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Here Are More Gorgeous Super Mario 3D World Screens to Enjoy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh my giddy Aunt

After the first impressions from its E3 trailer could possibly be summarised as "looks nice, but it ain't Galaxy 3", Nintendo has recently upped the ante to show Nintendo fans that Super Mario 3D World can deliver an experience to be remembered. The proof will be in playing it, of course, but a fabulous new trailer and a series of gorgeous new screens have gone some way to bring a real sense of optimism to some fans.

As you enjoyed the last batch so much, above and below are a new range of screens just released by Nintendo UK, which do a rather good job of further illustrating the variety of environments and gameplay tricks that the new title will offer.


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SkywardCrowbar said:

Wow. It's amazing how this game has gone from kinda a goat of E3 to being the talk of the internet. That gameplay trailer from a few weeks and screens like this have really turned opinion around.



AdanVC said:

Look at the floor on the first image!! Bump mapping at his best! And just when I tought Galaxy graphics were the best on any other Mario game, this looks 100x better and in HD! November 22 can't come soon enough with this game and A Link Between Worlds!



gatorboi352 said:

Why do the characters look plastic? Mario's hat has a lighting reflection on it for goodness sake!



Captain_Balko said:

I was one of the "doubters" when this was announced. I was still going to buy it day one, don't get me wrong - It IS new Mario after all - but I was a bit angry at the linear-seeming levels and underwhelmed by everything, I guess.

Fast forward to now, and I couldn't be more excited for it! It looks fantastic, and I can't help but feel that I judged this game far too harshly at E3. I can't wait for this, picking it and Link Between Worlds up at the same time... BUT WHICH WILL I PLAY FIRST?



nik1470 said:

Errrr can someone explain to me how the WiiU isn't selling because how could not want that! I'm like Sonic lost what after looking at those screens!




Hope it's not super short like the 3DS one. Best part about Galaxy was it was a great game on top of being longer than the average Mario game and felt like you could kind of explore each level. If this one isn't quite as linear and is a longer game it'd be great.



gatorboi352 said:

@Sherlock yeah but... that still doesn't explain the lighting reflection on the hat.

This reminds me of 2007 when devs were cranking up the plastic-y look on all the early PS360 games.



TreesenHauser said:

I admit, I was one of those that doubted this game after its E3 reveal, but the more I see of it the more excited I get to play. Can't wait 'til it's released!



NintyMan said:

Bullies from Super Mario 64, sand goombas, taking Koopa Troopa's shell like in Super Mario World and 64, Pom-Pom fighting like a ninja, and a pagoda level. There's so many awesome things in this game, I seriously think this game will be bigger than any us ever imagined. A Day One purchase!



Ryno said:

I like it and I am looking forward to it but why do HD games nowadays have to be so shiny and plastic like?



Savino said:

Mario looks a plastic doll on the first image!!
Nintendo should learn how to use better the shaders and materials...

Ayway, not fo me!



ToniK said:

Looks beautiful although everything looks like it's coated with glass.



Darth_Pascal said:

It took me more than 20 hours to get everything in Super Mario 3D Land. It was not short at all. Just beating Bowser is not completing a Mario game. Getting all the coins is completing a Mario Game.



InternetFurret said:

@LUIGITORNADO its the game art style. A mario game with realistic graphics would look even weird than this one.

Btw, ill buy this when it arrives in my city... one week later



ferrers405 said:

These are very beautiful, this game grow continues in my concept everytime i see a new trailer or image.



aaronsullivan said:

Guys complaining about shaders:
There are two screenshots which appear to be in the clouds and everything is wet. Things that are wet reflect in a metallic way. Contrast Mario's look in those pictures across all the pictures.

Yes, as was in the Galaxy games the shaders are amped up a bit, too. The entire look of all the Super Mario games is a heightened fantasy. The clouds have smiley faces. Bricks fly across the screen from a single punch. The fortress is full of flaming fireballs spinning in circles.

It's a fantasy land with heightened visuals. It always has been.

Besides, I find Nintendo's shading to be somewhat unique. Hard to put my finger on it, and maybe it's just because it takes a different approach due to the difference in GPU hardware and shading language, but Nintendo's few HD games all have a slightly different feel to them than most PS3 and 360 games. I like it.



