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Male, Guyana

Wed 12th Jun 2013

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nyallj commented on Ubisoft Discounts 18 Games on the North Americ...:

Picked up Rayman Legends and ZombiU last night. Better deals for me than buying physical and shipping to my country. Getting ACIV on Amazon though, currently $24.99. Another $12 shipping to my country and I'm saving. (Saving about $4, but that's like a lunch money here )
Got Pure Chess and Dr. Luigi last night too. Can't decide between Gianni Sisters and Unepic. Any help?



nyallj commented on Nintendo Loses Exclusivity On Deus Ex: Human R...:

So they're giving the other platforms the same game they had for a while now, which the gamers would have paid for, including DLC which they would have paid for also, excluding the ability to use the 'awesome new ways of control by touch', and expect to make money from that?
Why would 360, PS3 and PC users want to buy this again?