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Sat 16th Feb 2013

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Darth_Pascal commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

Grrrrr I'm trying to buy the Zelda one on the GameStop website, but I keep getting error messages. It'd better not be already sold out. It would be so ridiculous the repeat the exact same mistake as last year when It was sold out way too quickly. It would be so dumb...



Darth_Pascal commented on Review: Tecmo Bowl (3DS eShop / NES):

Did they leave the real names in the game? They were taken out in the Wii VC release. It makes a big difference. You should have talked about in your review and you should have used screenshots from the altered game. Otherwise, great review as usual.



Darth_Pascal commented on Interview: Reinventing Castlevania For A New H...:

Sorry to say it but the character handles like a truck. Combos take forever. And jumping is so sluggish. Castlevania was more responsive than that... Battling a boss feels like I'm two seconds late. There's a definite disconnect between pressing a button and the action on screen. No buy for me.



Darth_Pascal commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo AV Famicom:

I have a collection of all the Nintendo consoles... but I don't have this one (also referred to as the NES Top Loader). It is quite expensive on eBay and really hard to find. One day I will be able to get one...