ACK said:

@aaronsullivan Agree completely. It actually irks me somewhat that in such incredible screenshots illustrating awesomely creative content... The only thing some of us have to offer is poorly informed, highly opinionated techno-babble.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Savino @Ryno @LUIGITORNADO @gatorboi352 @TromboneGamer @aaronsullivan

I agree everything is too plastic looking, however I think it's intentional. I'm guessing they're trying out a new art style for the series. It kind of reminds me of a toybox with this art style, which might be the intention.

Actually, now that I've looked at the pictures closer, I'm almost certain it's done intentionally. All of the enemies appear rather toy-like in appearance due to the shaders/lighting.



GustavoMaciel said:

I was expecting this one to be simpler to keep us entertained before the next Mario Galaxy... But it may very well be it.



rjejr said:

Am I the only 1 who likes the plastic look? I remember getting Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast, whenever they went inside a building you lost camera control and it looked like it was made out of shiny playdoh and that's been my favorite videogame look since. House of the Dead jagged edgies is my least favorite.

Gonna be a difficult wait until Christmas to play this.

Each of the SMG games took me about 65 hours to get to about 70%. I'ld check for sure but stupid Nintendo took away all my records when it shut the Nintendo Channel. Playing this solo and w/ my kids and w/ the different character movesets I'm expecting this to double that number.



ACK said:

@gsmaciel It was noted from the beginning that the Galaxy team has been working on this exclusively since 3D Land and was even working on the concepts during Galaxy 2.



ACK said:

@rjejr I love everything about the look of 3D World. Those are topnotch visuals, no matter how you slice it.



johnvboy said:

Some of the enemies clearly have a plastic/metallic look to them,Mario's clothes are wet in some of the levels,and appear normal in the levels where no water is present.

I bet just like on the Wind waker the game will look different when you see it on your T.V,the wind wakers visuals were not done any justice on screen shots or videos.



AlternateButtons said:

How.....did this game......ever look less than amazing? Its absolutely incredible how this game was able to pull a 180.



grimbldoo said:

@TromboneGamer #2 @gatorboi352 #6 @Ryno #24 @Savino #25 @ToniK #27
You guys are scarring me, do you really not know how light interacts with objects? The only shots where Mario looked "plastic" were when he was in the rain. The rest of the shots only show a soft glow around the characters which is natural in bright sunlight and near bright florescent lights, and a stronger glow when near lava (which is a very high source of energy).

@gatorboi352 #15
Did you not realize that the only time they showed the Dry Bones, they were under the rain?



grimbldoo said:

Really? Are you so unfamiliar with screenshots that you don't know that they show pixels that you will not see when actually playing the game?



seronja said:

i hope this will not be the only 3D Mario game, i mean sure i will buy this game because i do belive that it would be awesome, but a sequel to galaxy or sunshine would be perfect for the Wii U



unrandomsam said:

Have they finished it yet ? (There is two or three that don't seem quite as good as the rest).



AJWolfTill said:

My only remaining lament is that the mandatory timer on each level will rule out them adding some more Mario 64 esque sandbox maps. But still... wow.



Nintendude789 said:

Is it just me, or Mario looks like a plastic doll. Maybe is the lighting of the level. It's amazing, and people say Wii U has the same graphics as PS3/360.



Ryno said:

It's not just this game but every new HD game now has so much shine in it.
HD = shiny



snoox said:

"looks nice, but it ain't Galaxy 3"

I think u have a good feel for the pulse of gamers, definitely what I was thinking but thankfully these pics are gorgeous.



grimbldoo said:

@TromboneGamer #62
That is very true.

@Ryno #65
That's because lighting is actually the most important thing when it comes to reality. Check out Pedro Campos Anyone can draw the objects the same way he did, but it is the way that he added the lighting that makes them looks so real.



PinkSpider said:

I'm sure all the Xbox fan boys will be there usual blind selfs and say this looks no better than super mario galaxy on Wii



Ralizah said:

This is looking a lot better than it did initially. I'll have to think about investing in a Wii U next year if the reviews are good.



Ryno said:

@grimbldoo: Just using real life as my reference where everything doesn't look like an inflated balloon. I just think that maybe they could use some other type of texture then plastic.



Gold said:

Even though I've never played Sunshine, these 3DW models look like ones from Sunshine. (I've seen models from Sunshine on YouTube)



Mahemoth said:

This game looks absolutely brilliant, now pls tell me, how exactly are the Mario games degrading?



