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Sat 16th February, 2013

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Darth_Pascal commented on Review: Tecmo Bowl (3DS eShop / NES):

Did they leave the real names in the game? They were taken out in the Wii VC release. It makes a big difference. You should have talked about in your review and you should have used screenshots from the altered game. Otherwise, great review as usual.



Darth_Pascal commented on Interview: Reinventing Castlevania For A New H...:

Sorry to say it but the character handles like a truck. Combos take forever. And jumping is so sluggish. Castlevania was more responsive than that... Battling a boss feels like I'm two seconds late. There's a definite disconnect between pressing a button and the action on screen. No buy for me.



Darth_Pascal commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo AV Famicom:

I have a collection of all the Nintendo consoles... but I don't have this one (also referred to as the NES Top Loader). It is quite expensive on eBay and really hard to find. One day I will be able to get one...