current.



Rafie said:

@Senario Yes I did ask for it. Now here's my rebuttal to it. When it comes to marketing, it's socially know as something that's persuaded through words and/or what you hear. It's not solely about what you hear. You should know that. Some people see what they believe to be a good thing, whether it's crap or not, and eat it up by buying in to it. It's not just words. Although I can admit that seeing alone won't persuade someone. It's what you say. However, you also can't just tell someone something they want to hear without them seeing something tangible and/or plausible outcomes and promises. That is what Sony did. Now the launch games was brought up because it was detriment to the point I was making about how "mediocre" the games are from Sony. Sony's motto with "Greatness Awaits" pertains to the what the PS4 has and what's to come. You're looking at it one sided versus a more broad sense of scope here. Yeah the games come LATER, but again, so did the Wii U. If you're wondering why I'm bringing up the Wii U in these's because this is a Nintendo site and most Nintendo extremists often downplay other platforms for their console of preference. So of course I'll bring up the Wii U here. What we have in common here is that we both have experience in political language and marketing. So I do know a good palor trick from a corporation that's hidden behind fancy promises and sub par goods. What makes us different is our own interpretation of what we see and conjure our own measures of what was shown. I don't want to waste time naming games that are coming to Sony whether they are exclusives or multiplats. The point is that they are coming.

Now I can't argue with you about frame rates because I told you that I don't really care for it. I've gotten on Sony's extremists pretty tough about them boasting something that's, in my opinion, trivial. Also admittedly I don't have enough experience with the frame rates because I just got into PC gaming. Before that I was solely just consoles. Not that I didn't want to game on PC, it was because I simply didn't do so and was intimidated by the fact that I would have to build one. I'm not very mechanical. Then I found out I didn't need to be mechanical to build a PC. The more you know, right?!

Okay, not I brought up Microsoft because I felt it was relevant to what we were talking about. Not to bash them. I play on my 360/One as well. In this case, Microsoft and Sony can be compared since they offer similar services. Optional services I might add from both. Now the Plus is free for as long as you keep the service. It's not different than paying insurance. Sure comparing apples to pears here for what's a necessity and what's just a hobby may seem little, but the concept is still the same. Oh and what do you mean you don't get to keep the game when it goes off of rotation? I have every single game that came out for Plus since 2010 when they first implemented the service. We can argue this til we're blue in the face, but all I see is just us trying to counter one another. We can continue to argue on this particular subject if you like though.

About the PC's and opinions. People are only voicing concerns. No different than someone voicing their concern on purchasing a new tv they know nothing about. That's not the same as someone whose in the tv business or purchases tv's on the regular and has knowledge of them and different types of tvs. They are engrossed in the field. The analogy you used for fox news was a weak analogy. How can someone take you as credible if you NEVER watch Fox news?! Regardless of what you hear about them. I guess if someone heard what they read about the Wii U and then went on to bash the system they never played...then their opinion is vaild, right? Now who doesn't get consoles for exclusives?! We all do. That's the bottom line. Sure the PS and Xbox have multiplats that sell better than their first parties, but we normally buy consoles for exclusives. I can't take an opinion seriously from someone that has no experience with that said notion. Can you honestly say you can?

Let's be honest here, PC gamers go on sites because they want to show them how big their member is. That is ALL I've seen from PC gamers that come on console sites. You don't see console folks going on a PC forum and talking about specs and stuff. That would be just outright stupid. The specs arguments really wasn't prominent until now. Yes last gen it was mentioned a few times, but not like it is now. Also it was against other consoles, not PC. The sales doesn't matter. I don't care about sales in the least. You buy what you like and that's that. However, I see more and more Nintendo fans upset and lashing out at Sony and MS fans because sales aren't doing to well for Wii U. I can admit that the fanboys/girls their don't make it easy either. Neither will fanboys from Nintendo. It's just what it is.

Back to the PC thing, I'm going to build mines up. I don't know a thing about PC building, but I have a PC friend (who might I add is an elitist) who will help me. He has a PC with a current standard setting of 1440p and can go to 4k. At least that's what he told me. He has 4 monitors and such. I'm not that extreme.



Laxeybobby said:

A Quote from the developer about the Wii U version in an interview:

"The one casualty in all of this is the game's Wii U version. Nintendo's low install base makes work on its struggling home console an easy choice for re-prioritising."

"It's been paused," Morin states of the Wii U build, "which means delayed.

"There were some very talented programmers working on it and, when we started to point at the things we needed to fix, we needed those guys and their experience. It was a logical choice to say - let's get those people, let's pause the Wii U thing, let's make sure the experience is where we wanted to be."