AVahne said:

In some of these shots, Mario looks too much PS360 from last gen had plenty of early-ish games with plastic-looking characters (FF13). Wii U looks to be using glass characters instead (at least with Mario).

EDIT: Would be nice if they could make some of the models rounder and if they could improve the AA. Don't know if the Wii U can handle higher poly models though.



WebHead said:

But but but....I thought it was just a 3D Land port! /haters.

Anyway, so beautiful! EAD Tokyo is the bomb.



grimbldoo said:

@Ryno #73
Plastic would have a harsh white reflection from the whole entire object, these objects only have a white glow around the edges and at the points furthest out from the center, such as objects in real life do.



unrandomsam said:

@Longforgotten Depends what you like. (Lots of people just like normal 2D Mario at least going by sales numbers but yet it never gets the same amount of effort as the 3D ones. And they look fine just need interesting levels and a higher level of difficulty).



unrandomsam said:

@grimbldoo Why does the water and sand (And lava) look not so impressive. (The N64 Water Effect on the real hardware was brilliant). Looks like it is not finished compared to the rest of it.



Einherjar said:

Im so sad that the WiiUs low tech makes its games look poopy...oh wait
If this doesnt look amazing, what does ?
Seeing this from a Mario game, i can hardly wait any longer for "X"
Xenoblade blew me away on the Wii, if they upped the ante, im going to HD !



Mainer82 said:

They look great, I really like the HD graphics and am looking forward to the game. If I had one complaint, some of the characters look a little too shiny as if they need some texture but screen shots rarely do a game any justice...



dazzleshell said:

it looks great... cant wait.

Oh, if anyone wants wind waker hd it is £29.99 on zavvi today only.



Ren said:

wow, if that was a launch title it'd be a whole different situation right now. Thats a Nintendo system seller. Nice.



ledreppe said:

Not to sure about the 'gloss' on the characters, but by Jesus am I excited for this game!



sinalefa said:

I love the bullies picture, there is even an effect as if the camera lens had water on it. Simply amazing.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I love the look. Nintendo never goes for full on realism, especially with Mario. Miyamoto-san has said that he still would rather create toys than video games, so that's why Mario and his hat are plastic Personally, I think it looks beautiful.



PinkSpider said:

Don't understand the graphics complaint it looks nicer than anything current gen and all the hate for the graphics. Dissapointing



FiveDigitLP said:

Man, that's a lot of screens! Also, that image of Mario taking off with the Koopa Troopa's shell is quite reminiscent of Mario 64!



Megumi said:

Lazy port/sequel huh? lol
Anyways the visuals are like, unreal...gonna be an awesome game.



gloom said:

I'm laughing at all the people criticizing the "plastic" design of the characters. I feel compelled to remind everyone of the criticism that Wind Waker got when it was first released due to its new design style, and look at it now. Don't judge a game by it's new design, judge it by its content.



Mahemoth said:

@bezerker99 How different did you expect it looked, it is a 3d mario platformer afterall. Going by your avatar you don't seem to be all that fuzzy about originality...



bizcuthammer said:

It looks fun, but it still isnt what it could have been as a follow up to Mario 64/Galaxy type games. It will be incredibly fun, and i'm excited to play it this holiday. But its the least excited i've been for a Mario game that i can ever remember. I was/am more excited for Pokemon XY, Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros U, X, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV than i am for this... Which is really saying something since Mario is probably my favorite series ever. I just dont really care for the extremely linear approach to 3D Mario that 3D Land brought and 3D World seems to continue.



Goginho said:

lol that armored Bully boss looks amusingly worried about little, old, smiley, furry, cat-Toad pouncing on him haha
Lovin' the facial expressions of the characters though. This game will be great



PerezBro99 said:

It's combining everything from previous games and adding new things to it such as the multiplayer, double cherry, hd graphics, and more. And I got to say, this game can be one of the best mario games. Day 1 for me.



deusy said:

Looks beautiful.

The characters appear to share lives in multiplayer co-op. That could be interesting.



