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Sun 19th February, 2012

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dazzleshell commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

I wish nintendo would just have an order system via their website where you have a week to register and pay for figure. 1 per household. Then the total number required for that country gets manufactured in waves. And sent out once done.
Zavvi has just informed me that they have cancelled my meta knight order as supplier cant get anymore. Got others in wave mind. But annoying as pre ordered in December. Now gotta try and find one.



dazzleshell commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

Personally I am collecting them for the figures and their use in certain games is a bonus. If they change to card only format then it wont be as fun and if they do both I would expect to get card included if you purchase the figure. Greedy I know.
If stock continues to be an issue why don't they have an option to register interest in batches of upcoming waves and pay as you do. So they make the amount ordered by a certain cut off date for those who want them but 1 of each figure per address. Amiibo Land as future game would be great too.



dazzleshell commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

I ordered mine from zavvi as cheapest in UK. Was amazed I actually got it on release day as they took extra week with Mario Kart 8.
So glad as I can't play smash properly with the gamepad. And got my old Gamecube contollers down from loft too. Good luck to rest. Hope you get it in time for Christmas at least.



dazzleshell commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:

@Gamecube5f hi. I had this problem back I n march with console. It is a known fault. Even out of warranty u should have a case for free fix. I sent my console back n got a new 12 month warranty. It is an issue with 'not enough power' within console to boot up. So u get intermittent working and not working when you switch it on. The blinking red light of death. So they replace something inside it. Good luck.

Im in the uk though so uk repair know about it at least. Mine was 32gb model.



dazzleshell commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live:

@AG_Systems my wii u either turns on straight away or wont turn on with red flashing power light. so i have to turn it off at mains and try again until it works. will see if this update sorts it, if not im sending it in to be looked at. never had a console that doesnt like being switched on.



dazzleshell commented on Nintendo Download: 27th April - Virtual Consol...:

hi everyone. well i downloaded smw this morning for £1.49 as i own it on wii vc but unfortunately since after powering down (as i was gonna play it later today) my wii u is now stuck with a red/amber flashing light and wont turn on?

Has this happened to anyone else and could it be related to me doing the system update last night? Does anyone know of a fix? Ive tried doing the usual mains reset (unplug, wait 15 secs and plug back in) but its no good. Mario U disc locked inside too and it doesnt even attempt to play it. I've emailled Nintendo so waiting for response... thanks



dazzleshell commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of a Wii U Pr...:

I was one of those waiting for a price cut. This is the first Nintendo console since the SNES that I haven't bought on Launch Day. Mainly because of the cost but also because I hardly played on the Wii for the past 2 years.
However when zavvi offered the Premium Pack for just £225 on one of last months Mega Monday Deals It was a done deal.
So now im very happy, the set up on the WiiU is great and i traded my old Wii in for £60 too at Game so I have cash waiting for Pikmin 3, and a lot of Wii games to play that I never got round to (mario galaxy 2 included).
My Nintendo loving self is back with full force.



dazzleshell commented on Nintendo of America Reorganising its Operations:

i went to Nintendo World in 2007 just as mario galaxy launched. Bought some merchandise but it was over priced. It was on my New York to do list of course.
There wasnt much in the store to be honest.

When i have a cup of tea it has to be in my huge nintendo world mug.



dazzleshell commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Pulled from V...:

if you have previously downloaded tmnt on vc and it is not stored on your wii. go to the wii shop and click on downloaded titles. It will still be there for you to download back onto the wii as you already own it. However, if you never got round to downloading it when it was available it is now gone. No doubt once the nickelodeon licence is sorted we'll see it back with hopefully 2, 3, 4 and tournament fighters to purchase. Well, fingers crossed.