What this says too me was all the stuff that UbiSoft released months ago about how close to the end it was and that they needed to delay it to polish it off for a better experience was a load of Bull.
They have basically indefinably placed this game on hold taking the WiiU coding team and re-assigning them to other platforms.
The WiiU version of this game was no where near complete like they had led the WiiU public to believe, and the next stage for something that is permanently on hold and only partially complete, is CANCELLED, announced I would guess a month or so after the release on the other consoles. With an apology telling WiiU owners to "purchase it on another console if you want to experience the game"
I said as much months ago when they first announced the delay, however I am always happy to be proven wrong in this case. But I don't think that will happen!



bloodbond3 said:

@eaglebob345 From a business standpoint, delaying the Wii U is the only move that makes sense. Honestly I'm surprised and pleased that they are making a Wii U version at all. Plenty of developers have just elected to exclude the Wii U from their supported consoles due to its poor sales (which, in turn, means poor sales for the Wii U due to lack of games). Now that they've finished fine-tuning the experience for the mainstream consoles, they can focus their attention to creating content for the Wii U's unique hardware. The second likely reason for its delay is since it comes with a dual-screen setup by default, the Wii U is intrinsically unique. The last I can think of is the fact that the Wii U has only been around for a year and a half. Meanwhile the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been around for nearly 7 years so Ubisoft knows how to program for them. As for the newer consoles, the hardware on those is set up so that it's incredibly simple to port from a PC version to either one of those consoles.

So in summary: the Wii U's disadvantages are: poor sales, unique hardware and presence of a touchscreen gamepad which require unique programming, and the fact that it's so new, devs haven't gotten used to and/or tested how much they can push the hardware's limits.



eaglebob345 said:

@bloodbond3 That would make perfect sense to me, IF they didn't already say the game was ready to be released in November. Then they delayed the game on all platforms, only to reveal later that they were not done with the game... AND the Wii U version was barely started. Either they lied then (2013) or they are lying now (March 2014). I want to know which one is the lie because, quite frankly, polishing/finishing touches are NOT even close to finishing a (at the time, apparently) half-@$$ed product.

Ubisoft put more resources into what is, to me, yearly garbage. To me AC is ripoff of their best work (PoP). They should at least try to branch out but instead they are using up more resources making two AC games this year, which I am pretty sure are not going to be on the Wii U are will probably come out before W_D on the Wii U. If they think releasing AC 3 and 4 on the Wii U with the other versions harmed them in any way, then they are sorely mistaken. In fact all it did was help them because, as little a it was, the Wii U did in fact provide them with a profit. Whether it was .3% or 3% it was still a profit. They honestly expected a group that had never had an AC game on their home console to run out and buy it on a NEW console.

So, rather than promoting the game on the Wii U and trying to carve out a user base they climb into bed with Sony every year to the point that just watching TV commercials would make any normal person think it was a PS only game. They honestly based their assessment of the Wii U on two mediocre games (AC3 and ZombiU) and one flaming turd(Rabbids Land?). Ubisoft should have made ZombiU third person because that is their specialty, and the Rabbid games should not exist. Not many developers are not even trying to utilize the Wii U's strengths, or even utilize it at all for that matter. Ubisoft should have had their team that did two on time AC games on the Wii U working on the Wii U W_D port since the beginning, as to at leas one of their teams it was not that unique. As for gamepad features, is it really that hard to pit a map on there? ACIV slapped a map on the screen, why can't they do that here?

Honestly, IMO, Ubisoft has no excuse as to why they said and did what they did. They could say harder to program for but the team that did ACIII and ACIV say hello. Low install base doesn't really work because all of the new consoles have a low install base. As for sales, they shoot themselves in the foot when don't advertise their games on more than just PS.

Also, even when I do get a PS4 AC will still be skipped because it is just as low as CoD in my eyes.



bloodbond3 said:

@eaglebob345 While I do agree that pushing back a release time and again isn't doing Ubisoft's reputation any favors, they were clearly aware that the game wasn't ready. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they knew that all along but still promised to be a next-gen launch title so they could ride out the publicity before pushing it back. Either way, I wouldn't want them to release an unpolished game, especially on the Wii U. Nintendo needs some good third-party games desperately.

I haven't played much of Assassin's Creed but it does seem a fun game for the parkour-ish experience. Though it has fallen into the yearly CoD generic blob of new, slightly-tweaked game releases. They maximize profits and minimize work that way. Their latest one, from the (very) little I've seen, seems to divert from the past and present storyline and just abandoned that for an easier-to-write "you are a regular person playing a simulator" (i.e. you're playing a video game about playing a video game) explanation for what you're seeing.

The thing is that they do need to make back the money from their development for the Wii U port. I'd wager they are seeking to do something much more ambitious with the Wii U's gamepad than just putting a map on it. Batman: Arkham City AE and Deus Ex are prime examples of real interactive features put into the Gamepad. In terms of profitability, I'm betting they separate the expense and income of each console's development and sales to determine which console is worth prioritizing/supporting. For that reason, the Wii U is lowest priority. The only reason they support it at all may be that they think it's a fun piece of tech and their franchises as a whole are largely profitable, even if the Wii U alone is a slight loss or a minimal profit.

Nintendo's lack of popularity is also in part their own fault. They would do well to add more mainstream functionality to their (perfectly capable) console. Things like DLNA support and supporting Audio/Video/Image files that you might want to play on their Wii U (using any drive plugged into one of its FOUR usb ports) are huge for selling their console as a well-rounded device. Hell, even DVD playback would be a help to some degree (original Wii games were on DVDs so it clearly has a DVD drive). They could also release a more affordable Wii U that foregoes the Gamepad in lieu of a Pro Controller (like how Xbox One minus Kinect is coming out for $400).

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