InternetFurret said:

@LUIGITORNADO the characters are fine the way they are. If youre asking for more good textures, look at the objects and backgrounds. Mario doesnt need complex textures, its a cartoon character in a fantasy world



bezerker99 said:

@Longforgotten what does my avatar have to do with Mario looking the same in every game? My avatar is from a freshly drawn brand new Legend of Zelda game and is not some carbon copy from the last 8 games or



bezerker99 said:

@PerezBro99 I never said this game looks bad. I simply said Mario looks the same which I guess is the staple for Mario games these days. I see myself getting this game but not day one just because I won't have the money



hYdeks said:

Igot high hopes for this game and Sonic Lost World Can't wait to play as a Cat Mario!!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@bezerker99 Of course Mario looks the same. It's the same person each game. If the game tried to be somewhat realistic (which it's not), then yes he would look different each game. He generally only changes appearance if he gets some kind of power-up.

For Legend of Zelda it's kind of required for Link to look different each game (barring direct sequels) since it's a different person each game, usually born in a different point in time.



bezerker99 said:

@Ernest_The_Crab you make a valid point. I don't hate Mario, in fact I am quite the fan. @ScroogeMcLz mentioned to me earlier today how Kingdom Hearts games all essentially look the same. which is a nother valid point. The important thing is that Mario games are fun! My apologies for ruffling anyone's feathers here, was not my intention



grimbldoo said:

@unrandomsam #82
I really have no answer to that. Either they are skimping on those details so that they can put more into objects with greater focus, or they don't have enough power to make them look any better.



Gioku said:

I, actually, kinda like how shiny everything is! And they brought back the Bullies! I'm so happy!!!



JaxonH said:

That's called next-gen graphics right there. I know everyone's used to the last 12 years of dated textures we saw on Gamecube and Wii, but this is how a colorful platformer SHOULD look. Glad the Wii U has finally brought Nintendo into the present.



GrimSh said:

These screenshots are downright GORGEOUS!!!!

I'm super hyped to play this now! Can't wait!



Rafie said:

My word. This only solidifies my confidence in my purchase of the Wii U and my preorder for this game WHEN it was announced at E3.



BloodedgeZX said:

@MIPS I'm my own critic too and I'm still out of reach of this game and it is a rehash with HD just like the rest of the Wii U mario games nothing new nothing fresh.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Nothing fresh except the level design, 3D co-op gameplay, and brand new power-ups and enemy types? You know, the things that actually matter in a platformer?

Next I'll be hearing that Super Mario World is a rehash.



BloodedgeZX said:

@SparkOfSpirit Super Mario World is a SNES game successor to the NES titles. What Super Mario World got to do with this game being nothing but a console 3DS HD title with the name Super Mario 3D Land oops I'm sorry I mean World slapped on.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The only similarity with 3D Land is the title. Any other link you can make can be made with any Mario game. It's a reach to suggest more than that which is only becoming more apparent with each new screenshot set.



Sabrewing said:

Oh, man, those ice skates are giving me hope that Goomba's Shoe is making a proper comeback.



Subie98 said:

I was very skeptical of this game after it was first announced, even still after jimmy fallon and Reggie showed it. It wasnt til the most recent trailer posted a month or so ago and these pics, have I decided to buy it. However not a day 1 purchase. It looks pretty good.



BlackStar9000 said:

@DestinyMan Thank you for posting my EXACT thoughts, this game is all about the fans and bringing back the old to mesh with the new, so glad Nintendo made it this way, now if I only had some multiplayer online........i could finally game with my boys from a distance...



CapeSmash said:

The comments in a nutshell: The game is a rehash. THE GAME IS MADE OUT OF PLASTIC!!! OMG!!!
There's no pleasing you people... Why does everybody have to be SOO negative about EVERYTHING now a days? And if you think this game looks like a rehash, then you must be blind or something IMO. I don't see ANYTHING rehashed. Also, remember when games were about fun, and not the graphics? Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this new Mario experience. Oh, and the screenshots look amazing!



CapeSmash said:

@BloodedgeZX "it is a rehash with HD just like the rest of the Wii U mario games nothing new nothing fresh."
I agree that NSMBU is a rehash, but this game looks fresh and new to me...



