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Thu 2nd Apr 2009

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therick112 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016:

There is no game I want more than Zero Time Dilemma. The first two games just blew me away. That being said, also very much looking forward to Bravely Second, Project X Zone 2, Paper Jam, and DRAGON QUEST 7 and 8!!



therick112 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

The real killer for me is the Micro SD. I currently have a 128 GB SD card in my original 3DS that wasn't cheap to make sure I'd never have a space crunch again. If I upgrade to a New 3DS, which I'd love to do, I'll have to spend another $100 to have the same amount of space again, and the current card I have is now crap.



therick112 commented on Review: Disney Magical World (3DS):

I'm 35, big Disney fan, super addicted to this game. Is it aimed more towards kids? Slightly, but I can't say how young, due to the amount of dialogue and reading involved, so definitely not for super young kids, but maybe for 8+?



therick112 commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

I would love to pre-order download games, as long at the download automatically starts the moment the game becomes available (usually midnight) for retail releases. Download while I sleep, play game when I wake up, not wasting waking hours downloading new games.



therick112 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th February (North America):

@unrandomsam Its been a long time so I can't comment on the racism aspect...but the excuse of the Iran Contra is absurd for so many reasons. That reason hasn't stopped them from releasing Contra 3 on SNES or Contra 4 on DS or Contra ReBirth on WiiWare. Not to mention this game is not called "Contra" in Europe and they haven't seen the game over there either. Konami is definitely not afraid of the title it has to be something else...



therick112 commented on Remake Request: Shining The Holy Ark:

I'd love to finally play the full Shining Force 3 game. Any new Shining Force game would be welcome including localization of the two GG games that didn't make it to NA, or Shining Force Feather would be swell.



therick112 commented on 3D Sonic The Hedgehog:

This is one of the best editions of this game I have ever played, and hope it is successful enough that they bring the rest of the Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic games to the 3DS.



therick112 commented on Warner Bros. Confirms LEGO The Hobbit For Rele...:

I love Lego games, and would buy this in an instant if the third movie was included. I think that's a big miss and a significant cash grab to only base it on the first two movies. Similar to what they did with Indiana Jones, they released a sequel that sucked to incorporate the new movie.