SuperMinusWorld said:

@bezerker99 This game's style is more vibrant and raw than previous Mario games. The Galaxy games made use of a lot of rim lighting and were very bright. Sunshine was cel-shaded to an extent, I believe. Mario 64... Looked like every other 64 game, but a bit more colorful. I mean, what do you want? At least Mario's gameplay is constantly evolving (in the main series). Each Zelda is the same as the last. The ones that changed it up the most were Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.



sillygostly said:

I really hope that I can use the Classic Controller Pro with this instead of having to buy 3-4 Pro Controllers. I imagine that this game would be incredibly difficult to control with just the Wii Remote.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

@gatorboi352 I know right?... even his nose and shirt and gloves are reflecting light. he looks so shiny like Plastic! they could have at least put some texture in his clothes and overalls ... i guess they think HD means everyting shiny!



drumsandperc92 said:

each new batch of screens looks graphically more impressive then the last, and more fun too.
in many of the screen shots this actually does look very similar to the Mario Galaxy art style, and a natural evolution of it.
Loving the textural details and lighting, while retaining the classic mario cartoony look!
This is what i expected the game to look like when it was announced (i was disappointed), i'm very happy to see that it's looking better and better.
If only the Super Smash bros screens showed as much improvement...



CapeSmash said:

@Stimpy "even his nose and shirt and gloves are reflecting light. he looks so shiny like Plastic!" He looks like that due to the rain.



PokeMaster827 said:

I already pre ordered this. It looks amazing!! It's Super Mario 3D Land with awesome graphics and multiplayer, what could be better than that? The new power-ups look great too.



Artwark said:


Same here. But I know this game will do well because its Mario. When was the last time a Mario game was soo bad?



WiiLovePeace said:

The more I see of this game the more I want it desperately It looks like an amazingly fun game, can't wait to play it



MegaWatts said:

@sillygostly I've got one Pro Controller, so being able to use a Classic Pro too would be very useful for when I have extra players (I'll likely be going through the game with just me and another player anyway). With that said, I have played 3D World using just the Wiimote a few times now and it's better than you'd think. It'll never replace a stick, but it's still very playable.

Anyway, these screenshots are fantastic! I dare say I'm even more hyped for this than I was for Super Mario Galaxy 2!



Mahemoth said:

@bezerker99 freshly drawn brand new zelda game? Have you ever played LTTP? Your name + 99 might suggest otherwise. That said, this game looks fresh enough to me and has a lot more gameplay twists and ideas than some seem to give credit for.



BloodedgeZX said:

@SockoMario Good for you now let me have my opinion and crying at every comment isn't going to change my mind about this game. I just don't see this game being new to me thanks unless Nintendo raise the bar for a new Mario title that's not a HD port.



Mahemoth said:

@SockoMario I wouldn't care too much about these complainers though.

I mean, "all of us" here, who are posting, are a really small percentage of the people who are viewing this site. And the people who are viewing this are a small percentage of all the nintendo gamers.

So lets not even try to comprehend how few the complainers are



BloodedgeZX said:

@Longforgotten If you mean a fanboy dude people that has some since to have a opinion rather praising every Nintendo title that hit shelves. I play these games too but I don't see anything amazing about this or any game Mario on the Wii U I already played better on classic systems so calling people complainers because I don't bow down to nintendo really isn't helping your cause.



bezerker99 said:

@Longforgotten of course I have ALttP, still got my original cart from the early 90s. The 99 in my username is just a number that's not indicative of anything.



Mahemoth said:

@BloodedgeZX you already played better? Not sure where you are going with this, but the game is not even out yet... I'm just talking about how it looks, and it looks fun and fresh to me. And which "cause" are you referring to?



BloodedgeZX said:

@Longforgotten I'm not going with anything just stating that I played better Mario games than this. Also I dislike Mario 3D Land and this is a console of a title that I didn't even enjoy on 3DS and graphics is the least bit of my worry so to say this game just doesn't impress me at all.



JimLad said:

This looks to be the first proper system seller.
My main concern back at E3 was that it looked cheap. I knew the game would probably be fun to play but it seemed like more evidence of Nintendo scaling back quality to make a fast buck.
These new videos and screens have put my doubts to rest though. They've clearly put the effort in and I can't wait to play it.



Cia said:

Why Wii U isn't selling? Because games like this aren't out yet. It starts to sell after this and games like Mario Kart 8 have been released.



Mahemoth said:

@BloodedgeZX ok, well good for you I guess, its just a bit cocky to state you have played better Mario games than a game which isn't even out yet.
I can't wait though!



Dezsi said:

I haven't been this excited for a game since, well, Skyward Sword.

I love the graphics, love the art, and everything looks so fun. I'm actually glad this is happening instead of a new Galaxy — I never really cared for those ones.

I rarely do it, but I might preorder this or simply buy it on day one.



PinkSpider said:

@Yasume lazy rehash eh, what like call of duty and FIFA, how long ago did super Mario galaxy come out. Lazy pfft seriously. You are blind and clearly choose to ignore quality. Im interested as to what you consider original



ScorpionMG said:

Freaking amazing!!! People that say this doesn't look good or it's not a real "mario game" then they are wrong, this is A REAL Mario Game!! D



ScorpionMG said:

@PinkSpider you can't actually compare the graphics of mario galaxy from this game, cuz this is the first actual 3D HD mario game. The graphics look amazing, and seriously, i prefer getting mario games 1000 times more than getting the same BS games called "Fifa, PES, Cod" all the time.



nik1470 said:

@Faron Putting the fact I'm a Mario fanboy aside for a second and have been for a good long while and I'm hyped for both the titles. Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD may not win overall game of the year awards but they are definitely "best of breed" games (and three of the best games I've played all year and I own also own a PS3 and 360). The "its the lack of good software" line is starting to wear a little thin on me if I'm honest I just don't believe it anymore.



DarkNinja9 said:

make this online co op and you would get tons of ppl wanting this but since it doesnt ugh >.>



element187 said:

All of these screens are from in game while playing.... Do the negative nancys and trolls still think this is an isometric/static camera?

Do the trolls still think this is a handheld game? Its actually the other way around...The developers said they were making 3D World when they got the idea for 3D Land... but gentlemen, lets not let facts get in the way of a good troll baiting session.



Rafie said:

The fact that these are in game screen shots and not some CGI trailer screen shots is nothing short of amazing for this next gen game. I mean talk about GRAPHICS here. The gameplay is already amazing from what we've seen. Nintendo has the best texturing and smooth outlines renderings in the business. This is phenomenal!!!



element187 said:

@Furealz I have never played a 3D Mario game that lacked creativity, are you sure you are talking about the same franchise as this?



element187 said:

" but Nintendo's few HD games all have a slightly different feel to them than most PS3 and 360 games. I like it. "

@aaronsullivan Because the Wii U has a far more modern GPU... it has more shaders, it supports OpenGL 4.2+ effects/lighting (Directx 11 equivalent)... The Wii U also supports dynamic lighting openly, so there is no performance degradation from using it, it also supports particle effects (slightly mad studios has confirmed)..... Everything trolls told you about the Wii U is completely false. The Wii U is in the middle between last gen and the xBone as far as power goes, and its on PAR when it comes to the effects it supports/renders of the PS4/xBone. the only thing limiting the Wii U is the power of the GPU, but even there its several times faster than the last gen SubHD twins.

What we will see is multiplatform games should generally look pretty close, just a lower resolution than the PS4/xBone..... that should be the only difference.



element187 said:

@Ryno texture isn't giving it the plastic look, that is light reflecting off the object that is giving it a plastic look... that is clearly soaked in water btw



element187 said:

"Did this game get a graphical overhaul or what?"

@CountWavula No, the developers are just showing off different levels of the same game they showed off during E3.



TenEighty said:

Hmm, looks like a teenage girl put her glossy lipstick on the game and not her lips. Could be a fun game but has a weird look.



FJOJR said:

60 fps and nunchuk support I hope. Do not want to play this game with Wii Remote on side after Other M botched the idea.



WreckItRyan said:

My Timeline of Reactions to SM3DW:
E3 Trailer (WTF IS THIS?!)
2nd Trailer (Holy Mother of...)
Screenshots (I...I...I'm sorry I ever doubted you!!!)



WaveGhoul said:

@Ryno @element187

The characters only look soaked as they should in those rainy screen shots. At first i actually didn't spot the rain, and i thought nintendo was going for some sort of shimmering plastic look this time out.



G3ry said:

I EFIN LOVE THE GRAPHICS, this is how games in HD are made.
to all those who say MARIO looks like made of GLASS...
It is affected by its surroundings (Ex: Mario is WET in the first pic)
I think the only downside of this game is that it is a "get to this point type of Mario game"
I was expecting them to change this and rather go for an EXPLORATION type Super Mario 64!



Monkeh said:

My, oh, my, these are some sexy looking graphics! I've actually really(!) hated the artstyle of the New Super Mario Bros. games and therefore couldn't get myself to play them. This however... damn!



TheGreatLord said:

Oh dang, some great pictures right there, this is definitely worth the money, I have PS4 and couple of games to save up for from my wallet, might take me some time, but WORTH IT!

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